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Date: July 10 2024 6:25 AM Title: Chapter 1

I was wondering where you went. (It's funny I can say that since it's only be like 3 weeks, but you do have an absolutely insane writing pace. It took me a full year to finally have something to post again, which by the way I think you'd really like it's got a lot of anime elements and called The Journey of Heroes.I know I've written it before, but you write with like Stephen King levels of prolific, and this is just the giantess stories we get to read, I have a feeling you have plenty of other non-giantess stories). 

To the actual story now! I think the commissioner had a really interesting idea of flipping We Help Each Other Get By on its head and it was nice seeing it pay off. I think you did a really good job of keeping the manipulation and moral failings apparent throughout the story. The Stockholm Syndrome starting to creep in was done well and the change of heart was realistic. If it continued, it would be interesting to see how strong the pheromone effect would be(I think including a joke about the Mermaid Theory and the Mermaid clock fom How I Met Your Mother would be really funny). 

Author's Response:

I do have some non giantess stories that are elsewhere lol. Anyways, even I take vacations sometimes haha. I'll bookmark Journey of Heroes for when I get a chance.

So this one is kind of a flipped script We Help Each Other Get By, and yeah this one could definitely be developed more. Mindy isn't a great person, but she's not exactly evil, and eventually she realized this had to end, although not quick enough to avoid getting slugged in the face.

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