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Author's Chapter Notes:

After nearly being consumed by her desires, Gabriel exiles herself to the frozen Antarctic. However, humanity seeks her out, as they need her help.



Gabriel felt the chilling sea biting her nipple and opened her eyes to see the sky ablaze. Mushroom clouds dotted the land, some the size of tree stumps to her. “No. Not nuclear war…” Said Gabriel, standing above the fire, the burning cities reflecting in her eyes. “Why!? Why did you do this?” The sky was ablaze, clouds of dark as swirling around her feet. They can’t all be dead, thought Gabriel, I mean, there’s bunkers, right? There has to be people still alive, maybe I can contact them on the radio?

Just then, she felt a pain in her chest. Surging upward, she nearly collapsed, clutching her abdomen as she shot up, the tallest of the mushroom clouds only the size of a tiny, normal mushroom to her. Even with her legs bent, she could see most of North America ahead of her, no more than the size of a small carpet. Leaning over, she could see down over the Earth. She didn’t even feel a space station, microscopic to her, slam into her ankle, vaporizing on impact. Breathing heavily, her moon-sized bosom, bulging over 2000 km from her chest, heaved with each breath she took of her own atmosphere. It’s no good, I have to get off this planet!

Gabriel Jumped, leaving Earth as the next surge of power hit her. She winced for a second, but when she opened her eyes the Earth was nowhere to be seen. Ahead of her, there was only a small white marble reflecting the sunlight. The moon. She reached out, trying to grab it with her thumb and index finger, crushing it flat as she saw it was only the size of a pea. She put her legs together, hoping she wouldn’t accidentally kick the earth. She felt something warm squish between her thighs. Orange magma oozed from between them, a chunk of North America she recognized floating past her face. Gabriel wept.

Gabriel awoke, her bosom rolling across the Antarctic ice as she breathed heavily. Just a dream, she thought, just a really bad dream. She sat up, looking out onto the horizon. She saw some tiny dots on the horizon, closing her eyes as she tried to slip back into sleep. Lying on her side, the bulge of her hips towered above the land. Thighs that could flatten mountain ranges crossed over each other, the night still visible through the shadowy, heart-shaped gap the size of a city between her legs. Her back curved, widening out into the colossal mountains of her ass.

Some time later, sleep not reaching her as fast as she’d hoped, Gabriel felt a tickle on her nose. She opened her eyes lazily, tiny sparks of light arcing into her nose. The ocean was covered with dark grey dots, each flinging sparks at her. The Navy eh?

“Guys,” she said, “I’m really not in the mood for dealing with you right now. Shoo, shoo. Go away.”

Gabriel closed her eyes, the tickling on her nose ceasing. However, the ship’s radios were blaring, and suddenly one voice cut through the static, “Gabriel,” said Zeta, “Open your eyes, you won’t believe what we’re seeing.”

“If you think that will work on me Zeta, you are not as smart as you sound. Your boys seem to get it, they’ve stopped firing.”

“Gabriel,” said Zeta, “They’re still firing.”

Gabriel opened her eyes, seeing thousands of sparks hovering in the air, like little dust particles in the sunlight, frozen in place. Gabriel’s eyes widened. “Am I doing that?”

“Gravity wave abnormalities,” said Zeta, “Coming from you. It must be how you’ve managed to reduce the strain on your own body and your impact on the world around you. Can you control it?”

Focusing, Gabriel took a deep breath, the shining particles falling onto the ground ahead of her. “Yes, although not that well. Zeta, why did you come back for me? I’m less of a danger to you if I’m as far away from civilization as possible. I’m glad to hear you’re alive, but I can’t forgive myself for what I did. Leave me alone.”

“Gabriel, we need you.”

Gabriel pressed her thighs together, forming a long mountain range of ice between them. “What’s your game Zeta? You don’t do anything unless it helps your organization.”

“It’s not just DARPA which requires your assistance,” said Zeta, “But all of humanity, all of us need your help. Have you heard about that inactive volcano in Hawaii that suddenly started making earthquakes?”

“Sounds familiar,” said Gabriel.

