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Mindy giggled as she looked around her messy bedroom. Eric gulped, hiding behind the leg of her bed as her footsteps shook the ground while she searched for him.

“Eric, did you get out?” she asked, a chiding tone as she put her hands on her hips.

Eric had been a talented athlete in high school, and he’d stayed in shape in college. Mindy by contrast was a tiny waif of a girl, who had preferred watching pirated anime over jogging. The idea that he was hiding from her would have been comical a few weeks ago, before Shrinking Day.

Eric had been one of the small percentage of people impacted by the strange cosmic event, and after spending a few days at his new height at three inches, he’d been scooped up by Mindy while trying to get the attention of staff at their college campus.

They had shared classes, and had been in group projects together, but rarely spoke outside of school. At first he’d hoped that maybe she’d intended to help him, but the small furnished hamster cage had revealed more sinister intentions.

“Where are you?” Mindy whispered, closing her bedroom door. She grabbed a discarded t-shirt, stuffing it under the door to prevent him from sliding underneath it. He watched as the mousy girl adjusted her glasses, bending over as she looked underneath her desk.

I can get out through the air conditioning vent, he thought, making a break for it. He leapt over a candy wrapper, and then winced as he realized he’d misjudged the distance. He came down on it, causing it to crinkle loudly.

Mindy’s head shot up, and she turned to him with a grin. His heart skipped a beat as he ran, but her hand shot out, her fingers wrapping around him in an iron grip as he was brought up to her grinning face.

“GOTCHA!” she crowed victoriously. “Eric, why did you try to get away? Don’t we have fun together!?”

“Y-You’re keeping me as your pet!” he grunted, squirming in her hand.

“Yeah, but that’s just how it is for tinies?” Mindy said with a shrug. “I mean you need someone to take care of you, and why not me? Why shouldn’t the president of the anime club get the cutest guy on campus?”

“Mindy, I need you to take me to Alice!” he hissed for the millionth time.

Mindy’s brow furrowed, “Oh yeah, miss perfect Alice… ” she mumbled. And how could I ever compete with HER? Eric grunted in pain as her grip tightened, and she loosened it with a squeak, “S-Sorry!”

“This is insane Mindy, you can’t just kidnap people!” Eric protested again.

“It seems like someone needs a trip to socktown!” Mindy giggled. Eric’s blood ran cold as she made her way over to the large pile of her laundry. She reached in and fished out a pair that had been white once, but now had a mix of grey on them from several days of being worn before finally being discarded into the laundry pile. She held them up and sniffed them, wrinkling her nose. “Perfect!”

“Mindy don’t,” Eric pled feebly.

“The news says that there’s a pheromone effect that makes you tinies fall helplessly in love with girls you like,” Mindy explained. “I’m sure sooner or later you’ll be begging me for this!”

The scent assaulted his nostrils as she dropped him inside the sock, giggling as he tumbled down the cotton sides. The sour smell assaulted his nostrils immediately, while Mindy rarely engaged in physical activity, wearing the same socks through days long gaming sessions was a common habit of hers. He hit the bottom of the sock, grimacing as the smell seemed to smother him like a blanket. He looked up one last time, getting a final look at Mindy’s smirking face before she tied the top of the sock shut, leaving him trapped in the musky darkness.

He totally loves me, she reasoned, he just doesn’t see it yet! She gently lowered him down into the glass terrarium. While she was fairly confident he couldn’t get out of the sock, she still placed the lid back on, placing a heavy stack of books on top of it to make sure he wouldn’t be able to pop it off again.

Inside the terrarium Eric struggled against his binds, trying in vain to push the knot in the top of the sock undone. Mindy watched his squirming form for a moment, then sighed, walking over to her PC.

“I’ll get you out once I win a match of League!” she called. The muffled protests grew louder, and the sock rolled across the floor of his terrarium. She rolled her eyes, “Oh come on, I’m not that bad!”

Eric sighed as Mindy held him against her cheek, “I’m so sorry I had to do that!” she cooed. Her kiss covered his entire torso, and she giggled happily as she made her way to the couch. “Have we gotten all of that escaping nonsense out of our system now?”

You wish, he thought bitterly.

