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An Alien Lady Ate My Family! - By nosuspicious

Commissioned by TheBucketLord

The alien pod seared across the nighttime sky like a red comet. From below, stargazers could see it appear to increase in size. The pod wasn’t getting larger, however. It was getting closer, plummeting toward the earth at an alarmingly high velocity until it finally met its destination with a deafening crash in a cornfield in The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Iowa, population: 70.

The pod smoldered in the crater it left for several minutes before it began to shake. The vibrations amplified violently as if the pod was about to explode, until finally, its door burst open and was flung into the sky as a gigantic, pale, feminine leg kicked it with all its force from the inside. Out from the pod emerged Hersa, an enormous, healthy, young female from the humanoid Tundradema species. One could have mistaken her for human from a distance, but she was anything but. She rubbed her eyes with two of her four arms and stood, towering imposingly over the corn stalks and examining her surroundings. She had not planned for this detour on her journey back to her homeworld, and only one thing laid in her mind now: sustenance.

Piece of shit pods! So useless, Hersa thought to herself. She looked around the surrounding field for any sign of food. God, I am sooo fucking hungry, she thought to herself. Space travel was a lengthy process on the best of days, but being forced off course by a stay asteroid? That caused a wait that would make even the most patient extraterrestrials ravenous.

Hersa picked up an ear of corn and smelled it. No, this definitely wouldn’t do. She needed something much more caloric. It’d been over twelve hours since her pod was dislodged and she was dying for something more filling. A light snack wouldn’t be nearly enough for an eight-foot-tall, athletic creature like her after such a wait. She was fixing for a feast.

Her blood red eyes narrowed as she scanned the horizon for any sign of animal life. She remembered reading about this little backwater planet in grade school. The fauna were generally small and unintelligent, but meat is meat, right? As long as it was alive and capable of fear, she was sure it would suffice. She wasn’t able to get a direct view of anything living, but a couple miles off, she could spot the gentle flickering of a yellow light upon a wooden structure. A shelter, perhaps? This was promising.

Hersa began bounding toward the residence with great strides, crushing the stalks of corn beneath her giant feet with each step. Thanks to the cover of darkness, there was no way that whoever resided in the homestead would see her coming. She began salivating with anticipation as the angular shape of the barn became clearer to her view. This was no organic structure; there would be life here. Not only that, they’d be civilized life, just as she had always preferred. Her parents always chided her for playing with her food, but what’s the harm in savoring a struggling meal while you still have it? Once it’s in your belly, it’s not like you can get it back.

Hersa crouched as she finally exited the field and got within the perimeter of the farmers’ property. She sniffed the air. Oh yeah, there were definitely life forms here. She moved in a little closer towards the source of the light from earlier and at last spotted something edible. The light was illuminating a hopscotch path in front of the barn, and across that path danced a small male, innocently singing to himself. Hersa salivated. This boy wouldn’t be nearly enough to satisfy her, but there was no way a small one like this would be alone on such a sizable farmstead. Besides, she always loved to have an appetizer before the main course.

She listened to the boy’s singing. The slightest inflections of pitch, tone, and emphasis were enough for Hersa to begin deducing the meaning of his language.

“Old Macdonald had a farm, E I E I O,” the boy sang. Interesting. It seemed that this residence was called a ‘farm.’ Thanks to their advanced cognition and low-level telepathy, the Tundrademans were capable of making incredible inferences about another culture’s language from even the smallest fragments of speech. Hersa was tempted to watch him a little longer to decipher the boy’s language completely, but there was no time to argue against the cries of hunger from her belly.

She inched closer to the boy and managed to get within only several feet of him before she was spotted. The boy stopped playing and stared at Hersa with a startled expression, but he wasn’t quite afraid yet.

“Ssshhh! It’s okay, little boy. I’m not here to hurt you,” Hersa said before her prey could react. “What’s your name?”

“Uh, Jake. Who are you? What are you doing at our farm?” the boy asked. If he were only a touch older, he probably would have already began screaming for help, but the sight of a giant, four-armed lady wasn’t so untenable to an active, naive, youthful imagination.

