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The streamed video connection began with a pair of bare feet and shapely calves on a bright teal yoga mat, its surface gleaming in the reflected sunlight from a nearby window. The mat colouring matched the toenail polish which had a light green base with additional silver glitter on the biggest toe. Behind the mat, disheveled bed sheets overhung the edge of a queen-size bed. To the left was a terrarium, with thick glass walls protecting what seemed to be a pair of dollhouses.

"Give me a second to adjust the camera" a feminine voice called from above, the words spoken with the sharp clarity of a gym coach. The camera tilted up and revealed a curvy pair of thighs clad in skin-tight lycra, it's pitch black sheen a stark contrast with the tanned Latin skin it enveloped.

The knees abruptly bent as the rest of the woman came into view, coming down to sit cross-legged on the yoga mat. Above a bare midriff she wore a dark grey sports bra that held her modest bust firmly against her chest while not entirely hiding her generous curves. Further up, her dark black hair sparkled in the sunlight, seemingly freshly-showered, and was pulled back into a pigtail to show off her high cheekbones and cute heart-shaped face at its best. Her makeup was minimal with a faux natural look, adding only a touch of emphasis to her long eyelashes and a hint of plum colouring to her lips. Her figure was generally slim, with a clear muscular tone to her upper arms and thighs. The only exception was the distinct paunch of her belly.

She beamed a pearly-toothed smile at the floor-bound camera, looking enormous as she loomed over it. "My name's Lynn, and welcome to another of my training streams! We're aiming all the way to the college championships! We're going to show the world just how effective a tiny-diet training regime is, it's all about the protein, and it wouldn't be possible without you lovely tiny fans mailing yourself in!" Lynn formed a heart with her hands in front of her chest, tilted her head to the side, and blew a kiss at the camera.

"So be sure to check the description under the video for my address!" She slapped her hands onto her pudgy belly, squeezing her fingers and making the skin bulge between her fingers. "Don't you want to be added to this? If you don't want to volunteer yourself, maybe volunteer an annoying housemate? A former lover? A sibling you're sick of? I accept all tinies..."

Lynn seemed unaware she'd begun to lick her lips and that her hands were gliding down her belly towards her waist. A slight blush entered her cheeks as she stared into the camera with a predatory glare, almost like she was hunting the prey watching her now.

The feel of her fingertips squeezing under the elastic waistband seemed to snap her attention back to the present as she swiftly withdrew her hands and gave an embarrassed cough. She clasped her hands together, keeping them from roaming her body further. "Err, of course this is just for scientific purposes! So... let's see what volunteers we have left today" she said with an emphasis on the word volunteers, a slight smirk growing on her lips as she did so.

Lynn rose from her seated position and twisted to the terrarium. Resting on her knees, she leaned over the thick glass walls and leaned inside, leaving her generous ass perched over the rim. The skin-tight lycra left little to the imagination, her butt looking as round and smooth as the skin of an orange.

"Where are you little tinies, it's feeeeeeeeeeding time" Lynn cooed as she looked among the dollhouses. She squirmed on the edge of the terrarium, her upper body shifting from side to side as she hunted for her prey, leaving her ass weaving a figure 8 in the air. Lynn's tone turned from playful to annoyed as she continued to search, muttering quietly "where are you little fuckers?"

After a few more moments of fruitless searching Lynn returned to sit cross legged again, facing the camera with furrowed brows and pursed lips. She blew at a loose locket of hair that had come loose from her ponytail, looking annoyed. A flash of realisation crossed her face as she shot an angry look off-camera, her voice ice cold "hey Belle, did Chloe come around earlier?"

A timid voice replied faintly from off-screen, "err, yes. She said you owed her?"

Lynn scowled, nearly spitting as she abruptly yelled "that BITCH!" Her shot the camera a brief look and clapped a hand over her mouth. "Um, pretend that was bleeped. I just can't believe she took them all! She said she just needed one... Belle, don't let her into the apartment next time!!!"

