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Story Notes:

Some short stories in the "Nail Salon" universie - stories take place between"Nail Salon" and "Nail Salon II"


1. "Drumpf Playtime" - Alex and Xue have a playdate with their tinies - the Drumpfs.

2. "Social Justice Shrinker" - Thanks to Hornblower wealth, Stephanie can obtain information on people who need to be taught a lesson such as racists and sexists. Roger assists with the more stealthy stuff. Stephanie's first target is Chet - a horrible person.

3. "Spicing Up With Topher" - Maria and Veronica decide that they need to spice up their sex life with a third person. They bring in Topher for a one-night stand.

4. "Amy's Birthday" - Amy's birthday is coming up! Brian and Stephanie need to work together to give Amy the best birthday ever.

5.  "Julie the Giantess" - Roger and Stephanie have the same deep secret - they want to be tiny at Julie's feet. They turn this into a reality with Julie their Goddess.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Alex and Xue have a playdate with their tinies - the Drumpfs. 

[POV: Sophie]

Six months had passed since Sophie was shrunken down to an inch tall. The world was supposed to revolve around her and listen to what she wanted! Why the hell was Sophie shrunken and forced to worship the feet of unworthy women? Sophie supposed that it could have been worse. Sophie could have been the tiny pet of Stephanie who hated her and wanted to see her tortured and in pain. Instead, Sophie was the tiny pet of Stephanie’s mother, Xue. Xue treated her like a bug and made her do awful things especially around her feet – but Xue didn’t hate Sophie. Xue had delusions that Sophie could turn into a well-trained bug. Those delusions have kept Sophie alive through the whole ordeal. Sophie would grow back to normal size and get her revenge on Stephanie and all the others who treated her like nothing. Perhaps, Xue would be spared.

Sophie slept in a shoebox last night which was better than her occasional bedtime with Xue’s barefoot. Sophie had “made Xue proud” the past week, so she was rewarded.

Sophie could hear footsteps. Xue was awake. Xue went straight to Sophie’s place of sleep.

The middle-aged Asian woman looked down at Sophie with a smile on her face.

“Good morning, bug. I have fun day planned for you. You get to see your daddy.”

“Is he still alive?”

“Yes, Alex take good care of your daddy.”

Sophie shuddered. Her daddy did not deserve to be tiny by a trans – a man who didn’t even know his own gender. But she supposed her daddy could have had a worse “owner”.

“I have to ask. What’s the plan?”

“Playtime with Drumpfs! Alex come over here and we have fun with you and your daddy.”

“If you hurt my daddy in any way, I’ll make you pay, Ching-Chong.”

“Interesting sound you make. I guess bug likes to say those meaningless words.”

At least Xue let Sophie insult her when she was frustrated. If Sophie called Stephanie ching-chong, Stephanie would have crushed Sophie underfoot. The most Xue would do is mock her or pretend not to understand.

“Ching chong.”

“Drumpf playtime will be best day ever!”

After a shower, Sophie and Xue were already for their playtime. Sophie tried to look at the bright side. At least she would see her daddy again, he didn’t deserve any of this. People sucked.

There was a knock at the door. Sophie quietly said to herself, “Please no Stephanie. Please no Stephanie.”

Thankfully, it wasn’t Stephanie. Instead Sophie saw a young man with womanly features. This was Alex. At 5’11” with long black hair, large fake breasts, and knee-high boots, Alex certainly looked like a woman.

“Xue”, said Alex with glee, “I am so happy to see you!”

“So happy to see you too!” The two of them hugged.

“How’s law school? You lawyer yet?”

“Almost there. Only one semester. But I got my job back at my old firm.”

“I guess no help from Ronald.”

“Ronald is technically “missing” and no longer the managing partner. Now Velma runs the show and she was like, ‘of course, girlfriend! You’re back with a massive payment for lost pay.’.”

Sophie never thought it was fair that her daddy was punished so much for firing Alex. It wasn’t her daddy’s fault that Alex became confused about his gender.

“Are you ready for fun times”, Xue asked Alex.

“Always, you’re so sweet!”

Sophie saw Alex remove her daddy from the pocketbook.

Xue grinned and picked up Sophie. Xue didn’t waste any time putting Sophie underneath her ugly foot.