“My name is Hersa, little boy. I’m just visiting. May I come a little closer?” Hersa asked the boy. He nodded his head.

Hersa approached him and kneeled down. As the boy looked at the enormous, feminine creature in front of her, Hersa reached behind him with one of her arms and grabbed him by the collar. She stood up, hoisting the boy high into the air.

“Whoa.. what are you doing?” the boy asked nervously. He considered yelling for help, but decided against it. His parents always told him to never let strangers pick him up, but the four-armed lady seemed kind enough to be worth giving a chance.

“I’m flying you around like a little spaceship! Isn’t it fun?” Hersa cooed merrily. She was really getting the hang of this language.

She zipped the boy around with her arms and made brrrrr noises like the engine of a flying vehicle. As they played, the boy’s previous hesitancy morphed into enthusiasm as he began to enjoy his flight, but he might not have enjoyed it so much if he knew its destination. Hersa licked her lips, opened her mouth wide, and turned the ‘spaceship’ in her hand toward herself.

It was too late along the boy’s flight path for him to react to what would come next. Before he could scream, Hersa flew him straight into her gaping maw and closed it shut. Her prey was just small enough to fit inside Hersa’s mouth without too much trouble. She licked him all about with her long, black tongue, tasting her prey with relish and enthusiasm. The boy struggled to break free, but it was hopeless for him. Hersa’s strong, alien jaws kept him held firmly in place.

On a different day, Hersa might have savored her catch a little longer, but her hunger couldn’t be sated through anticipation alone. She gulped hard, feeling the boy’s body forced to the back of her mouth and down her throat. Thanks to the impressive elasticity of Hersa’s throat muscles, one strong swallow was all it took. The boy was squeezed and pushed by her esophagus as he was escorted to the depths of the alien’s belly. He reached his destination with a ‘plop,’ stayed still for a moment in what was surely frozen horror, and resumed his panicked struggle.

Hersa cleared her throat. It would take some time to digest her newest snack, but even when she was finished, the boy wouldn’t be nearly enough to fight off the uproarious hunger booming at her from her belly. She looked to the wooden house near her and smelled the air. Oh yes, there were plenty more humans in there, and ones much larger than this one. The flailing of Hersa’s appetizer only made her hungry for more. She strode over to the house and bit her lower lip to stifle her excitement. This would be a feast to remember.

Hersa crouched again and tip-toed to the front door of the nearby residence. Even at her slow pace, she could feel the boy inside her rocking back and forth with the momentum of her movement, his constant yelling interrupted with every swing of her stomach’s pendulum-like movement. Fortunately for her, the noise wasn’t quite loud enough to draw the attention of the remaining humans inside. Hersa preferred it that way. Prey are much more fun to quietly stalk than to chase, and the thought that the boy’s warnings to his own family would go unheard thrilled her.

Hersa gently knocked the front door of the residence, waited a moment to confirm that there was movement inside, and leapt on top of the doorframe, balancing herself impressively along the thin wooden beam protruding from the wall. She waited, hoping that the humans inside would still be willing to answer the door this far after dark. Sure enough, she could hear some speaking inside in response to her knocking.

“Jake? Damn it boy, is that you out there? Don’t tell me you locked yourself out again! You know I can’t stand it when you play out there after dark like this,” came a deep voice from within the household. Hersa could feel Jake scream for his father from within her gurgling belly. She put her hand over her mouth to contain the noise of her own chucking; it seemed sound made its way into her belly much more easily than it made its way out of it.

Hersa heard a figure rise from a position of rest inside the residence and walk toward the door. She stayed still and silent, waiting with the patience of a house cat stalking an oblivious mouse in the distance. Finally, the old, wooden door opened with an obnoxious loud creak, and a man emerged. He was clearly far more mature than the male she had devoured earlier. This one sported unkempt facial hair, muscles developed over a lifetime of strenuous work, and a lumpy belly from consuming far too many alcoholic beverages. Most importantly to Hersa, however, was the metal, handheld weapon strapped to the side of his hip. It seemed this tribe of humans hailed from a warlike region of earth, but this was of no concern to Hersa. She was a playful young Tundrademan who enjoyed a challenge. Defenseless prey like this male’s offspring were fun, but a mature one who may even dare to fight back? That’d be even better.

