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~ Ishigami Village, 10 years back ~


“The tale, of the little helpers.


The little helpers are abundant and plentiful. They rub the skin and soothe the flesh. They clean your mouth and help with hygiene. These helpers can be found in the stones. They can also be plucked from grass, or sheared from fat. 


The helpers are small, and can barely be seen, but they make you be seen by others more purely. When you’re done picking vegetables from the ground, or when you come back from caves with your treasures in tow, make sure to have a helper clean you. Hands alone cannot do what they can. 


But instead of helper or little friends, call them soap, and learn how to use them.” 




Drifting off as they listened to the village elder speaking one of the countless tales, Kohaku and Ruri were mesmerized by the story they were being told. The 100 tales were passed down from generation to generation of village priestesses, and this was a favorite among some of the village children. 


‘Little helpers.’ They had never seen any before, but the story had called them plentiful. Hopefully, both girls would one day find the little helpers in the story. This was a vaguer one, and while some of her people had founds means to use the things known as *soap* in the tale, none had ever seemed to find any of the little things in the opening pages. 


“Do you think we’ll find one?” Looking to her sister, Kohaku beamed before nodded back at Ruri, her sister seeming just as happy to see the assuredly on her sibling’s face. “Of course! We’ll keep looking until we find some! Then we’ll have our own little helpers to make happy and use!” 


Giggling, Ruri nodded before both sisters went back to listening to the priestess’ stories. There were still many, many more… 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


~ Present Day ~


Light… There, was finally, some light…


Reaching a hand out at the small beam shining into the darkness surrounding him, a young man winced as he saw the shadows around him, beginning to crack before more light flooded in. It was blinding, and he could see nothing, but it… 


Falling forward, the wincing man groaned before looking around through cracked eyes. He could breathe again. What, on earth, happened? He, just felt like he had woken from a coma. And what was he even looking at now…? 


Gazing out at a vast green landscape, the panting man soon crawled to his feet before looking all around him. However, before he could take in the gigantic scenery he now found himself surrounded by, there was something else, that captivated his gaze. 


Right behind him, was a monolith. It was a statue, of mountainous proportions. But it was what was carved into its visage that left him speechless. It was him… He could see, his own face on the surface of the stone… 


Gawking as he tried to come to terms with what he was looking at, the flummoxed man was completely clueless by what was going on. He was outside somewhere. He was naked…? The trees and the grass all looked out of place and bigger than they should. And there was a humongous statue of HIMSELF standing behind him… 


‘Wasn’t, I in japan?’ This didn’t look right. He came here on a business trip, and then there was light. And now he was here. What in the hell happened? There were so many questions, he wanted to find out… But something else occurred to him too. The ground… was shaking… 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 



Running around the stone mountains, Kohaku looked around as she scanned the ground carefully. There were more here. She just knew it. Looking at the various stone statue people that were ever-present in this area, the blonde looked down at their feet as she searched. 


This wasn’t the first time she had done this, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last, considering what she was hunting was so popular in her village. And, she had been right. Seeing the faintest hints of movement at the feet of one of the many statues, the teenager ran up a cliff before stopping before the lifelike stone being. But she didn’t care about it. 


Letting her gaze travel down a bit lower, Kohaku smiled as she saw her prize. Right between its feet, was one of them. ‘A little helper’! Whenever she found one, there tended to be more around them. And this morning had been quite successful for her so far. With this one, she should have enough. 


Reaching down and plucking up the now struggling creature, the larger girl listened intently, but… it was like the others. It was speaking a weird language she could barely hear. They never seemed to speak her own. It was too bad, she wanted to try talking to them as a child, but… she had mostly grown out of that. She had better ways to use the helpers now that she was older. Moving a hand down a small hip pouch, the tired blonde deposited her prize in it before weighing her options. 


‘Let’s see… This is three now. I could look for more, but I only needed two…’ She was being greedy when she hunted for more… but, the thought of one of the other villagers taking the helpers she found irritated her. It was hard to find these little things and the more other people found the less she had to use on Ruri. 


‘I guess three is fine.’ She had one for herself and two for her sister. That should help her get a little better. If she needed more afterward, she could just give her sister the one she was saving for herself like last time. 


Sighing, the teenager nodded before jogging back down the mountain. This place was far enough away from her village that it was unlikely others would find her hunting grounds. She always managed to find one or two of the little helpers out here after all. 


