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Author's Chapter Notes:


If Felix hadn’t been late for the bus that day, he would’ve been 72.

Had he not stopped walking at the yellow light and kept going, he would’ve been 73.

Granny Gilda decided to go shopping on a Tuesday instead of her normal Wednesdays, and her weak fingers caused her to drop her bags on her way home, and the kind Felix knelt down to help her pick them up. Had that been all, he would’ve been 75.

But Felix stopped for a moment to admire the daisies that had just bloomed. This allowed Paul Johnson to pass him, and Felix became 76. 


Felix woke up on a cold floor. He didn’t have the strength to open his eyes, and he was too focused on the pounding sensation that plagued his head to worry about where he was. His body tingled, and soon the pain in his head faded away. For a second, he debated if he were dead. In that moment, he felt true peace. He was weightless, like an angel resting on a cloud. He was afraid that opening his eyes might ruin his illusion of bliss, and reveal that he had just collapsed on a pavement somewhere. No, he wanted to enjoy this feeling—a feeling that unfortunately wouldn’t last long.

“Someone help!” A woman’s voice screamed. She sounded far away, but Felix could still make out the sound. His eyelids were heavy, but he managed to open them wide enough to get a look at his surroundings. His vision was blurred, but he saw the woman running adjacent to him. She must’ve been a couple yards away. She constantly turned her head around, as if to look at whoever it was that was chasing her. 

Felix blinked twice, clearing up his eyesight to his normal 20/20 vision. Something didn’t look right. It looked like he was on a hardwood floor, but each plank was way too big. His body alone didn’t even make up the length of a single plank width. 


The sound of a bang in front of him brought him back to the woman. Felix tried shouting out to her, but his voice was raspy and the words didn’t come out. For a second time, the woman screamed. Felix cleared his throat and reached his arm out. It shook in the air, revealing to Felix how weak his body felt. “Hey.” He tried shouting, but it only came out as a murmur.

Luckily, the girl heard him. She turned to him. Felix could make out the desperation and fear in her eyes. It didn’t make sense to him; Felix didn’t see anyone else around. What was she running from? Before the girl even had a chance to run towards Felix, something large and round struck the girl’s side. She screeched. Where did that come from? 

The girl shot a foot in the air, and landed far away from where she originally was. The sphere rolled towards her before coming to a stop at her feet. It was too smooth to be a rock. The thought alone made Felix feel crazy, but it almost looked like a giant marble.

“Bullzeye!” Unlike the woman’s screams, this roar was ear piercing. Felix instinctively covered his eyes. Felix tried desperately to regain his bearings. He had no idea what was going on, but he was obviously in danger. He staggered up to his feet. His head spun, as did his world. He no longer knew that peaceful bliss from earlier. It was replaced with fear and anxiety.

“AH! Stop, please! I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on! I’ll be a good little whore.” The girl from earlier wailed and cried. Who was she talking… 

Felix grabbed his ears again at another ear piercing siren. “Can you even walk anymore? I think I might’ve broken your back by accident.” Felix couldn’t hear anything else as his ears were ringing too loudly. Instead, he forced his eyes open. 

A large shadow casted over the woman, and she was soon covered by a weird liquid that fell from above her. The liquid was too thick to be water, and it was mixed with some foamy white stuff. If Felix had known the truth about his situation, he would’ve known the girl was now drawing in a layer of spit, unable to move due to the marble that broke her back.

Despite not knowing what the liquid was, Felix knew he had to help the woman. Every instinct he had told him to make a run for it, but he needed the woman’s help as much as she needed his. Each step he took towards the woman sent knives up his numb legs. After he saved her, they would have to find somewhere to hide so they could both heal up. 

As he got closer, he could make out the woman’s desperate thrashing in the phlegm. She was covered in it. Without help, she had no hope of making it out and she would drown. Felix dropped to his knees in front of her, covering himself in some of the sticky liquid. He pushed his hands into the mess and wiped it away from her face first. 

The woman clung to every breath she was given, spitting out whatever it was she was forced to swallow in the process. She turned to her savior, tears flowing out of her eyes. “Please, you have to save me. I-I can’t feel my legs. Please please please you have to get me out of here. Get me away from her.” She was hysterical.

Felix tried his best to calm her down. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of here.” He said with a smile. He wanted her to feel safe. With him around, nothing bad was going to happen to her. He’d make sure of it. His face looked so calm and handsome in the moment, who wouldn’t feel safe in his presence?

“See, I knew you couldn’t walk.” *Crunch*

Without any warning, something large and white crashed down on top of the poor girl. She was dead in an instant. Her blood splattered, though most of it was contained under the object. 

Felix stared at it blankly. Without moving his face and inch, he brought his hand up and wiped under his eye. The woman’s blood was on his face. It was on his clothes. She was just right here, where did she go?

Looking longer at the object, Felix finally came to grips with what his current reality was. He was looking at a giant shoe. Not just any shoe, but a giant white vans sneaker. The sneaker alone was enough to send his mind into a panicked frenzy, he couldn’t even imagine who might be wearing it.

That giant just snuffed out a girl’s existence with her shoe alone. How cruel… Felix was brought back to the present as the sneaker started to twist back and forth. Each twist bringing another crunch with it. The shoe continued until every bone in the woman’s body was pulverized to dust.

Felix found the experience to be traumatizing enough; he wasn’t ready for when the shoe lifted up. He could make out the girl’s twisted and deformed face as it stretched from the floor to the shoe that was only a few inches in the air. Her guts clinged to the sole, stuck in its creavases. 

The sight became too much for him, and Felix fell on his back. He looked up at the ceiling. Things started making sense to him. He really was on a hardwood floor, and each plank looked huge to him because he was tiny. He was shrunk, trapped inside a room he had never seen before.

“You really shouldn’t get that close to someone who’s about to be stepped on.” The loud voice said. Felix didn’t have the strength to cover his ears anymore. He was barely able to move his eyes to get a look at the source.

He finally saw her. The giant dark haired girl who crushed the person under her shoe. He quickly looked away. He repeated over and over again in his head how this couldn’t be real. But it was

The giant girl bent down over him. His vision was getting darker.

“Don’t give up on me now, you just woke up.” She said. Though his vision was weak, he could make out how mad she was. What did he even do to her?

“You’re supposed to be mine.” She pouted. “I won’t stand for another weak tiny.” 

Before anything else could happen, Felix blacked out.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed! I don't expect too many people to because of how I'm writing this, but as long as I keep having fun I'll keep writing.

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