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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the first story i've ever posted online, hope you like!

Before this story begins allow me to introduce myself. My name is David and due to an EXTREMELY rare genetic defect I was born…small. My parents were very worried about me as to whether or not the pregnancy would even succeed because my mom did not change physically at all while carrying me. When I was born she did not even have to leave the comfort of home, although she did because it took a very skilled pair of hands to tie my umbilical cord. The doctors even gave my mom a special bra with a child’s seat in it, so while I was still being breastfed, I was simply left in her bra most of the day.


I have a sister, Sara, who is about three years older than me. She has been very nice to me my whole life and has always watched out for me. If she was ever up to something when we were children, I was involved. However over the years a few awkward things have happened between me and my sister.


Once when she was twelve she put on her winter clothes and we went outside to play hide and seek…on her. She laid down in the thin snow and counted to 100 while I hid in her clothes somewhere. She found me in her mitten, and giggled quite a bit when she felt me running around in her sweater. After hiding in one of her snow boots I got a great idea for a place to hide. When she started counting again I left her snow boot and ran right up her pantleg! I kept running further and further up between her leg and jeans until I bumped into her underwear. It took her a little while to find me, and as soon as she was pulling me out of her pants our mom saw us and got quite mad. We weren’t allowed to play hide and seek anymore, Sara understood why far before I did.


Eventually my parents decided that Sara was old enough, so they put me in her care and I found myself sharing a room with my sister. I had a little bed on her nightstand and we slept right next to each other. When she was fifteen she started telling me she was getting lonely while she slept, and often asked me to sleep in the bed with her. She typically wore nothing more than her bra and panties while she slept but being young then, I didn’t think anything of it. She would take me and place me in between her breasts while she slept. It was always cozy and warm there, so once again I never thought anything of it. Sometimes I woke up in her bra cup, but she never said anything about it. Once she asked me to sleep in her bed while she was naked, she was not disappointed when I said no, but later that night I swore I heard her masturbating next to me. But all of this is just to give you an insight to my slightly unusual life, let’s carry on.


I was home schooled for the better part of my young life. By age thirteen I had reached my final height of about two inches and though small the doctors said my molecular density would make me just as durable and resilient as any human being, I would not be as strong. That year my parents decided to enroll me in public school. I made friends in every class and they all volunteered to take me from class to class. I sat on their desks, and they kept me safe. During eighth grade I nearly got my friend Tami expelled. We were sitting in the back of class one day and she happened to be wearing a low cut shirt. During the middle of class she leaned in behind me, pulled her top down a little and said “Hey, wanna ride?” Being in puberty, there was not a bone in my body that said no. I crawled into her shirt and began venturing my way into her bra cup, but the teacher saw what was going on and thought I was being taken advantage of by Tami. She was nearly expelled and I had to sit with someone else the rest of the year.


While in ninth grade my cousin met a man named Bryan. Bryan had two brothers, and a sister, Trisha. Trisha was in 7th grade at the time and we really didn’t talk much. Finally in the middle of 10th grade my cousin got married to Bryan. Being bored at the reception, Trisha and I finally started talking, and immediately hit it off. Over the year we grew to be good friends, and we always sought each other out at family gatherings.


Finally 11th grade rolled around, and Trisha was entering my high school as a Freshman. We wound up getting a class together, and she always picked me up from my preceding class and took my to my next one. We became the best of friends (though I see now that she always wanted it to be something more) and then I was not all that surprised that she wanted me to come over and stay the night, it sounded like a great idea to me! Our parents agreed, and she took me home with her one night, and then my life changed.


We got back to her house and had a good dinner. Then we went to her room and I spent the next half hour sitting in her ear telling her the answers to homework I had done two years ago. Finally after watching TV for a couple hours we began to get tired. Trisha took me to the bathroom and we brushed our teeth and Trisha changed into her pajamas; flannel pants and a tank top. Then we went back to her room where we set up my bed arrangement; a few cotton balls in a small box next to her nightstand.


While everything was dark in her room, things weren’t quite quiet. We were up for the better part of an hour whispering to each other when this conversation arose.


“Hey David have you ever had sex?” Trisha asked me.


“No, why? What about you?”


“Me either, I was just wondering if you knew what it was like”


“It would be different for me.”


“Like how?”


“Like spelunking.”


She giggled.


“But hey,” I said “You’re too young to that sort of thing, you should wait until you’re older.”


“I know,” she said “I’m waiting for someone…special. I was just curious.”


