A Matter of Perspective by whahuh7

Kelly and Brooke order a miniature city with microsopic inhabitants and seek to destroy it in their apartment, with a little help from an unaware neighbor.

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1. Chapter 1: Backstory by whahuh7

2. Chapter 2: Sizing Up the City by whahuh7

3. Chapter 3: A Taste of Destruction by whahuh7

4. Chapter 4: Enter Brooke by whahuh7

5. Chapter 5: Making Out Like Bandits by whahuh7

6. Chapter 6: Enter Kristin, the Neighbor by whahuh7

7. Chapter 7: Her Head Held High by whahuh7

8. Chapter 8: The Games Are Afoot by whahuh7

9. Chapter 9: The Beginning of the End by whahuh7

10. Chapter 10: Changing Perspectives by whahuh7

Chapter 1: Backstory by whahuh7
Author's Notes:

In an attempt to combat the relative wane of mega destruction stories of late (and hopefully jumpstart some of my fellow mega fans into writing some more), I've decided to post a story that just sprang into my head tonight. I hope you enjoy. As always, constructive comments are both desirable and appreciated. Personally, my fear is that I have too much exposition and not enough substance, but I'll let you the readers be the judge of that.

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Kelly lustily eyed the tiny city sprawled before her, licking her ample lips in anticipation, mulling over the possible casual yet catastrophic tortures she could inflict on the millions of hapless citizens whose attention was no doubt focused squarely on her. She couldn't quite decide whether or not the tiny specks were humans in any philosophical or moral conception, but she did decide that that was exactly how she liked it. Her conscience would have raised a few alarms at what she was planning if she truly recognized these insignificant mites as people like herself, but she was bound to enjoy it more if she allowed herself to believe that she wielded this degree of insurmountable power over actual, living, breathing, terrified people. She again licked her lips, this time unconsciously, and the populace below was not unaware.


Kelly and Brooke had lived together for two years now, and were by most standards the best of friends. They had met each other in high school, had graduated in the same class, and went to college together at Burton. After graduating from college last year, they had leased this apartment on the edge of downtown to be closer to the nightlife, and to shorten the commute to their respective jobs. They hung out frequently, told each other everything, and even compared their most recent sexual conquests whenever one happened to have recently occurred. Brooke was an absolute knockout, the epitome of a typical beach babe. She had shoulder-length sandy blonde hair, plenty of curves in all the right places, and a large chest, which she was very proud of. She was an outgoing, occasionally ditzy girl, who usually schlepped around the apartment in shorts and a t-shirt, donning sandals in order to run any errands outside of the apartment. When she chose to dress up, she was still a knockout, and she owned a bevy of dresses and formalwear that complemented her figure, including several pairs of elegant high-heeled shoes.


Kelly was not as immediately stunning as Brooke, though she was still no slouch. It was mostly the fact that she dressed so frumpily, which successfully disguised her otherwise attractive features. She had shoulder-length brown hair, a decent figure, and a perky, tight ass. The only thing truly ample about her were her lips, which were very plush and full. Fortunately for her, this was one feature she could not downplay through conservative dress, and the sweaters and skirts that covered up her other moderately attractive features were unable to cover her radiant and eye-catching smile, which was instantly noticeable by anyone who met her.


Recently they had come across a most unusual advertisement tucked away in the back pages of a women's tabloid magazine that Brooke had bought on a lark while in the checkout line at the local grocery store. The ad was for a miniature city, very miniature, complete with parks and roads and skyscrapers and, most intrguingly, people. The ad promised the city would come fully populated, filled with millions of nearly microscopic people milling around the bustling metropolis, that the buyers could do with as they pleased. Brooke pointed the ad out to Kelly, and after a bit of discussion, they decided to order it, ostensibly only to satisfy their curiosity as to whether or not it was real.


Neither of them at the time had the cruel desire to dominate and destroy a miniature city that was home to millions of people. Brooke was always the playful type, flirtatious and bouncy, and her curiosity and impulsiveness were her only reasons, at the time, for ordering the city. But the repercussions and possibilities of her decision did not elude her, and she began to await the city's arrival with an eager anticipation that bordered on sadistic.


By contrast, Kelly was the more down-to-earth and methodical of the two. This is not to say she never kicked back or had a good time, but she was very much a thinker, and her coworkers would have readily described her as "buttoned down," "quiet," and "reserved." Though her personality was far from outgoing, she was only human, and in the days that passed after ordering the city, she began in the dark recesses of her mind to fantasize about having limitless power over millions of insignificant peons. She herself worked as a lowly coffee girl in a high-powered law firm downtown, on the 70th floor of the Decker building. Every time one of the overbearing lawyers slighted her, yelled at her, or even ignored her, she would find herself imagining them as a minute speck, cowering before her, waiting fearfully for her to unleash some hellish and unavoidable torture that would most certainly end their worthless existence. She would increasingly gaze out the windows of the Decker building, looking down on the sprawling skyline, imagining herself as an impossibly large giantess, miles tall, meting out justice and destruction on the people below her. It became a secret obsession of hers, dominating her thoughts until the point where she could not wait for the city to arrive just so she could destroy it.


Then one day a peculiar package arrived on their doorstep. It was relatively large and filled up a good portion of the hallway. There was no return address, and when Kelly arrived home from work, she instantly knew what it was. She opened the door to her apartment, threw everything she was carrying into a pile in the corner, and delicately--almost reverently--carried the package inside and set it carefully on their large kitchen table. Slowly relishing the fulfillment of her anticipation, she tore open only a corner of the brown paper wrapping and peered inside.

