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A faint gleam of sunlight peeking through the blinds, signaling the start of a new day. The room brightened considerably, though it was fortunate that the sun’s rays had barely missed the sleeping pair snuggling closely in the rooms corner. As a cacophony of sounds roused him out of his sound sleep, Devin awoke with a start as he groggily tried to take stock of his surroundings, he immediately praised himself for choosing to forgo sleeping in the shoebox he had setup earlier. Devin found that he quite like waking up in his current sleeping quarters. He luxuriated in the feeling of himself once again smothered in between two familiar fleshy walls, with an equally loud pounding noise drumming on his left side. As he became more aware, Devin heard a roaring thunderous snore, like roaring thunder, repeating rhythmically around him. As an internal force pulsated around him, the human could feel himself being lulled back to sleep from its soothing sound. 


However, Devin quickly shook his drowsiness off, as he resisted sleep’s warm embrace ‘I have got to get up’, he thought, knowing he he plans to make today, not wanting to waste any more time in his dreams. He had to get dressed, lest he waste the day like some lazy stoner. Mustering all his fight, he tried his damnedest to shake his tired body from the firm mountains, clutching so tight. As Devin fought against the fleshy mounds, he felt as though his arms had still not caught up with the rest of him yet. As he did his best to wriggle free from his prison, he hoped he did not wake Shawna up, as he did not want to deal with a cranky giantess, not at all. “come on, come on, got to get…” Devin whispered to himself as he soon managed to wrench his right arm free.  “-out of here.” Devin pumped his small fist in the air, in a mock cheer, happy to be free at last.


“Mmmm, Noooooo.” Came a slurred voice. The titaness above him, had become irritated at the events unfolding on her body, curling herself inward to quell it. “uuugh, Devin, cut it out. stop moving, and go back to sleep.” As Shawna, still drowsy, felt the movements in her bosom continue, her body responded, by simply turning over on her front, threatening to squash the smaller creature, for his defiance. Luckily for Devin, he had completed about 75% of his initial task. After wrenching his 2nd leg out of her constricting cleavage, he was finally out. ‘Free at last!’, he thought, as he carefully made his way off the bed, heading towards the bathroom. Suddenly his seemingly sleeping companion spoke again. 


“Hey you, where are you going?” She asked, irritable at his sudden escape. “I’m going to go freshen up, you know? Get ready to start the day?” Devin said this as if it should be obvious. Shawna groaned, annoyed he was trying to get ready so early. “Come on Dev, not now. It’s way too early for this.” However, Devin was not going to back down. All that effort to get away from her smothering titties was not going to be in vain. He figured, if anything, he could at least knock the crust from his eyes, and brush his teeth. “I’m just going to freshen up at least, won’t take long.” He said, assuring her. “Hmmm, ok, but you be sure to get back here when you finish. I’m not quite done with you yet.” She stated dismissively as she laid back down, to catch more sleep. Devin was going to argue that that was not his original intent, but as he once again heard her snores, he realized, he wouldn’t exactly be able to argue. 


After relieving himself and brushing his teeth, Devin made his way back to the bedroom. Surveying the nearby alarm clock, he spotted that it was only 06:30 AM. ‘Huh, I guess I got started a little too early’ Devin thought as he made his way back to the bed, beginning his climb back up. As he neared the giantess’ midsection he found himself for the first time that day(Though, it probably would not be the last) pulled into a warm hug, hearing a sweet "Come here you" from Shawna up above. Snuggling into his perch back between her breasts, Devin yawned, conceding to her tender mercies. "Maybe, I could afford a later start today." he thought aloud, As he finally allowed himself to be lulled back to sleep by the thudding heartbeat close by. Afterall, he figured that he indeed had plenty of time to spare.

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