She rolled her eyes, “Fine, pout, would it make any difference if I let you eat as many skittles as you want tonight?”

That did perk him up a little. While at full size he’d always watched his diet closely, both when he’d played sports in high school, and also in college, not wanting to gain the infamous Freshman 15. Since shrinking though, it seemed as though his diet didn’t matter at all, which was good because Mindy mostly fed him from the same food she ate, that was to say junk food.

“Fine, can I pick a movie to watch too?” he asked.

“Sure!” Mindy said cheerfully. She carried him over to the couch, flopping onto it and slowly stripping her soda stained anime t-shirt off. She was wearing a black bra underneath it that clung to her pert b-cup breasts, and she grinned as she slowly slid Eric into the left cup, leaving him snugly pressed against her warm tit as she fumbled for the remote.

He simply lay against the soft surface, feeling her heartbeat as she searched for a movie. Mindy was cute, and in spite of everything he did find he enjoyed their intimate moments together, though never enough to stop his escape attempts.

“You know, we could just be like this all the time,” Mindy said sweetly. “Just hanging out, a girl and her tiny bf?”

“Mindy, we are not going to be anything,” he said stubbornly, “you snatched me off the sidewalk and you’re holding me prisoner, that kinda kills any chance at romance, you’ve got to understand that, right?”

“I am not holding you prisoner!” she said defensively, “I-I’m just protecting you from the world! There are really sick people out there, probably girls that are kidnapping tinies and making them slaves and stuff!”

“Which is totally different from what’s going on here,” Eric muttered.

“I mean, yeah?” Mindy said cluelessly. “Do you really think Alice wants to take care of some guy who got hit by the shrinking wave? Miss popular probably hasn’t even thought about you since this whole thing happened!”

“That’s not true!” Eric snapped angrily. “Alice is my best friend, she-“

“You just think she’s hot,” Mindy growled, “that’s why girls like me never have a chance with guys like you!”

He tried to say something else, but Mindy just stuffed him deeper into the cup of her bra, mumbling angrily under her breath as he was pressed against her warm titflesh. She cupped the bra with her hands, shifting him back and forth and mentally comparing herself with Alice, that blonde track star with the bouncy bust that drew all the boys attention…

Well I got Eric, she thought with an angry sniff, enjoying the way he squirmed against her chest, and at this size even my boobs are more than he can handle! The thought made her giggle, and she settled into the couch. A moment later Eric poked his head out, gasping for breath.

“Oh don’t do that,” she sighed, “you only need to breathe like once every twelve hours at that size, the news went over it!”

“It’s still not fun going without air,” he protested. He smirked, “besides, I almost got away from you that time I pretended to suffocate.”

“Don’t remind me,” she shuddered. After one of his escape attempts she’d sat on him for several hours while gaming, and he’d played dead when she got up to check on him. She’d panicked and nearly called the hospital before checking online and discovering that affected tinies were borderline invulnerable, and more importantly needed little air.

In the end Eric selected a comedy he remembered from high school, and as he and Mindy laughed at the raunchy jokes, he couldn’t help but think that she wouldn’t have been that bad to hang out with, if she wasn’t a psycho who’d kidnapped him.

“Mindy,” he sighed as she yawned, carrying him back to his terrarium for bed. “Can you please do one thing for me?”

“Sure!” she said with a grin.

“When you go to campus tomorrow, can you at least ask Alice about me? See if she’s worried?”

“I will,” Mindy said, rolling her eyes, “but I’m telling you, girls like that don’t care!”

Mindy trudged through campus, already annoyed at the prospect of speaking to Alice. The other girl had always been polite enough to her, but they had little in common, only ever speaking when they were both on group projects with Eric. She spotted the tall blonde over by a campus postboard, and mentally summoned up her willpower to get the interaction over with.

“Hey Alice,” Mindy started, “You remember that guy we had the group projects with-“

“Eric!?” Alice spun around, startling Mindy. “Mindy, have you seen him!?”

Mindy gulped as she saw the other girl had a stack of “MISSING” posters in her arms, with photos of Eric on them. “Nope, hadn’t seen him around,” Mindy lied, “I was just kinda curious if you knew what happened to him?”

