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Beach Vacation

By VivettaVenray


(WARNING: Contains vore, digestion, cruelty, tentacles, weirdness, and gore among other things)


(NOTE: This story is similar to "Cinnamon Bump" in themes. Namely, it's got a lot of omni and power stuff alongside the size content. It's not exactly a sequel though, as the "protagonist" is different.


Also, this story is just a bit of fiction. I'm mentioning this because the main character kind of rips on a man's appearance, and I want to emphasize that the views presented by said character aren't necessarily my own. Everything in here was written for appeal, [attempts at] humor, or story purposes.


On that note, I took writing this story not too seriously, which made for an even more fun and fast time writing it. If the story seems a bit goofy at times, that's probably why.)




Chapter 1: Beach Time


Clear blue sky, gentle ocean breeze, and warm summer heat. When time comes to the hotter seasons, it’s hard to beat a beach in fun. That’s why Ming Li made sure to spend her vacation near one. The young woman had just finished her first year of grad school, so it was a rather happy occasion, and she was looking forward to a fun summer break.


Clad only in a small black bikini, she was stretched out across a black and white beach towel which just screamed ‘basic’. Her purse and canvas beach bag rested near her head, with the latter containing a change of clothes among some other beach-time “essentials.”


Ming Li’s black hair was short. It wasn’t so short that it looked like a man’s cut though, but it was too short for a ponytail or anything. Well, she thought she could probably ‘technically’ tie it into a pony-tail, but it’d be so short that it’d be more of a ‘pity-tail’ really. What was important to Ming Li is that her hair was short enough to stay the fuck out of her face if she lied on her stomach.


However, she wasn’t on her stomach. Instead, she laid on her back with her taut and perfect tummy facing the sun, greedily lapping up the warmth of star rays. Despite her fair-skin the lithe, subtly-curved woman had no sunscreen on, but that was no problem since she didn’t burn or tan. Similarly, didn’t have any sunglasses on either, as she didn’t need to trouble herself with the sun hurting her gaze. If anything, it’d be the other way around.


Ming Li relaxed, one legged crossed over the other. Every so often, her bare foot idly bobbed, not a speck of sand on its pale-ish and perfect sole. The undersides of her short, unpainted finger and toe nails were similarly free of any irritating sand grains.


Life was good. Not even the shouts and splashes from college-goers in the crowded waters disturbed her. She was relaxed... for 30 or so minutes.


At that point, someone stomped near her head and jostled her out of her recreation. It was ok though, since they were kind of cute. The interrupter was a young woman, 20s, with long black hair and an itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot bikini on.


Ming languidly opened her eyes so her brown almond-shaped eyes could meet this new comer’s.


"Uh, hi miss" said the tan woman. "I'm super sorry to tell you, but a sand sculpture competition is gonna start soon in this area of the beach."


"Sand sculpture? So, sand castles?"


"Well they don't technically need to be sand castles, but most of the competitors do go with that. Anyways, I'm so sorry to disturb you, but, would you mind moving?"


"No at all.", said Ming in one of her sweeter tones of voice. She quickly gathered her towel and purse and moved off leftwards along the sandy coast.


She quickly found another perfect little spot with enough space between herself and others that she wouldn't feel closed in, yet not so much space that someone would try and set up near her.


In this spot, she proceeded to rest.


Ming didn't fall sleep per-se; she just relaxed. It was kind of like meditation, but her mind wasn't empty or anything. In fact, at several points, she was thinking of more things at one time than all of humanity had thought up in its thousands of years of history.


This was easier than it sounded for someone like her, and she did it quite often on accident.


But, there were also moments were her mind was blank, and it was pretty nice. So nice, that she stayed in her relaxed state for a solid 2 hours. At the end of that time, she jolted up upwards in a perfect hands-free sit-up.


"Fuck.”, she said.


“I forgot my beach bag."


So, Ming Li hopped off her towel and walked back along the beach to where she used to be. She felt joy at seeing her mono-color beach-bag right where she left it. She also felt a *little* concerned to see it was behind one of those barricades with the movable stands from which that flexible but sturdy band of fabric came out between.


