Reviews For Step Monster
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Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: September 22 2017 9:42 PM Title: Chapter 8

Another awesome chapter. Twerp sit, Simba bed. The Giantess gives commands to be obeyed. Loved the. At scene and the Giantess commands.
The chip is useful and a fantastic idea.
Love the hamster cage. Great idea. I wonder what life in there is like.
I can hardly wait till they shrink Averys dad. What will be his torture and fate.
Great story,

Reviewer: TheDARGX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 09 2017 1:59 PM Title: Chapter 8

I don't wanna keep sounding like a broken record but HOLY SHIT!! This is an incredible chapter! I'm hope ing they turn that drink small with his daughter so she can teach him a lesson! Or have Peyton do it! You keep up the great work! I'm getting sad cause you said there's only gonna be 19 chapters so we're nearing the end :( keep up the great work! You have a fan for life!! Haha cheers!

Author's Response: I don't remember giving a specific number. However regardless of how long this tale is. The plan is build a universe/series. So you should see more of these characters over time. Along with ones. Peyton is the main character so she would be involved in any future stories obviously. As I really enjoy writing her character along with a few of the others like Sabrina and Nancy/twerp

Reviewer: mani Signed [Report This]
Date: September 07 2017 10:04 PM Title: Chapter 8

Hi Asukafan,


I am a big fan of yours and you are an excellent writer


Can you add a chapter where our twerp meets Peytons mother. a revenge chapter for taking away her husband.. many many thanks for the story

Author's Response: A lot of the story is written. I can neither confirm nor deny if that happens. But I feel you will enjoy how things unfold nonetheless

Reviewer: officerkc Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 07 2017 5:21 PM Title: Chapter 8

Damn Peyton is so brutal. Love the story. 

Author's Response: She can be. You should enjoy the next chapter.

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 07 2017 3:45 PM Title: Chapter 8

I know I  haven't commented yet, but just wanted to say I love your story. I really like Twerp/Nancy whichever she prefers. The fact that she still has mothering insticts after what she's endured from these girls says so much about her character. Honestly she's too good for Peyton. Looking forward to how things develop for her. I think she can find happiness. Peyton's cruel but not maliciously so I think. Otherwise why not let Simba shred Twerp? Huh? Answer that Peyton?! You can't can you! Get outta here!

Author's Response: I'm thrilled that you are enjoying it. I would definitely say Peyton isn't malicious. I ageee with you she cares more than she lets on. She is mean, and can be cruel. But she isn't heartless enough to have malice in her. I think twerp/ navy can find a form of happiness.

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 07 2017 11:26 AM Title: Chapter 8

I feel bad for Aves but Sabrina and Peyton with shrinking knowledge is kind of a wonderful idea.

Author's Response: I'm sure they will use that knowledge responsibly. Averys backstory is sad.

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