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Lucas clicked through the various colour options on his LED candles, wondering which was meant to be “mystic emerald.” He settled on a lime green, hoping it would be close enough. He checked the iPad nestled among his bedsheets, rereading the summoning instructions.

Witches hour? He checked his phone and it was just past midnight. Check.

Pentagram? He inspected the 5-pointed star drawn in red crayon on the hardwood floor of his bedroom. The outline had a few wobbles, and he hadn’t been entirely sure what some of those old-timey letters were meant to be so he’d had to freehand some of it, but if he squinted he thought it looked kind of right. Check.

Five beeswax candles, infused with copper sulfate to burn a green flame? His housemates had banned his use of open flames in the house after “the incident” last year, so beeswax candles were out, but he hoped LED candles were a suitable replacement. They even had a “sparkle” mode to replicate real candles, where the light flickered on and off in a way that Lucas thought was realistic. Check.

The blood of a virgin sacrifice… this had been the easiest for him to get. He’d just jabbed a pin into his forefinger, howled in pain, and let a bead of his blood fall onto the middle of the pentagram. He’d consoled his painful finger by reminding himself of what he’d gain, power, SO MUCH POWER! Actually he wasn’t sure how much power he’d get, the forum post he’d found the instructions had been rather unclear about that, but he figured it must be a lot given the amount of work involved.

His gaze swept his bedroom with a growing sense of nostalgia. The table with his D&D manuals and dice, his stacks of manga, and his anime DVDs had all been pushed against the wall alongside his small bed and disheveled bedsheets. He wondered how much such items would still interest him tomorrow, would he be too rich and famous for such playthings? He felt the weight of responsibility falling upon his shoulders, for those with great power had a duty to help others. He just hoped he’d have time to watch the final season of his favourite anime between all his future world-saving duties.

He shook his head, tousled his hair, and rolled his shoulders; preparing himself for what was to come. He glanced at his slim figure in the small mirror by his closet. He licked his hand and tried to push down an errant curl of hair at the side of his head, but it sprung right back. His hair was uncontrollable, like him. He tugged the bottom of his t-shirt down over his shorts. Maybe he should have worn something fancier for this? A suit maybe? Or would a magical being expect him to be wearing some form of knightly armour or magician’s robe? Ah well, too late now, his t-shirt showcasing his favourite metal band would have to do.

He rechecked the last line of the instructions, a long series of arcane words to read aloud, whose ancient meaning had been lost long ago. Fortunately there was a pronunciation guide with it. He cleared his throat, thrust out his chest, and in his best Gandalf-impression began reciting them. His experience with D&D served him well, he found the guttural syllables flowed off his tongue easily, almost like the words wanted to be spoken.

As he got midway through the arcane phrase, he felt a bead of sweat run down his neck as he began to wonder if this would work. He’d been so cocky about it towards his housemates, how would he explain if nothing happened? Just as his confidence ebbed and his voice began to falter, the pentagram pulsed with a reddish glow.

Lucas’ eyebrows shot up in surprise, his recitation stumbling to a halt as he looked upon the glow with amazement. With the words stopping, so did the glow.

Lucas refocused his attention on the arcane phrase, resuming his recitation and speaking at an ever faster pace as his excitement grew in sync with the brightening glow. It grew brighter, and brighter, easily lighting the entire room. With the last word flowing off his tongue, Lucas had to raise his arm to protect his eyes from the intense light. A rumble, then a crackling noise filled the room, followed by a boom he felt rattle through the floorboards.

Then… silence. The light dimmed and Lucas blinked rapidly, trying to clear his vision. He could vaguely make out the curved silhouette of a tall woman twisting upright as she rose from the summoning circle, but something seemed off. She had two arms stretching high above her head, but also two more arms stretching to either side of her. Four arms? As his vision grew sharper, he also saw two spikes above her hairline, either a crown or horns.

As Lucas rubbed his eyes, trying to get a clearer view, he heard a crisp feminine voice, “I am Liliana, of the third circle of Mageth, fourth of her name and bound to the service of Mistress Delphyne. Who hath summoned me?”

Lucas felt his heart race as he realised his summoning spell had worked! He couldn’t wait to shove this in the face of his disbelieving housemates. Soon he’d show them his power, but first… he puffed up his chest before replying “I’m… um, I am Lucas Hayden, or maybe of house Hayden? First of my name. Although... I have a great grandfather named Luke, and that’s kind of similar to Lucas, so maybe I’m second of my name?”

He began to make out details on the woman. Her skin was the colour of a dark wine, with bright blue sparkling freckles. Her long, curly hair was a striking blood-orange and rolled over both her shoulders, almost reaching her cleavage. Her ample bust was held snugly by a black crop top, which hung loosely over an exposed midriff. Her limbs were slender, but there was a slight paunch to her gut, with her belly-fat squeezed up by the slim-fit biker pants. The dark denim clung to her thighs, while a studded leather belt and silver chains dangled from her waist.