Also, in front of the little barricade was a man in black swim trunks with a thin, black, water-safe vest that had the words “Beach Security” written on the front in yellow font. The man had a sturdy, short build with hair running down his bare arms and legs. Ming even noticed he had some hair on the top of his feet, like a gorilla, or some sort of fantasy race that drinks and eats too much, and is probably noisy.

Ming didn’t know if he would be noisy, but she was betting on it. The man had his brown hair in own of those ‘let me see your id’ haircuts.


‘Look at those sunshades.’, thought Ming. ‘How obnoxious, they might as well say ‘douche’ on the side. I guess he needs them that big and dark to hide his beady little blue eyes’

To top it off, as Ming sauntered over across the sands, he looked right at her and crossed his arms. She got the feeling that *anyone* would get the feeling that he wasn’t gonna make getting her bag easy.


But, she tried anyways. Walking up to the man she gave a dainty little wave.


“Hey there. I’m sorry, but I left my bag in the competition area it looks like.”

Ming pointed at the bag which rested, untouched, near a sand-castle in progress. The sculpture in question was pretty tall: about as much as a car is. Said sculpture stood close by a long white table complete with three beach chairs where upon sat three people who must’ve been judges. Seemed everyone was still putting the finishing touches on their works, as in the distance some woman was patting out the feathers of her giant ‘sand duck’, and someone further down had sculpted some cartoon character out of beach matter.


Ming thought it looked like a pretty ‘stupid-fun’ kind of contest. The security guard, in contrast, didn’t even turn his head to look at her bag, let alone the other goings-on. Instead, he looked down at Ming from the lofty inches of height he had on her. She could feel his beady-eyed glare from behind his sunglasses, and had to struggle to neither laugh nor groan at it.


He said nothing. Ming quietly lamented that of course he was the type to make her ask.


“Do *yoooou* mind if I get it?”, asked Ming.


“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that miss. The competition’s started and spectators have to stay outside the barricade lines.”

“I see, well, I’m not a spectator. I just want to get my bag and head back farther down the beach to my spot.”


“If you’re not in the competition, judging it, or filming it, then you’re a spectator.”

“Soooo does that mean *you’re* a spectator?” asked Ming with a cocked eyebrow.


“No, I’m beach security.”, said the man. Ming could tell from his tone of voice he wasn’t pleased by her last question.


Ming wished she had some table surface to drum her fingers on to more politely convey her annoyance. Although, she didn’t wish it so hard that it actually happened.


“Ok, well, could you go get it for me then?”


“Can’t do that that ma’am.”

“Why not?”


“Cause I’m not a part of the competition. Unless there’s a situation I don’t go past the barricade either.”


“Alright well can I just go get it please. I’ll be in and out super quick. I probably couldn’t mess with that giant sand castle if I tried.” said Ming, lying on the last part.


“Like, I *reallllly* don’t see why I can’t just go in and grab it. It kind of hurts no one.”, said Ming.


The beach security staffer wrinkled his nose and stood up even straighter. He let silence linger a few noticeable seconds.


‘Is this guy fucking serious?’, thought Ming to herself. She was growing irate.


“You wanna know why I can’t let you get that bag?”, he said.


‘Here we go...’


“I don’t know, sir. Did you smell too many free samples at the glue factory? Microwave burrito burn your tongue this morning?”, said Ming.


He seemed unamused, but also unphased.


“Two words ma’am: personal responsibility.”


‘Oh my fucking-, he’s one of these types.’


The guard kept talking.


“You had ample time to clear the area before things set-up but wanted to ‘chillax’ with all the other ‘beach-babes’”


‘People actually talk like this?’, thought an incredulous, even more irate Ming.


“Actions have consequences ma’am, and you need to take responsibility. You can pick up your bag at the lost and found once the competition ends in a few hours.”

“A few hours?!?” said Ming, loudly. “So I’m supposed to be hang around for a few hours, when my bag is right there?!?”


The man lifted his shades, showing off those beady blue eyes.


“You’re not just supposed to man. You’re gonna.”


He let his shades fall back on his nose, thinking the gesture cool or something.


Ming sucked her lips into her mouth a bit, looking away to try and contain her temper.

She failed.


With sucking noise from her tongue to start,


“Look, dude, I can read your insecurities like an open book, and from my intimate knowledge on how the universe works I *promise* you that no matter how much you flex your beach powers you’re *not* gonna sprout up 5” inches in height. 5’7” is totally fine for some women so all your time fretting over it’s wasted.”