“Well, it’s actually become quite active lately, to the point where the whole island seems primed to blow. Other than killing everything on the island, the blast is predicted to send an ash cloud into the sky that won’t clear for decades. Crops will die, trees will die, and people will die. Imagine a famine on a scale never seen before in North America. Millions will starve if that volcano blows.”

“You want me to stop it?” Said Gabriel, “How do you propose I do that, without completely destroying the island?”

“It’s simple,” said Zeta, “You bite into the volcano, and suck out the insides. That should vent the pressure.”

“You know what happened last time I ate right?” said Gabriel, “I got like this.”

“We’ll all be in danger anyway if the volcano blows. Gabriel, I don’t trust in my country’s ability to handle a crisis that might arise if that island blows. But despite your mistakes, I have faith in you.”

Faith thought Gabriel.  “I didn’t think you’d ever have faith in anything Zeta. After what I did, I know there’s no way you could accept my apology. My word means nothing to you. I promised I would try not to hurt you, and I was seconds away from obliterating an entire city for my own…”

“Gabriel.” Said Zeta. “Now’s not the time for that. Now is the time to keep your promise. Protect us. Not just those you lust for, but all of mankind.”

Sitting up, Gabriel placed her hands against the ground. Pushing up against the ground, her hands generated mountain ranges on the Antarctic ice, dark rock visible through the cracks. Her ass lifted, shadows clinging to the Eastern rim of the craters. Gabriel stood, looking down at the specks below she knew were full sized missile cruisers and destroyers. I haven’t stood in weeks, thought Gabriel. I forgot how good it feels. I need to stretch… Lacing her fingers together, her arms squeezed her boobs. As she rose her arms above her head, muscles shifting like tidal waves on Gabriel’s fair oceans of smooth skin. Her breasts parted, the massive heaving mountains casting smooth, jiggling shadows 40 km wide across the continent. With a yawn that shook the ships below, she flexed her thighs, pressing the masses of muscle and smooth flesh forward so that they bulged ahead of her knee caps.

 “Zeta,” said Gabriel, “It’ll probably only take me a minute or two to reach that island. Are your people ready?”

“Yes,” said Zeta, “They’re waiting for you, Gabriel. Show them what you can do.”

“Got it,” said Gabriel, “I’ll try to keep the splashing down with my powers.”

Gabriel stepped forward, casting a shadow over the entire fleet. She held her hand out, feeling the surface of the water with her powers, supressing each crashing tsunami created by her footfalls, making them fade into the wide sea, her arms spread out by her hips, palms open to the ocean below. I must have done this without thinking about it on the way down here, I don’t recall seeing waves that big, though it was dark. Her ass swung in glorious half circles as she moved, her hair sweeping the atmosphere in her wake. Her huge nipples shone in the sunlight, glistening like red, plushy traffic cones four kilometers tall. The cold air made them stiff like alpine mountains. Her breasts swung, forming wavy lines of cleavage as she walked. Gabriel smiled as she passed continents, tossing her hair in a golden hurricane.

Soon, the chain of islands appeared in front of her. About the size of the small bedside table she had in her apartment back when she was small. She could feel it shaking, a faint buzzing in the Earth. Gabriel knelt in front of the island, seeing the small towns that dotted the land, dust rising from a few as the quake rocked the Earth.

“Hello,” Gabriel said, “Is anyone there?”

“This is the captain of the destroyer USS Triggerman,” said a man, “You must be Gabriel. You’re beautiful, my Lady.”

 “Thank you,” she said, “I’ve come to help you with a certain island about to explode. Has everyone been evacuated?”

“Yes,” said the captain, “Do what you must.”

 “Here I go,” said Gabriel, “Keep clear, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Unleash your might, goddess.”

She leaned over, breasts pressing down, flattening some of the ruins of the abandoned towns. As her bosom rolled up the coast, nipples carving canyons across the land. As she leaned in, she could see jets of smoke rising from the mountain. They must be huge if I can see them. This thing looks ready to blow, I better work fast. She opened her mouth above the island, the entire tip of the mountain fitting in the dark abyss between her plush, bright red lips. Her teeth, the size of dockyards, bore down on the peaks, tearing into the land. At once, she felt a warm blast of gas shoot down her throat. Temperatures that could vaporize most organic life were no match for Gabriel; It was like sipping hot chocolate for her, some lava bubbling up with the gas. My tastes must have changed, Thought Gabriel. These used to taste like rocks, but now the mineral chunks are sweet, like sugar. She sucked, sipping up the lava inside like it was warm coffee, a storm of volcanic ash dissipating in her stomach.