“I think he was one of the people who shrank,” Alice explained breathlessly. “I’ve been searching campus for him ever since Shrinking Day, one of the TAs said she thought she saw him sneaking around in the bushes right after the shrinking event happened!”

“Oh, well I’ll keep an eye out,” Mindy said hesitantly.

“Thanks,” Alice sighed. She blinked away a quick tear, “he’s been my best friend ever since elementary school Mindy, I just can’t deal with the thought of him out there alone, scared, in the elements… Or worse, what if someone found him? Like some kind of psycho that gets off on torturing tinies?”

“Uh, well there probably isn’t anyone like that around here,” Mindy said, smiling nervously. “Everyone at this school is pretty normal, right?”

“Yeah, but you never know which of these people will act weird when they’ve got someone at their mercy like that,” Alice muttered. “A real monster could be right under our noses!”

Eric leapt up as he heard Mindy come in, and he raced to the glass wall of his prison, pressing his face against it excitedly as he tried to get her attention. “Did you see her!?” Eric shouted.

“Yeah, she said she hadn’t thought about you since you went missing,” Mindy said without skipping a beat. She almost winced out of guilt as she said it, but kept going anyways. “I think she’s pretty busy, you know, sports, classes, maybe a boyfriend or something?”

“Ah…” Eric muttered, sinking to the floor of his cage, “I see…”

Damnit, he thought angrily, why didn’t I ever ask her out? The truth was that he’d always hoped that Alice would be his girlfriend someday, but every time the moment had seemed right, he’d chickened out. I didn’t want to lose the friendship with her, now I’ve got nothing, he thought bitterly.

Mindy softened a little, slowly taking the lid off his terrarium, “Hey, come on… it’s not so bad!” she said softly. “Why don’t we have some fun tonight? I’ve got some turn based games that you can probably still play at your size!”

Eric smiled a little, “Thanks…”

Mindy growled angrily as Eric laughed, watching her units explode one after another in the turn based wargame. “How are you so good at this?” she asked, annoyed, “I thought you were all about sports and stuff?”

“It’s a lot of the same type of thinking,” he said, leaning against the oversized controller as he looked up at the girl. “So, I do believe there was a little wager?”

The library was Mindy’s preferred study location, and her friends Alex and Sadie were both cramming for the same test. The three of them had commanded a small table in the corner, although the group quickly found themselves distracted by another topic.

“So someone actually found Rick Jensen?” Sadie gushed excitedly. The man in question was a popular singer with an army of female fans. Like many others, he’d gone missing right after Shrinking Day, only recently surfacing with in an interview, where he was held at tiny size by his fanclub’s president, a blushing young woman who had seemed quite pleased with the situation.

“Yeah,” Alex shrugged, “I guess he was hiding out in his own yard, just taking some time away from everyone…”

“God, imagine finding a hot guy like that, and just keeping him?” Sadie giggled.

Mindy smirked, looking down at her textbook, “did you have anyone in mind?” she asked. I know who I’d have, because I’ve already got him!

“Eric,” Sadie said with a grin, causing Mindy to look up. “Come on, we all know he had to have shrunk, right? I’ve even heard someone saw him at tiny size right after the shrinking hit.”

Mindy bit her lip, then slowly grinned, “W-What if I knew what happened to him?” the other two girls looked at her, their eyes going wide.

“No way,” Alex whispered.

“Y-You found him, didn’t you?” Sadie asked, a grin slowing coming over her face.

“I’ve been taking care of him,” Mindy said with a smug smirk. “He’s all mine now, I guess I beat that blonde bimbo for his affections in the end.”

“That’s so cool!” Alex squealed. “Can we see him?”

I really shouldn’t, Mindy thought, but she was too overwhelmed with the attention. “Yeah, come on!”

Eric looked up as the door opened, his heart skipping a beat as he saw that Mindy was leading two other girls inside. Like her they were geeky looking members of the campus anime club, and he was sure he recognized them from one of his classes.

“Eric, we have guests!” Mindy called sweetly.

Eric blushed as the three girl’s faces filled the glass wall of the terrarium, the other two taking in his tiny and naked form in stunned silence. He gulped, wishing he had something to cover himself with as he waved awkwardly.