Chapter 2: Sizing Up the City by whahuh7

Light streamed in onto thousands of terrified and bewildered people for the first time in days. Millions more were still left in darkness, but those closest to the shoreline were witness to the jagged rending of a part of their sky as light flooded into a small corner of the city. No one knew precisely what had brought all of them to their current state. One moment, it was a bright sunny day, and everyone was busily and drearily attending to their business as usual. The next moment: darkness. And now, days later, someone was beginning to shed some light on their predicament, so to speak.

Thousands looked to the sky curiously, expecting that someone somewhere would be able to answer all the unarticulated questions flitting around their minds at the moment. What they saw only raised more questions.

Many saw a shadow move to fill the void as quickly as it had been created. Accounting for the relative distance, size, and pecularity of what was before them, it is easy to see why so many failed to recognize it. Most of them could not understand what their eyes were telling them. The more perceptive simply refused to believe it.

It was an eye. An enormous, all-seeing eye, thousands of feet tall. It blinked once, sending shudders through those that recognized it. Then, as quickly and mysteriously as it appeared, it was gone.

The mystified populace now looked around at each other hoping that those beside them had some great insight into what they had just witnessed. But before any conversation could progress much, light began streaming in all over the city as huge swaths of the sky were torn apart and allowed light to once more wash across the surface of the city, until at last the darkness was gone.

As Kelly peeked into the open corner of the package, she was thrilled by the wonderful things she saw. In front of her was a sand-covered beach, and stretching behind it was a bustling metropolis, complete with dozens of minuscule skyscrapers. She heedlessly tore the rest of the brown paper covering away from the city, until at last it lay before her, completely unwrapped. There was a thin glass covering over the entire parcel, probably to keep it from being damaged while shipped, which she dispatched with equal facility, removing the last barrier between her and the city.

It was positively pristine. There were skyscrapers and highways all throughout, all of them completely realistic and untouched. The city itself was roughly in the shape of a square, 5 feet on either side, making the whole thing cover about 25 square feet. It had been somewhat unwieldy to carry, and only barely fit on the kitchen table, but in her haste she had hardly noticed these minor inconveniences, and indeed even if she had noticed them she wouldn't have cared, so overwhelming was her desire to explore.

She slowly paced around the table, absorbing all the details of the city. Every footstep on the tile floor echoed up to the ears of the people in the city, and instilled in them a well-placed sense of doom. They were all cognitively aware of what exactly they were looking at, but few were able to process it, and fewer still were able to appreciate how truly tiny they were to her.

She gazed down at the town as she walked around it, noting the various distinct neighborhoods. Here a park, there a residential neighborhood, here a few suburbs, there a few factories. The part that intrigued her the most was right near where she had started, and as she completed her first full circle, she leaned over to get a better view of the area. It was a beachfront shoreline, which had clearly at one time butted up against an ocean. A highway ran alongside the beach, and behind the highway was downtown. Dozens of skyscrapers checkered this area, but none of them were very impressive to Kelly. As she leaned in closely, she attempted to gauge how tall she would be to these people (if they even were people). Their tallest skyscraper was about 100 stories by her reckoning, making it a little over a thousand feet tall. To her, however, it was only half an inch. Doing some quick mental math (she was, after all, a college graduate), that made her.....25 miles tall.

The sudden realization of her full enormousness made her gasp, causing her to unwittingly inhale thousands of helpless onlookers scattered about downtown. Most went straight down her throat into her lungs, but hundreds fell short and landed on her tongue or were stuck to her plush lips. She reacted unthinkingly by licking her lips to remove the slight irritation caused by the hundreds of specks stuck to them, thus capturing and drawing into her mouth hundreds of people before swallowing them.

She grinned at the power she had over these people, such that even the most slight and accidental of her actions had been havoc to them. This grin was not her typical and pleasant, eyecatching smile. It was something more sinister, and the terrified populace below didn't have to struggle to read her ill intentions.

Now she cast her gaze over the city, trying to decide if the specks she had just swallowed were people in any real sense. This internal debate gave way to her overriding lust, and she licked her lips while she tried to decide what to do first. She really should wait for Brooke to come home, but she had no idea how soon that would be, and surely Brooke wouldn't mind if she decided to play with her new toy a little early. She came to an internal compromise, making up her mind to do only minimal damage to the city before Brooke got home and they could enjoy it together. Having decided to go ahead, she licked her lips again, this time unconsciously, and populace below was not unaware.

Then, she stuck out her tongue, and with a slow and deliberate swipe, licked the city.
Chapter 3: A Taste of Destruction by whahuh7

Her tongue was absolutely devastating.

Her slimy pink tongue, positively dainty by ordinary standards, was to these poor people several thousand feet wide and more than a mile long. It absolutely demolished several city blocks in the densely populated downtown area over which it ran, bulldozing thousands of people into stains and trapping thousands more on its sticky surface. A slight moan escaped Kelly’s lips, though nothing she did could really be termed “slight” to the tinies sprawled before her.

She slowly withdrew her tongue into her mouth, relishing the feeling of thousands of people being either smeared or stuck to it. She held it there for just a moment without closing her mouth, leaning over the city and allowing the millions below her to see their friends and families so inelegantly displayed. Then she quickly snapped her jaws shut and swallowed, feeling the demolished pulp of several city blocks slide down her throat. Those in the city saw a satisfied smirk creep across her face as they watched the bulge descend down her gullet and into her waiting stomach.

