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Author's Chapter Notes:

Gabriel settles into being a goddess, but her journey has only just begun.

Gabriel sighed gently, opening her eyes as crimson clouds framed her face. The rising sun lit her hair on fire, and she moaned deeply, lowering a hand between her legs. Golden light glimmered across her shining skin, her long, thick, powerful thighs pressing together around her hand as her fingers shivered against her smooth clit. She arched her back, thrusting her crotch into the air, her enormous ass rolling over the ground, shaping it with each roll of her soft buns. For an ordinary woman, this would only wrinkle the sheets of her bed. But Gabriel’s movements rose and flattened mountains of earth and rock. She rolled over, her nipple cutting a wedge into a cloud formation as the broadside of her bosom burdened the ground with its weight. Her eyes opened, seeing her nipple looming over a cluster of tiny, glittering buildings between the size of tiny hairs and grains of rice, shining glass glowing with fire. Her plump lips pulled into a grin.

“Good Morning Lovelies.” She cooed, stroking around her clit, her chest heaving, nipple grinding over the land. Looming over the outskirts of the city, the whole grey patch was only the size of a medium size plate to her. She huffed, “I’m going to be honest with you. I’m really horny this morning.”

Carefully she sat up, breasts bouncing on her chest, rolling and pressing against each other, lines of cleavage deeper than canyons forming across her bosom. She spread her legs, placing the city between her calves, her thighs looming over the clouds like a force of nature. The inside of her thighs shook the clouds as the twin mountain ranges of feminine might pulsed with sexual energy. Gabriel dug a series of canyons deep into the ground between her legs with the spread fingers of her right hand, the left continuing to massage her labia, which squirmed wildly between her fingers. Between quaking thighs, her pussy lips pulsed, above, her breasts jiggled as she groaned longingly.

Spreading her labia wide, those in the city could look deep into the muscular depths of her slick, red, shimmering vaginal tunnel, clouds drifting past in the shadow of her crotch. The muscles trembled, clenching while drops of thick white fluid the size of freighters dripped from her pussy lips, the land ahead of her pussy already a steaming bog dotted with huge craters filled with pale gooey liquid. She felt a blushing warmth in her cheeks, groaning with a vibrato that shook the city, her expression glowing with a bottomless sexual appetite.

“You’re all so tiny my lovelies.” She said, “I wish I could put all of you inside me. Just the thought of offering up my silky pussy flesh to you, it makes me feel so…UNF!”

Gabriel grunted with indescribable lust, her vagina clenching, squelching with juiciness as the wave of flesh roared down from deep inside. As her folds squashed against each other, a drop of goddess nectar fell from them, creating a lake of sticky fluid below in a wet crash that tore clouds asunder. Her vagina clenched repeatedly, the wafts of warm, musty air bending trees in the city park. Gabriel sighed. “But sometimes, even a goddess can’t get what she wants. I’m getting dangerously lively between my legs. Do you have something waiting for me? More guns to pound my enormous pussy?”

Gabriel watched the insides of the shivering valley of her pussy, tight ripples of red stretching across it as she pulled harder. In the goddess’ valley, the alluring depths of her vagina pulsed in anticipation, clouds of moisture wafting out of her love tunnel. Above, her clit shivered as a series of bright flashes burst on her labia and she moaned with delight, her chest rising and falling kilometres, mountain sized nipples swelling as the kiss of shellfire raked the petals of her meaty red valley of sexually ripe flesh. She felt a warmth deep inside her vagina, cum dripping into a pale white lake between her legs. The torrent plunged into the trenches she had carved earlier. That should keep my lovelies safe for now. Oh, here comes the next volley!


With her other free hand not holding her shimmering womanly petals open, she groped her enormous bosom, grasping at her own smooth mountains of milky flesh, stroking across the stiff red nubs of her nipples. Her chest heaved, tidal waves of flesh cresting across her bosom. Hair fell around her head in a wild, messy hurricane, swirling over her sleek shoulders and around her enormous bosom.

The shells rained down in waves, stroking up her labia in creeping, raining, crashing volleys of fire that made her clit swell. She emitted along moan as the shells creeped up her mountain sized clit. Her labia pulled inward, and as they loosened again an aircraft carrier sized blob of lustful slime was forced out of her with a slow, pulsating clench. The shells raining down on her pussy stimulated the silky red flesh around the blob, and Gabriel groaned deeply, the blob shaking, growing and then falling from between her labia. With an enormous wet crash, the blob fell on the lake already forming between her legs, almost doubling the size of the slime reservoir.