As she tapped her heel on the floor, seemingly annoyed, he saw she wore black ankle boots with a strip of silver spikes running down the back. Looking back up her figure, he realised his full height barely came up to her chin.

She looked around her, at the D&D manuals and anime posters, her Prussian blue lips curling in disgust. No longer caring about impressions, she plopped her ass down on his bed, crossed her legs and kicked a heel idly in the air. “You couldn’t have cleaned up a bit beforehand” she asked, every syllable as sharp as crystal glass.

Lucas coughed awkwardly, “sorry, I, um, wasn’t expecting… a woman?”

“A demoness” Liliana corrected. She crossed two arms below her bust, popping up her cleavage a touch. “So... what WERE you expecting?”

Lucas lowered his gaze and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the familiar embarrassment he often had when talking to women. “I… didn’t really think about who was coming, just that you were meant to grant power? You DO have power don’t you?”

The demoness let out a deep laugh that echoed around the bedroom. “Oh yes. I have power, and sacrifices like you add to it.” In one smooth motion, she unfurled her crossed arms and rose to her feet, seeming closer to him than ever before. She looked him over from head to foot, licking her lips.

“S-sacrifice?” Replied Lucas. “I think you have the summoning spells mixed up. This was a summoning of POWER.”

“Indeed it is, you have summoned power. *I* am the power, and I increase my strength through devouring and digesting souls like yours.”

“Devouring... and digesting?” Lucas gulped and took a half-step back. “You mean metaphorically?”

“No.” Replied Liliana as she stepped forward to be within arm’s reach, her heels clacking loudly onto the hardwood floor. “I mean literally. You are going into my belly, where my stomach will squeeze you, massage you, knead you, until you are nothing but nutrients for my body. If you’re lucky, perhaps those nutrients might end up in my breasts, or my ass.” With four hands, Liliana could cup both her breasts and her butt at the same time. She gave them a light squeeze. “Which are you, more of a breast or ass fan?”

Lucas took another half-step back and felt the bedroom wall against his back. A blush grew on his cheeks as he replied “oh, erm, I guess I’m not really into either...”

Liliana pouted, seemingly annoyed her offer hadn’t excited him. “Neither? Then how about my hips or my thighs?” Her four hands rolled over her hips and outer thighs, causing the chains on her belt to rattle. She took another step forward, knocking over an LED candle with her boot then slamming her hands onto the wall on either side of him.

Lucas felt like a mouse in a trap that had just sprung. He gulped, feeling a heady mix of excitement and fear, unsure which was stronger. Was his heart pumping so fast because he was terrified, or because her offer was so enticing? He couldn’t tell, he could only watch like a rabbit caught in headlights as she leaned closer. Her tongue flicked out between her lips like a snake, its pointed tip lightly brushing over his lips before embracing him in a deep kiss. He felt her tongue slide between his lips and into his mouth, entwining itself with his tongue. As he gasped for breath his nostrils filled with Liliana’s tanalising scent, he caught a faint mix of cinnamon and brimstone.

After a long half-minute of their lips and tongues getting to know one another, Liliana broke off the kiss, her tongue snaking back between her panting lips with a wet slurp. “Didn’t that feel good?” She asked with a sultry smirk as she lifted a hand from the wall and rubbed his damp lips with her forefinger, smearing the blue lipstick she’d left on him and marking him as hers. “It’s going to feel even better when you’re fully inside of me, my belly caressing you…” She withdrew her finger from his lips and licked it, then slipped the finger between her lips to suck on. As she savoured his flavour, she lowered another hand to rub her belly, her fingertips sinking into the soft pliant flesh.

With an appreciative moan, she swallowed whatever residue she’d gotten off her finger.

She took a moment before leaning further forward to press her chest against Lucas, her breasts nudging up against his collarbone as she tilted her head and softly nibbled his ear. “You taste sooooo good” she whispered under her breath.

Ever since the initial kiss, Lucas had continued to gasp for breath, feeling lightheaded at a stimulation he wasn’t used to. Hoping to change the topic, he asked “b-b-ut what about the magic? Don’t I get something?”

“You become a part of MY magic,” explained the demoness as two of her hands brushed over his hips. One began tugging at his t-shirt and rolling it up his chest, the other curled a finger under the waist of his shorts, gently pulling back the waistband so she could slide her whole hand within.

“I d-d-don’t know…” stammered Lucas as he fought a growing bulge in his pants, his member now joined by Liliana’s hand as she lightly curled her fingers around his shaft. She let out a small giggle as she teased its head with her thumb, rubbing the underside and feeling it grow in her grasp.