The Gas pressure dwindling, Gabriel moved away, taking a breath. Her stomach rumbled. I feel…hungry. Gabriel rubbed her stomach, looking down at the mountain below. It couldn’t hurt to take a few more bites, I mean it’s mostly wrecked already. She leaned in, biting down on the mountain like a muffin top, huge chunks sliding effortlessly down her throat, waves of saliva 100 meters tall washing down the mountain pieces, her tongue rolling back, shaping the crushed minerals into a slimy ball that slid effortlessly down her colossal throat. Her breasts spread out, pressing against the earth each time she leaned in, ripping another morsel from the planet. She licked the trees off one side of the mountain like green icing on a cupcake.  I was never worried about eating; All the carbs always went straight to my thighs.

Gabriel sat up, licking the rock off her lips. “Ah, that was good. I feel…” Gabriel felt a pressure in her belly, working its way up her throat, tilting her head back just in time as her mouth opened, a beam of light bursting from between her lips, bright gasses and minerals burning bright greens, blues, reds and purples in the atmosphere, flashing in the sky like the northern lights but brighter, beams of energy shooting from between Gabriel’s soft, luscious lips parting in a giant O. A roar sounded across the pacific, the kind not heard since the atomic tests of the 1950s, when superpowers flaunted their might at each other in great displays of military power. Gabriel had outdone them all with a single belch.

“Excuse me,” said Gabriel.

“My Goddess,” said the Captain. “You’re amazing, thank you. Listen to this! Boys! Girls! Cheer for Gabriel!”

Cheers sounded across the radio, making Gabriel warm. The Captain came back on. “The world will hear of this, how our Goddess Gabriel saved us all.”

“You’re making me blush,” said Gabriel. “I just wanted to help, it was you guys who cleared off the island, I wouldn’t have been able to do it, if it wasn’t for you my…my Lovelies.”

 “I hate to ruin this lovely conversation…” Zeta’s voice was on the radio, “But Gabriel, there’s something going on.”

“Zeta. What is it?”

“That blast of energy you emitted; our sensors are going crazy. I’ve been going over the data with my colleagues and…We think a portal to another dimension opened inside of you, in your stomach. If you were getting energy through such a means, it would explain why you weren’t hungry. It could also explain why you grew. But we’re worried, you see, this one is massive, kilometers wide. We think…”

“It’s only a matter of time until I grow again.” Said Gabriel. “Larger than ever before.”

“Exactly,” said Zeta, “Gabriel, we need to start discussing options right now, like using your gravity powers to counteract your own gravitational pull, should you become larger.”

“How much larger do you think I will get?”

“We’ve never seen surges like this before. I honestly have no idea.”

Gabriel thought about it. She might never feel the touch of the planet again. She’d never feel the soft bristles of a forest, the cooling draft off a glacier, the feeling of her lovelies pleasuring her. She’d never be able to help them again, like she had just done. I don’t have much time. What should I do? Her eyes locked on a formation of dark clouds over the ocean, remembering a small, swirling tropical storm she had seen when she passed the Caribbean. She remembered the parched, thin, desperate faces she had seen on TV, with her powers.

“In that case,” she said, “I’ll visit Somalia while I still have the chance. There’s still people I can help before I’m too big.”


Gabriel marched forward, scanning the water’s surface for ships. Her wide hips swayed in strong, deliberate arcs. Her back was straight, her head held high. She felt little surges of energy, slowly getting taller with each step. She stepped over Panama, seeing a dark storm creeping across the Caribbean. Clearing the islands in a great stride, she got down on her hands and knees, her nipples touching the sea floor, not even fully submerged. She sucked in the storm, the grey clouds disappearing into her puffed cheeks. She stood up, marching across the Atlantic, past south Africa, and up to the Horn of Africa. She could see Suez, North Africa, and beyond it, Southern Europe. The Mediterranean was a light blue, little white ships glistening on its surface. Gabriel, with rosy, puffed cheeks, lowered herself down, seeing the tiny villages and fishing towns of the miniature country. Gabriel’s red lips parted, Clouds wafting out from her mouth, showering the dry land with rain. “Here’s the clouds you said I stole. I hope the rain helps, little guys.”