Sophie could feel the flabby foot flesh invade her whole body. Sophie had given up a long time ago in trying to escape – it never seemed to work.

After an uncomfortable moment, Xue took her foot off Sophie and slammed it into the ground away from her.

Sophie saw her daddy trapped underneath Alex’s boot. She heard him say, “get off me, you confused man! The great Ronald Drumpf always prevails.”

Alex looked down and laughed at Daddy.

Sophie was mad. She wanted to knock this man-bitch out.

“Stop putting my daddy underfoot”, yelled Sophie.

Alex looked down at Sophie and asked, “what are you going to do about it?”

“Replace Daddy with me. He doesn’t deserve any of this. He has only been good to me.”

Alex slowly took her boot off her daddy. He was glaring up at Alex.

Sophie ran over to her daddy embracing him in a hug.

“My amazing and beautiful princess”, said Ronald, “what has that old hag been doing to you?”

“She calls me “bug girl” all the time and makes me play with her disgusting feet.”

“Sounds like my experience. Except the girl part.”

“Could be worse. Imagine if I was stuck as Stephanie’s pet.”

“I saw the look in that crazy girl’s eyes. She would have killed us by now.”

“Aww, so cute”, cooed Xue, “Drumpf reunion. Now we play with tiny instead.”

Xue put her foot down on Ronald and Alex put her foot down on Sophie.

Sophie felt her body flatten under the faux-leather boot. Sophie was ready to fight for her life.

“Aww, so cute seeing the tiny Sophie thinking that she’s any match for my size-13 feet.”

Sophie was ready to escape this world – all she wanted to do was be anywhere else besides with the old Ching-Chong and the he-she.

“You know what would feel nicer for me”, said Alex, “if I take off these boots.”

Alex lifted her foot off Sophie and began to take off her boots and socks.

Sophie knew this was her chance. She was going to make a run for it. Sophie would easily get Brian to grow her back to normal and then she would torture all who caused her pain.

Sophie was gleefully running as she thought of her evil plans.

But then, Sophie saw a large shadow over her body – the size-13 barefoot of Alex landed on Sophie.

[POV: Alex]

Alex felt waves of pleasure go up her whole body. She loved feeling the tiny brat try to fight against her bare sole.

“You are certainly warming my foot up on this cold December day”, said Alex with a hearty laugh.

“Oh”, said Xue, “you can tape Sophie to your foot – she like that.” Xue ran over and got Alex some tape.

“I like that idea too”, responded Alex with a wink.

Alex lifted her foot slightly and quickly caught the tiny brat. She then got some tape and applied it to her sole with Sophie trying to break free.

“Now, let’s take a nice walk around Xue’s apartment.”

“Oh, I have so much to show you!” Alex noticed that Ronald was also taped securely underneath Xue’s foot. The two women began to walk around Xue’s small apartment countless times.

“This is great exercise, thank you”, said Alex happily to Xue.

“Certainly is. And it is great endurance training for our little Drumpf bugs.”

Alex could feel the push from Sophie underneath the ball of her foot. Alex felt like a strong and powerful woman – the kind of woman she wanted to be ever since she was young.

 After some time, Alex and Xue both plopped onto the couch keeping their feet flat to the ground.

“You’re really fun for a lady your age”, said Alex with a laugh.

“Tiny people make me extra playful, I guess.”

“You show more power to the tinies than even Stephanie.”

“Difference is that I never get angry. I always have fun with tiny bug but they know what to expect. Hurt my daughter’s feelings and you feel her wrath – and possibly mine too, but most of the time – I just berate her for acting like a child.”

“You don’t take shit from anyone. Xue, you’re honestly my role model.”

“So sweet to hear you say. Especially from someone as smart and successful as you.”

Alex pushed her foot more into the ground. Sophie definitely felt it. Alex felt the squirming underneath her sole and giggled, “she’s a fighter, just like her father.”

“These Drumpfs. They think they have more power than us no matter their size.”

“Stubborn little bugs, aren’t they?”

“Yes but I’ve been training Sophie very well. Sophie used to fight harder. I tell you about time she almost killed my daughter with needles.”

“Yeah, the ‘poison’ needles.”

Sophie began squirming a little more. Alex bet that Sophie didn’t like hearing about her failed coup.