Landing as the dirt skidded around her, Kohaku took off in a sprint as she began to make her way back home. She was a little eager to have some fun. She had given away her last helper about a week ago… and nothing filled the role a helper did. Not even her fingers… 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 



Coming to a stop prematurely, Kohaku looked on as she saw her village in front of her through the tree line. She had made it back to their territory, so now it was time to have a little fun. But first, she needed to make sure she was alone. With her parents worried sick over Ruri, the blonde didn’t get a lot of time to tend to herself there. And doing anything out in the open outside of their village borders was just inviting trouble. 


Jogging down an off-beaten path she had primarily created, the teenager saw a small clearing come into view before she slid down into it. Landing amongst the grass with plenty of spots for both sun and shade, the older girl nodded before walking over to a particularly nice spot she favored. The sun was beaming down on it just how she liked. 


However… something soon drew her attention away. Looking towards the grass as a feeling of uneasiness came over her, Kohaku paused before pulling her shield off her back. She knew this feeling. It was rare that she was the one to have it, but she wouldn’t ignore it. Someone’s eyes were on her… 


Shifting her gaze back and forth, the older girl finally calmed upon figuring out who it was. Pulling out her knife before smirking, the teenager launched it in a large obscured patch of grass before hearing a loud cry of fright echo out from it… along with what looked like a watermelon bouncing upward in the air. 


“Suika! How many times have I told you not to follow me?” She had to shoo the younger girl away earlier that day when she had gone out hunting. But it seemed she had instead chosen to wait in her favorite spot knowing she would be coming back here. Just how often did the little sneak spy on her? 


Walking over towards the child, Kohaku stared down at her trembling as she pulled her knife out of the grass in front of her harmlessly. She might have gone a tad overboard there… Sighing, the teenager rested her hands on her hips before shaking her head. 


“Alright, why did you follow me here? Don’t you have anything else to do? You could be playing with Shovel or Chalk. I’m kind of busy…” The teenager muttered, a faint blush dusting her cheeks. She was getting anxious now and really wanted to use her helper. 


Sniffling, the younger girl stood up before extending her hand out. Looking down, Kohaku blinked once in surprise as she saw what the child held. Struggling to escape in the younger girl’s digits, was a tiny screaming creature. It was another helper, just as small as the ones she had found earlier that day. 


‘She found one?!’ It was hard to find any here. She had to give the younger girl props. “W-Wow, that’s, surprising. Congratulations, Suika. I’m sure your new helper will play with you. Now could you please- ““What do I do with him?” 


Frowning as she saw the confused look on the younger girl’s face, Kohaku sighed knowing she wouldn’t be able to relieve herself until she helped the curious+

 girl out. “Shouldn’t that be pretty obvious? All the girls in the village have a helper they keep. You can use it for… well, anything. That’s what they're here for. Remember the tale of the Little Helpers? Just use it to clean yourself if you can’t think of anything else to do with it.” 


Looking back down at the struggling creature in her palms, Suika frowned once more. She didn’t know very much about the little helpers but she had seen people use them in many ways. How was she supposed to choose what to do when everyone had something they did differently? 


“Can you show me? You came here last time when you found a new Helper. So, you’re going to use another now, right? Can you please show me what to do?!” Suika asked eagerly. Kohaku was their village chief’s daughter, not to mention one of the strongest fighters in the village. If anyone knew how to properly use the helpers it would be her! Not to mention, she was one of the few people who didn’t pick on her for what she wore on her head. 



Frowning, the older blonde quieted as she wondered what to do. She had never… well, done anything like this in front of someone else. But, Suika didn’t really have a lot of friends. It was unlikely anyone would bother showing her the proper ways to use a helper, and she might hurt it. The helpers were quite useful, but awfully frail when used wrong. 



If the younger girl broke hers, she might not get another for a long time. Or worse, venture out like she did to try and find more. While that wasn’t a problem for Kohaku, someone Suika’s age might get seriously hurt. There were plenty of dangers outside of their village's border. 


Thinking for a moment longer before inevitably sighing, Kohaku nodded weakly before Suika eagerly bounced over towards her before sitting down patiently. ‘I guess I can just use the one I wanted too normally.’ She knew the child wouldn’t go around telling others what she did out here. 


Reaching into her pouch before feeling around for a moment, the blonde smirked as she pulled out the male helper she had most recently caught. This one caught her eye more than the other two did. If it were a person and not one of their kind, she might even find it handsome. Too bad though… She had other plans for it regardless. 