She could not wait for more, and she knew there was plenty more available where that came from. She took another, longer lick, from a less populated part of downtown, and this time licked her lips, smearing those still stuck to her tongue across her full lips, staining them an attractive shade of red with the blood of the tens of thousands she’d killed in a few seconds.

Kelly was getting into it, and decided a full-on make out session was in order, diving face-first into the city. Her eager tongue flapped about like a fish out of water as her lips expanded and contracted over the cityscape. Her nose occasionally touched down and crushed a few skyscrapers, whose debris and inhabitants were incautiously inhaled through waiting nostrils while their heedless owner thrashed about moaning for more. She lost herself, drowning in a wave of euphoria typically reserved for intimacy that went far beyond the simple first-base action she was imposing upon the unwilling tinies. All told, she had squashed or digested over 170,000 people, yet still she lusted for more. And she would have gotten it, too, had it not been for a familiar sounding voice calling her back to reality.

“Kelly?” came the inquisitive call from behind her. “What the hell are you moaning about?”

Chapter 4: Enter Brooke by whahuh7

Brooke had just walked in the door of their apartment after returning from a quick run to the grocery store down the block. She held a couple of plastic bags in either hand, each filled with necessities and goodies alike to hold them over for the next week or two. As she had approached the door from the outside, she heard her roommate’s enamored moans issuing forth from the apartment. Mystified, she flung open the door to find Kelly bent over the kitchen table and licking it passionately. 

“Kelly? What the hell are you moaning about?” Brooke queried as she stepped further into their apartment and set the groceries down in the corner. She was dressed very simply in a pink tank top that strained to hold her ample breasts, denim shorts, and pink flip flops. This posed a stark contrast to Kelly, who was still mostly in her work attire, wearing a light formal blouse and high heels. Despite her formalwear, Kelly struck Brooke as being anything but sophisticated at the moment, as she was hunched over the table and slobbering unceremoniously all over it. 

Kelly stood up quickly (providing quite the spectacle to the tinies), whirled around (giving them a view of her taut ass for the first time), and sputtered, “Hey, Brooke! Surprise!” 

With that, Kelly gestured broadly over the miniature cityscape, causing the millions of microns to again be awestruck by her sweeping motions. She was trying desperately to compose herself, but she was not doing a very good job of it, and it was obvious from her panting and slight perspiration that she had just been interrupted in the middle of something very exciting. 

Brooke, not fully understanding (as was her custom), slowly approached the kitchen table to see what all the fuss was about. The city’s residents were understandably distraught at seeing a second giantess approach, and many began to come to terms with the fact that there was no way any of them were going to survive this.  

Those closest to the shoreline were unable to see Brooke’s face, owing to the fact that her large breasts obscured most of her face from the view of those directly below her. Those farther out saw a very cute girl, beautiful by any standards, though not as pretty above the neck as her mass-murdering friend. The look on her face was one of perplexity and curiosity. After a moment, it was instantly replaced with one of recognition and excitement. 

“It’s here!” she exclaimed with a giggle as she jumped up and down. The tremors reverberated throughout the apartment and shook every one of the millions of tinies to their knees, knocking down a few of the weaker buildings, as well. Her mind began to recall her own plans for the city, most of which were simply curious experiments, although a few dark and sexual thoughts cropped up.  “We’ve been waiting for over a week now! But…what were you doing?” Her voice was a mixture of indignation and alarm: indignation at the fact that Kelly hadn’t waited for her, and alarm that Kelly had, well, been making out with the city, which was frankly kind of weird. 

“Ummm, sorry I didn’t wait for you. I figured you wouldn’t mind. Besides, I’ve barely done anything!” Kelly had already killed over 170,000 people and destroyed several blocks of downtown, but she had a point: her escapades had only crushed a corner of downtown, a few square inches on their scale, and there were still hundreds of square miles left to enjoy. 

Brooke quickly recovered from her slight outrage and instead decided to focus on all the possibilities that lay before her. Yes, Kelly had started without her, but plenty of the city was left unscratched, and Brooke wasn’t about to waste time dwelling on the past when there was so much to do in the present. One question still lingered, “Why were you making out with the city?” 

Kelly blushed slightly, knowing that she had been caught. “Give it a try,” she said sheepishly. “Then you’ll see.” Brooke was skeptical to say the least, and she didn’t want to delay implementing her own plans for the city, but she figured that if Kelly was deriving so much unbridled pleasure from it, there must be something to it. 

Brooke backed up slightly so that her breasts didn’t come down on the city, bent over, and leaned forward until her face hovered over a part of downtown that was a few inches away from Kelly’s recent devastation. A few stray strands of sandy blond hair snaked down over her shoulder and collided with the city, crushing several buildings and killing a few hundred people. This went completely unnoticed by both giantesses. 

She paused for a moment to stare down at the miniature city. Those below her paused a moment to gawk upwards at the girl who was about to casually annihilate them. She was not as pretty as Kelly, and her lips were nowhere near as full or plush, but she was attractive by any standards. She crinkled her nose somewhat disdainfully at the thought of tasting a city but dutifully bent forward and stuck out her tongue. 

Kelly watched this all from a few feet away, unreasonably aroused by her roommate’s enormousness. Standing back and viewing it all from a third person perspective, she was able to see how Brooke’s massive stature positively dwarfed all structures in the minuscule city. The slightest twitch could kill hundreds if not thousands. Several city blocks could fit under her thumbprint. All these thoughts swirled through her mind—which was already in an addled and aroused state from all the making out she had just done—and combined to make her passionately hot for her oblivious roommate. 