“Where you at, boy?!” called the man. He received no answer.

While the man was distracted, Hersa crawled down from atop the doorframe and slinked her way across the ground, again careful not to startle the man. As the man scanned the distance for his son, Hersa positioned herself right behind him. He stood before her, clueless, vulnerable, and about to receive the scare of his life. Fortunately for the both of them, it would also be the final scare of his life.

Hersa raised one of her long, pale arms and tapped the man on the shoulder.

The man sighed, still facing forward. “God damn it Jake, don’t scare me like that!” he scolded as he began to turn. “Your mother and I are gonna have to have a serious convers- SHIT!!” he shouted, looking up to Hersa’s smiling face with cold fear.

Reacting quickly, the man drew his revolver and swung it in front of him for a clean shot at the alien’s head. Hersa quickly raised a hand to obstruct his arm’s path and halted his quickdraw, holding his arm in place with the revolver pointed slightly to the left of Hersa’s head. While there was no way the shots would hit their target at this angle, the desperate man fired anyway. BANG, BANG, BANG, came the deafening blasts from the oversized Smith & Wesson magnum, sending a powerful noise throughout the property and launching enormous, lead projectiles into the air. Screams could be heard from inside the house as more humans heard the noise, although those humans sounded female. Hersa would have to get to them later.

The man unloaded all six shots without thinking and continued to pull the trigger feverishly even when his weapon was clearly emptied, as if he could force the gun to shoot again if he just squeezed hard enough. Click, click, click came the rotations of the cylinder from the man’s continued attempts to shoot. Hersa just grinned down at him as he did it, giving the farmer some much-needed time to settle down and realize he was doomed.

Finally, the clicking stopped. But the man’s fear hadn’t.

“Hi there! My name’s Hersa. I was just stopping by to check out your planet and get myself a bite to eat. You have a lovely house,” Hersa said cheerily.

“What… what are you? What do you want??” answered the farmer.

“Oh, nothing major. No hard feelings about trying to shoot me, by the way. I know I’m pretty different from your species’ females,” Hersa said. Her tone was sweet and amiable, but there was no way it could hide her true intentions. Not when it came from the mouth of a salivating, eight foot tall, alien babe.

The man said nothing.

“Uh-huh… by the way, you were calling for your son earlier, right? Well, good news! I think I found him just a second ago,” Hersa taunted, still feeling the struggles of the young male in her belly.

The man’s expression tensed. “What… You freaky bitch! Where is my son!?”

“I told you, I found him! Here, I’ll show you.” Hersa used two more of her arms to grab the farmer’s head and brought it down to her belly, pressing his ear against her and holding him firmly in place. From within her, the man could hear the faint cries of his own son as the digestive juices worked away at him.

“Jake... is that you!? My son! YOU BITCH, WHAT DID YOU DO!?” the man yelled.

“I ate him, silly! He really was quite scrumptious,” Hersa taunted. She loved the sound of the father’s horrified whimpering as he listened to his son fight for his life inside the alien woman’s belly.

“You… you get him out of there!” The man’s previous assertive, masculine posturing had melted like a stick of butter on a hot pan. He was a shrivelling, cowering creature now. Just how Hersa liked her meals.

“Oh, I can’t do that, hun. Well… not for another twelve hours or so. But don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you can’t see your little boy again.” Hersa brought her hands down to the man’s waist and hoisted him into the air, right up to her face. She licked him with her long, coal-colored tongue, admiring the faint taste of beer in his beard and salt from the sweat he’d accumulated on his brow after a long day’s work on the farm. Those tastes were delightful, but her favorite was always the crisp, light, salty taste of her victims’ tears.