She seemed to had hit a nerve, and kept talking.


“I know that you want to try and seem intimidating in society’s much lauded and direly important job of *beach guard*, but the moment you put on flip-flops that became impossible. I know you really want more respect as the kind of person who stops others from peeing in the ocean or leaving behind a soda bottle, but it just doesn’t happen does it?”

His face started getting a little red: with anger, not sunburn. A vein twitched near his hairline in a pulsing little tantrum. Ming went on.


“I know you try to be a douche to compensate for that, but all your doing is causing stress and embarrassing yourself. Besides, unlike an *actual* douche, you got about a 0% chance of getting anywhere near my vagina. So, let me get my bag and go back to my spot, then you can go back to pretending your life has some semblance of importance and meaning ok? Cause I’m gonna cross that barricade right now, and I’m warning you ahead of time that if you try and stop me-”


The man yelled his next words.


“Ma’am if you cross that line you *will* be subdued.”


“If you try and stop me,”, Ming continued, “I’ll show you what a *real* power trip looks like.”


Ming walked towards the barricade with the seething security staff member watching and in the way. She reached her bare arm to touch the barricade.


The security guard, red as a beet, moved his hand out to press against her stomach and hold Ming back. His hand crumbled back into his arm, fingers twisted, gnarled, with bones poking out. The bone of his elbow shot out like a bullet, shattering into shrapnel, some of which pierced the brain of the poor, handsome man working on that giant sandcastle behind him.


Howling in pain, the guard’s face turned to one of shock and terrified awe. His entire arm had essentially exploded: blood, bone and ‘meat’ bits flew all around him, though mostly behind to paint the sand castle sculpture a shade of red.

When an object touches another object, a force is exerted and, in normal circumstances, an equal and opposite force is exerted back. That is how physics works, *normally*, and it’s through this law of physics that someone can break their fist when punching a dense metal wall.


In the moment when the guard pushed Ming, she had willed her body to be as dense as a neutron star at the area of impact. A neutron star is typically so dense that a teaspoon weighs millions of tons. Consequently, and combined with some temporary tweaks to the laws of physics via Ming’s cosmic powers, the man’s arm essentially exploded on impact.


Ming smirked as the shower of gore and the man’s screaming continued. His warm blood gushed everywhere a bit thicker than any fine sea mist spray the ocean could offer.


She snapped her fingers and instantly cleaned herself of the mess, though it continued to go on around her. There was an artery in that arm, and it was gushing out like a fire hose with the head cut off and the fireman asleep at the hydrant.


“Ah, how satisfying.”, uttered Ming.

The beach guard continued his relentless failing.


“Jeez~~, cool down a little will you?”, she said.


Smiling, Ming pursed her lips together, and blew.




Despite how gentle her breath usually was, that particular exhale blew every inch of skin right off the man’s body. It also vaporized his clothing. Ming made sure the former happened first, as she wasn’t exactly in the mood to see his naked dong. A skinless schlang, however, she found more acceptable.


Expectedly, the man’s screaming only intensified. A gust of wind blew some sand his way to irritate a body now entirely exposed in pretty much every sense of the word. Blood dripped from the crimson-red man to stain the sands below. His beady blue eyes met Ming’s delighted brown. Teeth grinding first, he proceeded to let out a primal scream driven in equal parts by rage and raw agony.


Ming laughed, eyeing the contours of his abdomen now freely exposed. She saw the way blood drifted through the squares of his abs like some red thick river. Her gaze trailed the sweet sanguine fluid as it bathed his biceps. Every painful twitch he did flexing his stuff. Looking at him now made her feel a bit warmer than just the solar rays could account for.


Her teeth found her lower lip in a gentle nibble. She made a sucking sound with her tongue again.


“You know, without all the skin in the way, your musculature’s pretty nice. I was just gonna leave you to die in the sands, but I think there’s potential for some fun together.”

Ming wiggled her finger and an oval of space-time warbled near the flayed man. An aperture had opened up, leading into some pinkish realm. The man turned to take a peek, and saw fields with lot of pink villi-looking nubs, many lined with some glistening fluid. He saw a lot of other stuff in there too, mostly pink as well.