“This is so much fun. Why don’t you stay for dinner? I make pearl balls.”

“Pearl balls?”

“One of my favorite dishes from Shanghai. You must stay. I’m a good master. I even feed tiny real food.”

“Sounds like Ronald and Sophie are in for a treat too. Sure thing, I’ll stay.”

Xue took Ronald off her sole and went to the kitchen to start cooking.

“Bad idea, loser”, said Ronald, “taking us to this hag’s place. She’s nasty.”

“I like her a lot.”

[POV: Xue]

Xue finished making pearl balls which were little pork balls mixed with rice. She was excited to share her treats with everyone. Her little pet loved her cooking too which made Xue extra happy.

Xue shouted from the kitchen, “dinner ready, hope everyone is hungry!!”

Xue brought over the food and was pleasantly surprised to see that both Sophie and Ronald were under Alex’s foot. Alex certainly knew how to train tinies very well.

“This is so exciting”, said Xue, “I am always happy to share my favorite foods with friends!”

Xue put the plate of pearl balls on the table.

“They look scrumptious”, said Alex licking her lips.

“Try some. I think you will like – but I get little bugs for now.”

“Sure thing, Xue.”

Alex lifted her foot as Xue quickly grabbed the two Drumpfs putting each one between her toes.

“Miss me, Ronald?”

“I could never miss such as disgusting hag like you. So sad. You can barely speak English. Nobody likes you. You’re a loser and everyone knows it. The best and finest people tell me that you’re a piece of shit.”

Xue scrunched her toes a little harder on Ronald’s body. She wasn’t too bothered by his words but she liked showing him who was boss.

“Mmmmm”, said Alex, “these are amazing! How did you learn to make them so good?”

“Secret family recipe from China. I haven’t even told my daughter how to make these.”

“I’m sure Roger would stay with Stephanie if she learned how to cook pearl balls.”

“But then how can I get tiny Roger to play with me? I reward him with pearl balls when I borrow him for playtime.”

“I’m afraid that I’m gonna eat all of these by myself.”

“It’s not a problem. We can feed some to Drumpfs.”

Xue pinched her toes harder on Ronald. She wasn’t ready to feed that bastard yet – but Sophie was being a good bug girl.

“Sophie, are you hungry?”

Sophie quietly nodded.

“You’ve been good bug girl today. So, I feed you pearl balls.”

Sophie smiled. Xue loved that she could make Sophie happy like how Sophie made Xue happy.

Xue removed Sophie from her toes and placed her on the ground.

“Now I feed you pearl ball.”

Xue cut one of the tiny balls in half and put it next to Sophie. Xue couldn’t help but watch Sophie ravenously dig in the pork ball. Sophie looked like she hadn’t eaten for days. Well, that was partially true except for toe jam and other crumbs.

“What do you say, bug girl?”

Despite Sophie’s focus on her food, she was well-trained and looked up at Xue. Sophie bowed and said, “thank you Xue for the feast. I am forever grateful.”

With that, Sophie continued eating.

“It would take forever for me to train little ones like you”, said Alex.

“I show Drumpf love even when no one else does.”

“So kind of you. I’m really glad we got to hang.”

[POV: Ronald]

Ronald was livid.  He was stuck underneath the foot of the old Ching-Chong. Ronald didn’t deserve any of this crap. He was the greatest human being in the world. Everyone knew how fantastic he was. Even this ancient bitch, she was just jealous. Ronald used every bit of energy to try to escape Xue’s foot.

Xue began to giggle above.

“That tickle a little bit. Be careful, tiny bug.”

Jeez, this one was worse than Alex.

“I wonder if I can make bug feel pleasure. Like that one time with Roger.”

Ronald’s face turned pale. Was this bitch actually going to do it? Ronald tried even harder to escape her decrepit foot. But it was no use, he couldn’t move.

Xue began to move her foot slowly but surely all over Ronald’s body.

“You old man. So I expect you don’t work as well as young man.”

Xue was right. This was a futile effort. Ronald was nowhere near Viagra but wait… what the fuck?!?! Ronald felt an erection. This bitch was turning him on. How the hell?

Ronald tried to fight it every second. He was a strong man. He couldn’t let his beautiful daughter see this. Ronald would be ruined.

“Please Xue”, pleaded Ronald, “don’t do this. I’ll do anything.”