“Y-You keep him naked?” Sadie whispered.

“Fucking hot, ” Alex growled.

“There just aren’t good clothing options for tinies,” Mindy said, popping the lid off the terrarium.

There are, Eric thought, annoyed, you’d just have to leave the house with me… He let her pick him up without much resistance, smiling awkwardly at the girls. “Uh, hi, I think we had some classes together?”

“Yeah, I’m Alex,” the first girl laughed as Mindy carried him over to the couch.

“Sadie,” the other girl said.

The pair plopped on either side of Mindy as she held Eric up like a prized toy, a rare collectible she was showing off for her geeky friends.

“Can I hold him?” Sadie asked, reaching for Eric.

“No way!” Mindy said, pulling him away suddenly. The other two girls frowned, and Mindy cleared her throat, “I mean uh… Ask him first, he’s a person after all!”

“Can we-“ Sadie started, but Mindy cut her off.

“Eric loves giving foot massages!” she giggled, slowly kicking off her socks. “Come on girls, you’ve got to see how this feels!”

“Mindy come on!” Eric protested, but the other girls were already pulling their socks off too, giggling in excitement at the thought of the hottest guy in their class rubbing their feet. Mindy placed him on the carpet in front of them, and the ground shook slightly as each girl plopped her feet in front of him, forming a wall of sorts as they wiggled their toes playfully and looked down at him with smug and superior grins.

“Eric, please?” Mindy asked, a hint of pleading in her voice.

He considered it, weighing what she might do if he refused. Still, something about the desperate look in her eyes convinced him to play along, for now. He leaned forward, gripping the sides of Sadie’s feet first, causing the girl to shiver in excitement as he pressed hard against her wrinkled soles, using his entire shoulder to massage the bottom of her bare foot.

“Oooh! Does he do this for you a lot?” she asked with a giggle.

“Oh yeah, all the time, he’s totally in love with my feet,” Mindy joked, leaning over and gently poking his ribs with her toe.

“They say that tiny guys get super loopy when they’re near girls they like,” Alex gasped, “do you think Eric always liked you?”

“Yep, totally,” Mindy said triumphantly.

Eric very nearly snapped at her, but sighed, moving over to Alex’s feet next, causing the girl to gasp as his tiny hands went to work. If nothing else Mindy’s friends had better hygiene than she did, and while their feet still had a somewhat musty odor, they’d both changed their socks today.

Finally, when he was done with them, he moved to Mindy, who leered down at him like the queen before her court as he rubbed her feet. She surprised him a second later as she pinned him underneath her feet, pinching his head between her toes as she slid her surprisingly soft sole against his body, grinding him across the carpet.

He blinked, feeling himself grow hard, and suddenly not finding Mindy’s musty toes quite as offensive… With a groan he pressed his face into her toe, kissing it almost passionately. She looked on in shock, then quickly hid it.

“As you can see, Eric is totally in love with me,” she laughed. “It’s a pheromonal thing, the poor guy just can’t get enough!”

The feeling slowly faded, a warm buzz dissipating as his senses returned. What the hell was that!? He thought, his heart still pounding. Am I actually starting to… fall for her!? The thought of Mindy’s pheromones becoming almost addictive for him was a terrifying and now strangely alluring thought. He gasped with pleasure as Mindy slowly slid her foot against his naked body one last time, finally stepping next to him onto the carpet and letting her friends see his rock hard erection.,

“Wow, you are so lucky Mindy,” Alex breathed.

“Yeah,” Sadie agreed.

“Uh huh,” Mindy smirked. “Now if you two girls wouldn’t mind leaving us alone, I think my little Eric and I need some private time!” She waved as her two giggling friends made their way out the door, Sadie doing one final wolf whistle as it shut behind them. Mindy’s gaze slowly lowered down to Eric. “So,” she started slowly, “is it… is it really happening!?”

“A little,” he admitted, grimacing.

Mindy squealed in excitement, “Yes, I knew it! We are meant to be together!” She lifted her foot over him again, wiggling her toes and letting the pungent odor waft down to him. “Want to kiss them again?” she offered with a smile.