“Don’t you even think about-” started the man, but it was too late. Hersa opened her mouth wide and stuffed him into her jaws. He was a substantially larger meal than his son was, but she was still able to get him down without too much struggle. She gulped and gulped, pushing him down her throat by his boots and swallowing hard, guiding the man directly into the depths of her digestive system. Down her throat and out of view at last, she felt the man settle in up next to his offspring. She could only imagine what it must have been like for him to be squeezed up to his melting son. The thought made her giggle.

Hersa’s stomach began to bloat as it stretched to accommodate its new occupants. She didn’t mind it too much at this point. After all, Tundrademans were accustomed to gulping down enormous meals in order to keep up their tremendous strength. Even with a fully grown male digesting away inside of her, Hersa hungered for more. She sniffed the air to locate the source of the cries from earlier. There were still three of them by her estimation. Quite a bit more meat than she was used to, but after the long flight she’d just been on, there could have been ten women in there and she still would have jumped at the chance to eat them all up.

Hersa bounded over to the door, her protruding belly swinging from side to side as she ran, and entered. Her remaining prey had heard the blood-curdling cries from their patriarch and the bangs from his gun. They knew something terrible was coming for them. Good. They were in here somewhere, and she was going to find them.

Hersa rubbed her belly. “I hope you two are cozy in there, but make sure you leave some room for the rest of your family. I’ll be sending them your way soon in a jiffy!” she said. The struggling from within her intensified. Lovely. It seemed that her first two courses would get to listen in on everything she was planning to do next.

“Hel-looo, anyone home?” Hersa called from the center of the house’s living room. No answer. It was cute how the remaining humans believed that hiding would make a difference. She brought a hand to her bulging tummy again. “Hey down there, do you two know where the rest of your family is? I’m just dying to bring all back together again. Think of it like a family reunion, just in my belly!” Her taunts triggered more struggling, doubtless from the angry father.

Hersa opened every drawer and cabinet in the rustically decorated living room. Nothing. Next, she made her way over to the kitchen and began tearing it apart, searching for any sign of the humans she knew still hid within this primitive, wooden residence. As she scoured the room, she opened up the metallic refrigerator where the humans kept their own food. How pitiful it was! There was plenty of meat in there, but why was it all already dead and butchered? Didn’t humans know that meat is much tastier when it is alive, wriggling, and crying?

Speaking of ‘alive, wriggling, and crying,’ as Hersa examined the humans’ food, she could hear a soft, hushed whimpering coming from somewhere behind her. Her ears perked up and she slammed the fridge door closed, turned around, and listened closer. She began to salivate as her senses narrowed in on the source of the weeping: a small, three by four foot cabinet space below the counter opposite to the fridge. She crept down on all six of her limbs and crawled toward it, giddy with anticipation for the moment the girl she knew was inside would see her for the first time.

She yanked open the cabinet door. “Surprise!” she exclaimed as the girl cowered and shoved her face into her hands. “Aww, poor thing. Don’t act so scared! I know I’m unusual looking, but you shouldn’t assume so much based on appearances. Well, maybe you’d be correct to assume this time, but still, I’m hurt!” The girl muffled her face deeper into her hands and continued whimpering. The refusal from these humans to respond to her greetings seemed to be a running theme tonight.

Hersa took in the sight of the girl. She was crouched up into a little ball, with her knees bent up to her face, her head tilted down, and her boobs squeezed between her two arms as she brought her elbows to her torso and her hands to her crying face. She was quite attractive as far as human females went, which made her look all the more appetizing to Hersa.

“Nice boobs, by the way. I’ve been working on mine myself.” Hersa brought her front hands to her breasts and squeezed them, moving them up and down across her bosom and teasing the girl in front of her. “I’ve been thinking that your brother and dad will probably give me the extra fat I need to thicken these puppies up. Wouldn’t you agree?”

The girl turned her face to one side, trying her best not to look at the monstrous lady in front of her.

“Oh? You don’t agree? I suppose you have a point. For Tundrademans like me, it’ll take a lot of eating to fill up my figure in the long run. But there is a bright side! I think you’re just the one to help me out with that,” Hersa purred.