“Alright, this, is a little helper as you know. In the tale, these things are made to help us get clean. But, they work for a lot of other things as well. That’s why you sometimes see people with helpers strapped to their clothes, or on strings, or even on top of their food. They have an endless amount of uses, but you have it remember, they’re rare! If you waste it, then you might not find a new one for a long time.” Kohaku said sternly, earing a quick set of nods from the younger girl. 


She wanted to make sure Suika didn’t just eat her helper or step on it accidentally. The Sparkly Sisters were notorious for going through helpers on an almost weekly basis. But there were lots of boys in the village who brought them more to use. It was wasteful, especially when others needed them more as her sister did… 


Lifting the one she had been pinching tightly up for Suika to see, Kohaku gave it a harder pinch as they both heard it squeal louder. “They’re easy to use up so don’t be too rough. Even just holding them can kill them and then you’re out a helper who was willing to do something for you. You got it?” 


Nodding again, Suika continued to stare at the screaming helper Kohaku held before raising her free hand up. “You don’t need to do that. Just ask what you want.” Fidgeting, the younger girl looked back down at her own helper before admiring it. “Do the helpers like being used? They always scream and run away from us… Are you sure they want this?” 


Sighing, Kohaku simply nodded as she lifted her tiny helper up and examined him. “They do. It’s in the story from the 100 tales after all. They’re meant to be used to clean us and make us feel good. If they weren’t then why would they be so easy to obey? Sometimes they don’t but when you tell them to, they always do after a while. I remember Ruri used to ask the same thing… But we’ve used plenty over the years and they always work out in the end.” 


Humming, Suika lifted hers up admiring a moment longer before a smile fell over her face. “Is it wrong to keep it as a pet like chalk? My helpers really cute!” She didn’t think they’d look so much like humans did. The stories never stated they did. 


Smiling back, Kohaku nodded before rubbing her finger across the helper she still held. “That’s fine. It would still be helping you. Just make sure you make it do things for you from time to time so it still fulfills its purpose. I know a few people who have pet helpers.” They were very popular for unmarried women in the village or those whose husbands died. 


But, it was time she showed the new generation what the many uses for helpers were. Lifting up her arm as sweat beaded down her pale flesh, Kohaku lifted her tiny creature up before moving it towards her armpit. 


“Alright Suika, pay attention. The primary use for helpers is still to make us clean. Places that smell bad or sweat a lot are what helpers live for. They always go wild in happiness when you do this to them. Make sure you do this with yours from time to time. Even if it doesn’t listen right away, it will always obey you eventually. Sometimes they just need to be broken in a little.”


Staring up at Kohaku in awe, the younger girl watched eagerly as she saw the teenager pushing the struggling helper into her pit as it twitched around. It looked like it was dancing! Looking down at her own as it shivered (cowered) in excitement, the little blonde lifted her own arm up before mimicking what the older girl was doing. 


As she pressed her own helper into her pit, however, Suika’s eyes widened, before she burst into laughter. “I-I-IT TICKLES!!!” Rolling around as she tried to stop herself from laughing, the younger girl finally pulled her helper out from her pit as she panted softly. She was never told it would tickle her! 


Smiling, Kohaku rubbed her finger back and forth as she ground her helper harder against her armpit. “It’s ticklish because you’re letting your helper move around too much. You need to be firm with them. If they struggle around a lot of course it will tickle you. See what I’m doing?” 


Leaning a bit closer to Suika, the younger blonde soon cringed as she smelled the older girl's potent body odor. She didn’t smell clean. It was a good thing she was having a helper clean her. But, something did catch the child’s eyes. The older teen had her helper pinned so precisely that it couldn’t move even if it wanted to. Its eyes were wide and she could hear it yelling something in the odd gibberish language they used. 


Rubbing her helper back and forth, Kohaku’s smile never faltered as she felt it struggling in vain. “Go on little guy, lick me. You’re meant to serve us~.” Smirking as she felt the tiny creature's mouth open up after pinching the sides of its face, the larger girl purred. She couldn’t help herself now. 


Reaching her hand down beneath her dress, the older blonde bit her bottom lip as she felt a pang of pleasure course through her. Making helpers obey her… the stories never said it would make you feel so good doing so. She always got like this whenever she used a helper on herself or Ruri. 


“Kohaku, what are you doing?” Blinking before a blush dusted her cheeks, the older girl looked back to Suika as she saw her watching in confusion. She had forgotten about her audience… Sighing, the older blonde knew she couldn’t stop or play this off as something other than what it was. She never could control herself around helpers… 


“I’m… just having a little fun. When you use helpers, they make you feel good. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me and my sister at least… we both really like to do this when we use ours.” 