Fuck me I do, he realized. He shook his head, growling, “M-Mindy… I do like hanging out with you,” he said slowly, his willpower growing weaker as the giant nerd taunted him. “But…” Alice’s smiling face filled his mind, the way they’d race each other on morning jogs, the concerts they’d attended, the way they’d fallen asleep together on the couch, watching old movies. “I need you to do one last thing for me,” he managed.

She paused, “Okay, what?” she asked hesitantly.

“Alice,” he hissed. “I just want to see her again, just to make sure she’s really… Moved on. 

FUCKING ALICE! Mindy roared mentally. “Sure,” she said sweetly, “it will be good closure…” She lowered her foot onto him again, grinning, “until then… Do you want to have some fun?”

He groaned in response as she slid her foot over him, the slightly oily skin coating him in her scent as she giggled at his reaction. Slowly her hand drifted down her pants, her fingers snaking through her wirey pubic hair until they found her wet and aching slit. She began to play with herself as her tiny toy got closer to orgasm, and she bit her lip as he began to squirm under her foot.

“Hey!” Eric rasped, looking up in despair as she lifted the massive sole off of him.

“Don’t worry,” she muttered, reaching for him, “you’re going someplace better!”

The smell of her sex clung to her fingers as they wrapped around him, and the pheromonal effect took hold of his mind and made him want to do nothing more than please the goddess of a woman that Mindy had become. She beamed down at his expression of bliss as she brought him to the crotch of her jeans, unbuttoning them and letting him see the faded pair of pink panties. She pulled the elastic away from her pale skin, letting him see the forest of hair that guarded her entrance, and then slowly she slid him in.

“Y-YES!” she squealed, collapsing to the couch as he fought his way closer to her womanhood. His touch was electric, and soon she was convulsing on the cushions, closing her legs together and biting her lip as her tiny worshipper did his best to get her off.

In the hot humid prison of her panties, Eric’s hands traced over her clit eagerly, and a moment later he brought his face down to her folds, pressing himself into her and gasping as the sweet and intoxicating scent of her womanhood filled his senses. Mindy’s orgasm shook his world, and he held on for dear life as the vibrations quickly brought him over the edge too, spraying his seed into the forest of wiry hair and soft, pale skin.

“W-Wow,” she panted, reaching into her panties for him. She drew him out, giggling as she saw he was soaked head to toe in her juices as he dangled by one arm in front of her gigantic dreamy face.

Eric blinked, feeling the pheromonal effect recede with orgasm, “What the hell?” he muttered.

“You’re starting to like me Eric!” Mindy taunted. “Soon I won’t even need to keep you in that little terrarium!”He kept quiet, trying to think of a retort as she carried him back to the glass box in question. Adding insult to injury, she picked up a pair of her discarded socks from the floor, tossing them in playfully. “Here you go,” she said with a wink. “A little treat for you to play with while I go out to get dinner!” With a triumphant laugh she sauntered towards the door, and Eric scowled in defeat as he felt his eyes drawn to her swaying hips.

God damnit, she is really getting in my head… He sighed, glancing over at her discarded socks. They were starting to smell strangely sweet, enticing. He made his way over to them, and, once sure Mindy was out of sight, he leapt at them, groaning in pleasure as he lay atop the sweat stained cotton.

When Eric woke up the next morning he groaned as he realized that the pair of cotton socks had gone from somewhere close to his own size, to the size of small houses. The size shifts that accompanied the shrinking condition were rare, caused by fluctuations in whatever cosmic energy was causing it in the first place, and today evidently Eric had been hit with one.

“Good morning Eric,” Mindy sang as she skipped into the living room. She paused, frowning as she searched his cage for him. She breathed a sigh of relief as she spotted his now much smaller size, “Whew, I thought you were being naughty and trying to escape again!” she giggled.

“Nope, still here,” he replied tersely.

“Aww, I can’t even hear you at that size,” Mindy cooed. She popped the terrarium lid off, reaching in for him and slowly lifting him out. At this size her fingertips nearly enveloped his whole body, carrying him to her desk where a ruler had been left out for just these occasions. He stood against it as she slammed it into the desk behind him, squinting as she read the numbers. “Looks like you’re just a hair under a centimeter tall today,” she muttered. “Well, I’m sure Alice won’t mind.”