Gabriel rose, stretching up into the sky. The subtlest shift of her toes created tsunamis hundreds of meters tall, quickly subdued by her gravity powers, which drastically altered tides across the planet. Her clitoris was the size of Mount Fuji, and her Labia were over 50 km long. Her red, gleaming sex organ was large enough to engulf the Isle of Man. Her belly button could easily hold Everest. The State of Massachusetts could fit in the area between her large, soft breasts. Each strand of her flowing blonde hair that fell over the bulk of her huge chest was as wide as an Olympic swimming pool is long. She looked down over the swell of her bosom at the world below, her lips curving in a gentle frown. Her blue eyes were cold, dark like the water of the great lakes. There’s so many things I won’t be able to see, she thought. People I could help, places I could visit, armies of men that I could have in my company. This place, I will keep it safe, I must, no matter how large I become. No one on Earth should have to die because of the way I am. I will save them, I am their Goddess after all.

“People of the Earth,” said Gabriel, “I think I will soon have to leave your planet, so I thank you, for letting me live alongside you. I hope you will learn to live alongside each other in peace. I’m sorry I put so many of you in danger, but if a woman with such destructive potential as I can help some people, maybe we all can. I promise, no matter what becomes of me, I will try to protect you, my Lovelies. I must get ready now, a new frontier awaits your Goddess, and I must face it with a smile on my face and a fire in my heart. Wish me luck.”

Gabriel walked down, stepping onto Antarctica. It should be big and desolate enough for me to grow large enough so that I can break orbit. Mothership Gabriel’s launch pad. Warmth flowing from her belly, she crouched down, getting ready to jump the moment before her feet slid into the icy ocean surrounding the continent. Goodbye Antarctica, you made a nice bed when I needed some time to myself. But where I’m going, I don’t think I’ll have much need for a bed. Jeez, the weight of my breasts won’t bother me in my sleep for once. Maybe going to space won’t be so bad after all…

Feeling a pulse of energy shooting down her legs, Gabriel jumped, flying away from the Earth, stretching out her arms as she grew, her breasts jiggling as she flung herself into space. The planet shrunk before her very eyes, until it was just under the width of her hips. Her pussy was the size of Greenland, Labia rising 500 km from their surface. Plunging into her colossal crotch, the chasm of her love tunnel was dozens of kilometers wider than Lake Superior. Her long legs could hug the Earth with shining, smooth thighs as broad and long as the Eurasian continent. Her ass cheeks rose over they sky like twin moons.

Her heavy chest heaving, face contorted, she winced, signing a thumbs up at the Earth. Hopefully they think I’m alright, she thought. Screaming silently into the void, she grew again, her heaving bosom swelling. Her breasts, larger than moons, could bump the Planet like a beach ball. Her enormous nipples were bulging, enormous round mountains as wide as Australia rising 2000 km from her chest. Strands of her smooth hair fell in her cleavage, each one as wide as a raging river. Her head was capped a swirling, golden storm of hair larger than the hurricanes of Jupiter. Gabriel saw a grey sphere float past her that was about the size of a stress ball, covered in dark patches. It’s the moon.

Looking to the Earth, Gabriel gasped as she saw the planet was heading for her, pulled in toward her like her nightmare. She held out her hand, focusing her energy. Her face scowled, gritting her teeth as she tried to negate her own gravity. It’s not like the waves, she thought, they were nothing compared to this. But I’m slowing it down. I need more power, something to feed that rift inside of me, but I’m so huge…Her eyes landed on the moon, drifting past her. “Lovelies,” she said, “I’m so sorry for what this is going to do to your tides.”