Speaking of whom, Brooke had just stuck her tongue out over the city, and, after a moment’s more deliberation, she finally touched down. The taste was rather bland and disappointing. In fact, it was a little disgusting, and Brooke moved to stand up to let Kelly know that she still didn’t know what all the fuss was about. She would soon find out.

Chapter 5: Making Out Like Bandits by whahuh7

Brooke, unimpressed with the taste, attempted to stand upright before addressing Kelly with her complaints. Unfortunately, this move by Brooke was poorly calculated, and as she rose, her breasts caught on the underside of the city, which was sticking out slightly over the edge of the table. Her tits’ collision with the underside of the edge of the city destroyed countless buildings and launched tens of thousands of people into the air. They all came down either on Brooke’s cleavage or along the front of her tank top. Dozens of thousands of people now clung for their very lives either to the hot pink cotton fabric of an enormous tank top, or to the soft flesh nestled between two gargantuan breasts. 

Brooke, startled by the unwitting destruction she had caused, moved her hand to brush the offending tinies off her shirt and breasts. But before she had the chance, Kelly pounced on her and grabbed her hands. “Here,” Kelly whispered huskily, overcome by lust. “Let me take care of that.” 

In one swift motion, Kelly both passionately embraced Brooke and locked lips with her. Brooke, bewildered but not resistant, was taken aback by Kelly’s amorous and overpowering advances. She briefly contemplated pushing her away, but soon realized that there was no point. She took stock of the situation: they had a miniature city in their apartment. They planned on destroying it and killing millions of tiny people, possibly in graphically sexual ways. To put it bluntly, some seriously freaky sh*t was about to go down, and there was no point trying to stop it. Accepting this (and even reveling in it), Brooke followed her roommate’s lead with newfound enthusiasm and zealously accepted her first lesbian experience. 

The devastation for the tinies was two-fold. Anyone who had been lucky enough to survive Kelly’s initial oral onslaught or Brooke’s brief taste of destruction was now being thoroughly massacred as their tongues and lips played eagerly against each other. Lips pressed against lips licked by tongues smacking against tongues: there was nowhere to hide from their enthusiastic making out. 

A few miles down below, the thousands of people on Brooke’s chest met a no less gruesome end. As Kelly and Brooke initially embraced each other, their breasts collided forcefully, instantly smearing most of the people on the front of Brooke’s tank top into paste between their ponderous tits. As their loving continued, more and more people were crushed as their breasts shifted around, re-colliding with one another in new and different places as the two giantesses moaned in exhilaration.  

Most of the people in Brooke’s cleavage, however, were holding out. A few hundred had been crushed as Brooke’s own breasts knocked into each other during the make-out, killing anyone clinging to the inside surface of the breasts themselves. A few thousand others clinging to her chest area merely watched in horror as their fellow citizens were brutally killed in this titanic lovemaking. The wiser of these used this time to steel themselves for death, knowing that this brief respite in no way meant that they might somehow escape unnoticed and survive. 

Indeed, after only a few minutes, the two titanesses paused from their colossal embrace in order to catch their breath. The undisturbed rubble on Brooke’s chest caught Kelly’s eye, and with a wink and a smirk, she commented, “Oops, Brooke, it looks like you spilled something down the front of you. Let me take care of that.” 

The people in Brooke’s cleavage got a taste of the devastation experienced by the very first victims of the girls as Kelly’s head swooped down into Brooke’s cleavage and her tongue extended. She took a long, wet slurp from between Brooke’s breasts, allowing the taste of death to mix with the taste of her lover’s sweat before she swallowed. She then returned, kissing Brooke’s tits repeatedly and crushing tinies with her lips, occasionally licking around whenever the mood struck her. At some point she abandoned her restraint and began motorboating Brooke, crushing any survivors against her nose, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Brooke moaned with pleasure, and Kelly redoubled her efforts with renewed enthusiasm before collapsing to her knees, exhausted and exhilarated. There were no survivors anywhere on the two girls. 

As Kelly knelt panting and Brooke stood moaning, both took a moment to recuperate from their unprecedented sexual escapades. That moment would prove to be short lived, as a light knock on their door preceded a faint girl’s voice: “Hello? Is anyone home?”

Chapter 6: Enter Kristin, the Neighbor by whahuh7

Kristin Dalton was, without mincing words, meek. Though she stood at a rather imposing 6’1”, this impressive stature did not give her confidence. It had rather the opposite effect, actually, making her the object of scorn and mockery from her classmates as she was growing up, and making her virtually undateable for any guy under 6’3”. As a result of being derided by women and ignored by men for most of her life, she had developed a rather quiet disposition, and it was rare that she made many friends. 

Kelly and Brooke, in her mind, qualified as friends. They had gone to college together at Burton and were roughly the same age, having been in a few classes together. They both happened to find apartments in the same building on the edge of downtown, and Kristin made sure that her apartment was just down the hall from theirs, in case they ever wanted to hang out. In truth, Kelly and Brooke never particularly wanted to hang out with Kristin. It’s not that they disliked her or were mean in any way to her; she simply wasn’t their type, and so it was often up to Kristin to initiate any group activities whenever she could muster the gumption to leave her apartment and walk down the hall. 

Today was one of those days. Kristin, bored stiff lounging around her apartment on her day off, had waited until she knew both Kelly and Brooke would be home from work, and then proceeded nervously down the hall, hoping they would want to hang out. She was dressed casually, wearing a light green t-shirt and blue jeans, which hung loosely on her slight frame. She was tall and skinny, and if that weren’t awkward enough, she had huge feet. Not distractingly large, mind you, but just enough so that it was embarrassing to go shoe shopping. Normally, she was very self-conscious about her feet, but since Kelly and Brooke were her friends, she didn’t feel the need to cover them up just to walk down the hall, and so the undersides of her feet slapped gently against the surface of light blue flipflops as she anxiously traipsed down the hall. 