His heart skipped a beat, “Alice? She’s coming!?” he shouted as loud as he could.

Mindy just chuckled, “Yes, I asked Alice to come by after classes to hang out. Happy?” She heard a few distant squeaks, but otherwise didn’t bother to try to hear his response. “Now I’m also going to leave you out here on the floor,” she continued, “since I trust you won’t run away today?” She leaned close, happy to see he was nodding enthusiastically. With a hum she picked him up again, placing him down on the floor. She stood up, looking like a goddess as she loomed over him with a grin. “Okay, you be good while I’m gone!”

Alice trudged next to Mindy, not really listening to the other girl’s talk about some anime or another. She wasn’t sure why Mindy was suddenly so eager to be friendly with her, but she also was grateful for anything to take her mind off her missing friend.

Eric… I’ll find you, she thought.

“And anyways, then they made a remake of that series and just added ‘brotherhood’ to the title, and-“ Mindy frowned. “Alice? Are you okay?”

“Just still thinking about… Well, you know,” she muttered.

“Hey, Eric’s probably fine,” Mindy said dismissively. “Come on, there’s this sports anime that you’re going to love, it’s about girls on a track team!”

Eric looked up as the two girls entered the apartment, grinning and waving, “ALICE!” he shouted. He glanced up at Mindy, who spotted him right away. She gave him a smile, but didn’t point him out to his friend. He gulped as Alice’s footsteps rocked the floor, and a moment later her foot raised over him. “Wait, he shouted, “NO!”

Mindy smirked as she saw Alice’s shoe coming down on Eric, the slightest * crunch* ringing out as the tiny man’s body was instantly pressed flat. Tiny’s couldn’t die very easily, even from getting stepped on, but it gave Mindy a tiny bit of satisfaction knowing it probably wasn’t a nice feeling.

“Okay, right over here,” Mindy said, leading her towards the couch. She ignored Eric, waiting for the tiny man’s healing abilities to kick in.

She didn’t even see me, Eric breathed a moment later as his body righted itself. He winced as the final knives of pain vanished, then sat up, starting the long trek around the couch. Mindy tried to keep him in the corner of her eye as she talked with Alice, frowning as she struggled to keep the other girl’s attention.

“I’m sorry Mindy,” she laughed softly, “I just don’t think I’m up for this tonight.” She stood up, and for a moment Mindy was terrified that she’d spot the tiny speck moving across the floor.

“Is it because of him? ” Mindy asked quickly.

“Yeah,” Alice admitted, “I just miss him, you know?”

“You sound like you really care about him,” Mindy said, smiling as she saw Eric pause.

“I do,” Alice sighed. “I just want to spend all of my time on him, I can’t really focus on other stuff right now, I’m sorry if that sounds rude, but-“

“Hey, no sweat,” Mindy laughed, ushering her towards the door. “We’ll just hang out some other time, when you’re feeling better!”

Alice frowned, something about Mindy’s attitude was off, but she wasn’t quite sure what. Still, she made her way out the door, consumed with thoughts of her missing friend.

Mindy grinned wickedly, dropping to the floor with a thud as she got on all fours, looming over Eric’s tiny form. “You heard what she said?” Mindy teased. “She just wants to spend all of her time on him, that’s her new boyfriend she’s talking about!” The lie was a desperate one, but she could see from the way the tiny man’s head hung that it had landed. Guilt welled up in her, but she forced it down. “So you should just stay with me, it’ll be better that way!” Mindy beamed.

Several days later, Alice was stapling up her latest set of missing posters. Most of the other people who had done the same thing for shrinking victims had stopped over the last few weeks as they had been found, leaving Eric’s lonely “MISSING, PRESUMED SHRUNK” poster to decorate the newsboard alone.

“Looks like she hasn’t heard?” a girl behind her snickered. Alice turned around with a frown to see Sadie and Alex giggling at her. “I guess not,” Sadie nodded. “You know Eric got found right? He’s with his new girlfriend!”

“What?” Alice dropped the posters, walking up to the two geeky girls.

“Yeah, I guess being tall and blonde wasn’t enough for him,” Alex teased.