Hiking up the bottom of her dress, Kohaku continued to blush as she displayed her bare crotch to Suika. She usually went out hunting for helpers without any underwear on. It made using them afterward a less messy affair. 


Looking at the older girl's exposed privates, the little blonde blushed brightly as well as she watched the older girl move her helper away from her armpit and down to her crotch. “I guess, I can show you what I really love to do with helpers. But, don’t tell anyone. Got it?” 


Nodding obediently, Suika watched curiously as she tried to figure out what Kohaku was doing. However, it soon became apparent as she watched the older girl running her finger down her lower lips, a thin trail of clear fluid glistening off her fingertip. 


‘Did she pee…?’ It didn’t look like it, but she couldn’t figure out what else it could be. However, the younger girl didn’t have long to dwell on this fact instead seeing something new that made her gasp in surprise. 


Pressing her still struggling helper against her labia, Kohaku shivered in excitement as a jolt of pleasure ran through her again. ‘O-Oh yes…’ It had been far too long… Rubbing the frantic creature up and down her outer folds, the larger teen grinned as she began to apply a little more pressure. 


“Go on, pleasure me… You live to do this…” Helpers always wanted to help. It was in their name after all. And she had plenty of fun things she loved to use them for. Such as now… Sinking her finger into her depth before gasping loudly, Kohaku writhed on the grassy ground as soft moans escaped past her lips. 


Helpers were so small and feeble. They were rather pathetic when compared to humans. But, the one thing they could do that other human couldn’t was drive her crazy when they touched her down here. Not even her own hand could elicit the same pleasure these things could~. 


Moving her index finger out of herself and replacing it with both her middle and ring ones instead, the older girl began to gently play with herself as she saw Suika watching both in curiosity and confusion. She was better to learn this now so she could do this when she came of age. Both herself and Ruri had to figure it out together, and the younger girl didn’t have anyone to help her in that regard. 


“T-This… T-This is the best use f-for helpers! Ahh! T-They, struggle a lot, so when… when you put them inside of you, they make you feel really good…” Kohaku whispered, her voice coming out in soft pants. She hadn’t done anything like this in front of others before besides her sister. It was kind of embarrassing that she was showing Suika her most intimate of places, but it was for her own good. 


Looking at her own helper curiously, the younger blonde looked down at her white underpants before touching her privates through them. She didn’t really feel much but it did make her feel a little funny. 


Smiling coyly as she watched the curious girl, Kohaku quietly shook her head. “D-Don’t, worry… You’ll know when it’s the right time t-to play with your helper down, down there…” It just sort of happens. To everyone. Even the Sparkle Sisters could be heard moaning some nights after receiving new helpers. It was common to use them for whatever need you had after all. 


But she had to focus on her own right now. Moving her fingers in faster, the older girl shivered as she felt the blissful feeling of euphoria she had been missing over the last week. Rubbing her thumb against her clit as she worked around her little helper squirming inside her. Kohaku grinned as she felt an orgasm already approaching. 


Anytime she played with herself, it took a bit to feel satisfied. Anytime she used a helper to play with herself, however… it barely took half the time. They were just the perfect playthings. Cute, like humans. But small enough to be used like objects… They really were meant to be used. 


Thinking that soon rose her arousal. She wouldn’t admit it… but, it felt good to treat helpers like objects. It might seem cruel, or even sadistic to some… but she couldn’t help it. She loved the feeling too much to care. And, it was only going to get worse for her new helper. This was just its warm-up… 


Gripping her breast in an almost painful manner as her hips bucked skyward, Kohaku gasped as her eyes lit up with the same orgasmic feeling that always came with her use of the helpers. And then, she fell back down, before panting in fatigue. 


Releasing her tender flesh before wiping down the thin sheen of sweat that rested over her forehead, the older blonde smiled contently as a warmth that she had missed traveled through her and down onto her sticky, gloss-like coated hand. It felt so… right. But she could still feel the tingles of pleasure from her little helper within. 


Looking down at her crotch as she saw a leg dangling out as it twitched, the teenager smirked as she withdrew her wet digits and began to tug her plaything out in amusement. It looked waterlogged and almost drowned. But, on the plus side, that was how she needed it to be for what she wanted to do next. 