Arriving at the door, she listened momentarily for any signs of life from inside the apartment. Hearing none, she knocked softly, and humbly ventured a “Hello? Is anyone home?” 

Inside the apartment, Kelly and Brooke were still recovering from their wild and impetuous sexual romp. The stillness of their breathing was shattered by Kristin’s interruption. Kelly, instantly recognizing the voice, rolled her eyes in frustration and looked up at Brooke standing over her. She moved her finger to her lips, gesturing to Brooke to be quiet in the hopes that Kristin would go away and leave them to their fun. 

Brooke, however, had been struck by a sudden and very rare moment of inspiration: she had an idea. Over Kelly’s objections, Brooke shouted, “Hold on! I’m in the bathroom. Be there in a minute!” Kelly was upset by her roommate’s response, but saw the playful gleam in her eye, and decided to indulge whatever harebrained notion had struck her fancy. 

Brooke looked at Kelly and motioned at the city, gesturing that they should pick it up. Kelly played along, and they stood on either side of the city and ever so delicately lifted it from its perch on the kitchen table. Following Brooke’s lead, they set it down on the floor. Kelly now understood what Brooke was after, and was just as excited as she was. Directly in front of the door, there was a small entryway where guests could step in and remove their shoes before entering the main living space of the apartment. The city was too large to fit into this entryway, so instead they set it down on the kitchen floor right in front of the entryway. Having placed the city right where they wanted it, they ducked into an adjacent room so they could watch. Remembering that she had not locked the door behind her, Brooke yelled, “Come in! Door’s open!”

Chapter 7: Her Head Held High by whahuh7

Kristin dutifully obliged, opened the door, and took her first steps inside the girls’ apartment. She did not notice anything unusual. The microns on the floor, on the other hand, were even more terrified than before. 

The move from the kitchen table to the floor had been relatively uneventful to the city’s inhabitants. After watching in horror as thousands of people were slaughtered between two amorous titanesses, the move from up high to down low was a welcome and easy change of pace. All things considered, relatively few people had been killed or injured from the move, since the girls’ careful movements prevented any jostling and subsequent undue destruction. 

Their relaxation was rudely interrupted when SHE entered. SHE was unlike anything they had ever seen before. The two girls before had been massive, horrendously destructive, and coldly callous. SHE was indescribably large, and chillingly oblivious. For starters, they hadn’t seen anyone from the ground up yet. Before, their perspective had been bolstered by being placed on a table. Now, they had to look up, and up, and up, from the floor. On top of that, SHE was a head and shoulders taller than any of the other giantesses. To them, she was almost 30 miles tall. Those that could see her face saw a girl who was not unattractive, but somewhat plain, with brown hair and a blank but quizzical expression on her face. Those that couldn’t see her face were focusing their attention on more immediate concerns: her feet. Each foot was over 4.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, covering more than 7 square miles, resting on top of a foam platform that rose thousands of feet into the air. A single footstep could toll unprecedented disaster. 

Oh, and SHE was completely unaware. 

Kristin took her first steps into the apartment and stood in the narrow entryway, shutting the door behind her. She cursorily looked left and right for any sign of Brooke or Kelly. Seeing none, she kicked off her flipflops and stepped into the apartment. She felt an unusual crunch, and after about three or four steps, she looked down to see what she was stepping in. 

The tinies had watched her enter. Now she stood, removing baby blue flipflops that were to her completely insubstantial. She kicked one harmlessly to the side. The other she kicked forward. It landed just short of the city’s edge. The foam sole rose thousands of feet into the air, and was an imposing harbinger of the destruction that was to come. The rush of air displaced by the errant sandals was enough to blow over a few buildings and kill a few hundred people. An awed hush fell over the city as they waited for her to make her next move. 

And move she did. 

Over the course of the past hour, in all their playfulness and passionate intimacy, Brooke and Kelly had managed to kill about 280,000 people. 

A single footstep from Kristin put that figure to shame. 

Her first step covered three distinct sections of the city. As her enormous ped swung overhead, the heel eventually came to rest in the residential neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city proper; the center and arch fell on the industrial district, and the ball of her feet and toes stretched into parts of the heavily occupied downtown area previously untouched by Kelly or Brooke. Her titanic heel was like an immeasurable hammer, and those beneath it were able to marvel at its beauty and inescapable power before it splattered them unceremoniously between her sole and the ground. Her arch spanned much of the industrial district, shielding part of it and obliterating the rest. 

And then there were her toes. As the ball of her foot settled into downtown, it destroyed over a dozen city blocks, demolishing dozens of skyscrapers and squashing over a hundred thousand people. Her toes, too, landed downtown, and even the tallest skyscrapers were completely dwarfed by her smallest toe. That toe, incidentally, landed directly on top of the city’s football stadium, obliterating it unnoticed beneath Kristin’s uncaring tread. Their tallest buildings were truly humbled next to her mighty toes. Those standing closest to her toes, or even between them, were momentarily spared. That is, until her toes spread out to accept her full weight as she lifted her other foot to continue moving forward. The slight spreading of her toes knocked over still more buildings, killing thousands more. 

All told her first footstep into the city killed more than 400,000 people. 

