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Story Notes:

This is a commission for Anonymous. I currently have several more stories in my commission queue, so if you're interested in me writing something for you, get in touch to reserve your slot. 


“And that’s why girls are objectively inferior at Super Smash Bros” declared Benjamin with an air of smug satisfaction, watching his therapist diligently copy down his incredible insight into her notebook. She was sat cross-legged in the armchair opposite him, peering down her thick-rimmed glasses at the notes on her lap.

Benjamin’s gaze didn’t linger long on her notes as his eyes rode up her figure-hugging cream dress and to the deep cleavage it showed off. Her dress’s shoulder straps dug lightly into her skin as they strained to maintain a firm hold on her ample bust. Benjamin had often imagined one of those straps slipping off, sliding smoothly down her lightly-tanned skin and exposing the bra underneath. He’d thought long and hard (both literally and figuratively) about the type and colour of underwear she had on. Dr Madeleine Cooper maintained an air of quiet competence when listening to him, implying a neutral tone, a classic white perhaps? But he’d also caught brief glimpses of barely-restrained lust flick across her face when he talked about those dreams. So perhaps a sultry red?

He was so proud of his impeccable logic and distracted by his visualising how that red lace would look against the freckled skin of her chest that he missed her reply. His gaze rose from her bust to her face, where he saw her staring right at him expectantly, tapping a pen on her plump scarlet lips. She had a slim face with high cheekbones, while her brunette hair was folded neatly into a braided bun at the back of her head, leaving a small fringe overhanging her eyebrows. Those eyebrows furrowed into a small scowl as she continued to wait.

“Err… what?” Benjamin spluttered, feeling like a deer caught in headlights.

Dr Cooper took a breath, seemingly letting go of her annoyance before speaking. “I asked how your schoolwork was going.” Every syllable was pronounced prim and proper, with an air of cool professionalism.

“Oh! It’s going pretty good I guess? You know how the teachers are biased against me, they don’t like that I’m smarter than them. Like last Friday I was explaining to the science teacher, Mrs Taylor, that she was wrong about…”

Madeleine nodded her head attentively as she looked down at her notes. She resumed doodling her plans for decorating the office. Its current decor reflected her recent acquisition of it, with bland grey walls, a thin carpet designed more for ease of cleaning than appearance, and her small wooden desk stacked with paperwork. The only flash of colour was with the ruby armchairs, something she’d picked out herself. They had thick plush seats so her ass wouldn’t get sore counting the seconds until 5pm. On the plus side, the office offered an amazing view. Glancing over Benjamin’s shoulder, she looked out the glass walls that overlooked the city. She’d never grow tired of the view from here on the 8th floor. It made her feel like she was towering over everyone, and that she could crush them underfoot any time she chose.

She noticed the room had gone silent. She looked over to Benjamin to see his eyes fixated on her crossed legs. She resisted the urge to pull down the hem of her dress, not wanting to draw further attention to how much of her thighs were already exposed. Nor could she uncross her legs without flashing Benjamin more than he deserved to see. She tried wriggling her toes in her wedge heels, hoping it might catch his eye. Nope.

She tried clearing her throat and Benjamin jumped in his seat. She struggled to resist smirking, enjoying his squirming as he pretended he hadn’t been looking up her skirt. She knew he was attracted to her, being wearily familiar with male attention. From her colleagues to her professors at school, she’d always attracted the gaze of those with an eye for feminine beauty. She didn’t mind, seeing how easily she could twist them to her will never failed to amuse her.

With Benjamin’s attention elsewhere, she uncrossed her legs, but lingered just enough to give him the briefest glimpse up her inner thighs. As she snapped her knees shut, she thought of trapping Benjamin between her thighs, forcing him to pleasure her. While she wasn’t especially attracted to Benjamin, the thought of having complete control of him thrilled her.

“So, Benjamin,” she tried to keep her tone casual and uninterested, hiding her eagerness to hear his response. “Have you had any more of those… dreams?”

Benjamin sat up in his chair and glanced around the empty room, seemingly wanting to confirm they were alone. For the first time today, he kept his eyes off Madeleine’s body, looking any direction but hers as he struggled for the right words. “Yeah… um. Last night… it started as usual with me walking into school and noticing everything was so big. Like… giant! It was then I realised how small I was, tiny, like the size of your palm.”

Madeleine squeezed her thighs together, feeling a tingle in her crotch as she replied eagerly “and what were you wearing?”

Benjamin coughed awkwardly, “nothing…” If he’d been watching Madeleine in that moment, he’d have seen a shiver run down her body. “Just like the other times. So, um, being so small, I’m scared someone will step on me, so I start looking for somewhere safe to go. I see an open doorway and rush through, but then realise I’m in the girl’s changing room. It was totally an accident! I swear, I wasn’t trying to peep...”