Between her legs, Gabriel saw rows of black dots swarming over the city. Their dark hulls were larger and girthier than the aircraft that they’d sent her the first time, flying level with her pelvis. Gabriel giggled at the thought of being able to play with her new toys along with the pilots. The shellfire was tingling her exquisitely, but she was in an experimental mood. She smirked, cooing, “Look who’s come out to play. Hello pilots, couldn’t get enough of me? Because I want more of you. Much, much more.”

For a moment, the shellfire died away. Gabriel’s pussy pouted from the lack of stimulation with a sexually impatient clench that made her moan for more. As the first aircraft passed over her pelvis, she felt an enormous burning crash over her clit. The warm wind of jet wash crept over her crotch, aircraft struggling to get over her, only just climbing up over the broad hips of her goddess body, flying out between her smoothed toned belly and her bulging, shaking thigh. She cooed with pleasure, her clit shivering, enormous thighs quaking, forming mountain ranges on the ground below. White streaks of smoke flew from the other bombers, cruise missiles the size of small airplanes, still smaller than fruit flies to the goddess flying into her love tunnel. Gabriel’s whole pussy clenched in anticipation, and her fingers fought against her crotch muscles to allow the missiles to reach deep inside. She felt a series of hot, pounding blows on her g-spot. Gabriel didn’t think they would reach there, but she was delighted, and signaled her approval with a thundering groan, “MMMMNNNNNN! AAAAHHGGGHHH! UUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHH!”

As the last aircraft passed over, Gabriel felt the pressure building between her legs again. Mindful of the aircraft, she turned carefully, maneuvering both her hands down into her crotch, groping her pussy madly. She was so aroused, language became difficult. Her colossal thigh passed over the city, mountain sized toes slamming down over the forest nearby, flattening hills, and grinding as series of deep ravines into the ground as her toes scrunched while she moaned. Fingering herself, her lust peaked. Complex thoughts dissolved into a yearning cry for One. More. Little. PUUUSSSSSH!

“AAAHHHNNNUUUUGHHHH!” She roared. With a thundering squelch, she shot pussy juices thousands of meters into the air, raining down upon the land, turning forests into muddy swamps as trees were pulped in the steaming flood. Hills flattened, mountains were reshaped, and valleys were blasted wider, torrents of thick bubbling fluid swamping over it all. Around the main jet, drops rained down, cratering the land with bodies of white fluid hundreds of meters wide. Gabriel cooed with pleasure as her muscles pumped it all in surging, gurgling, splashing, throbbing eruptions of creamy fuck nectar, plunging down through the cloud layer from an orifice just above her vaginal tunnel, which squirmed in ecstasy. Her wild, pulsing, swirling hand movements over her clit slowed gradually as the final colossal drops of goo crashed down, raging rivers of liquid joining together the enormous lakes of lust between her legs. She sighed soothingly, resting her arms on her thighs. Gabriel looked at the city next to her thigh, cast completely in shadow by her impossibly sexy goddess body. It would’ve erased that city. The buildings would’ve just dissolved in a gush of my thick goddess cum. I should clean this up like I’ve been doing the last few times.

“Lovelies,” Cooed Gabriel, “Because I like you so much, I’ll clean up after myself again. After all, I’m a messy girl, letting my pussy loose like that.”

Gabriel went down on her hands and knees. The white lakes below her glistened. As she lowered, her heavy breasts pressed into the ground, flattening a range of hills. Her luscious lips parted, her tongue lathering about between them with anxious twitches. The first big lake of lust was right in front of her face. Her tongue touched its surface, sending waves as tall as skyscrapers crashing across its surface as her clever tongue swirled around, cleaning the earth. The goop lathered across her tongue, catching in the fifty-meter-deep canyons that crisscrossed the surface of her tongue. White fluid pooled around the little bumps on her muscular tongue, running like raging rivers. It was sweet like honey. As it was about to drip off the tip, Gabriel slurped, sucking it all deep inside her as her tongue rolled back, her lips pulling back up above the cloud layer. She swallowed with an exaggerated gulp, a little drop of white nectar dribbling from her chin. She wiped it with her finger and sucked it down her throat with a cracking supersonic smack. She growled with delight.

“MMMNNN. I’m messy but I’m yummy too.”

She leaned down again, pressing her lips around another lake of cum. It fit perfectly between them, and she went to work with her tongue, licking and swallowing between deep throated moans that rattled through the earth. She licked up the connecting rivers with long, drawn out licks where she slowly turned her whole head to give her tongue a bit more reach, the tip of her tongue cutting through clouds and rolling over the land. Saliva and bittersweet cum frothed about in her mouth, muddy creeks and swamps of her warm fluids glistening on the ground below. She kissed the final lake, sucking it away with air currents that pulled the clouds toward her mouth. She swallowed, grinning with satisfaction.