Pink flesh tentacles reached out of the portal to grab his arms and legs. One draped across his skinless pectorals to rub the area sensually while Ming giddily twisted her toes in the sand.


“W-what the-, what is that place?!?”, screamed the man.


“You can think of it as heaven, or hell. Depends on your pain tolerance, and how kinky you are really.”


More pink tendrils of varying thickness came out, coiling around him further.

“No, no-mmfnfn!!!” he muttered, as one such tentacle started slithering down his throat.


The limbs pulled him into the portal, which sealed. At the same time, a blushed Ming shivered with delight in the hot summer afternoon. She quickly regained her composure, however, as she had literal eternities to play with him and all the others in there.


“Haha, ah... manlets, when will they-”


“Everyone get out the water!”, came a loud, megaphone-amplified voice to interrupt Ming.


“Evacuate the beach! We have a biohazard on the seashore. I repeat, biohazard on the seashore.”


Ming looked around to see everyone panicking. People were running out of the ocean, stampeding through the sands. The beach was crowded on such a nice day, and almost everyone nearby saw the blood explosion and subsequent deskinning of a living man. Word traveled fast that something was going on, to the point that lifeguards started giving announcements.


“Ah I guess everyone did see all that there, didn’t they? Oh well.”, mused Ming.


She turned to the left and faced the waters. There, people will falling over themselves trying to get back to shore.


“Oh no no, the beach is crowded enough as it is.”

She waved her hand and an invisible wall formed. Everyone trying to get back to store ended up bonking other heads on the transparent construct instead. Upon realizing they were stuck in the water, their screaming and flailing only intensified.


“Ugh, noisy too. Let’s put an end to that.”

Another wave of Ming’s hand and the seawater began to heat, bubble. With just a thought and an extraneous gesture, Ming caused the entire ocean to boil or, rather, all the world’s oceans to boil. Every ocean was connected after all, separated only by the classification and criteria of all humanity throughout history. Ming’s criteria was simpler: she wanted all the water to be deathly hot so people would shut up. She didn’t want the ocean to boil away into gas though, so vapors cooled back down upon getting farther up from the sea.


She knew the plan would work, but it didn’t work right away cause the screaming only intensified. Flesh cooked from all the men and women stuck behind her wall of force. It even sloughed off as they beat their hands against its invisible surface.


Ming took a deep breath for another satisfied sigh. Her nose twitched as the smell of boiling flesh reached her nostrils. Titillating in a weird way, but also distracting. She made it so her coast-long force-field blocked out the odor.


She turned around, watching people trying to flee the beach. Ming spoke, and no matter their her distance from them, her voice reached them as though speaking face-to-face.


“Whoa where’s everyone going? There’s still a sand sculpture competition happening. If I don’t get to have a normal vacation, then I will have an extraordinary one, which means I’m gonna win it!”


Aside from that bit of obvious oddness, the sand beneath everyone’s feet reached up to grab them and tug them down to their waist. Everyone besides Ming, that is, and the three judges who were cowering in their white beach chairs by the table.


Ming walked a bit towards them. She rested one hand against the unfinished car-sized sand castle, pointed at it with the other, then addressed the judges.

“The person working on this died. That means she’s disqualified right?”


The two men and one woman stared with looks of horror on their faces: they also had a bit of blood there, too, from the earlier security guard incident.


“Uh, well, I suppose technically-”


“Great.”, said Ming. “That means there’s a spot open right?”

“Well,” said the woman. “N-normally no one is able to join once the sand sculpting has already started.”


Ming glared, and the sand by the judge’s flip-flops began creeping upwards.

“B-but yes, you can compete.”

“Nice, since I’m starting late I’m only at a disadvantage right? You made the right call.”, said Ming.


Ming Li faced that castle sculpture and rubbed her hands together, giving them a quick blow after. In front of the bewildered judges, she then quickly grew to about 125 feet tall. Thanks to her spread leg posture, the sculpture wasn’t pushed away like the other sand by her feet. Said feet now stretched over 18ft long.


Without much warning, she arched her right leg back for a kick right through the old sand sculpture. Oodles of sand went flying across the beach. Much of it drifted down atop some unlucky people suck torso-deep into the sands nearby. A couple of them, an even unluckier subgroup, started to suffocate as the stuff covered their head.


