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The wind was absolutely howling outside, with snow and sleet battering the window relentlessly. Inside, it was pitch black, with only a dim fire illuminating the living room where Ava was reading her book. Despite the frigid conditions outside, she was perfectly content. She had her favorite moccasins on, which were very fluffy and fit her feet quite snugly. She was wearing her favorite sweater as well, its earthy color matching her shoes. Beside her on the table was a mug of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows, still steaming from when Ava made it a few minutes ago. All of this was made even cozier by the dancing flames in her fireplace, which heated up every part of her body; especially her feet, which were resting right in front of the hearth. All in all, Ava felt extremely comfortable. The only person that felt more comfortable than her right now was right between her toes.


Maggie was discovered by Ava a few years ago on a night much like tonight. Back then, she lived on her own, trying her best to survive as a tiny person in a giant world. On good nights, she would be able to scrounge together a few scraps of food, but on other nights, she went to bed hungry, angrily cursing her diminutive stature.

Winter ended up always being the hardest for her since she didn't have clothes thick enough to keep her warm. Her only salvation during the season was the blanket she had on her bed, which she had fashioned from a discarded sock. It made sure she didn't sleep feeling cold, and it always had a pleasing aroma to it that would quickly lull her to sleep. Even though her life was hard, she was a resilient and determined person, so no matter what she went through, she would always find a way to get by.

Though one night, while she was scavenging for food, the weather took a turn for the worse and she was caught in the middle of a fierce blizzard. Her shelter was about half a mile away, and she didn't feel confident that she would make it there in time before she froze to death. Desperate, she took refuge underneath an overhang, hiding behind a tall flower pot feeling cold and afraid. She had encountered normal-sized humans before, and it usually ended in them mistaking her for a bug and trying to squish her. So when the door opened and Ava's eyes stared down at her, she was petrified, and froze on the spot.

Ava had just gone out to get the paper she forgot to pick up earlier, which was hard to find due to the snow piling up by her doorway. While looking around, she happened to notice Maggie's shivering form down on the ground, and initially believed her to be some kind of small animal that got stuck out in the cold. She knew it could be aggressive or have diseases or something, but she couldn't help herself; it was just in her nature to help the helpless. As gently as possible, she scooped Maggie up in her palm and carried her inside her house.

After closing the door, she took a closer look at the tiny "animal" and was shocked by what she found. In her hand was a person, seeming to only be an inch tall and wearing nothing but rags. When she observed her appearance, Ava noticed that she looked like she was in her mid-20s (much like her) and had straight, jet black hair, as opposed to her brown, curly locks. Wanting to know more about her, she tried greeting her by holding out her index finger, only for Maggie to squirm away to the corner of her palm, terrified beyond belief.

Seeing that she might fall off, Ava held her other hand up like a wall, stopping Maggie from escaping her palm. She breathed a sigh of relief, then as quietly as possible, she said:

"I'm so sorry! I know from your perspective I must look like a big, scary monster, right?"

Maggie could speak, but she didn't dare respond, afraid of offending the person currently holding her life in her hands. Ava could tell she was still very scared, so she walked over to her dining room and placed Maggie on the table, making sure to do so very gently so she didn't hurt her. After sitting down, the impact of which sending vibrations throughout Maggie's body, Ava crossed her arms in front of her and continued speaking.

"Please don't be afraid, I don't want to hurt you," she said, trying to sound as sincere and gentle as possible. Unfortunately, Maggie still looked terrified, so after an exasperated sigh, Ava switched up her tactics. She scooted back in her chair and rested her chin on her arms, looking much more casual than before.

"I think we got off on the wrong foot, my name's Ava, what's yours?" she asked. Maggie didn't know what to say since nobody had ever talked to her like an equal, besides the rare fellow tiny that she ran into. She was afraid to speak, but even more afraid of looking like she was ignoring Ava's question, imagining that she would punish her for being disobedient. Her heart beating a mile a minute, she worked up the courage to speak after a few deep breaths.