“You don’t want pleasure. I’m surprised.”

“I am powerful. I am strong. No one can see me like this.”

The conversation sparked Sophie’s ire.

“What the fuck are you doing to my daddy, you sick bitch?”

“I try to help him.”

“The only thing that will help me”, said Ronald angrily, “is if you grow me back to normal size.”

“I can’t disappoint Stephanie.”

“Seriously, fuck her”, said Sophie crossing her arms, “you are stronger than your daughter. You can knock that bitch out and take the shrinking machine and save us.”

“But I like tiny pets.”

There was no use arguing with this hag. She was nuts.

Ronald used all of his willpower to avoid being aroused by Xue’s foot.

“Oh, you seem to not be turned on by me. Maybe I too old. Oh well, I have idea. Alex, are you done with dinner?”

“I shouldn’t eat anymore or I’ll get fat.”

“You too skinny! You can eat more. But I have idea. Can you give Ronald pleasure?”

“Sure, I’ve done it before.”

Fuck this.. Ronald began to run. He didn’t care to where.

Ronald ran as fast as he could but he was no match for the he-she.

Ronald saw a shadow overtake his surroundings. Alex’s monstrous man foot crashed onto Ronald. He felt as the all-encompassing sole began to rub itself all over his body. This couldn’t be happening. The he-she was going to rape him again! Ronald’s cock began to stiffen from the stimulation. This was the end for him. His beautiful daughter would see him being raped by a man’s foot.

But Alex seemed to be able to read his thoughts.

“Xue”, said Alex from above, “is it ok if I take Ronald somewhere private?”

“Sure thing. You can use my bedroom.”

Ronald could hear his daughter cry, “don’t do horrible things to Daddy, you monster!”

Ronald was too embarrassed to say anything.

To Ronald’s horror, he stuck to Alex’s sole as the two walked over to the bedroom.

“Now that we’re alone – love my foot the way you normally do.”

“If you mean holding me against my will, that’s more like it.”

“Would you rather go in the PedEgg?”

Ronald rolled his eyes. That was an easy question.

“Now, let’s begin.”

Alex began slowly rubbing Ronald’s cock with her foot. Alex may have been actually a man – but the foot looked like it belonged to a tall actual female model.

Ronald wanted to resist. But no matter how hard he tried, he was stimulated more and more by the massive foot.

“My little pet. You are doing very good. You’re making me so proud.”

Alex spoke with a sultry, feminine voice. Ronald had almost forgotten that this was a confused man. Alex began to put light and tantalizing pressure on the tip of Ronald’s cock. This was getting to be too much. Ronald certainly would let his seed out.

The touch of Alex’s soft and well-pampered foot flesh was becoming way too much. Ronald was humiliated. At least Alex was kind enough to do this away from the eyes of his daughter. He could still tell her that he resisted the he-she. Ronald closed his eyes trying to imagine himself anywhere else in the world besides in this room with Alex. Ronald’s mind went to the PedEgg and then his eyes went right open – nothing was worse than the PedEgg.

Ronald began to feel his body weaken slowly but surely from Alex’s foot. He then let out a scream. He was ready to cum. He felt what must have been glob after glob of semen burst out of his cock wetting the sole of Alex’s foot.

“That’s a good little pet”, said Alex with a purr, “now let’s get you all cleaned up.” Alex picked up Ronald in one hand and began to lightly stroke his body. Alex took Ronald into the bathroom and cleaned him up – and then she took out a tiny pair of clothes for Ronald to wear.

“You’ll always be my little pet”, said Alex, “but I have long hours ahead at my new job.”

“What are you saying? You’ll grow me back.”

“I think that will be up to Xue.”

Ronald snarled.

“Oh, you’re a little angry thing, aren’t you? You’ll get to see more of your daughter. Doesn’t that feel good?”

“One hand or foot on my daughter and you’re all dead!”

“Aww, don’t worry little Ronald. I’ll visit from time to time. But you’ll be staying with Xue.”

Ronald was horrified by the thought of being Xue’s pet. She was much worse than the he-she. But Ronald knew with his daughter that they could someday escape and ultimately get their sweet revenge.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope everyone enjoyed this story. Let me know what you think in the reviews!

Next story coming up: "Social Justice Shrinker"!

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