“You don’t know if this feels good?” She asked as she squeezed her fingers and rubbed her palm up and down his shaft. She began rolling her hips and grinding her breasts against him, the top of her crop-top riding up her bust with each rub and exposing the underside of her black lace bra.

“It seems SOME of you knows what it wants…” She said coyly, before pausing her caress and leaning back enough to let her crop top fall back into place with a small gust of wind. The air felt so cold on his chest compared with the heat of Liliana’s breasts he’d felt just a moment before. He wanted to be embraced by her warmth, to be filled by it.

She looked him in the eyes, her dazzling red pupils mesmerising him as she pouted, “or do you not like me? Do you want me to stop?”

“No! Please don’t stop” gasped Lucas before he even thought about it.

“Gooooood!” Liliana replied with a smirk, like an owner praising a pet. She resumed lifting his shirt up to his shoulders before pressing her chest against his bare torso. He felt the indent of her bra strap on his skin through her crop-top. She tilted her head to the side, her lips lightly nibbling his ear lobe.

“You make me so happy Lucas, I only devour willing meals.” He felt her breath on his skin with every word uttered.

With one hand deep in Lucas’ shorts and another tugging his shirt up, Liliana’s two other hands eased Lucas’ arms upwards, letting her pull his t-shirt up and over his head. But rather than pull the shirt all the way free, Liliana kept his face and elbows entangled within it as she leaned down to give his bare chest a long, wet lick. Her lengthy tongue snaked between his pecs and flicked against his bellybutton, causing him to giggle and squirm in her grasp.

“Oh! I like the ticklish ones” teased Liliana with a slight lisp as she withdrew her tongue back within her mouth. She tugged his shirt the rest of the way, allowing his head to pop free and see her again. His second sight of her was as intoxicating as the first. She smirked as she saw him look her over, the bulge in her hand growing firmer as she resumed rubbing his shaft. She leaned harder into him, her hips and crotch rubbing up against the bulge in his shorts, her hand squeezing his member ever tighter.

Liliana ran her upper two hands further up Lucas’ raised arms, cupping his fingers in her palms, then gently pulled them down towards her. She brought them down past her bust, past her waist, then slapped them against her ass. “You’ll be a part of this soon,” she whispered seductively as she squeezed his fingers against her firm buttocks.

She let him grope her ass for a while as she jerked him off. It was only when she felt the telltale twitch in his member that spoke of his near-climax that she pulled back, giggling at his facial expression transition so quickly from pleasure to pain.

“W-w-why’d you stop?” He asked as his cheeks bloomed a ruby red.

“I’m not stopping, we’re just… changing position.” With two of her hands still cupping his fingers on her ass, she eased them from her buttocks and lifted them up her body. She slid them around her hips and over her bare midriff. She teased his hands underneath her crop top to wrap around her soft and pliant breasts. He felt the delicate lace of her bra on his palms, and under that, a pair of pert nipples excited by his touch. But he barely had time to enjoy it before she was moving his hands again, back out her crop, past her neck, and to her face… ending at her lips.

Seeing her lick her lips, Lucas remembered where this was leading. He still struggled to believe this was real, that she’d actually do it. She toyed with his fingers using her tongue, curling around and gently tugging them between her lips. She sucked on each and every one, seemingly finding a new flavour to enjoy with each finger.

After a few moments of enjoying herself, her bewitching red pupils locked eyes with him. “Are you ready to become my meal?“

This was an important decision, but all he could think of was how warm and wet her mouth felt like, and how good the light caress of her fingers around his member felt. He imagined how much more amazing it’d be when he felt that across his whole body.

He nodded and Liliana’s lips curled up into a wicked smile, then almost immediately began slurping up his hands. Rather than resume jerking him off as he expected, she withdrew her hand from his shorts and planted her hands on his hips, holding him firmly against the wall as her cheeks bulged and his hands and wrists slid inside into her mouth.

Lucas gazed in astonishment at how quickly Liliana was swallowing him. Her lips slid smoothly up his arms and his fingers began being pressed together as they were forced down into her throat.

While two hands remained clasped around hips, Liliana brought another up and around the back of Lucas’ head, her fingers digging into his curly mane, and gently tilted his head forward. He lost eye contact with Liliana, his vision stuck looking down her chest. He felt a fearful thrill as he looked past her breasts to her belly, knowing he’d be inside there soon.

Lucas felt Liliana’s lips on the crown of his head as she squeezed him in alongside his arms, her tongue lapping eagerly over his face as she happily devoured her meal. Lucas scrunched up his face as the tongue licked over his nose and cheeks, before the tongue began probing his lips, pressing between them and entering his mouth.