"B-but, she's kind of scary, and the way she looks at me, she always looks... hungry?"

Lynn waved her hand dismissively, "you're fine! She doesn't digest blondes anymore, not after she had indigestion last month."

There was an awkward cough off-screen, the words growing fainter as she went on, "erm, but, um, I... dye my hair."

"Oh..." Lynn grimaced then gave a short, sharp, laugh. "Maybe don't tell Chloe that."

Lynn returned her gaze to below the camera, reading the stream chat. "Oh" she cried out, smiling. "Belle is my new roommate, assistant, and girrrrrrlfriend!" She waved off-camera, "come on Belle, introduce yourself to my stream!"

"But what if..." came the anxious reply.

"They're going to love you, just as much as I do" replied Lynn with a growing grin. She got up on one knee, bent over and leaned off-screen before pulling back with something in her hand, or rather... someone. Sat on her palm was a tiny woman in a frilly white sundress, seemingly around the height of Lynn's hand from wrist to forefinger, with long blonde hair running straight down her back almost to her waist. She had the delicate look of someone who would have been more comfortable in a Victorian era drawing room, sipping tea, and discussing the latest gossip. She kept her knees firmly clasped together with her hands atop to prevent the hem of her skirt flying up.

Lynn regained her earlier upbeat tone as she continued to talk to the camera, "we met on the ‘tinies are friends not food' dating site, I was lucky enough to be Belle's first match!" She looked at the girl perched awkwardly on her palm. Belle nodded in response while staring at the floor, a light blush blooming on her cheeks.

Lynn brought her hand down to the floor by the camera to allow Belle to clamber off. The camera caught a brief shot of her milky thighs before Belle swiftly brushed down her skirt, the hem coming down to her knees. This close to the camera she almost looked like a regular person, just another girl like any other. Perhaps a touch sheltered and naive about the world, but otherwise normal. She bowed to the camera, showing a hint of cleavage between her dress straps, before speaking in a soft tone. "It's a pleasure to meet you all! I'm, um, going to be trying to help Lynn with her show, and also we're together!" This last remark brought a dreamy smile to her lips as she twisted around and raised her gaze to look up at Lynn towering over her.

Lynn patted her gently on the head, giggling as she replied "oh you're just the cutest! I just want to make you all mine forever... but, um, anyway, shall we check the new deliveries? Maybe we have some new volunteers?"

"Oh, of course!" Replied Belle enthusiastically as she turned to run daintily off-screen, avoiding the cracks on the wooden floor like she was navigating puddles on a spring day. Lynn's gaze followed her like a cat watching a mouse.

"We have 3 packages today!" Belle called from off-screen.

"Excellent" replied Lynn as she rubbed her belly. "I've been working out this morning so I reckon I can manage at least a couple today. I'm soooo hungrrrrrrrrry."

A rustle came from off-screen, intermittently pausing for a moment before resuming. Eventually, eased into the view was a small cardboard box covered with "FRAGILE" and "overnight delivery" postage marks. Leaning against the side was Belle, leaning her whole body against the package to slowly slide it across the floor. It was almost as big as she was and she clearly struggled, huffing with each push. Lynn watched her with an amused smile, seemingly content to let her tiny assistant struggle.

"Thank you Belle!" Lynn called out as she leaned over the box in front of her. Belle nodded towards Lynn, a pleased look on her face as she turned around and scurried off-screen.

Lynn grabbed the box and effortlessly lifted it onto her lap, her crossed legs wrapping around it like a cage. She ripped off the packing tape then leaned forward to peer inside as she lifted back the flaps. Her expression grew from curious to excited. "Ooooh, hello there! Who are you?"

She reached into the box with both hands, scooping something up and lifting it out of the box. Sitting on her hands with his legs dangling from her palm was a youthful man wearing no more than a pair of navy blue boxer briefs. He had a thin frame and pale skin, looking somewhat bookish as he flinched under Lynn's intense gaze. His dark curl hair looked disheveled, whether by stylistic choice or by his time in the box.

