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            “In a second!” Shawna called from her living room. As Shawna answered the door, she was greeted by a scrawny, teenaged looking titan, dressed in an untucked white polo shirt, with a decorative “Luciano’s pizza” logo over the right breast. “Delivery from Luciano’s P-pi-pi-perfection.” The boy started, before suddenly tripping over his words. In awe, he craned his neck to take in the large, beautiful vixen in front of him. Shawna smiled warmly, relieved he had finally arrived. “Hello, there, It’s good to see you made it tonight. Now, given it has been way past 30 minutes, I take it the foods free, right?” Shawna questioned, rather bluntly. It felt a little harsh, then again she was much too hungry to be polite. No response came, as the delivery boy simply gawked at her, sporting an awkward grin. Shawna had trouble grasping if it was adolescent nerves or embarrassment at his tardiness. ‘Oh, screw it’, she thought in frustration jerking the two large boxes from the kid’s limp grip. However, at a glance, something seemed…off.


            ‘Strange’, Shawna thought quizzically, as she handed him an almost comically small debit card to swipe. ‘Where’s Devin’s pizza?’. As the big lady inspected the haul, she saw no smaller box anywhere, not even a slight bulge from the bag. Shawna watched as the young man fiddled gingerly with the card given to him, inserting it into a clunky, pocket sized card reader. Shawna tried to pick a good time to ask this. If her human guest was paying it was only fair to make sure they had everything. “Excuse me sir, there was a third pizza, human sized, that was ordered, where is it?” She inquired, in a halfhearted attempt to ask in a polite tone as opposed to her more domineering one. She noticed the young man, face beet red, snapped back into focus before, clumsily gesturing to the second rectangular box. “It’s uh, r-right here, with the cinnamon sticks, mam.” Brow raised, Shawna grew curious. “Cinnamon sticks?” The teen cringed as he confirmed. “Um yes, they’re complimentary, due to my…tardiness.” He said, as he lowered his head in shame. “Shawna almost leaped for joy upon hearing of the complimentary bread. Hurriedly she snatched back Devin’s card and receipt. Not even bothering to thank the nerve wracked young man, as he fumbled to ask for a tip. 


Shutting the door, unceremoniously, she called out to her companion in a sing-song voice. “Oh, Deevin, looks like luck is on your side tonight. I ended up getting my bread sticks after a-aww.” She stopped mid-sentence, overwhelmed by an adorable sight. Devin had fallen asleep during her time bringing in the pizza, apparently. It was strange to see him so…peaceful looking, huddled in the couch cushions, almost like a puppy. She almost didn’t want to wake him up, but there was no way she was eating by herself, she’d feel like a pig. As she gently prodded him awake, she spoke the words that caused him to instantly pop awake. “Pizza’s here.” 


As the two began eating, Shawna began sharing the odd encounter she had with the pizza boy delivering their food. The more she told, the harder Devin cracked up. “Hahahahahaha, nah come on. tell me you’re joking; this has got to be mahade up.” He said, feeling his ribs ache with laughter. Shawna could barely contain her own laughter as she continued on. “Noho-no, that’s juhust it. The whole time I was like, “is this boy broken, or something?”, hehehehe, you know? I was like, the fuck? It was so weird” As she told him about her encounter getting the pizza, Devin could hardly take a bite, he was laughing so hard. “ I can’t believe that you had’ta snatch the food off of him, brohohohoho. Dude sounds like a a straight wuss. I bet-I bet when you shut the door, kid was like, “I love you, my queen!”.” The human said, only increasing their collective mirth. As the dinner raged on, they shared, more interesting stories, and even more laughter together. All in all, it was a great time for both involved. Then tragedy struck


As Shawna, reached into the box of cinnamon sticks, neither party took noticed of the billowing steam erupting from the freshly opened tin. As the giant casually took a large bit, Shawna’s eyes immediately shot open in white hot pain. Devin took notice, attempting to render aid. “Hey Shaw’, you good?” He asked grabbing at her right hand. He soon found himself flung across the room, as the titaness, flailed her arms in a blind panic. “Hatha-fatha, hatha-fatha!” she mouthed ineffectually, torn between whether she wanted to spit it out, or fight the pain. She tried swishing it around in her mouth, only succeeding in singeing her cheeks and palate. Devin meanwhile was recovering from his fall, making his way back to the table to check on Shawna. ‘God, this is bad!’, Shawna thought, as her eyes darted around for something to ease her pain. It was not long before she settled on her almost glass of fruit punch. Finally, using her last sip of the juice, the giant swallowed the glob of still warm dough. As she felt the lump travel down her throat, she immediately took note of Devin’s absence. Relief washed over her as she saw that he was unharmed.


As the two sat in each other’s presence, Devin piped up, hoping to ease some of the tension. “You know, maybe we should uh, cut pizza boy some slack.”. Shawna nodded in agreement, while slurping up the last of her juice. Devin noticed her tongue looked a bit raw, as he inquired if she was ok. “Yeah, I got a bit of a burn. I’ll be fine though. Who knew they made that bread so damn hot?” Shawna tried to keep things light, though she grimaced at every word she spoke. For Devin, there was only one way he saw to offer assistance. As he walked to her juiceless glass, the human reached inside, plucking an ice cube as best he could.  “What are you doing there Dev?” Shawna asked perplexed by his actions. “Shawna, Say AAh for me.” Devin said plainly, as he inspected the ice cube he held. He tried to keep a firm grip as he made his way to her face.


Shawna, knew Devin was trying to sooth her burns, that was obvious. Still, she hesitated, as she opened her mouth to receive the frozen mound of water. As Devin glided the ice cube, over the giantess’s’ tongue, he instantly retracted as Shawna slurped at the collected moisture in her mouth. Shawna giggled a bit at his skittishness, given this was his own idea. Devin put on a brave face as he continued the circular motions in the girl’s mouth. “just like washing a car.”  He said, as he rubbed the dwindling water across her tongue, checks, and gums. Shawna meanwhile couldn’t help but let out a relaxed sigh here, or a pleasant moan there. She was thoroughly enjoying her burn treatment, even if the cold would cause a shocked squeak to erupt if Devin grazed her teeth with the ice cube.  She had to admit the night had been fun for her overall. Part of her wished it never had to end. ‘I guess all good things have to end sometime.’ She thought plainly ‘like…tonight.’ Her mood darkened as she thought to herself.


Devin soon climbed from the giant’s mouth, Satisfied, that he had been of help. “You feeling better?” he asked. Shawna shot a thumb up, signaling all was well, though she was quiet as she did so. “hey Shawna, you ok?” Devin asked up at her, concern growing. Shawna shot a quick glance before stating “Yep, all good.” Though Devin had trouble believing her for a second. As the two put up the leftovers, Devin took the opportunity to ask when he would get the cord necessary for him to head home. Eventually Shawna agreed to give it to him in the morning, as she carried him to her bedroom. “Consider this your final task.” She said, glumly, as she setup a shoebox for him to spend the night in. As they readied for bed, Devin soon spoke up. “Hey Shawna. Thanks for showing me a great night. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but you surprised me.” Shawna felt a lump form in her throat as she answered “Back at you Devin.” 


Later that night, the giantess would peer into the shoebox, admiring the sleeping form of Devin. She instantly felt the same now, as when she first saw him sleeping in her living room. Now though, she found herself wondering over and over, ‘Why does he have to leave?’

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