To make matters worse, Ming had also sent the corpse of the guy previously working on the sculpture flying. Though none of his insides got on her, or even stained the suddenly-clean build area, it did spray as trickles in his arc. Bits of blood and brain matter fell on the hands of sand-stuck beach-goers, who could only intensify their screams in response. Some *did* wiggle their heads to try and get the grossness out of their hair, albeit not to much avail.


Ming spun her heels to face the judges. This kicked up another little sand storm, and splattered those oh so important 3 judges with a little more sand.


With a smile, Ming bent down and dug her hands into the beach and scooped up a bunch of sand before looming back right. A bit of hand-shaking for showmanship, and she let the sand drift back down through parted fingers. As the sand fell, it did so orderly, eventually forming what looked like an impeccably crafted model of a city. Roughly the size of a car the sculpture, oddly enough, came complete with moving figures.


"Do you like it?”, began Ming.


“It's a model of San Beach City. It's accurate down to the nearest micrometer, and even comes complete with all its residents too. That's right, real life sand people with hope, dreams, and an existential crisis probably a bit different than the ones a typical office drone is used too.”


The judges were in awe: terrified, but also in awe. The sand people seemed to move around as though neither Ming nor them were there. Why, there were even sand cars and buses zooming along the sand roads. Every time the little sand traffic lights would switch, they’d emit a puff of sand too for show.


Ming Li spoke again.


“Now, considering the quality of this sand sculpture, there's no reason for you to not declare me winner of this contest aside from spite. And, if you're gonna be spiteful, I'm gonna be spiteful back."


Ming Li stuck her tongue out of her mouth and wiggled it. To the judges, in another context, this might've been stupid looking at best, cringe at worst. However, since she was 125ft tall, and had recently degloved an entire man with her breath, it had the intended effect of sending the bad kind of shivers down the spines of the three judges.


“Y-yes of course.” said the bearded male judge. “I think we’ve seen enough to declare the winners r-right you two?”


He looked to the center and right judge, and they nodded.


“Y-yes, you are the winner. Congratulations.”


“Great!” said Ming. The beach groaned as she shifted her weight for a somewhat-sarcastic, cheering pose on her end. Her arms were held high.


“That of course means I can do whatever I want with my sculpture now, since I already won.”

Ming lifted her right foot and moved it above the city-sand sculpture. Curiously, this came with a rushing wind. The judges turned around to see San Beach City in the distance: it was the closest city to the beach, after all. To their surprise, they saw a gigantic foot hovering over it, attached to an equally gigantic leg. They couldn’t see much higher than that, but the leg was attached another body of Ming Li’s: one that was over 100 miles tall.


When Ming hovered her main body’s foot over the city sand sculpture, that titanic body of hers did the same to the actual San Beach City. Those on the streets of San Beach City could look up and see the pale-ish canopy of her perfect sole filling their sky, darkening them in its shadow. For once, Ming’s feet actually had a bit of sand stuck to them as would be expected, and the titanic body also had sand grains on it, though they were much larger by being to her scale.


Ming wiggled her toes, shifting the digits and, consequently, her sole enough that sand rained from her main body’s foot. This meant the gigantic boulder-dwarfing grains of sand attached to the titanic body’s foot also fell down to rain on the *actual* city. Cars were crushed, buildings cleaved.


During this, one judge turned around, his mind unable to bear looking at an object as large as the titanic Ming’s foot for so long. He found himself looking again at the main, 125ft Ming, who was also gigantic but not ridiculously so. As the sand grains fell from her foot there, the sand sculpted cityscape reflected the damage from the falling sand grains off the titanic body’s foot, even though the sand on the main Ming’s body wasn’t actually causing damage to the sculpture.


Moreover, he saw the sand people of the sculpture look up in horror at the main body’s foot, running around and reacting to Ming’s presence now. The sand cars were crashing into each other. Some sand people burst into grains as they died from the large sand grains dropped by the titanic Ming's. A few ran towards the edge of the sand San Beach City sculpture, only to find they couldn’t leave the city limits. All was cast in her foot: both the sculpture, and the somewhat distant real metropolis.