Madeleine nodded as she drew a crude illustration in her notes of a tiny naked man cowering under the foot of a giant woman. By “sheer coincidence,” the woman looked an awful lot like Madeleine. “Are you circumcised, Benjamin?” She asked as she began sketching out the tiny man’s erect penis.

Benjamin nearly fell out his armchair. “W-what does that have to do with my dream?”

Madeleine waved a hand in the air dismissively, “oh, you know... Sigmund Freud.” That was always her default response to difficult questions. It turned out saying “Sigmund Freud” with enough confidence got you out of anything. “Anyway, what happened next?”

As Benjamin resumed talking of his dream, recounting the humiliating things the schoolgirls had done to him after they’d found him peeping, he found himself growing increasingly aroused. Mirroring Madeleine earlier, he crossed his legs to hide the growing bulge in his crotch. She looked uncomfortable too, or so he assumed from her red cheeks, mistaking her arousal for embarrassment.

Madeleine’s voice took on a huskier tone as she inquired for more and more details about his dream. She almost worried she was going to leave a damp spot on her chair by the end of the session. It wasn’t just Benjamin’s dream that did it for her, it was what she had planned for him. In her desk drawer was an experimental drug she’d recently obtained, one designed to help men struggling with height issues, that would within just a few minutes permanently shrink someone by a few inches. She didn’t have just one pill of the drug, she’d stashed dozens. By her estimate, she had enough to shrink someone down to the size of her hand, and she had special someone in mind for that…

“Benjamin!” She called out with some reluctance, not wanting to interrupt the details of his dream. “I may have a way to help you with those dreams.”

“Oh? But… I don’t know if I really need help?” Benjamin replied as he fidgeted with his sleeve. “I, um, kind of like them?”

“No Benjamin, it’s a problem! It’s a sign of…” A note of uncertainty entered Madeleine’s voice. “It’s one of Sigmund Freud’s theories on an unhealthy attachment to, um… your mother? It’s very complicated! You wouldn’t understand, but trust me...” She tried her most winning smile.

Benjamin’s looked uncertain. “My mother? I guess I do rely on her a lot, maybe… maybe I could dress myself in the mornings?”

“She dresses you?” Replied a bemused Madeleine. “But no, forget that. I have another option, a better option...” She rose to her feet in an excited rush and dashed to the desk behind Benjamin, not wanting to give him time to ponder her offer. “I have the perfect treatment! It’s kind of experimental, hush-hush you understand?” She bent over, knowing she was presenting her firm buttocks in Benjamin’s direction and hoped it kept his attention.

As he twisted in his chair to face her, Benjamin realised the smooth curve of her ass was a mere arm’s reach away. He imagined running his hand over the taut fabric, squeezing it, feeling her divine derriere indent under his grip. His breathing quickened as he realised that when he bent forward he could see up her dress, all the way up her thighs. As her hips swayed from side to side and her thighs rubbed together, the hem of her skirt began to rise up her legs. As he leaned a little lower, he could just make out the shadowed outline of her panties. Just one more inch and he’d determine their colour...

Madeleine rose upright and twirled on her heel with her attention on her prescription book as she scribbled down an appointment time. “Tomorrow… no, Friday would be better! Let’s say 8pm?”

Benjamin nearly toppled his armchair backwards as he urgently rose from his bent position. He tensed as he awaited a rebuke for looking up her skirt, but it didn’t come. Instead, she leaned over him, lowering her bust to eye-level and giving him a peek down her dress. Benjamin gulped, not quite sure what was happening.

Hoping to keep his attention more on her body than her words, Madeleine subtly shrugged her shoulder as she ripped out the top page of her prescription pad, causing her dress shoulder strap to slip down her arm. Benjamin gazed in wonder at the exposed black bra strap, a sight he’d replay in his mind repeatedly later that evening. He barely noticed Madeleine slipping the torn page into his hand.

“Remember, 8pm Friday, my office” spoke Madeleine as she gently tugged on Benjamin’s hand, helping him to his feet.

Finally realising what she was saying, Benjamin looked back at her with confusion. “But… isn’t that a bit late?”

“Oh, err, it’s my special time for my favourite patients” Madeleine explained with a wink as she herded him to the door. Before he could question it further, she gave him a slight push and closed the door behind him.

With the door shut, Madeleine leaned her shoulder against it and slid down to the floor, her wobbly legs barely able to keep her standing. She was so excited, this had been a fantasy of hers for so long. She felt her loins call out for attention, aching. She glanced at the clock on the wall, she had 10 minutes before her next appointment… just enough time.

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