“T-That… That was the purpose of a helper, Suika. They make us feel REALLY good. So, make sure to use yours for everything. And if you ever find yourself bored with it, a want to get a new one. Just eat it whole and let it make your stomach feel good. They can help any part of you.” Kohaku smiled warmly before reaching over to pat the child’s head, before thinking better of herself with her glistening palms. 


Furrowing her brow as she looked back at her trembling helper, Suika quietly nodded before looking back down at her underwear again. “I don’t really feel anything… But if you say it's what they're for then I guess I can keep him here…” 


Pulling on the waistband of her damp underclothes, the struggling feeling of the helper in her hand grew frantic before she lowered it in. Giggling from the pleasant tickling that soon followed, the younger blonde moaned softly as she enjoyed this feeling more than what he had done with her armpit. She would need to learn to hold her Helper properly next time. She had a bath time coming up soon after all. 


Looking back to Kohaku to thank her, Suika soon grew silent as she saw… a strange look on the teenager’s face. Gazing down at her little helper, the older girl wore a look, of pure delight as she pinched her helper between her fingers so only his head stuck out. 


“Lick me, and make me clean. That’s your purpose now.” Giggling as she began to bring her plaything farther south than he already was, the faint struggling from before returned… but that was what Kohaku wanted to feel. 


Cupping her mouth, Suika gasped as she saw the bizarre sight with a mix of confusion, fright, and curiosity. Why was Kohaku putting her helper there?! She understood that the helpers were meant to clean you… but… that was the dirtiest part on people's bodies! 


Pressing her index finger against the back of the tiny creature’s head, Kohaku smirked as she began to twist its face against her twitching anus. She had felt it itching her for some time, but she made it a point to not scratch back there herself when she had a perfectly good helper to do it for her. Well… she had until Ruri needed him more. 


Moaning softly, the older girl smiled as her eyes shifted back to Suika to gauge her reaction. “This is our secret too~. The helpers love it in this place. They can help us stay clean in places where our hands can’t reach. Make sure you put yours up here when your older~.” 


Growing wide-eyed as she began to see the smaller helper's body disappearing inside of Kohaku’s asshole, the younger girl wasn’t sure what to say now. This seemed, hard to believe. Butts always smelled bad. Why would a helper want this?! But… hers had been dancing in her clothes since she put him in her underwear… Maybe, he did like it down there… 


Feeling the last of the tiny struggles of her plaything enter her rear, Kohaku gave her finger a light shove, before nodding. Deep enough to not get out and easy enough for her to push him back out when she was ready to use him again. It took practice to find the right amount to push him in. She had lost more than one helper this way when she was younger due to inexperience. 


Pulling her finger back out and wiping away the light smear of filth that was coating it on the grass beside her, the teenager smiled back at Suika before standing up slowly, her legs wobbling a little under her weight after her surprisingly pleasant play session. 


“And that’s it. That’s how you use Helpers properly Suika. Anytime you want some help training yours, feel free to come and see me. I have a bit of a knack for teaching these things how to serve us best~.” Kohaku winked before reaching down and plucking up her knife and shield. 


Watching the older teenager as she began to walk away, Suika was at a loss for words. There was so much she had learned today and now she had a better understanding of what to do with her new helper… But the way Kohaku used hers… made the younger girl wonder if she could ever become as experienced as her when it came to using them. 


Hopefully, she would get a lot of practice on her own. It was still dancing so she had to teach it not to move around so much… 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 



“Kohaku! Where have you been?! We were worried sick about you! Why did you leave so suddenly this morning?!” 


Walking past her father indifferently as the older man grit his teeth in both anger and concern, the younger girl smiled cheerily before moving behind the flap leading to her sister’s bed chambers as she gave him a half-hearted wave. “Good to see you too!” 


Giggling as she heard a groan of frustration behind her, the younger girl was soon joined as she heard some laughter echo out behind her, albeit labored and weak. Turning towards a large cot that rested a single person, Kohaku grew somber before smiling softly. 


“You shouldn’t *cough-cough* worry father like that… You know he doesn’t want anything to happen to both his daughters…” Sighing, the blonde-haired tomboy made her way over to her sister’s bed before seating herself beside Ruri, the sickly girl giving her a calming expression belying her true condition she felt right now. 


