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     Yesterday had been the most embarrassing day of Jason’s life. And today was about to be even worse.

     Ever since he was a baby, Jason had only been 3 inches tall. He’d been born via a c-section at only three quarters of an inch, and then throughout his life had only grown to a few inches tall, nothing more. Because of this, he’d been homeschooled for his whole life, and his only friend was a guy he was neighbors with. Compared to the fun and adventurous childhoods he saw in movies, he felt like his life had been totally boring in comparison. But he’d made the mistake of bringing this point up with his mother yesterday. As a result, she’d made the connection that Jason had never had sex before. And because of his restricted social life and tiny size, it was possible that he never would. So Jason had been horrified when after a bit of thinking, his very own mother, the woman who had raised him since childhood, had offered to have sex with him so he could at least experience it one time. Obviously he was grossed out and said no, but she simply shook her head and said it would be for the best. The worst part was that Jason knew he was powerless to stop her.

     So that brought them to today. Vivian, his mother, had taken him up to her bedroom for the special occasion. “Look, I even tried to fancy the place up to make it more special for you,” she told him lovingly, setting him down on the fluffy covers of her bed. There were candles lit all around his mom’s bedroom, with gentle music playing quietly in the background. “I know this isn’t the way you would’ve wanted it, but I’m still gonna try my best to make it as nice for you as possible.” She pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a black, lacy bra underneath, covering a set of giant breasts. Then she shimmied her pants off as well and kicked them aside, turning around with a smirk to show off the fit, perky ass that her matching black thong was barely covering. When she was younger, Vivian had been a model, and it seemed like she still tried her best to maintain an impressive physique. “Now it’s your turn,” she whispered down at her son, who shook his head, still opposing everything that was going on between them. “If you don’t take your clothes off, I’m just gonna pull them off for you Jason.” He sighed and hung his head low, unbuttoning his shirt and slowly stepping out of his jeans. “There you go,” she cooed encouragingly, picking him up with her soft, delicate fingers. “I guess you can leave that on; you won’t technically need it right now anyways,” she said, referencing the underwear he still had on, his last bit of decency. “I can do all the work for us tonight since it’s your first time, but in the future you’re gonna have to take those off too.” In the future?! he thought worriedly. I thought this would only be a one time thing, is she gonna have sex with me again? Like having sex with my own mom once isn’t humiliating enough.

     She walked over to her dresser and pulled open the top drawer, reaching inside for a small, plastic contraption that she’d bought earlier that day. It was a specially designed dildo, with a lid at the bottom to allow tinies to enter. A little under 3 and a half inches tall, just big enough to snugly fit her son into; any bigger and his body might tumble around and get hurt. Jason’s eyes widened as he realized what he was going into, and was powerless to escape his mother’s clutches as she opened up the hatch and lowered him in upside down at the base of the dildo’s shaft. She flipped the transparent dick right side up and latched the bottom to make sure he couldn’t fall out, and raised him up, showcasing the excited smile on his mom’s beautiful face. In all her years of having sex, she’d never gotten to try it with a shrunken person before, but now she was finally getting to. So it was a kind of first-time experience for the both of them.

     Vivian climbed onto her bed, unclasping her bra and sitting up against her headboard. Jason watched with a mix of horror and amazement as his mom’s huge, bouncing breasts hung over him, as she pulled her panties off her legs as well. She stood him up right in between her legs, and he gulped nervously as his mom’s towering vagina sat just a few feet in front of him. She began rubbing her clit to get herself into the mood, saying, “You can leave your underwear on if it makes you more comfortable, but if you feel like taking them off so try and get into the mood too, I’d totally understand honey. You only get to experience your first time once, so I’m gonna try my best to make it as memorable for you as I can, and you should feel free to do the same.” With a last ditch effort of desperation, Jason banged against the plastic, begging to be let out, as Vivian turned the dildo to 90 degrees down, so the tip was facing her. Then she slowly slid it forward, until the tip met her glistening lips, and she pushed her way inside, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes with a smile. Jason’s world got darker as he was thrust into the lightless cavern of his mother, the only light available coming in from behind him. Slowly, his mom started to push him in and out with greater speed, sending him a little bit deeper into her pussy each time, while Jason lay fearfully inside his see-through container, surrounded by the pink walls of his mom’s dripping wet interior. 


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