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I woke up, and found myself on a gigantic, smooth, plane. As I felt it, I realized it was wood. Far off in the distance, I saw what looked like buildings. Then, everything shook with rhythmic, booming, thunder.


As I turned around, I saw a mountain. It started moving closer, and then I knew. It was a gargantuan ass! Deafening voices rumbled in my ears, to the point that I thought my eardrums would shatter.


“Hey, Candy!”, one of the titans shouted. “Good work on that game, tonight! Really hustled!” ‘Shit!’, I thought ‘I’m in the girls locker room of the college’ It looked like the volleyball team had just finished a game. I could hear the Lycra stretch, as the immense backside descended at a alarming rate! I ran as fast as I could. As I stopped, gasping, I saw that I had just barely missed being pancaked by the woman’s left cheek. Everything was cast in darkness, as I was in the giant cavern of the woman’s ass crack.


“You didn’t do too bad, yourself, Lauren!” Distant thumps were heard, no doubt the giantess removing her sneakers. The darkness increased, as I was covered by her shorts. The woman, apparently named Lauren, picked them up. It felt like I was feeling 2 G’s of force, as I saw a giant duffell bag loom before me. However, my luck wouldn’t last. I fell out of the vast mountain of fabric, and landed on her finger. The digit was three times my size. I held on for dear life, as Lauren walked over to the showers, grabbing a washcloth and body was from the bag. I saw inundated with a mass of strawberry scented stuff. As I saw a gigantic breast fill my vision, I said, “Shit.” I gripped the cloth, as she swiped it across her breasts. I was smashed against her stomach, as a part of my mind admired her huge abs. As she lowered the cloth, I saw that same mountainous butt. Finally, the ‘tour’ was over. As she dropped the cloth, I jumped as hard as I could. Grabbing the end of one of her huge, shoulder length black hairs, I began to climb. I had just about reached her ear, when another liquid covered me. It was strawberry scented shampoo! I clung to her huge index finger, as she ground me into the forest of her hair. A gigantic waterfall roared over me, as she ducked her head under the shower head.


As she shook her head like a dog, I slipped off. Down past the giant breasts, past the huge wall of her abs. I reached out desperately, finding purchase. “Oh, shit.”, I said, rolling my eyes. I had traded one jungle of hair for another, trapped in the curly forest of her crotch. Again, I held on as the titan shut off the shower and walked back to her bag. After toweling off (during which I almost fell), She grabbed a pair of jeans, as well as a pair of royal blue men’s jockey shorts. A vast white wall soared past. I heard a loud THWACK, and my unaware host let out a giant “OUCH!”. As she turned, I saw a jungle similar to the one a was in, only blonde. “Dammit, Taylor!”, Lauren bellowed. The other giant merely laughed, and I saw her quickly walk away.


Another earthquake, and a wall of blue as far as the eye could see, pressed against me. With a deafening noise, the giantess zipped up her jeans, and we were off. To where, I did not know.


Delicious smells assaulted me, and I knew we were in the cafeteria. After selecting her food, including pizza, I held on as she walked towards the seating area. Everything shook again, as my ride sat down. “This is the only chance I’ll have”, I muttered, and crawled up out of the hair. The J of the JOCKEY logo loomed in front of me, as I ascended. I laughed. ‘When I got up this morning, I sure as hell didn’t expect to be climbing a enormous woman’s body” I grabbed the hem of her white T shirt, and got to the bottom of her chest. She was actually kind of small chested, but, to me they were immense. “Shit!”, I heard from behind me. “Lauren, there’s a bug on your shirt.” With a loud groan of disgust, the huge hand swooped towards me. As it grew closer, it became bigger. ‘I’m getting even smaller!’ Soon, the finger that was now skyscraper sized, knocked me off. I fell down, landing on a landscape sized pepperoni. Rumbling thunder echoed, and I realized I was so small, their talking was incomprehensible to me.


Everything shook, and I felt myself rise. A gigantic mouth, big enough to devour a city block, filled my vision. The only thing that saved me, was Lauren stopping to inhale the aroma. I was rocketing up, to a nostril that was three times my size. With a loud SPLAT, I landed in a glob of mucus. Distant, yet loud chewing and gulping noises echoed. I thrashed around, hoping to get the gigantic woman’s attention. Unfortunately, I did.



With a inhale like a jet engine, I was buffeted around. “Dammit!”, I said. A booming explosion surrounded me, and I was shot out of her nose. ‘I’m lucky I’m so athletic’. I grabbed onto the tip of her nose, as a huge wad of mucus blasted out underneath me.


“I’m getting fucking tired of this”, I growled, and began climbing up her giant nose. Clinging to one of her bottom eyelashes, I hoped that I could gain her attention, despite being almost microscopic. More deafening thunder, and I saw that fucking finger zoom up towards me. The same finger swept past her ear, and I grabbed onto the lobe.




“Fuck, my ear is itching”, Lauren said. “I’d thought that shower had gotten you clean. I guess not.”, said Taylor, smirking. The other woman glowered. “Shut up! Snapping that towel on my ass.” With little thought, she scratched the itch. “I’m full”, her blonde friend said, and they got up.




I dropped down, clinging to the hem of her shirt. As she got up, I saw her jeans gap. Bone tired, I couldn’t hold on anymore, and I fell into the chasm below. More thunder, and I felt a huge weight press against me, one of her fingers. The giant clenched her now continent sized cheeks together. My last thought was, “What a fucking shitty day.”



Making sure no one could see, Lauren shoved her left hand into the back of her jeans, behind her underwear. ‘Fucking itching’, she thought, digging her finger in her butt crack. Pulling her hand out, she squeezed her ass, crunching whatever had gotten in there. She let out a breath, and stepped inside the women’s restroom. After she washed her hands thoroughly, Lauren forgot the itch. Hips swaying, she continued to her World History 301 class.




Chapter End Notes:

This just popped into my head.


Hope youl liked it!

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