Alice growled, causing the girl to help as she grabbed her shoulders, “Where did you see him?”

Eric was still moping several days later, preferring to just stay in his cage while Mindy tried to get him to play with her. The pheromonal effect had lessened slightly, a result of his mood he was sure. The tapping on the glass disturbed his thoughts, and he glanced over his shoulder to see Mindy frowning at him.

“Come on, you can’t just pout forever,” Mindy said. Shit, I think I really broke him, she thought, a pit forming in her stomach.

“I just… I just really thought Alice would be looking for me,” he murmured.

Something in Mindy broke then, and she sighed, standing up. “Okay, what if… What if I’m full of shit?” Mindy asked softly.

“What do you mean?” Eric asked slowly.

“What if… What if she’s been looking for you the whole time?” Mindy asked sheepishly.

“But I heard her talking about some guy she was obsessed with?” he asked.

“That was you, you idiot!” Mindy groaned.

Eric blinked, then scowled angrily, standing up and pounding the glass. “What the fuck Mindy!”

“I know, I know, I’m an evil bitch,” she muttered. “Look, I’ll just tell her everything at class today, and she can come pick you up or something.” She hefted her backpack, heading towards the door. She opened it, then her eyes went wide as she saw an enraged Alice standing over her. “Oh, hey Eric, she’s actually here right-“

Alice’s right hook made Mindy spin on her heels before collapsing to the carpet, stunned.

“ERIC!?” Alice called, stepping over the geeky girl as she rushed inside. She saw the terrarium, and Eric’s tiny form pressed against the glass. With a sigh of relief she knelt down, her smiling face filling his vision as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Wow, tiny guys really do give great foot massages,” Alice sighed, flexing her toes over Eric as he pressed his shoulder into her sole. The scent was heavenly, the pheromonal effect making her feet smell like a field of flowers as he worked at her arches.

“I want to do this every day for the rest of my life,” Eric groaned, planting a kiss on his best friend’s giant foot.

“I think I could get used to that,” Alice laughed. “Hey, what do you think?” She slapped Mindy’s ass, causing the girl to squeal and struggle against her duct tape bonds. Mindy was bent over the end of the sofa, her face in the rug and her ass in the air, her arms and legs tightly taped.

“Come on, I said I was sorry!” Mindy whimpered.

“You kidnapped my best friend and kept him as your slave for weeks, sorry isn’t going to cut it!” Alice growled.

“I was going to give him to you!” she wailed.

“It’s true, she really was,” Eric chuckled. “You just got here first.”

Alice frowned, thinking it over, “That’s still pretty fucked,” she said finally. “Give me one reason I shouldn’t haul your ass to jail?”

“Please don’t,” Eric sighed, startling his giant friend.

She frowned, curling her toes over him, lifting him off the ground slightly with the soft digits as she considered his request. “Why?” she asked finally. “Don’t tell me you’ve got Stockholm Syndrome?”

“Maybe a little,” he admitted with a soft chuckle.

Alice groaned, “That, and you’ve always been too nice… Fine, I’ve got another idea then.”

“It’s good to be back in classes,” Eric said, sitting on the edge of Alice’s desk.

“Yeah, tinies are getting a lot of accommodations,” Alice said softly, cupping her hands around him protectively. She grinned as she looked over at Mindy, who was typing away as the lecture continued in the hall below them. “By the way, he’ll need someone to carry him to his Bio lecture and take notes for that too,” Alice smirked.

“What!?” Mindy moaned. “It’s all the way across campus!”

“Too bad,” Alice muttered. “I’m going in the opposite direction, and by the way, did you get my English paper written yet?”

“S-Still trying to finish the book,” Mindy said weakly.

“Well this weekend I want you to put down the manga and get it done,” Alice ordered.

“Yes Ma’am,” Mindy muttered.

“Cheer up Mindy,” Eric said with a grin. “When we watch anime later, you can have all the skittles you want.”

“I can’t believe you’re still watching TV with her,” Alice muttered.

“I’m halfway through a few shows I want to finish with someone,” he said with a shrug. “Besides, I’ve got you around to keep her in line.”

“That you do bud,” she giggled, raising him to her lips for a quick kiss that covered his entire body.

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