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Author's Chapter Notes:
Two employees, one promotion - we all know how this is going to get settled.



Main Characters: Hiroshi 34 years old, Japanese male.
Masaki 27 years old, Japanese Female,

Hiroshi checked his watch. It was about time for him to take his revenge on that young upstart Masaki. Every 1 pm on Thursday, he knew Masaki would head to Shinjuku for an important meeting with a client. He crept over to Masaki?s office, through the use of her password, managed to access Masaki?s managerial account. Immediately, he sold off a large portion of her most profitable investments and purchased many other inferior ones. The stage was now set, with Masaki?s investment portfolio in ruins, he who was once the second best investment manager in the Tokyo Bank, was now the leading contender for the position of Director of Investments - Mr Takada, the current director was due to retire in two months.

Masaki returned to the office in the evening, and she realized that someone had played dirty. She looked at her account and saw a huge amount of red ink ? indicating colossal losses. Yet, she knew who had done it. After all, who else could it be but the same jealous guy who had thrown coffee all over her blouse just before an important presentation to senior management, who else but the same green-eyed monster who sent menacing rumors via anonymous email to employees in attempts to tarnish her spotless name. Frustrated and furious, Masaki decided that she had had enough. She walked over to Hiroshi?s office for a chat.

?Hiroshi, I?ve had enough with this place, I must have made a terrible miscalculation, but I think this year I might make a terrible loss. My beginner?s luck is out, I?m going to resign while I still have the glory of being number one. 5 years ago, you interviewed me and give me this chance, let me thank you with a lavish dinner at my place this Friday?, Masaki said.

?Oh, SUCH a pity. You were a promising young lady?, Hiroshi said, feigning sympathy. ?You know I?ll always be there to comfort you. It?s my honor to have dinner with you?.

Friday came soon enough. Over at Masaki?s house, Masaki prepared a sumptuous meal for both of them. Masaki showed Hiroshi her resignation letter and both of them toasted and drank sake merrily. It was not long before Hiroshi was out on Masaki?s table, but Masaki, who had been careful to control her drinking, dragged the now unconscious Hiroshi into her basement where she immobilized him to a large chair.

Masaki?s plan was simple. She had been tipped off by her friend the company nurse that Hiroshi suffered from ?Adult Midget Transformation Syndrome? , a rare genetic disease that was characterized by a physical instability that caused people to shrink. However, this tendency could be offset by growth hormone, and hence adolescent sufferers never needed any medication. On the other hand, adults like Hiroshi had to use growth hormone supplements on a daily basis to maintain his height. But now, in the solitude of Masaki?s basement, he was utterly helpless. Having gone without hormone supplements for three days, he was starting to shrink. It was Masaki?s perfect plan to cut Hiroshi down to size.

Everyday, Masaki checked out Hiroshi?s dimunitive progress, feeding him just enough to sustain him. Meanwhile, Hiroshi?s sudden disappearance attracted the police?s attention, but Masaki had taken care of it ? she had transferred a large sum of money into Hiroshi?s personal account, and everyone figured that he had absconded with the money.

Time passed, and it was a day before Mr Takada?s farewell lunch, during which he would announce his successor for the position of Director of Investments. By now, more than a month had passed and Hiroshi?s extreme case of Midget Transformation Syndrome had reduced him into a mere three inches. Masaki looked at Hiroshi, a tired and pitiful look in his eyes as he looked at her through the small plastic container that she had put him in. She smiled at him, ?Would you like to go for the company lunch tomorrow, it?s Mr Takada?s farewell.?

Hiroshi looked up at her , and since he was curious about what had happened during his absence, he nodded and said a soft ?hai(yes)!?. Nothing would prepare him for what would come next. Suddenly Masaki grabbed the dimunitive Hiroshi and brought him to the table. Hiroshi spied an extra large mochi(rice cake) along with many other dishes.. Looking at Hiroshi she licked her lips then pushed his little body into the green-tea flavored mochi cake before pressing it down again so that he was entirely buried by the rice-cake.

She then picked up the piece of mochi and brought it to her lips. Gently, her lips parted,. Her lips caressed the sides of the mochi as she pushed it inwards into her lips. This was her wonderful victory, soon, Hiroshi, her rival would be part of her meal, his body becoming just another part of hers. The thought delighted her and she pushed the rest of the mochi into her mouth with her pinky, closing her lips and closing her eyes. She took a deep breath, enjoying the warm scent before biting down into the rice cake, slowly and carefully, avoiding Hiroshi in the process. The green tea flavoring oozed out over her soft pink tongue and sent waves of sensation flowing through her body.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi was covered in saliva and the flavoring of the mochi. He started trying to run, to push and to get out of Masaki?s mouth. But with each try Masaki non-chalantly used her tongue to flick Hiroshi back to the center of her mouth. Once, she even teased him by opening her mouth wide; Hiroshi tried to escape with a desperate attempt for freedom, but it was of no use, Masaki?s lips slammed shut, and this time, to show him who was in charge she pushed his tiny body against the roof of her mouth before licking his face a couple more times, enjoying his taste yet again.

?Please, Masaki, you?ve got to let me go! I have three sons that I need to feed, and a loving wife that I need to come home to. I?m so sorry for all I?ve done. I promise that when you become director I will be a good assistant to you.? Hiroshi wailed.

?I?m sorry, dear, but I don?t really need your help.? Masaki asked teasingly, ?you're already helping me in a very special way ? Masaki giggled and then continued her meal, savoring some udon and then putting sushi into her mouth to accompany the struggling Hiroshi.

Then, with a sudden lurch she tilted her head backwards. Curling Hiroshi into a ball, she swallowed hard as Hiroshi tumbled down the back of Masaki?s mouth and into her esophagus. To the outside world, all that was left of Hiroshi was but the small lump that was now slowly making its way down Masaki?s throat. Masaki covered her mouth gently, and used her hands to trace Hiroshi?s movements down her throat, gently nudging the surrendered Hiroshi down into his final resting place.Finally, with an enjoyable thud, Masaki could feel Hiroshi join the rest of her lunch in her stomach as she finished up her dinner.

"Now you can go for the company lunch together with me." Masaki said as she stroke her tummy gently.


The next day, Masaki headed to work. She was dressed in a stunning black jacket with a beautiful dark skirt. Her long hair perfectly done, she wore a brilliant smile as she headed to the farewell lunch for the Director. Hiroshi was still alive, as the contents of Masaki?s full stomach had somewhat delayed his turn to join her lovely body. He listened to the rousing applause as Mr. Takada, the director announced, :-

?Tsugi no torishimariyaku wa Kato Masaki-san desu.? (Our next director for investment will be Masaki Kato).

In Masaki?s stomach Hiroshi could hear the loud congratulatory applause. Even more humiliatingly, as many company workers congratulated her, he was tossed to and fro, along with all the tender morsels of the company lunch, whenever Masaki bowed as an expression of thanks, her soft voice going "Arigatou, arigatou (thank you)". He had lost count, but it was definitely more than 20 times. Yet, most insultingly, he heard a comment from an employee that said ? well, I wish everyone was like you, Masaki-san. You?re so much better than that irresponsible Hiroshi who took a large sum of our company's hard-earned money and ran away!?


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