"H-hi Lynn! I-I'm your biggest fan" he replied with growing enthusiasm, his voice rising as he went.

Lynn returned a wan smile as she replied, "I get a lot of those." Her voice drifted off as her attention seem focused on the tiny man's body, her eyes running hungrily over his bare form. "Hey, so what's your body-mass index? You don't look like there's much fat on you?"

"I measured it for you just before I packaged myself up! I'm 17 on the BMI scale!"

Lynn beamed in delight, "excellent!" She laid him down on her calf for a moment as she reached behind her, bringing out a planner and writing within. "I estimate you around 300 calroies, so around 30 minutes on the treadmill..." she muttered to herself. Seemingly satisfied, she put the planner down and clasped her hands together, "great! Note made, now bon appetite!" She reached down to scoop up the tiny man again and lifted him up towards a pair of lips that'd already begun opening.

"W-w-wait, shouldn't I introduce myself?"

Lynn froze, holding the man just a few inches from her parted lips sighed. She looked from him to the camera then back, sighed, and slowly lowered him back down while rolling her eyes. "Go ahead... just be quick!"

"I'm Julian! Or Jules for short," said the man as he twisted in her grasp to wave at the camera. "I'm a third year engineering student over at the University of Chicago."

"And now you're my lunch!" Interjected Lynn with a predatory grin.

The man laughed awkwardly, blushing. "I've always wanted this, ever since I saw those monster movies growing up, and..."

"Ok, ok," Lynn replied, drowning out Julian's voice. "Where you came from doesn't matter as much as where you're going..." She lifted him up fast enough that he had to grab a hold of her fingers to hold himself steady. She lifted him up above her before tilting her head back and licking her lips. She opened her mouth to its full extent, revealing the warm and wet cavern awaiting its occupant.

"Oh god..." Julian gasped out as he stared down at his destination.

"Not god, Goddess!" Lynn replied, closing her mouth briefly to playfully reply. She opened her mouth again and rolled her tongue out like a red carpet inviting Julian in. The tip of her tongue curled around his feet, cradling and guiding them to her plum coloured lips.

She slowly tilted her hand forward, sliding him into her maw. Her hungry mouth accepted him eagerly, all the way to his waist, at which point her lips closed around him and held him tight. The edge of her lips curled into a smirk as Lynn seemed to revel in the control she had over her prey, waiting, almost like she wanted him to have second thoughts.

Julian rested his small hands on Lynn's lips as if that might slow his descent, but Lynn was in control of how quickly he was devoured. His breath came rapidly as she rolled her jaw, the camera catching only a hint of the motion of her tongue inside.

After almost a minute of teasing him with her tongue, Julian seemed ready to explode within her mouth. Him being so close to climax seemed like Lynn's signal to rock her head back in short, sharp motions as she slurped up Julian's chest, like a baby bird sucking down a worm.

"Just a few seconds more..." he begged, but Lynn paid him no mind.

The top of her throat began to bulge at the same time as Julian's arms were forced up into the air by her lips wrapping around his chest, only his head and arms remaining visible, his expression a look of fearful ecstasy. Lynn paused her swallowing long enough to slip out her tongue, curling up and around his head, the tip rolling over his curly hair, fully enveloping him before she gradually pulled him within her. His arms floundered in the air like noodles as they were slurped up to disappear between her thick pursed lips. With a wet smacking sound, her lips sealed shut around him.

She brought her hand to her throat, stroking it from top to bottom as it rippled and bulged with each powerful swallow, pulling her prey down into her belly. The bulge worked down her throat, past her collarbone, and finally under the neckline of her tight fitting lycra top. For a moment it seemed this would be the last anyone would see of Julian, until the chubby part of her belly seemed to kick out, bumps appearing then disappearing as her belly's occupant pressed out from inside.