Before the girl in the cabinet could think through the implications of what the alien lady had just said, Hersa shot her tongue forward like a frog and began tasting her. It began by probing her face and eyes, lapping up the salty deliciousness from her tears, before it made its way down her body and latched it onto the girl’s ankle. The girl squealed when she felt it. Slowly, Hersa began to pull her in. First she forced the girl’s legs to unbend, and then she fell backward from a seating position onto back as her foot reached Hersa’s waiting mouth. The girl cried for help and desperately pushed against the raised threshold of the door’s frame beneath her, doing all she could to stop herself from being pulled out of the cabinet, but her strength couldn’t match that of Hersa’s muscular, black tongue. Her hands slipped and her lower body was pulled in completely. Hersa tasted it thoroughly, lathering the girl’s ass and crotch with saliva before pulling it into the back of her throat to swallow it up. The girl’s pussy added a delectable, sweet, tangy taste to the meal that her previous two snacks were not equipped to provide. The girl again tried to save herself by pushing against Hersa’s face this time, but that too would fail. Hersa gulped, and the force of her swallowing sucked the girl in further up to her neck and forced her arms into the air. Hersa gulped again, this time taking in the girl completely and slurping her flailing arms up like strings of spaghetti. One more swallow and she was gone, forced down into the depths of her belly to join her family.

Hersa stood and took a moment to recompose herself. The movement of the people in her belly forced up a belch that was so noisy she was sure it would echo throughout the house, alerting the remaining women to what, precisely, had happened to their family.

Hersa’s belly swelled further with the addition of a third snack. She began to feel a little bloated; this was well past the point when she would stop eating on a normal day. As she tried to walk forward, the awkward, shifting movement inside the lumpy mass in front of her abdomen almost caused her to lose her balance. Hersa briefly considered calling it a night and returning back to her pod to trigger its distress signal, but she hated the idea of wasting food. She could sense two more females still inside. Should she show them mercy and let them live to tell the tale of what happened to the rest of their family? Blech, of course not. The thought of wasting two healthy, delicious women sickened her more than any amount of overeating could.

Hersa waddled over to the staircase leading up to the house’s upper floor. Getting up the stairs was a struggle with her engorged belly constantly getting in the way of her legs, but she managed.

Hersa licked her chops and hobbled down the hallway, sending grating creaks down the hall with every step onto the old, worn lumber. She opened every door along the way and peered in to check for the remaining humans. Were they in the boy’s bedroom? Nope, and she’d claimed that occupant earlier anyway. Were they in the girl’s bedroom? Nope, not there either. Before shutting the door, she picked up a stuffed koala bear resting along its door frame and swallowed it. The least she could do was send her meals a little something to comfort them, right?

Finally, she arrived at the door to the master bedroom. By process of elimination, she’d determined that the remaining two females must be in here. She kicked the door in, and there they were. A daughter and a mother were cowering and holding each other on top of the bed, doing their best to comfort each other as their impending doom approached. Like the other female, the daughter was quite attractive. The mother, on the other hand, had an enlarged belly not terribly unlike Hersa’s own. Had she been doing some extra eating too? No, Hersa realized, that wasn’t it. This mother was carrying a fourth, infant human to add to the family.

A two-for-one special? Hersa thought to herself. She grinned wickedly.

“Well hello there, you two! Sorry for all the stomping around earlier. It’s tough to be discreet when you’re lugging around three handsome humans in your belly. At least they aren’t moving around so much anymore, the digestive juices must really be getting to them!” Hersa exclaimed, holding up her belly to show to the two women.

“This can’t be real… this can’t be real…” cowered the pregnant mother, looking at the display Hersa was presenting to her with abject horror.

Hersa approached the bed. “Oh, it’s very, very real!” She grabbed the daughter and yanked her from her mother’s arms, hoisting her into the air and scanning her body up and down. “This young lady must be the last of your offspring, hmm? Well, I guess not the last last,” Hersa said as she dangled the young lady in front of her mother.

“Put her down! Please put her down, she’s my baby! My daughter… PLEASE! I’LL DO ANYTHING! DON’T DO IT!!” cried the mother.

