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Author's Chapter Notes:

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events is purely coincidental. Also, be mindful of the tags. If one or more of the tags causes you some degree of discomfort, proceed with caution.

This is also a continuation of the story "The HOA Inspection".  It's not pivotal to understanding the story, but it is recommended.





The sun rose over Grandscape Community, marking the beginning of another beautiful day.  An alarm clock within the Burrmeister home beckoned the inhabitants to wake.  The first of the residents to awaken was Angie Burrmeister.  She sat up in bed and stretched her arms as she looked over to her husband as he rolled over in bed to turn off the alarm.

Angie and Gerald were hardly your average couple.  Gerald was a towering, upstanding gentleman.  Standing at 45 feet tall, he was tall even by giant standards.  Angie, by contrast, was a regular standing at a meager 5’4”, and a tomboyish go-getter by all accounts.  Despite this, they had found love four years ago and married in June.

Gerald started to get dressed for the day, but Angie made her way over to the bathroom.  Because Angie was so much smaller than Gerald, and the house itself was much larger to match, there were very many chores that Angie simply could not perform on her own.  Because she didn’t want to feel like a burden, she took the few chores she could do very seriously.  And Angie was getting ready to do her favorite chore of them all.

Angie went to the linen closet in the bathroom to gather all the supplies she would need.  First, she grabbed a fire hose, followed by a paint roller, a bucket, a pair of gardening gloves, a pair of rubber rain boots, a stepladder and a kitchen knife.  Gerald had gotten a lift installed into the side of the sink to make it easier for Angie to get up to the basin.  Angie loaded her tools onto the lift and put on the gloves and boots on the ride up.  As she was attaching the fire hose to the sink’s faucet, Gerald entered the room wearing a blue sweater and khaki pants.  Angie turned to greet her husband.

“Good morning, honey!  Are you up and ready for the day?”

“Not quite.  It seems my chin has become a little stubbly.  Do you happen to know a lovely little lady who could help me with that?”

Angie lifted her upturned thumb in the air.

“Leave it to me!”

Angie had gotten the idea to do this last month when Gerald cut himself while shaving.  Angie realized she could use her smaller size to cut the hair on his chin closer to the jaw without cutting him, and she’s been doing his shaving ever since.

Gerald brought his chin down close to the basin as Angie readied the hose.  She started spraying down Gerald’s massive jaw.  As she was doing so, she lost control of the hose and water got everywhere.  Angie’s nice pink nightgown was soaked through, and she needed to shake the water out of her boots.  Gerald chuckled.

“I know you can’t wait to take a shower, but maybe we should finish my trim first?”

Angie was a little embarrassed, but didn’t let that deter her.  After that quick rinse, Angie filled her bucket with shaving cream, and dipped her paint roller inside.  Climbing the stepladder, she lathered it across both Gerald’s checks, beneath his chin, above the top of his lip, and along his cleft.  Each tiny hair of his stubble disappeared under the foamy lather.  Right before she finished, she used the paint roller to bop Gerald on the nose, leaving a tiny dollop on its tip.


“That’s what you get for teasing me earlier about the hose.”

Angie playfully stuck her tongue out.  Gerald smiled and put his finger into Angie’s shaving cream bucket.  He put his soapy finger on Angie’s forehead and smeared a little of the white foam along the side of her face.  Angie giggled.

“Fine, if that’s how you want to play, take this!”

Angie lunged her paint roller at Gerald, but he parried it with his finger.  They pretended to sword fight with their sudsy weapons.  Gerald was usually so stuffy and uptight, so getting to see him loosen up and have fun was a real treat for Angie.  They laughed and had fun with each others’ company.

But every job must eventually get done, so after a minute or two, Angie put down the paint roller and got to business.  Brandishing the knife, Angie prepared to start the actual shave.

She started by cleanly trimming each of the firm, tough hairs along Gerald’s cheeks, being sure to keep his sideburns nice and tidy.  After finishing each, she moved to removing the silkier, smoother hairs along the top of his lip.  With her back to his throat, she sent the stalactite-like hairs dangling from the bottom of his chin falling down to the sink basin.  And finally, she chopped off the last few remaining hairs from beneath his bottom lip.  

Now that his jaw was free from hair, Angie couldn’t help but place a small kiss on Gerald's smooth lips.  Gerald picked up his tiny wife and planted a huge smooch on her face.

Looking up at the mirror, Gerald marveled at the wonderful job Angie did.  It certainly wasn’t the fastest way to shave, but the results spoke for themselves.  Besides, any time Gerald got to spend with his wife in the morning was time well spent.

“You did a great job as always, dear.  You’re the best!”

Angie blushed.  It was tiring work, but seeing her husband’s gratitude made it all worthwhile in the end.

“Don’t worry about it, honey!  I’m just glad I can keep my husband looking nice and sharp!”

“Well then, why don’t we both get showered off and get some breakfast.”


Angie, who was covered in shaving cream and tiny hairs, thought that was certainly well needed.  After they had both gotten themselves cleaned off, Gerald put Angie on her shoulder and made their way to the kitchen.  Angie snuggled against her husband’s nice smooth cheek as they went to face what today would bring.



Chapter End Notes:

We have another wholesome short story this time around!  I wanted to write a story about shaving, because I hadn't really seen any macrophilic content based around it, and was honestly a bit surprised.  After all, it is an important part of a man's physical appearance, and one that would support having somebody small do it for you.


As usual, I want to hear your thoughts.  Any opinions are always welcomed.

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