Lynn tilted her head down to face the camera, her cheeks flushed and a proud grin on her lips. She opened her mouth wide, showing the wet and enticing interior which was now entirely empty except for her wagging tongue, proof it'd been no trick and she'd really swallowed him whole.

"Mmhm, that was a pleasing offering made to his goddess" Lynn teased. "I wonder if he still thinks it was a good idea, now he's in my tummy, covered in my stomach acid, trapped." She licked her lips and lowered her hand to her belly, cradling the slight bulge. "Not that it matters what he thinks, he's all mine now whether he wants to be or not."

Lynn looked off-screen, seemingly pleased with the enthusiastic comments she was receiving, many of them using bowing emojis.

"Yes, I can still feel him" she replied to one comment as she gave her belly another squeeze. "Probably a 6/10," she says to another. "No, I don't pay for postage, you need to mail yourself."

After a few more minutes answering chat questions, she clasped her hands together and looked the other way. "I'm done with the appetiser Belle, bring on the next course! There might even be room for desert..."

"Please remember you're meant to be watching your diet!" Came the soft voice of Belle, showing the first hint of assertiveness.

"It's fine! That last guy was so thin, no fat on him. He barely even counts. Look, you can barely see him already!" She gestures to her bare midriff where the earlier bumps had blended together into a single bulge that was almost lost amidst the other pudgy parts of her belly.

"Well... it's your body I suppose," came the submissive reply.

Another rustle started off-screen and again Belle came into view pushing a box. This one came with a thick red ribbon and a bow tied on top. Lynn looked down with a curious expression on her face, "it's not too often we get volunteers gift-wrapped" she said as she reached down and plucked a small card affixed under the bow. Turning it around, she began to read it aloud. "Dear Lynn, I'm one of your biggest fans. Enclosed is my ex-boyfriend, emphasis on the EX!!! He's a dirtbag cheater who thought I wouldn't notice the tiny girl he'd stashed away in our apartment. I've found another enjoyable use for her, (I won't be needing to replace my vibrator batteries anytime soon), but I can't stand the sight or sound of him so please put him to good use in your pursuit of a championship medal. Love, Elly."

Lynn looked up to smile into the camera, forming a heart with her hands. "Thank you Elly! Feel free to volunteer his little girlfriend when you're done with her, my stomach swings both ways."

Belle spoke up, sounding nervous, "but, um, is this ok? He didn't volunteer, I thought you told me you only ate volunteers..."

Lynn shrugged, "he was volunteered, that's basically the same thing right?"

Belle looked uncertain, but hearing no room for dispute in Lynn's voice she backed away off-screen. Lynn ignored her as she loomed over her package and pulled loose the ribbon. She peeled back the box flaps and peered inside. Her grin widened. She reached within using both hands and came back with a tiny suited man in hand, larger than the last at around 10" in height. He had a 5 o'clock shadow but was otherwise immaculately styled with his blond hair kept short and tidy. He had sharp features and an equally sharp outfit, befitting the arrogant air to him that was only slightly undercut by the red string tying his arms and legs together behind his back.

"Where the fuck am I? Who are you" he yelled, his bold words not quite matching the high timbre of his tiny body.

Lynn paused a moment before replying, seemingly thinking. "You may refer to me as your ‘Goddess,' I rather liked that name last time. Anyway, you must be the cheating dirtbag?"

"What? No! She didn't mean anything to me, she was just a slut, she doesn't count! What did Elly say? She's such a paranoid bitch, you can't believe her!"

Lynn raised an eyebrow, "my, you have a sharp tongue, but not as sharp as mine." The tip of her tongue ran across her lips, leaving a thick wet trail of drool.

The man struggled in her grasp, turning his head to look over at the camera. "Hey, is that thing on, why are you recording?"

Lynn pursed her lips, looking annoyed at being ignored. "I don't think you deserve my belly... *yet*. But... I do have somewhere else for you to go until you're beggggggggging me to eat you."