Gabriel sat up, breasts jiggling as they shifted on her chest, gently rubbing against each other like lovers cuddling. She rested her hands on her hips, glorious curving slopes leading to her wide rear. She closed her eyes, imagining seeing herself as her lovelies did, her enormous figure looming so far above the world. She imagined the insatiable depths of her pussy, large enough to swallow mountains. A fact she had verified with minimal effort. Gabriel wondered if it would somehow be possible to get men inside her and out again safely. She blushed at the thought of men sexually exploring her. I probably wouldn’t even feel them. But just knowing that they were there, it would be heavenly…

Her pussy clenched, and she was reminded of what that would mean for her lovelies. She sighed, looking down at the city below her. She rose a bit, the enormous mountains of her ass shadowing a city tantalising similar in width to her hips. The way the city fit between her legs made her crotch tingle. She knelt with the city between her legs, giving the military personnel inside a nice look deep into the silky-smooth tunnel of her goddess pussy. She cooed longingly, the crushing muscles within pulsing with sexual pleasure. Placing her hands on either side of the city, she lay down on her belly, her thighs shaking the earth as they settled into the land, re-writing geographical data as they did so. Her breasts came to rest just in front of the city, the alluring darkness of her cleavage looming high above. Gabriel swept her hair back, preventing the strands from cutting into the city. Suddenly, she heard a staticky noise in her ears, something cutting across. Suddenly, she could hear voices in her head.

“…Millions face starvation due to Somalia drought. Local officials blame on cloud eating monster. U.N. lacking funding…” “…A new image of the suspected shooter as been made available…” “…Hurricane roars toward South Florida, strongest on record…” “Mauna Kea causes earthquake after years of inactivity. Scientists fear explosion that could plunge the western hemisphere into darkness…”

She put her hand on her forehead. “My lovelies, can you hear that?”

“No, we can’t hear it.” A voice said on the loudspeaker. But it wasn’t coming from the city, it seemed as if it was all around her.

“Wait.” Said Gabriel. “Play something on your radios. I want to try to hear it.”

A few seconds passed. Then she heard it, the rolling sound of electric bass and drums. Her eyes widened. “Guys… I don’t know how, but I think I can hear radio signals.”

“It’s not like it’s the first time.” Said the voice. “Gabriel, my codename is Zeta, and I’m a biologist and an operative of the United States government. I am at the head of a group of scientists researching you. There’s still things we don’t understand.”

“Like what?” asked Gabriel.

“Well, there’s the square cube law which says you should be dead, the power of your voice alone should have destroyed me and this city by now, the fact that you’re messing with electromagnetic signals, and that we can hear you on our radios.”

“Wait…” Her gaze darted off. “When did that start?”

“The first confirmed report was with that first group of pilots you… encountered.”

“Ooh.” Cooed Gabriel. “Did they write some sexy poetry about me as well?”

“No.” Said Zeta. “Are you sure you won’t need something to satiate yourself while we’re talking?”

Gabriel giggled. “Zeta, I’m the master of my lust, not the other way around.”

“Freud would disagree.”

“Freud,” said Gabriel, “was an obscene hack who didn’t use the scientific method.”

“And you aren’t?”

“Touché Zeta.” She fluttered her eyelids, winds sweeping over the city. “You know, with that clever little mind of yours, I might get you to direct a barrage on my lovely lady parts. Do you want to?”

“If you think you’ll turn me into one of your dimwitted bottom boys,” said Zeta. “You’re mistaken.”

“Oh.” Said Gabriel. “Sorry if… I… I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. The guys down there, they usually eat up this stuff. Sorry if I got carried away.”

“I get it Gabriel.” He said. “Just… don’t hit on me like that again.”

“I promise.” Said Gabriel.

“One more thing.” Said Zeta. “You grew.”

Gabriel chuckled, her bosom jiggling above the city. “You think?”

“I don’t mean to the size range you’re at now. I mean, you grew from 89 km to 93 km in the past few days. The mass you’ve consumed from a few clouds and small lakes in no way accounts for it.”

Gabriel’s gaze fell on a snow-capped mountain in the distance. “Zeta, how about we try an experiment?”

“What Gabriel?”

“I want to try eating that mountain. Is that alright with you? I want to make sure I don’t accidentally swallow any of my lovelies.”

“We’ve cleared those mountains already.” He said. “Go ahead and try one.”

