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Author's Chapter Notes:

In an attempt to combat the relative wane of mega destruction stories of late (and hopefully jumpstart some of my fellow mega fans into writing some more), I've decided to post a story that just sprang into my head tonight. I hope you enjoy. As always, constructive comments are both desirable and appreciated. Personally, my fear is that I have too much exposition and not enough substance, but I'll let you the readers be the judge of that.

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Kelly lustily eyed the tiny city sprawled before her, licking her ample lips in anticipation, mulling over the possible casual yet catastrophic tortures she could inflict on the millions of hapless citizens whose attention was no doubt focused squarely on her. She couldn't quite decide whether or not the tiny specks were humans in any philosophical or moral conception, but she did decide that that was exactly how she liked it. Her conscience would have raised a few alarms at what she was planning if she truly recognized these insignificant mites as people like herself, but she was bound to enjoy it more if she allowed herself to believe that she wielded this degree of insurmountable power over actual, living, breathing, terrified people. She again licked her lips, this time unconsciously, and the populace below was not unaware.


Kelly and Brooke had lived together for two years now, and were by most standards the best of friends. They had met each other in high school, had graduated in the same class, and went to college together at Burton. After graduating from college last year, they had leased this apartment on the edge of downtown to be closer to the nightlife, and to shorten the commute to their respective jobs. They hung out frequently, told each other everything, and even compared their most recent sexual conquests whenever one happened to have recently occurred. Brooke was an absolute knockout, the epitome of a typical beach babe. She had shoulder-length sandy blonde hair, plenty of curves in all the right places, and a large chest, which she was very proud of. She was an outgoing, occasionally ditzy girl, who usually schlepped around the apartment in shorts and a t-shirt, donning sandals in order to run any errands outside of the apartment. When she chose to dress up, she was still a knockout, and she owned a bevy of dresses and formalwear that complemented her figure, including several pairs of elegant high-heeled shoes.


Kelly was not as immediately stunning as Brooke, though she was still no slouch. It was mostly the fact that she dressed so frumpily, which successfully disguised her otherwise attractive features. She had shoulder-length brown hair, a decent figure, and a perky, tight ass. The only thing truly ample about her were her lips, which were very plush and full. Fortunately for her, this was one feature she could not downplay through conservative dress, and the sweaters and skirts that covered up her other moderately attractive features were unable to cover her radiant and eye-catching smile, which was instantly noticeable by anyone who met her.


Recently they had come across a most unusual advertisement tucked away in the back pages of a women's tabloid magazine that Brooke had bought on a lark while in the checkout line at the local grocery store. The ad was for a miniature city, very miniature, complete with parks and roads and skyscrapers and, most intrguingly, people. The ad promised the city would come fully populated, filled with millions of nearly microscopic people milling around the bustling metropolis, that the buyers could do with as they pleased. Brooke pointed the ad out to Kelly, and after a bit of discussion, they decided to order it, ostensibly only to satisfy their curiosity as to whether or not it was real.


Neither of them at the time had the cruel desire to dominate and destroy a miniature city that was home to millions of people. Brooke was always the playful type, flirtatious and bouncy, and her curiosity and impulsiveness were her only reasons, at the time, for ordering the city. But the repercussions and possibilities of her decision did not elude her, and she began to await the city's arrival with an eager anticipation that bordered on sadistic.


By contrast, Kelly was the more down-to-earth and methodical of the two. This is not to say she never kicked back or had a good time, but she was very much a thinker, and her coworkers would have readily described her as "buttoned down," "quiet," and "reserved." Though her personality was far from outgoing, she was only human, and in the days that passed after ordering the city, she began in the dark recesses of her mind to fantasize about having limitless power over millions of insignificant peons. She herself worked as a lowly coffee girl in a high-powered law firm downtown, on the 70th floor of the Decker building. Every time one of the overbearing lawyers slighted her, yelled at her, or even ignored her, she would find herself imagining them as a minute speck, cowering before her, waiting fearfully for her to unleash some hellish and unavoidable torture that would most certainly end their worthless existence. She would increasingly gaze out the windows of the Decker building, looking down on the sprawling skyline, imagining herself as an impossibly large giantess, miles tall, meting out justice and destruction on the people below her. It became a secret obsession of hers, dominating her thoughts until the point where she could not wait for the city to arrive just so she could destroy it.


Then one day a peculiar package arrived on their doorstep. It was relatively large and filled up a good portion of the hallway. There was no return address, and when Kelly arrived home from work, she instantly knew what it was. She opened the door to her apartment, threw everything she was carrying into a pile in the corner, and delicately--almost reverently--carried the package inside and set it carefully on their large kitchen table. Slowly relishing the fulfillment of her anticipation, she tore open only a corner of the brown paper wrapping and peered inside.

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