Kristin noticed the slight crunch, but paid no attention to it and continued walking into the apartment. After three more steps (each of which claimed hundreds of thousands more unnoticed lives), she finally looked down. She saw that she was standing near the middle of a most unusual square rug, about five feet by five feet. Every step she took deformed the rug noticeably, leaving a perfect imprint of her huge feet. Curious, she stuck her toe into the rug, and swept it over the rug’s surface for about a foot and a half, noticing the pronounced swath it made in the rug’s design. Eager to get a closer look, she squatted down over the rug and poked it, seeing again that it predictably left a perfect imprint of her finger. 

Kristin’s curiosity killed the people of the city in droves. Her first step alone had killed over 400,000 people. Her next few steps managed to land mostly in the more sparsely populated suburbs, but they still killed a few hundred thousand. Ominously, she stopped moving after a few steps. The residents of the city craned their necks upward to see what she would do next, fearing it would be catastrophic. She did not disappoint, and a big toe 2,500 feet wide plowed through several miles of suburbs. She squatted down, startling most people into falling over backwards. In a breathtaking display of power, she reached her hand down and poked at a neighborhood. Then she paused, examining the fingerprint. 

Kelly and Brooke were watching from the other room and had become very hot indeed. Watching their awkward, shy, kind of pretty friend destroy a miniature civilization with her oversized feet gave them exactly the kind of voyeuristic kick they needed. They exchanged a fleeting kiss before Brooke was again struck with a genuinely clever idea. 

“Hey, Kristin!” she yelped, jumping out from the other room. The effect was exactly as she’d intended. Kristin, caught unaware and totally surprised, fell backwards onto the city. 

By normal standards, Kristin’s ass was not large. It was actually kind of cute. But to the city’s inhabitants, it was devastating. Her ass was miles wide, larger than any footprint, and on contact it demolished several square miles of previously inhabited city. This was not something the people had been prepared for, and many of them ran and screamed in a futile attempt to forestall the inevitable. It was all for naught, and they were smeared beneath her cute ass. The gust of wind created by the impact blew thousands of people away from the crater. Some flew into other parts of the city, or flew out of the city altogether, landing in the entryway or the kitchen. Some even landed on Kristin’s sandals. 

“Oh! Sorry. Didn’t see you there,” Kristin chirped, happy to see her friend. “This is a really neat rug you’ve got. It’s so delicate!” Kristin picked herself up by rolling to her side, off the city, and then putting her hands down to steady herself as she stood up. This caused minimal damage to the city, although a few thousand were crushed beneath her hips as she rolled off the “rug.” 

“Thanks,” Brooke replied, not offering a hand to help Kristin up. “It’s brand new. We just got it in the mail today.” 

Kristin stood up and brushed herself off, smearing the few lucky survivors that had gotten stuck to her ass. “Well, it’s really cool.” She paused. “You busy right now?” 

“Actually, I kind of am,” Brooke said, not wanting to sound like she was giving Kristin the brush off but wanting to give her the brush off just the same. “I’m waiting for Kelly to get home so we can make dinner.” 

“That sounds really fun!” Kristin responded. “You guys mind if I join you?” 

“Not at all. Tell you what, I’ll come over and get you as soon as dinner’s ready. Until then, I’ve got to clean up the apartment. I haven’t even put my groceries away yet,” she said, motioning to the groceries she had dropped in the corner earlier. She had absolutely no intention of coming to see Kristin later, but she was anxious to be rid of her and get back to her own destruction. 

“That’s fine. I guess I’ll see you in a bit. I’m sure I’ll find something to do till then.” Kristin walked towards the door, stepping over the city and landing in the walkway. She slipped her light blue sandals back on, unknowingly crushing a few thousand people who had been blown there by her ass’s impact. 

As she turned to leave, Brooke reminded her, “Don’t forget to wipe your feet on the rug before you leave. You wouldn’t want to track any dirt from the hallway into your apartment.” 

“Oh, yeah. Guess not,” Kristin replied, without realizing that the suggestion actually made no sense. She dutifully wiped her sandaled feet on the rug, demolishing twenty square miles beneath her enormous feet before leaving and closing the door behind her. In a few short minutes, she had killed over 1.6 million innocent people unknowingly beneath her sandals, bare feet, and ass. 

“Now,” Kelly said, emerging from hiding, “Let’s get back to work.”

Chapter 8: The Games Are Afoot by whahuh7

Walking over to the city’s edge, Kelly peered down disdainfully upon it. She imagined the helpless microbes staring up at her majesty, pleading for mercy. Others were no doubt darting around frantically, looking for some escape, some salvation from their imminent demise. But there would be none. She would make sure of that.

Curious as to what Kristin must have felt, Kelly placed the toe of her foot down on the edge of the city. She was still wearing her shoes from work, open-toed high heels, and she crushed a few square miles of suburbs underneath their flat tread. She twisted the ball of her foot and ground it in place, wiggling her toes, not so much to cause destruction, but rather to intimidate the microns. She knew they would have to look high in the sky just to see over her shoes, and above that lay her lovely, enormous toes, thousands of feet tall, and wiggling with little or no effort back and forth like five moons. And above her toes stood the rest of her, incomprehensibly large and decidedly destructive. Oh yes, the people would fear her, for however long they had left to live.

Realizing that she couldn’t actually feel much with her shoes still on, Kelly stepped back from the city and kicked her shoes off. As she removed them, the slap of her bare feet against the tile floor sent tremors through the city. She stepped towards the edge of town, stopping less than an inch from it to wiggle her toes. They were unpainted (she cared little for her appearance), but the lack of adornments made them no less imposing.

