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Reviewer: D W Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 03 2022 1:20 AM Title: Chapter 1

Love the story!!!  The concept is great, and totally underutilized by writers here and elsewhere. 

I myself have a few similar stories at "Ekay's Portal" { } under the pen name HERToering { HER Toe ring, you'd be surprised at how many people think it means HURT oring }.

Hopefully you continue the story, with Percy and Angie the fishes, and Nibbles the gerbil surviving for much longer than Evelyn planned for.  Perhaps even days { I read an account of a woman who swallowed a small turtle and she felt it moving around in her stomach beneath her left breast for a day before she ate a bunch of food to move it along.  FYI, she did not notice its remains coming out }.

The thought of Evelyn going after Bethany's cats is pretty hot { as you would note from the stories I posted at "Ekay's Portal" }, I do hope you continue this great story.

You do have a few grammatical errors, but nothing worthy of note.  Keep up the terrific work.

Author's Response:

Oh I'd missed your stories on Eka's portal, I just started watching you over there. There aren't many writers who experiment with feral prey so it's fun to see your content too.  

And yeah there's plans for a sequel, although with my lengthy queue it might take me a while before I can get to it. It should be longer than the first so there will be space to cover a digestion arc if the commissioner wants it, I'm just not sure if they're into that (we haven't discussed the details yet).

And thanks again for the lovely review <3 

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