He had only a moment to enjoy the tongue wrestle before it was already over and his vision was eclipsed by Liliana’s pearly white teeth. He felt the crown of his head squeezed tight by her throat as he was worked deeper into her maw.

Liliana’s grip on Lucas’ hips tightened as she began lifting him up against the wall, using the wall as leverage to help force him deeper into her throat. Her lips strained to fit his shoulders, his widest point, before having an easier time sliding down his chest. Her tongue continued to find new parts of Lucas to lick and probe as inch by inch, every part of him was coated in her drool.

As her lips went past his waist, her tongue found a new focus. It looped around the bulge in his shorts, squeezing, stroking, and probing the bulge within. From the squirms felt from Lucas, she was sure he was enjoying her tasting of him as much as she was, maybe more.

Liliana tilted her chest forwards, making the angle Lucas had to descend a little less steep and easing the bend down into her throat. The roof of her mouth pressed down on Lucas’ butt as she worked it into her mouth, her tongue still playing with his bulge. She toyed with him like this a little longer, enjoying the chance to play with her food now there was no chance of him backing out.

She made sure Lucas enjoyed the moment before finally swallowing, forcing his legs to rise into the air as his thighs entered her mouth and she tilted her head up. He continued to slide into her body in small increments, one swallow at a time, as she made sure to paint every inch of him with her drool.

She felt Lucas begin to curl up within her belly, her crop top stretched to its limit as Lucas fit inside her. She hoped she wasn’t about to tear another top, this would be her third this month. Fortunately (for her budget), the fabric stretched just enough to allow her to finish swallowing Lucas’s legs. She paused only when she felt her tongue rub against the rough fabric of his socks. She peeled them off his feet, drenched in her drool, and flung them aside. She gave the soles of his feet one long last tender lick, enjoying the feel of her whole body jiggle as Lucas squirmed within her. Oh how she enjoyed the ticklish ones~

Lucas’ bare feet arched back as Liliana’s mouth wrapped around his ankles, his toes wriggling in one last wave to the world before her lips wrapped around them too. With a wet slurp, she smacked her lips shut around his toes and swallowed. She swallowed again. And again. Feeling the last of him pass down her throat and into her belly.

Liliana let out a satisfied moan as she cradled her enormous belly with her four hands.
The outline of Lucas’ curled up form was clearly visible, above the waistband of her and below the bottom fringe of her crop top. What had once hung loose under her bust now stretched taut. Her hands rolled over Lucas’ form, poking and prodding as she shifted him around, making herself comfortable. She grinned in pleasure at the outline of his hands and feet pressing out from her belly.

“You’re all mine now. No escape…” she said to herself as she patted the bulges. Not that she thought Lucas wanted to escape, she was sure all her prey were happy to be digested, but it’s not like she could ask.

She turned to face the room, her movements slow as her large belly swung around with considerable force. She looked at the anime posters, the D&D manuals, the stacks of manga. She wasn’t entirely sure what any of these things were, but almost all her recent prey had similar items. She smiled in satisfaction, her post on that online forum had done wonders for her diet. She was struggling to keep up with demand. It’d been worth learning how to use a computer for this alone.

She wallowed back to the summoning circle, like a fat seal gorged on fish, kicking aside another LED candle that had remained upright. She snapped her fingers and the circle burst into light, the outlines rippling with pink and purple magical energy. She slowly and smoothly sank into the circle, her feet, calves, and thighs disappearing without issue... until she reached her belly.

“Uh oh” she gasped as she felt the summoning circle press against the underside of her enlarged gut. Her progress halted as she got stuck, she wriggled her torso, trying to fit, but it was no good. She began kneading her belly with all four hands, pushing Lucas one way and then another, trying to press him into a shape that’d better fit.

She felt a rumble grow in her belly, her lips parted and she let out a loud belch. “Oh, excuse me” she said with a giggle to the empty room, covering her mouth. She tried wriggling her hips again and was overjoyed to feel her belly slip through the summoning circle.

With a beaming, self-satisfied smile on her lips, she wondered if she’d have time to have a nice bath before going for a digestive nap. The support of the scented bathwater did wonders for an enlarged belly. She just hoped she wasn’t summoned again sometime tonight, her belly was already near its limit. She’d still eat the summoner of course, but she might need to make a bigger summoning circle afterwards...

As Liliana’s figure disappeared in the summoning circle, she lifted one arm and waved to the empty room. “Ta-ta, thank you for the meal” she called out before the summoning circle snapped shut.

The bedroom had an eerie stillness to it. Nobody was home, nor would they come home. All that remained was a very wet pair of socks, with a small puddle of drool pooling on the floor around them.

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