Gabriel crawled on her hands and knees, her breasts swinging in wide arcs over the land. As she stooped low, her nipples ploughed through hills and treelines, tracing new ravines into the ground. Her muscular calves towered over the city, rippling with their sensual smoothness as she leaned down, her thick thighs leaning forward, her mighty ass bulging toward the sky. Below her nose, she spotted the mountain she had chosen, one almost as wide as her parted lips, which descended through the cloud layer, a nearby rainstorm being pulled in as she inhaled, the rain reversing directions mid-fall as it was sucked in. Her plump lips hugged the mountain, crushing down the forest around them.

The tip of Gabriel’s tongue touched the mountain. What should’ve tasted like rock and dirt was surprisingly sweet to her taste, like candy. Gabriel sucked on the mountain, sending quaking moans into the earth. The land shook, and air rushed in between the sides of her lips, ripping trees from their roots as they flew through the air in a cyclone of green leaves, clouds disappearing as she sucked and sucked. A nearby river started running uphill, flowing in under the smooth red valleys of her lips. The earth groaned with Gabriel, as if enjoying how her tongue raked across it. She sucked as hard as she could, the mountain ripping off its base. She rose, the mountain between her lips. She released her lips a bit, the mountain slipping between. Her plump lips closed, consuming the mountain.

Inside her mouth, the mountain began to be ground down by a tongue much larger than the mountain itself. Her saliva frothed, raging rivers of rock and mud running down her throat. When the size of the mountain was just right, she rolled her tongue back, swallowing the mountain. A lump a kilometer long slid down her throat, disappearing into her stomach. She rubbed her toned midriff, with its valleys of smooth skin and the abyss of her navel. Louder than the thunder of any artillery barrage her lovies could exquisitely tickle her with, her stomach growled with ravenous intent. She looked down at another mountain. Once again, she brought her face to the ground, her breasts crushing two new craters into the land, overlapping with the next two to create a valley of mud and rock.

Gabriel’s lips closed over the second mountain, a little smaller than the first, and not as firm. The touch of her tongue nocked off its peak. She pulled back a bit, baring her teeth, rows huge white mountains forming ranges over two kilometers long. She took a breath, leaves flying off the trees below. Then, she descended upon the mountain, her teeth digging into the mountain’s base, chopping it off. She rose, kneeling in front of the mountain range. Enormous boulders fell from the mountain, bouncing down the valley of her cleavage. She sucked in, closing her lips around the mountain. Chewing, her colossal bites turned the mountain into paste, which she swallowed in a single gulp. Once again an enormous lump descended past the base of her neck. Was I actually hungry just then? That could be a problem. Oh, but it feels so good to eat again!


“Zeta? What is it?”

“We’re getting abnormal readings from you. Electromagnetic interference is running high.” His voice became more staticky. “It’s like when…”

“Like when what?” asked Gabriel. No reply came. From deep inside her, she felt something stirring. She stood up, only to feel herself rise again. She was growing, tingling sensations rushing through her entire body, little moans slipping between her lips. She took a few steps back from the city, her feet swelling larger and larger. Looking down at her toes, she watched as one rolled over a mountain effortlessly, crushing it into the ground. Gabriel went down on her knees, still rising into the dark blue boundary of the sky. Her growth came in waves, and she breathed and cooed as she ascended, looming larger over the city. Absorbed in her own pleasure, she felt her breast with one hand, mountain ranges of milky flesh that could shadow towns rolling between her fingers as she pressed, pulled, turned and stroked. The other hand reached down to be clasped tightly in her thigh gap as she pressed her powerful legs together, the warmth of her soft thighs flowing through her hand as she stroked her clit. My pussy is getting bigger along with me… I can feel it.

“MMMMNNNN.” Moaned Gabriel. She pressed her clit rapidly, surging in height as she did so. The city shrunk at her knees, and she looked down at the city with throbbing, pupil dilating lust. Her growth stopped, a final shudder tickling her loins. She plunged her fingers into herself, her ass quaking and her back arching, her mouth opening high in the sky, clouds shooting out of her into space. Her crotch muscles squeezed her fingers with a gnawing lust while her pussy glistened with sweet nectar. She leaned over the city, placing her hands alongside it. Each of her thumbs could stretch along its entire width, her most subtle movements making mountains. She leaned forward a bit, her nipple casting a shadow over the city. Its smallest bumps were the size of hills, its smallest wrinkles were several hundred-meter-deep ravines, and the tip was tall enough to penetrate through every cloud layer while her areola loomed high above the thin wispy clouds. Her bosom stretched into the distance around the city. Wait, if the city is the size of my thumb, that means my pussy…

Gabriel crawled forward, kneeling in front of the city. Her thighs rose over the horizon around it, and above was the pulsating crimson depths of her pussy. Her inner lips were wide enough to surround the city. She reached down with one hand, prying herself open with a deep-throated moan. The dark cavern leading deeper into her goddess vagina was wider than the city, each subtle twitch of her inner muscles wafting hot, sticky, hurricane force winds through the city. Gabriel looked at the city, then back to her pussy, then back to the city. She moaned with delight.

