Reviews For Step Monster
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Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: October 09 2017 3:18 AM Title: Chapter 16

Wow, what a revealing chapter.

Author's Response: Almost time for the thrilling conclusion.

Reviewer: NotSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 08 2017 5:32 PM Title: Chapter 16

After sixteen chapters I still don't understand Peyton. I understand the sex play and having Twerp service Sabrina as whole part of the power trip and Sabrina being a love interest is a nice surpise even if it's sickening to me. But what does Peyton get from having officer Daniels sexually please Twerp? Why is that even on her mind? Why does she care about that at all? She even put his freedom on it! It's too next level for me. Every time I'm ready to say Peyton is this horrible monster (which she is) she does something that makes me question her perspective. Why does she even care what Twerp thinks anymore? Why does she care if Twerp still loves her? Why is she so obsessed with convincing Twerp that Nancy List doesn't exist when remembering her former life is a better form of torture? What is up with you girl?!...........sorry.

Side note: Sabrina is so bad for you Peyton. It's clear some of her influence has made you a worse person. Hope that you never take expired medication that's been released without sufficient drug trails and magically shrink in front of her. Sabrina will not take care of you. 

Only one chapter left! Let's go Nancy! You got this!!!!!...unless she doesn't. Then I'll be sad. Waiting for the weekend either way.

Author's Response: She gets revenge in a form she needed to move on. She needed her to feel a semblance of the pain she and her mother felt. However she does it in a way befitting her age and showing her immaturity. Peyton cares forntwerp more than she wants to admit to herself. So a part of her wants twerp to love her. However sheb is also mad and hurt over what she did to her mother and father. So twerp is often post accident at the mercy of Peyton’s mood. Where somedays when she was mad at twerp she had no way to show her other than yelling or being bitchy towards her. She now has the ability to make her pay so she does. However some days she did feel somewhat loving towards twerp as she did show interest and care about her. Tune in soon to see if Nancy survives.

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 08 2017 2:32 PM Title: Chapter 16

The Evil of Peyton grows and grows, though it is fun to read about it.

Author's Response: She can definitely be a bitch

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