“Did you figure it out?”, said Ming Li: or rather, both the bodies did at once. The judges had to cover their ears to stop them from ringing as the titanic body’s voice vibrated through the land louder than thunder. Those poor souls still stuck in the sand had no such luxury, and dealt with the unhindered ringing atop their other troubles.


“It’s mirrored. Whatever my main body does, the titanic one does too. The city is mirrored too, with the sculpture. All the sand people you were seeing are mimics of real people in San Beach City, the cars mimics of the cars, and so on. When someone dies or breaks in the sculpture, the city equivalents share the fate and vice versa.”

Laughing, Ming slowly began lowering her foot. More grains of sand fell from the right foot of both her bodies, causing more calamity. Yet, all that would pale into comparison as the feet began to touch down proper.


Ming’s main body finally stepped on the tallest building in the sand sculpture, which just fell straight downwards. This was mimicked in the real city as well, with the building collapsing unexpectedly fast even when the titanic body’s 14 mile-plus foot touched it. Ming was mimicking whatever was most destructive in cases of conflict, it had seemed. So, that building fell as tiny little grain-sized bits of rubble in the real city too.


She took it slow at first, savoring the feelings of buildings and sand buildings collapsing with ease against her sole. She had chosen 125 feet cause it was *just* the right size for her car-sized sand sculpture to fit square under her sole. So, when she couldn’t take the anticipation any longer, she stomped.


The sand sculpture collapsed with a *bomf*, all the sand people’s inaudible screams were silenced at once. All the buildings flattened with just a puff of sand.

San Beach City, however, did not go so quietly. A cacophony of sirens, car alarms, and screams were extinguished not to make way for silence, but for the sound of a massive, reverberating earthquake which shook the ground for miles and miles. The sands on the beach shifted, sucking those trapped a little bit deeper, and brought them a little bit closer to be being swallowed up outright.


Ming cooed as she felt gas pipes explode under her titanic body’s foot: the jubilant sound from the bigger body an echoing mini-quake in and of itself. She slowly lifted her foot up, and the last of the explosions quickly finished beneath that titanic, 100 mile-plus body of hers. She wiggled her toes again, dislodging all the sand from her main body’s foot, while countless tons of powdered rubble, steel, and bodies fell from the titanic body.


She sighed, one last booming echo from the mimicking titanic body. Then, a snap of her fingers rung out and the titanic body was gone. The judges looked to the 125ft Ming, horrified as they realized that a large foot-shaped print was in the sand, meaning what was left of San Beach City was likely stuck in a similar, much larger indent in the Earth itself.


“What a fun competition.”, said Ming.


“W-what are you?”, said the flabbergasted female judge.


“Me, while I’m the winner of course. Was there a prize?”


“J-just this ribbon.” said that judge, and she held it up.

Ming scoffed. “Keep it. I don’t need it. I did it for the challenge.”

She laughed.


“In fact, I’ll even help clean things up. Since I won, all those other sculptures aren’t needed now. Oh, and you judges aren’t needed either.”

Ming snapped her fingers and the sand reached up to claim those three judges. Their purpose now served, muffled screams echoed from the sand they had sunk into, alongside sick cracking noises.


“Now then, let’s clean up shall we?”, said Ming aloud and to no one in particular.


Still 125ft tall with her main and only body on the planet, Ming marched towards the nearest sand sculpture while seemingly paying zero heed to any sand-stuck beach-goer in her path. She did of course know they were there beneath her steps, crushed outright or pushed deeper into the sands under-heel. However, she didn’t bother looking. The young woman wasn’t trying to step on them. Rather, she was just taking the most efficient path to the nearest sand sculpture. If someone was in the way? Well, that wasn’t her problem.


The nearest sand sculpture was the giant sand duck. An amazing little edifice of grains. Ming raise her left foot up and stomped it down flat. Nearby, stuck in the sand up to her shoulders, was the sculptor of the piece. They were a nice woman, early 30s, with long brown hair.

Tears welled in her eyes as her hard work was flattened so carelessly under Ming’s foot. She cried for other reasons too: lots of stuff going on that day after all. Yet, that was indeed the straw which broke the back as they say.


Ming noticed.