“MMMNNN. Lovelies…”

Gabriel reached down, her fingers digging down into the earth around the city. As gently as she could, she turned the piece of the earth, breaking it free from the rest of the bedrock. The buildings somehow stayed intact as she brought it up, careful not to go too far, giving her lovelies the air they needed for what she was going to do next. Her thick thighs loomed on either side, pulsating with power and pleasure. She stroked it gently against her clit, her pussy oozing sweet nectar on the upside-down mountain toped with glorious lovelies. She lowered it toward her love tunnel, pushing it in gently. Slowly, she felt the mountain sink into her, ploughing deeper. Her love tunnel clenched, feeling the sides of the mountain. With the next release of her muscles, it would sink deeper into her.

“MMMPPPHHH! UNNNGGGH!” Gabriel grunted. “Fuck! Oh fuck! NNNGGGHHHH!”

Gabriel savoured the feeling as her pussy lips yawned wider. She could feel it sliding deeper, slowly, exquisitely. She was going to take her lovelies to new heights of ecstasy within her silky-smooth depths. She was going to give herself to them. Become one with them. She wanted it. She wanted their love. Their touch. Their cum. It would be hers once they were inside her. They would be hers once they were inside her. One more thrust. One. More. Little. PUSH.

“Gabriel stop!” Exclaimed Zeta, the thunder of shaking earth along with squelching, sopping wet smacks in the background. “You’ll kill us all!”

Gabriel’s eyes widened. She pulled the city away, her love tunnel walls pressing against each other. If it had gone in, the rock itself would’ve broken. Floods of cum would’ve carried away buildings. My lovelies, I would have crushed you all. I would have lost you all in my depths. I would’ve drowned you all in my fluids. The thought sent more tingles through her pussy. She reached down toward her clit. NO! She thought. Why do I think crushing them with my pussy is sexy? I care about my lovelies, right? I was just about to use them like toys, disposable armies of microscopic fodder to jerk off my own dominance. What’s wrong with me? I was going to kill them and I was going to enjoy it. I have to get out of here.

Carefully, Gabriel set the rock down where she found it, a deep trench glistening with mysterious liquid surrounding the city. With her finger, she stroked a bit of earth over, creating a bridge the width of a small island to the city. “I’m so sorry my lovelies… I… I can’t be with you anymore.”

She couldn’t face them. Gabriel stood up, her feet pressing craters into the ground, rocks and trees crashing down off of the crater edges. One of her feet lifted, crashing down on the mountains below, crushing them into the ground like pebbles in her path. Her thigh swung overhead, tapered, smooth and rippling with power as she moved, her breasts pressing against one another like tectonic plates during an earthquake. Her ass swayed in succulent half circles, the long red valley of her pussy visible between her colossal cheeks. She wove her strides between cities, dodging them as she strode overhead. In her shadow, the lights of cities blinked on and off as she passed, shuddering with the smallest of her movements.

She found the quickest way to the coast, taking a long stride over the towns and cities set up along it. She tried not to splash as much as she could, the water not even reaching the tops of her toes. She tiptoed across the ocean, her hands out at her sides. The sun shone past the curve of her back and the tightness of her belly, her breasts casting massive shadows on the islands below. The gap between her legs could wrap around the waist of Cuba, made more obvious as she stepped past it. Her face was framed above it all, in a fiery hurricane of blonde hair glowing in the sunlight. But her expression was not filled with fire, but with shame.

She came upon a massive white expanse the size of a carpet to her. Antarctica. She thought. There’s no one I can hurt here. Gabriel sat down, her enormous ass cheeks pressing into the land. Her thighs thundered across, sweeping the vast white landscape peppered with grey ridgelines. She reached down, fingering herself. I’ve fed my pussy mountains, pounded it for hours, gave it armies of men to play with, and its still aching for more. She removed her hand, looking into her own palm. This hunger for flesh, is this the real me? The real, unfiltered, unrestrained me? I’ve gotten greedy. Gluttonous. Sinful. I’m disgusting… Gabriel lay down on the ice, and cried lakes of glistening saltwater.


Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed it!

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