A silence lasting a good five minutes passed, and as I was laying, mulling over the conversation we just had, Trisha asked the question that changed my life.


“Hey David,”




“If you ever…spelunked in a girl who was a virgin, do you think you would take her virginity?”


“Hmm…” I thought over what I knew of the female reproductive system and remembered the hymen. “I guess if she pushed me hard enough and far enough in…”


She started breathing deeper, and seemed stressed. “David can I ask you something?”


I began to get puzzled “Sure.”


She started breathing very deep, and shook and stuttered out of nervousness as she framed her next question. “Would-“ She took a deep breath and started over. “W-Would y-you be my first?” She finally managed to get out “You’re the s-special someone I w-was waiting for.”


It took me a minute to absorb this, did I just get asked to lose my virginity with my cousin by marriage? I had to make sure I wasn’t just having some kind of strange wetdream.


“You want me to take your virginity?” I asked in mild shock.


“P-please, I’ve had a crush on you since the wedding.”


I took a second to think. This whole sleepover could have been a clever ploy to get me into bed with her…I had always like Trisha, but I never really thought of defiling her the way she was asking me to now. On the other hand, she could still get her way even if I did say no, but what was the point in making one of the closest people to me cry? Besides, Trisha was very attractive and any normal sized guy would probably do it even if they didn’t know her.


“Yes, I would be honored.” I announced to her.


Her eyes lit up. “Thank you SO much! You wont regret this I promise!” she whispered in excitement as she got undressed underneath the sheets.


Once she was naked, she brought me up to her ear. “How should we do this?” she asked.


“You’ll have to push me into you,” I said. “and when I hit your hymen, you’ll have to push me again to break it. After that I’ll do the work okay?”


She gave her confirmation, and we got started. She took me in one hand, and propped herself up on the other arm. Her breathing got very fast as she held me between her legs and inserted the upper half of my body into her. Then, she let out a soft moan as she put her finger on my feet and pushed me the rest of the way into her where I ran into her hymen. She gave me a slightly more forceful push and I burst through it into her no-longer virgin vagina. She squeaked in pain and then laid on her back. When her finger left her body, I could see nothing except what was faintly illuminated by moonlight near her entrance.


I felt the warm, viscous fluid around me and knew I was covered in Trisha’s blood. I crawled past her busted hymen, pushing on her vaginal walls as I went. It was very dark inside Trisha but all of my other senses were stimulated. The faint odor of blood being overcome severely by the powerful smell of sex. I felt as though her whole body was hugging me with the hot, slick walls of her vagina squeezing and massaging my body. I could hear her blood and breathing, both accelerated along with sounds of her intestines from the distance.


I climbed as deep into Trisha as I could, finally stopping at her cervix. As I touched it, I heard a sharp intake of breath above me. I then turned around in her body and as I did she shook and let out a sharp, stifled moan. As I was making the return trip to her entrance, I brushed against something inside her that made her gasp. I turned around and laying on my back I began to massage the series of bumps and ridges I have now familiarized myself with as the G-spot. Trisha was trying hard not to make a sound, but that betrayed her when she let out a very audible moan just as I gave my cousin by marriage her first orgasm.


Trisha shook violently, and her vagina gripped tightly around me. She threw her hips into the air, and as she did I slid all the way back to her cervix. She began shaking and squeezing me and all this time a stream of what I assumed to be the girl equivalent of cum sprayed out of her cervix onto my legs and groin.


She then laid still, and panting heavily we both fell asleep, with me deep inside her.


I woke to the vibration and muffled sound of the following words.


“Morning David, David?…oh no!” and my world went upside down as she sat up. I began to slide downward and heard a finger coming into her body. Her finger pinned me against one of her vaginal walls and she slid me out of her.


“Oh! Good you’re okay!” She said as she recovered me.


“Of course” I said.


“Was that good for you?” she asked.


“Yeah, never done anything like it, I loved it!”


“When do you think you can do that again?” she asked with a mischievous grin on her face…

 And that’s where my life really changed. After that Trisha and I were almost inseparable, and I spent as much time in her vagina as possible. I came over almost every weekend, and one time I even faked being out sick from school and rode around inside her for an entire school day. My virginity was lost…I guess, and it was a start of many more “expeditions” inside many more women. Trisha was my first, my encounter with her was special, and now every time we see each other, we try to find a closet, bathroom, something for a quick five minutes in heaven. 
Chapter End Notes:
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