She picked up her right foot and swept it over the city, kicking up several thousand mites with her wind currents and blowing them all over town. Her ball and heel sheared the top stories off some of the tallest buildings as she moved it back and forth swiftly. Finally, she brought it back next to her left and set it down outside of town again.

She was waiting, savoring the anticipation and relishing the terror of the tinies. Then she slowly, deliberately, picked up her right foot, moved it about a foot forward, and allowed it to hover over several suburbs. She held it there for what seemed like an eternity, casting its shadow down onto the tens of thousands of tinies beneath her like an executioner’s axe. Then she slowly, methodically, agonizingly lowered it, feeling each structure crumble beneath its weight as it slowly settled onto the city. She felt the tingle of tiny buildings collapsing, hundreds of homes and businesses being destroyed by her foot, until it finally came to rest.

“Guess that’s one small step for a woman,” she giggled, biting her lip with a smirk. To her knowledge, this was the first time she had ever giggled. “And one giant ‘Oh, sh*t!’ for all you tinies.”

She suddenly and without warning lifted her other foot high above the city, miles into the air, and slammed it down with all the force she could manage. Tens of thousands were vaporized by the force, and thousands more were blown away by the gust of wind, some on top of her toes. The sudden brutality of her stomp was exhilarating, and she fired a glance over at Brooke as she rasped, “Kristin had no idea how good she had it.”

Brooke had been watching Kelly excitedly for the past few moments, and now as her excitement begin to wane she stood impatiently as Kelly stomped on the city, dragging her feet through it and kicking parts of it into the air. Brooke was bored, and was beginning to realize that she had had no interaction with city itself beyond the brief taste she had gotten of it back in chapter 4. Jealous, she moved to put an end to her roommate’s tirade, not out of concern for the millions of tinies, but simply because it was her turn.

“Hey! Leave some for me!” she pouted.“

Sorry, Brooke,” Kelly grunted between lustful gasps. “Knock yourself out.” With that she stepped out of the city, careful to drag her toes as much as possible to collect a few thousand people onto her toenails.

Brooke moved over to the city and glared down on it much as her roommate just had. She had been waiting for this city to arrive for a long time. And she was going to make the most of it.

Chapter 9: The Beginning of the End by whahuh7

Brooke tossed around all the possibilities of what she could do to the city, but one thing she knew for certain. First, she wanted to get a closer look at the millions of insignificant specks who had to look up miles into the sky just to see her face, and whose deaths could be caused by her slightest whim, or even an accidental twitch. She wanted to see them, to dominate them, to revel in her power up close and personal.

To achieve these ends, she stepped casually onto the outskirts of the city, and knelt. Her knees impacted the city, but that was only the beginning of what she had planned. She bent over the city, planting her hands in the residential neighborhoods to support herself. She felt the feeble crunch of the city’s structures beneath her hands, and began to appreciate how completely helpless they were before her. She paused a moment, relishing her power, as her gargantuan tits hung heavily in the air, pointing to the doomed city below.

Then, she carefully and slowly lowered herself onto the city. First her thighs impacted, then her pelvis, then her tight, toned belly, and finally her behemoth tits. They collided with the city, flattening several square miles each, and smothering several hundred thousand people. As she lowered, she could feel the buildings collapsing beneath her. She imagined the screams of the millions she was obliterating, and as her sensitive breasts touched down, she could swear she felt the individual poppings of each of the hundreds of thousands of people who met their doom.

While millions of people ran panicking through the streets, one man in particular stood motionless, a microscopic island of serenity in the swirling maelstrom of fleeing citizens. He had recognized the futility of running, having realized that this woman was far too large to be outrun. At first he had been terrified when the light streamed into his city, and the two titanesses had begun destroying it for their sexual pleasure. But that fear and trembling had metamorphosed into a growing fascination and eventual adoration of these women, these colossal monuments of beauty and power. And now he was about to meet his end, snuffed out by his Queen’s breast. He could not think of a better way to go out.

As those around him screamed and ran, he stood in place and gazed upward, eyes widening in awe at the growing shadow above him. As she slowly lowered onto the city, he watched as her hips and then her belly crushed hundreds of thousands and tossed up mountains of smoke in the distance. Looking straight up, he calculated the trajectory of her descent. In the briefest moments before his death, a smile crept across his face as he realized he was directly beneath her nipple. He was, in fact, the first person to be crushed underneath her breasts, as her right nipple collided first with the city, popping him like a ripe grape beneath her melons. He considered it a privilege to be the first sacrifice to her insatiable lust under her mammoth tits, and then he was no more.

A low growl escaped Brooke’s lips as she settled in. She looked forward into the few inches of downtown that lay before her face. Here they were: her victims, a captive audience. She was making eye contact with them, even though her eyes were still over a mile off the ground even as her chin rested on it. She could say anything she wanted, instill in them tremendous fear or toy with their hopes. She could be as cruel as she desired, and there was only one thing she wanted to do.

She pursed her lips together and blew as hard as she could. Hundreds of buildings were crushed by her breath and hundreds of thousands of people were blown all over the apartment. Many were blown onto the kitchen floor or into the living room. Some were blown into the walkway, where they landed in or on the several pairs of shoes that the girls kept next to the doorway. There these people would remain, stranded on vast planes of giant footwear, until either of the miles-tall girls decided to go for a walk, crushing them to death as they slipped on their shoes. Some landed on the groceries sitting over in the corner, waiting to be cooked and eaten. None of them landed anywhere safe. Brooke had, with one simple breath, guaranteed that she and Kelly would be crushing thousands and thousands of people accidentally around the apartment for many days to come.