“Don’t do… what?” Hersa playfully asked as she extended her tongue and began to lick the daughter’s face. The daughter tried to fight it off, but her arms were held firmly in place by Hersa’s tight grip. The mother wailed. “She tastes really good, you know. I’m surprised you were able to stop yourself from eating your kids up yourself! Oh well. You snooze, you lose!” And with that, Hersa stuffed the young lady’s face into her gaping mouth and began swallowing.

The mother pleaded and cried as Hersa forced the woman’s only remaining daughter down her throat, gulping her down forcefully and pushing her deeper into her with her strong, pale arms. She drew out the swallowing more than she had with the others, being sure to give the mother a nice, long view of her daughter’s demise.

A few more glurks and glucks, and the daughter was gone, added to the ever-increasing pile of mush melting away inside her belly. Hersa bent down, pushed all four of her arms into the bed covers to the side of the mother, and let off a bellowing belch directly into her face. The mother coughed and gagged between her weeping, unable to handle the stench of her own family being churned away by Hersa’s digestive process.

“Smells good, huh? By my count, that’s gotta be your whole family by now. I really appreciate all the kids you’ve been pumping out, by the way. I was really fixing for a larger meal tonight and boy, did your children deliver!”

The mother tried to slap Hersa, but the alien easily pulled her head back and dodged the blow.

“Oh, how rude!” Hersa taunted. She looked down at the mother, her bright red eyes squinting with renewed hunger. “You know, I was just thinking that I’m pretty full and it’d be kinda low to gobble up a pregnant lady after I’d already slurped up her other kids, but you’ve just reminded me how wasteful it would be to turn down a two-for-one special.”

The mother tried to rise from the bed and run away from the alien, but it was impossible to be agile so late into her pregnancy. Even if there weren’t a baby inside her, there was no hope of escaping from the voracious alien. Hersa casually grabbed her by the neck as she rose and lifted her up. She turned the woman toward her and used one of her lower arms to lift her shirt and reveal her bare, pregnant belly.

“So, this must be the special surprise inside!” said Hersa. She licked the woman’s belly, thoroughly coating it in saliva and looking up to catch the mother’s horrified expression as her actions made it clear to her that her child would never be born. The infant boy or girl inside her would meet the same fate as the rest of her children before she even had a chance to experience life.

“Oh don’t look so sad. I’m sending you to meet the rest of your family! Think of it like a big party. I think some are still alive in there, so don’t worry so much. You’ll have company, or at least you will until you watch them melt away like you and your baby soon will,” Hersa taunted.

Hersa brought the lady to her mouth and shoved her in feet-first. She wasn’t terribly hungry anymore, so she didn’t bother spending much time savoring this one. She gulped the mother down just like the others. The additional weight from the woman’s arrival in her belly caused her to stumble a bit. She supported herself with an arm on the bedroom’s wall and bent her knees to keep her balance. She burped again. It would be difficult to make the several mile long journey back to her pod carrying this much extra weight, but she wasn’t concerned. Tundrademans had famously efficient digestive systems. Some of her belly’s occupants were still alive and screaming for now, but it wouldn’t take too long for their nutritious bodies to nurture the muscles she required for the trip home.

Even as Hersa stumbled back down the staircase and waddled out the door, she could feel the weight inside her become less cumbersome as it was converted into muscle and fat. Her boobs, thighs, and ass were all being rounded out more and more nicely by the moment.

She grabbed her left ass cheek with one hand. Hmmm, I bet the extra filling here comes from the little boy… She grabbed the other as well. Oh yes, that feels just like the darling girl with the nice tits. Or would she be added up to my increasingly weightier boobs? I suppose that would be more fitting…

Her pace quickened as the protein from her meal facilitated muscle growth in her legs. Her hobbling became a brisk walk, then a speedy job, and then a bounding gallop. She’d be home in no time. Perhaps once she got there, she could tell her friends at school about the delicious species she’d discovered on Earth. Why should she be the only Tundrademan girl to get in on the fun? She was sure the others would enjoy a taste...


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