A note of concern entered the tiny man's voice as he replied, "w-what?"

Lynn paid his outbursts no mind as she began undressing him. A childhood playing with Ken dolls had paid off as her fingertips made light work peeling off his blazer, unbuttoning his shirt, and unbuckling his pants. With the string around his hands and feet she couldn't fully strip his clothing off, they remained hanging off the bindings around his hands and feet, but his body was now fully exposed for Lynn's inspection and approval. Her eyes roamed his body, from his worried facial expression to his chiseled torso, his fine abs, his muscular thighs, and finally his curvy calves. She left only his white briefs on, covering a significant bulge. That would be her treat later, after the cameras were off.

Lynn leaned forward, placing the man near the camera and laid out on his back. She unwrapped her crossed legs and shuffled her ass forward, her thick muscular thighs rippling as they rose on high to both sides of the camera view. It left a clear view of her skin-tight lycra shorts that did nothing to hide the gentle mounds of her crotch.

She rose one foot, showing the wrinkly underside as it looming over the camera before the heel came down between the tiny man's legs, burrowing between and pushing them apart so his legs were forced to wrap around her heel. The arch of her foot pressed down on his chest and her toes dangled over his face.

"W-w-what are, mmhm, you, aaaha, doinnng?" came the worried voice of the man from under her foot as Lynn wriggled her toes, lightly pressing them against his face and muffling his cries.

"Kiss them" she commanded.


"Kiss. My. Toes! Or else we'll see just how much more of me you can handle." Lynn pressed her foot down a little harder. The tiny man's eyes bulged briefly as he felt the wind forced from his chest, before tentatively twisting his neck to give her big toe a brief kiss.

"Mmhm, that feels good! Stay like that" Lynn commanded as she gripped his head between her toes. Turning off-camera, her tone turned light hearted "hey Belle, can you bring me the third box?"

Once again, Belle put her back into pushing a box bigger than she was into view, all while the tiny man continued to suck on Lynn's toes. This box had no ribbon or "fragile" label, only a prominent Amazon logo.

"I wonder who we'll have this time?" Lynn cheerfully asked herself as she ripped off the packing tape, "I'm craving an Asian for dessert, so maybe someone darker skinned for dinner?" She peeled back the flaps and peered inside. A furrow appeared on her brow as she reached in and pulled out a smaller box with the words "King Cock, ultra realistic extra large dildo" on the side. She turned the box in her hand. On seeing the front she blushed and swiftly put the box back into the Amazon box. "Belle! This is my..." she lowered her voice, "personal delivery."

"Oh I'm so sorry, I couldn't tell the packages apart, they all look so big!" Belle replied in a nervous high pitch as she looked up at Lynn.

Lynn sighed, "what am I going to do now? I'm still hungrrrrrrrry..." She rolled her head around, looking to the ceiling, before finally returning to read the stream comments. "No, I'm not eating the dirtbag yet, he needs to learn his lesson before he's welcome in my belly." Her mood seemed to improve as Lynn absent-mindedly began rubbing her belly again, seemingly causing the occupant inside to squirm as the bumps resumed moving.

"What? I can't do that! She's not food! She's my girlfriend..." Lynn said sharply before turning towards Belle, her eyes running down Belle's small body, from head to foot. Lynn bit her lip, muttering "I couldn't..."

"Couldn't what?" Belle replied in an upbeat tone, seemingly trying to cheer up Lynn.

"Um... eat you?"

Belle gasped and took a step back, wrapping her arms protectively around her chest to hide her meatiest part. "You wouldn't!"

"That's what I said" replied Lynn defensively. She looked away from Belle as the silence between them grew. "But... you know, the stream. It's kind of important. I sort of need you..."

"You need me?" Belle replied as she clasped her hands to her chest in delight, "I need you in my life too, I love you so much!"