“And tell him I want helper hunting? You know the older generation doesn’t like when we use them.” Her father often told her that those things weren’t helpers and that it had to be something else but she knew better. So did Ruri. These were the helpers that were meant to be used. And used they would be… 


Reaching into her pouch and pulling out one of the two remaining helpers she had caught, Kohaku smiled as she saw the bright face of her sister light up upon seeing it. She always loved them even more than her… 


“Alright little guy, do your stuff. Make Ruri feel better. Please be the one to cure her of this sickness.” Kohaku whispered, her voice failing to hide some of the pleading in it as she kissed the top of the struggling helpers' head. 


Moving him over her sister’s face, Ruri smiled knowingly as she opened her mouth up. Feeling the frantic struggles of the tiny creature go wild as it stared down at her sister's waiting maw resting beneath it, Kohaku couldn’t help but grin. She always loved this part. 


Dropping the screaming thing into the bedridden blonde’s mouth, Ruri coughed a bit from the landing before maneuvering it around with her tongue. She could feel it struggling frantically. It wouldn’t help though. Her throat's positioning worked against it. 


Batting the naked thing, the sickly teen smiled genuinely as she felt a pleasurable feeling from overpowering the helper in her mouth, before deciding to take her medicine properly. As much as she wanted to keep playing with it… she didn’t want to be a burden to her sister after she went through all the trouble of finding another one to eat. 


Tilting her chin up a bit before Kohaku’s hand moved underneath it to support her, Ruri gulped loudly as a visible, squirming bulge traveled down her throat drawing the seated girl’s attention. What a captivating sight… 


Panting softly, Ruri smiled weakly at her sibling before nuzzling her chin against the healthier blonde’s fingertips. “T-Thank you… I’m sure this one, will be the one to help me.” Though even as she said it… she wasn’t so sure. This hadn’t been the first helper they tried to use this way. Or the second, or third… or tenth… 


But it made Kohaku happy and the sickly teen would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the feeling this brought her. It made the pain a bit more bearable which was why Kohaku went out of her way each week to do this for her. 


Moving the blanket off her sister, Kohaku lowered her face down to the lying girl’s stomach before pressing her ear against her navel. It was faint… but she could hear it. “He’s screaming. I can hear him running around. It's kind of pathetic, don’t you think? But… he’ll help you one way or another… they always do.” 


Hearing what sounded like a mix of a whimper and a moan, the healthier of the two siblings smirked as her hand that had rested on her sister's belly… moved just a bit more south than where it had previously been. 


“Does he make you feel good? If not… I brought you another one I can feed somewhere else~.” Kohaku smirked, her hand pressing against the damp panties her sister was wearing. She was soaked down here, and it clearly wasn’t by sweat. Just how eager had she been when she saw her come in?! 


Leaning back up with a warm smile on her features, Kohaku looked on at Ruri as the sickly blonde’s face took on a red complexion that almost made her seem like she had come down with a fever again. But, the younger of the two knew better. She always got like this. It was funny considering she was always the one to instigate these kinds of things. 


Leaning forward till their faces came inches apart, Kohaku blushed as well now, before moving down swiftly, pressing her lips against Ruri’s in an action that anyone would deem inappropriate between siblings. But neither cared. Both had done stuff like this growing up. Especially so once they learned about all the fun helpers could be when they played with them together. 


Not caring about catching whatever it was her sister may have, Kohaku continued her passionate lip-lock with her sister, before finally pulling away once she felt a tap on her pale cheek. As she did, the older girl began to cough briefly before smiling back at her little sister lovingly. 


“T-Thank you… Kohaku… I’d love to play with it together… But I don’t think you could be quiet enough. Not right now at least.” Pouting at being called out for being noisy when she played with her sister like that, the younger girl pouted but didn’t deny her older sibling's statement. 


“Fine… then, I’ll just win the village games and make you my wife. Then we can play with helpers as much and as loud as we want!” Kohaku snapped irritably. She hated that she couldn’t do these things with her big sister as easily after she got sick. There were always people around her at all hours of the day. 


Chuckling at her sister’s words, Ruri smiled softly before her head lulled back. “M-Maybe… one day…” Hearing her sibling grow quiet as she began to softly breathe indicating her strength was fading, Kohaku sighed before standing up. 


She would use the last helper on her sister when she woke up. It might be embarrassing for her to wake up and find it struggling in her ass… again. 



Grabbing her stuff and heading out, Kohaku smiled calmly as she walked right past her father and his advisor again before making her way towards her own room. She had some playing to do with her new helper. Hopefully, she could practice being quiet… so the real fun with Ruri could happen later on. 


And hopefully… she got better soon too… so they could frolic and play like they always had, for all the years they had been together… 




To be continued. 


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