Brooke then realized that there were some people beneath her who had not yet been crushed, namely those underneath the space between her breasts and chin. These people had been spared from destruction by her ample endowment, which created a pocket of space under her neck. She didn’t know quite how to handle them…until she had another stroke of genius. (Her level of cleverness had risen drastically since she’d decided to focus it on torturing millions of tiny people.) Putting her hands out in front of her to brace herself, she scooted forward, scooping up parts of the city into her cleavage and tank top. Though many thousands were bulldozed by her tits, others survived in enormous heaps under her shirt.

Satisfied, Brooke rolled over lazily onto her back, devastating still more of the city under her back and ass. By now, almost half of the city had been destroyed, and it wasn’t looking good for the other half. This was the beginning of the end.

“Hey, you got something in your tits again,” Kelly remarked playfully. “Let me take care of that for you.” With that, she planted her foot squarely on Brooke’s right breast. The unfortunate people there were crushed beneath the weight of Kelly’s bare foot pressing into Brooke’s enormous breast. Kelly continued to move her feet around, massaging Brooke’s breasts and obliterating thousands of people. Brooke reached up and grabbed ahold of her foot, pulling it to her mouth, where she began to lick the toes clean of all their blood and gore and death and destruction. Brooke’s tongue swept along the bottom of her foot and probed in between her toes, sucking them occasionally and picking up the people who had been clinging to the tops of her toenails. Then Kelly’s foot returned to Brooke’s breasts, slathered with a fresh coat of Brooke’s saliva, which enabled her to pick up even more people so that Brooke might devour them whole by plucking them from her toes with her tongue.

This continued about two or three more times, with Kelly cleaning out the remains of people from Brooke’s cleavage with her feet and Brooke licking them off, until Brooke had another burst of inspiration. This time, she grabbed Kelly’s foot, and pulled her leg out from under her.

Chapter 10: Changing Perspectives by whahuh7

Kelly was thrown completely off balance, and, with her leg swung up in the air, she lost her balance and came crashing ass-first down onto the city. The destruction was incomparable. Kelly’s amazing, taut, perfect ass had just fallen straight from a height of 13 miles onto an unblemished portion of the city, covering over a dozen square miles and completely vaporizing everything beneath it. Thousands of people all around were blown outwards, some onto Brooke, others to various parts of the city and apartment.

After landing on her ass, Kelly lay back and enjoyed the feeling of hundreds of tiny structures popping beneath her. The two giantesses lay there, side by side, for a few minutes, not saying anything, just basking in the triumph of their destruction. Millions of people tried to take advantage of this brief respite by fleeing the city. The girls lay there like whole mountain ranges superimposed onto the city, and the eerie quiet terrified the people almost as much as the wanton destruction had.

Kelly was the first to break the silence, rolling over onto Brooke and straddling her. She bent down and planted a delicate kiss on her lips. The kiss was reciprocated, and the two giantesses began their foreplay in the middle of a ruined city. The kissing escalated to massaging, which led to caressing, which gave way to total abandon as the giantesses recklessly rolled around the helpless city on top of each other. They vigorously embraced and stimulated one another, and tore up undamaged parts of the city to smear on each other’s erogenous zones. Millions perished as the titanesses grew to realize that this was the climax of their love-making, the one last over-the-top push that would lead to orgasm and the complete and total destruction of the city beneath them.

They purposed to roll over or smear every remaining undamaged part of their city, and they both climaxed simultaneously, completing the annihilation of the minuscule city and the slaughter of the millions that had once lived there. They continued to embrace after orgasm, planting gentle kisses on one another, until at last Kelly rolled off of Brooke and onto her back. They lay there for what seemed like days, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Panting from exertion but smiling from satisfaction, Brooke wryly quipped, “So, was it worth the five hundred bucks we had to spend on it?”

Kelly replied, “I don’t think you could get action this good anywhere in the city for $500.”

“Maybe we should order another one.”

Kelly’s mind was excited at the prospect, but her memory kept her from getting too hyped up. “Didn’t the ad say there was only one available? First come, first served?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Brooke responded dejectedly. “At least we made the most out of it.”

“Yeah,” Kelly conceded. She desperately wanted to buy another one, though she knew there wasn’t one, and she was confident that they had made the most of this one.

Mulling things over in her mind, Kelly finally decided that the millions of tinies they had crushed could definitely not have been real people. I mean, where did they come from? How could someone shrink an entire city? Was it magic, or another dimension, or something out of a pulp science fiction comic? And why would anyone sell it through a magazine ad? And lastly, nothing that small could possibly be sentient, or have feelings or emotions or wants or desires. They simply could not be human.

She was interrupted in this train of thought by a low rumbling that seemed to reverberate throughout the entire building.

“What the hell is that?” inquired Brooke.

“I don’t know. It feels like an earthquake.”

“Look outside and see if other buildings are shaking or if there’s a power outage.”

“Okay, okay,” Kelly snapped. She was really in a good place right now and didn’t want to have to get up, but she got up from the floor and lazily sauntered over to the window, crushing a few hundred displaced tinies on the hard tile floor underneath her bare feet, and peered outside.

She was struck speechless.

“Kelly, what is it? What’s going on?”

Kelly could not find the words to answer. She gawked at what could only be described as impossible.

The entire sky was filled with a single giant eye; and a familiar shy, quiet voice rumbled, “I’m so glad it finally came! I guess I can play around with this to pass the time until dinner.”


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