Lynn cleared her throat, "um, I mean, like, I need you... inside my belly."

"But, I don't..." Belle murmured as Lynn reached down and wrapped her hands around the back of Belle and scooped her up. Belle's sundress began to lift up past her knees before she clasped her hands to her lap to hold it down with an embarrassed glance at the camera.

Lynn kept her tone low, cooing, "don't you love me? Look at all the stream comments calling for me to eat you..." Lynn rotated her hand around to point Belle towards the side. "See, they all want me to do this. I want to do this. It'll make me so popular, I might even get my 100th subscriber for this!"

"But, it's so embarrassing..." Belle replied with a blush.

"They'll only see you until I swallow you up! There's no camera in my belly, you'll be all alone, or, I guess, with, um... Jack? Joshua? Jacob? Whatever his name was" Lynn responded dismissively. As Belle sat on the palm of one hand, Lynn's other hand began to gently tease at the hem of Belle's skirt, lifting it up.

"I thought we were best friends forever, soulmates?" Belle replied as she meekly lifted her clasped hands from her lap to allow Lynn to pull the skirt up over her waist, exposing her milky thighs and yellow panties.

"We'll still be together" Lynn responded affectionately, "my belly is going to digest you and then you'll be a part of me forever." She gently nudged Belle's arms with her fingertip, pushing them up as she pulled the sundress up and over Belle's head. A yellow half-cup bra matched her panties and showed off her budding cleavage that rose and fell rapidly with her breaths. Her long blonde hair came cascading down past her shoulders, drifting in the air as the sundress was pulled up over her head, leaving her only in her underwear. Shivering, vulnerable, and ever so appetising. Lynn licked her lips, eyeing her meal with a predatory glare. "Come on Belle, come inside..." her lips parted and her maw opened up, wider than Belle's slim shoulders and chest.

"I guess, if you really need me to..." Belle replied quietly, barely audible by the camera.

Lynn wasted no more time with words, seemingly not wanting to give Belle a chance to change her mind, she brought her hand up and immediately engulfed Belle's head and shoulders, her lips wrapping around her bust as Belle's forearms remained sticking out to either side of her lips, flailing in the air. Lynn eagerly slurped Belle up to her waist before she pulled her hand back and exposing the gentle curve of Belle's ass to the camera, leaving her legs dangling down against Lynn's chin. Any objection Belle might have voiced was drowned out by the heavy rumble of Lynn's long, sensual moan as she tasted her food.

The tiny man under Lynn's foot paused his kissing of her toes to watch Belle get eaten, his eyes wide at the sight of his goddess devouring her former girlfriend. Lynn spent a few moments sucking on Belle, seemingly content to let Belle's rear end bounce between her lips as she rolled her tongue around, thoroughly coating Belle in drool to ease her imminent descent into her belly.

Lynn's moans paused as she saw the tiny man watching her from between her toes. Unable to speak with Belle stuck mid-way into her mouth, she seemed to settle on a slight press of her foot onto his chest to remind him of her earlier command, which he promptly resumed. Eagerly kissing and running his tongue down the side of Lynn's big toe.

Seemingly satisfied, Lynn's looked directly into the camera and shot it a wink. The tip of her tongue slipped from her lower lip, it's slick glistening surface probing at Belle's panties, and after a few attempts, slipped under them. The pulsing mass of Lynn's tongue pushed Belle's panties down her thighs, the tongue eagerly licking up Belle's special nectar. The tongue further worked around Belle, wrapping up her bare ass cheeks jiggling in the air before it began to slowly pull her deeper within. Belle's kicking legs rose up as Lynn's lower lip pressed against them.

Lynn tilted her head back as a bulge appeared at the top of her throat. Only Belle's calves and bare feet remained visible, toes curling upward as Belle seemingly approved of the tongue between her thighs. Both feet pointed towards the heavens as Lynn slurped up the last of her, her pale skin disappearing between the plump hungry lips of Lynn. Lynn showed no hesitation, no mercy as she swallowed, working her meal eagerly down her throat.