"M-ma-maggie. My name is Maggie," she replied, stuttering both because of her anxiety and because she was still a little cold. Ava took this as a sign to try and make her more comfortable, so with a smile she said:

"Would you mind if I helped warm you up?" Maggie was stunned by how compassionately she spoke. Either the titan before her was very good at acting, or she was just a genuinely gentle, loving person. Regardless of her true nature, she didn't want to refuse for fear of being disciplined, so she quietly said:

"O-ok." Ava, overjoyed that she agreed to her offer, tried hiding her enthusiasm so as not to scare Maggie. She slowly brought her huge fingers towards her and lightly plucked her off of the table. Now holding her between her massive digits, she couldn't help but think about how cute Maggie looked to her right now. She wanted nothing more than to hold her in a tight embrace and never let go, but she knew that would definitely frighten Maggie, and she wanted her to enjoy it too. As a result, she pushed that thought aside... for now. Once she brought her attention back to the tiny girl in her hand, she said:

"If it's alright with you, I'm about to put you between my boobs. They should be really soft and warm, and should heat you right up! But I won't put you there if you don't want to, I can just leave you on the table until the storm blows over if that's more comfortable. It's completely up to you."
Ava gave a reassuring smile once she finished talking, trying to assuage Maggie's fears. Maggie on the other hand was very conflicted. She was still deathly afraid of being hurt by Ava, but something about her boobs seemed so incredibly inviting. It would likely be the warmest place she's ever been in, and she wasn't sure if she'd ever get this opportunity again. Cautiously optimistic, Maggie nodded and replied:

"Y-you can put me in there." Ava's face lit up in response, her mind screaming at her to kiss Maggie with endless affection. Holding herself back, she instead stared lovingly at Maggie and said:

"You got it sweetie." She then lifted Maggie up toward the collar of her sweater and pulled on it with her other hand, revealing her bountiful breasts to the tiny in her grasp. With a delightful grin, Ava lowered her into her cleavage, pushing her between her breasts so she wouldn't fall out. Once her hand retreated, Maggie was trapped inside Ava's sweater, stuck between her warm boobs with only her head and shoulders sticking out.

Initially, Maggie was petrified, as the darkness inside her clothes combined with the knowledge that she was at the mercy of a giant scared her to her wit's end. However, after a few minutes, she found herself gradually calming down. The warmth of Ava's body combined with her rhythmic heartbeat began to soothe her, and the realization slowly dawned on her that if Ava wanted to hurt her, she would have done so by now. Immensely relieved, she felt her fatigue catch up to her, and she fell asleep, nuzzling her head against Ava's chest as she lost consciousness.

The next day, Ava packed up a bunch of supplies for Maggie to take with her, ranging from food to clothing to other necessities. She presented them to her tiny guest on the table and wished her luck, offering to drop her off by the front door so she didn't have to walk. However, when Maggie asked if she could stay, Ava was shocked, her eyes widening completely upon hearing what she said. Maggie expected a hard no followed by a boot out the door, so she was surprised as well when Ava picked her up and pulled her towards her lips, giving her a long, affectionate kiss. Once she was done, she nervously laughed and apologized to Maggie, who was now covered head to toe in lipstick and saliva.

Over the next few years, the two of them steadily grew closer, trying new things with each other as they got more and more adventurous. Maggie was surprisingly the first one to suggest they do something lewd together, and Ava was more than happy to honor her request. That night and many, many others usually ended with Maggie, covered in various fluids, sleeping on top of Ava's warm, naked body (usually between her boobs).

Over time, Maggie realized she also had a thing for feet. She would often ask if she could spend time in Ava's shoes, and eventually her socks, and while Ava was worried at first, Maggie's body proved to be durable enough to take a good beating, so she soon got comfortable with Maggie being on her feet. She would even let Maggie under her feet from time to time, which was always an intense experience for her.


Back in the present, Ava halfway through her book when she peered down at her moccasin, feeling her tiny girlfriend still hugging and kissing her big toe. Playfully, she squeezed her toes, giving Maggie a bit of a hug in return. This only made Maggie more affectionate, as she began to caress and lick Ava's toes passionately. In return, Ava wiggled her toes back and forth, giving Maggie's nude body a deep, sensual massage. Maggie, enamored with Ava and her feet, gave her big toe one long, deep kiss before continuing to show her admiration for her giant lover.

Looking back, Ava felt very lucky that she had found Maggie on that cold winter day. She made it her goal to appreciate every day she had with her, no matter where on her body Maggie decided to be. Ava then went back to reading her book, making sure to keep scrunching her toes every now and then to have some fun with her girlfriend.

As for Maggie, she was eternally grateful to Ava for more reasons than she could count. She gave her a place to live, Ava showed her love and attention, she never treated her like anything less than human; Maggie could go on for hours about why she loved Ava so much. Though above all, one thing  was certain: she would never know a cold or lonely night again, and Maggie could never thank her enough for that.

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