“What?”, she said from on high. “Are you seriously crying that I stepped on your sand castle? That’s not very appropriate, you know? You realize hundreds of people just died in the waters right? Boiled alive? That's not including the millions around the boiling seas elsewhere off the beach, or the millions who will die if the situation persists as it is due from food shortages due to ecosystem collapses. I didn’t even *mention* the many billions of sea-life cooked alive either: well, just now I did.”

She laughed.

“Point is, your problems are really just a pittance. Show some respect~”

Grinning, Ming moved her big toe to the sculptor and pushed her screaming, crying head under the sands to suffocate.


Ming then moved on to the next contest entry, stomped it down, then the next, and so on. If the distance was a bit more than she felt fit to walk, she simply teleported to the location, often stomping down right as she blinked in. Whether or not the sculptor was flattened down with their work depended on their proximity to the sculpture, and thus her foot. Also, whether or not they griped at all was a component.


Once done, Ming teleported back towards her beach bag. “Hmm, well I suppose I don’t need to actually carry you back now.”

She blinked her eyes and the beach bag teleported back to her towel.


“Alright, I think I’ll enjoy the rest of the beach time by myself. Which means, yes, this is now a private beach and you’re all trespassing: penalty, death.”

As before, she let her voice be hear by everyone on the each, most of whom broke out into wailing.

“Although, I suppose I could use a little company. The sun is still out, and it’d probably feel nice to have some lotion rubbed on me. Let me take some of you: just the cutest. Four should do.”

Ming walked up to some elderly man, begging for his life.

“Ugh gross.” A wave of her hand and the sand claimed him, filling his mouth till he could no longer scream while sickening crunching noises echoed from below the beach.

She then spotted a cute looking woman, mid 20s, with a black pony tail. She walked up to that head sticking out of the sand, letting her clean toes stand nearby.


Ming looked down. “Oh wow, you’re pretty cute. What’s your name?”


“Well Tiffany, it looks like it’s your lucky-, wait, is that a mole?”

Ming squinted, noticing the tiny black-brown dot on the woman’s cheek.


“Ugh, gross. Why’d you go to the beach instead of saving money to get that thing frozen off.”

She lifted the ball of her foot above the woman’s head.


“W-wait, no please! Don’t!”

Ming stepped down, feeling the woman’s head sink into the sand.


“Close, but no cigar.”

Ming manually checked a few more, stomping out anyone she thought too ugly. It was like she was playing whack-a-mole with her feet, only the animatronic moles didn’t pop back up. The people were crushed by sand once submerged, then whatever left of them was turned to sand as well by Ming’s will. She didn’t want to walk on a beach knowing it was full of gore beneath: at least, not for now.


“This is taking awhile. I think I’ll scan you all and bring the best over. Let’s see.”

Ming closed her eyes and shrugged her shoulders, focusing. She brought the four cutest people on the beach before her feet. She didn't just teleport them there. Rather, they glided along the beach, tugged by some invisible force that zipped them before the towering woman in her black bikini.


“Ah perfect, two of each gender with all the major hair colors covered.”


Indeed, there was a man with red hair and pale skin in dark blue swim-trunks, and a man with darker skin and black hair clad in black swim-trunks. There was also a lithe blonde woman in a green bikini, and brown haired woman in a red one.

They blinked up at her in horror and confusion. She bent down and plucked them out of the sand, holding them in her palm.


“Perfect, now let’s get myself back my normal size, and you get down to your ‘right’ sizes.”


Ming shrunk down to her usual height of just over 5ft tall. The people in her hand dwindled down with her, too bewildered to scream. Oddly enough, they didn’t stop shrinking once Ming reached her normal scale. Instead they kept going till they were about an inch in height.


“There we go. Now, I can finally get back to my spot.”

Ming began to walk, pausing a moment.


“Oh yeah.”, she said with a wicked grin. Her voice reached everyone on the beach as before.


“Like I said, the rest of you are not needed.”

A wave of her hand and all the hundreds of others, stuck in the sands, slowly started sinking. Their screams crescendoed to a maximum cut short by the influx of sand into their whinging mouths. Once submerged, they were crushed by the grains before all that their bodies once were was turned to sand itself.

Ming walked by the sinking people all as it happened, holding her shrunken little pals loosely in her curled fingers.


Her beach spot was her target destination.

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