A pair of bulges, presumably Belle's chest and hips, slid their way down Lynn's throat, past her collarbone and into her belly. What had been a minor bump was now a large distinct bulge in her belly as the two occupants struggled to fit within the tightly confined space. Bulges rippled across her belly as hands, elbows, and feet pressed out from inside, trying to find a new arrangement. Lynn wrapped her hand over the bulge, poking it and sighing in delight as her meals squirmed. She once again leaned forward towards the camera and opened her mouth wide, showing her wet glistening maw, her tonsil swinging at the back of her throat. An invitation to come inside... Lynn snapped her mouth shut.

"She was so tasty! I knew she'd be delicious when I saw her dating profile. Chloe missed out" she said with a cackle.

Lynn leaned forward and grabbed the camera, her fingers wrapping firmly around the screen as the view spun and rolled before finally stabilizing next to a soft wall of flesh, flesh that rippled and bounced. Lynn's face peered down from at it, seeming enormous with the camera pressed firmly against her belly.

"Can you hear them?" She asked.

Amidst the heavy sound of her heartbeat and the gurgling of her tummy, a soft feminine voice could just be heard, "oh, please excuse me."

"Oh that's my fault, let me move, there... can you move between my legs now?" Came a more masculine reply.

"Oh yes, that's much comfier. Thank you. I'm Belle by the way."

"Hi! I'm Julian! But just call me Jules, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Normally in better circumstances I hope" came the giggling reply.

"Oh I don't know, this offers us a few opportunities to get to know each other, for example I'd normally never..."

There was a soft squeal followed by a pleased gasp before Lynn pulled the camera back and put it down on the edge of the yoga mat again, just next to the tiny man she held underfoot.

"I guess that's the end of my stream for today!" Lynn called out. "If you want to see more, be sure to subscribe to my onlyfans account! Hmm, or maybe, I'll let you listen..." Lynn winked into the camera then got to her feet, causing the tiny man underfoot to gasp as her more of her weight briefly rested upon him. Only Lynn's feet and lower calves remained visible as the tiny man looked up, his eyes growing wide.

"Hey!" came the swift sharp reply from Lynn, "I don't recall giving you permission to gaze upon your goddess!" A pair of lycra shorts rolled down her calves and over her feet, covering what remained visible of the tiny man before he could reply.

Lynn groaned softly, her voice like an rumbling earthquake to the camera. Her breathing grew more rapid and a wet slippery noise became more audible. The noise rapidly alternated between being louder and quieter, louder then quieter, and growing faster. Lynn's groans grew higher in pitch, her breath shorter and turning into gasps.

"You like that?" Asked Lynn to no one in particular? "You like being in my belly? How does it feel in there knowing I'm going to digest you down to shit? You're all mine now, mine..." Her voice grew gradually coarser and breathier as she went.

The lycra shorts atop her feet began to rise as Lynn's toes curled up, giving the tiny man trapped between them space to breathe. Her calves twitched as there was a short sharp gasp followed by a long sigh from Lynn.

Eventually her breathing slowed enough to speak, "I think... *gasp,* that's enough, *gasp*, training for today. *Gasp*. Please remember to like, *gasp*, comment, and *gasp* subscribe. Until next time tiny fans... stay tasty!"


Chapter End Notes:

This story is based on an early draft that was completely rewritten into Alissa's Snack Stream (which you can read here: https://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=10058 ). We ended up going for a more loving/compassionate pred in the rewrite, but I couldn't resist fleshing out this draft with a more domineering pred. I'm curious to see how this fares compared with the other story as both have the same core premise, a woman eating tinies who mail themselves in on a livestream, but this one has a far more self-centered and ruthless pred. If you have any thoughts on the two, which you prefer etc, please let me know! I'm also open for commissions, so if you're interested in reading more content catering to your interests then please get in touch

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