Gabriel grabbed the ball, her fingers crunching into it, chunks of rock the size of European nations flying into space. Using one hand to focus on slowing the Earth, the other gripped the moon, bringing it to her mouth. It probably doesn’t taste like cheese, she thought, but it’s the only play I have. A row of teeth, each the size of Ireland ripped into the moon, tearing off a chunk that Gabriel quickly chewed up, swallowing the lump of moon, a bulge the size of Western Europe sliding down her esophagus, coated with oceans of mucus and saliva. Entering her stomach, the lump was greeted by a glowing blue rift, which consumed the chunk of moon, pulsating as the rock disappeared into it.

Feeling the surge of energy, Gabriel saw the Earth slowing down. She bit into the moon again, swallowing another chunk, a tongue that could flatten central Africa in a single lick sliding across her continent-sized lips. Warmth flowed through her as she ate, the last piece of the moon disappearing in between her lips, Gabriel feeling the dry surface soak up her saliva, drying, but the warmth from the rift felt like a she was drinking a warm cup of coffee, filling her with Energy, as the Earth stopped ahead of her. Yes, thought Gabriel, I stopped it. “Sorry about that Lovelies, are you alright? Can you hear me? Am I still broadcasting radio Gabriel?”

“Gabriel,” the voice was masked in static, “Are…Alright?”

“Zeta?” she said, “Is that you? I can barely hear you, but you’re still alive, that’s the good news. I must be counteracting my own gravity. About the moon… I’ll see if I can fashion a replacement using some asteroids.”

“Co…We Und…But…surg…away.”

The warmth in Gabriel’s chest was building. Oh no, she thought. If I got this big from eating some mountain, how much larger will I get from eating the entire moon? Gabriel heard her heart pounding in her ears, feeling the energy of the rift coursing through her veins. She placed a hand over her bosom, belching a bright storm of energy, which quickly scattered into the void. She was surrounded by stars, the sun shining on her hair. When she placed her hand in the way, casting a shadow across her face, she could see distant galaxies, millions of stars shining. I can see the stars all the time now. Gabriel saw them, remembering her nights sleeping by the city, after making love to the military forces stationed there. The very thought of it put a warmth between her legs, and she rubbed her thigh, thinking of the sensations she had felt in those glorious minutes. Those guns can’t even reach me anymore. I’ll be hard-pressed to have some fun like this.

Gabriel’s face twisted once more, the warmth surging through her turning into fire as she experience a wave of growth like none before. From her eyes, the earth was closing in, shrinking until it could fit into the palm of her hand, her smooth fingers cupping around below Antarctica as Gabriel concentrated, using her rift’s gravity waves to cancel out her own gravity. Even the nail of her pinkie was larger than the British Isles. The planet was dwarfed by Gabriel’s monumental bosom, her shining, stiff nipples could cover a continent. Over seven billion people in the palm of my hand. Gabriel thought, looking down at her thumb, which was about as long as the planet was wide. How wide was it? About 12 000 km if I recall. My thumb is about 5 or 6 cm. That means I perceive about 2 000 km as one centimeter, so I must be between 350 000 and 400 000 km tall. Oh god, I thought I was huge before, the old me would be a mere mite, a crumb in my hand. I’m a real space Goddess now.

“Ga…Gabriel.” The static on the voice cleared. “This is Zeta, can you hear me?”

“I hear you now Zeta.” Said Gabriel, “What did you do?”

“Let’s just say we…repurposed some very powerful radios. Gabriel, about the moon… You had to do it. We’ll…learn to live without it. Jeez, this generation will tell their grandchildren about the last moon they saw, before you took flight.”

“Yeah,” said Gabriel, “I’m sorry about that, I always loved the moon. I had to save you guys, my gravity powers weren’t strong enough. I hope I didn’t cause much damage.”

“You’ll be happy to hear this, no major cities were destroyed, and there are no confirmed deaths related to your ascension.”

“That’s a miracle,” said Gabriel. “Now I just have to find a replacement for the moon, I figure if I get some asteroids together, I can make one with the same mass as the old moon. Although, I’ll need your help making sure it’s the right mass. What do you say?”

“The U.N. will consider it. But Gabriel, there was one thing we did hear from you…”


“Well…” said Zeta. “You know when people mutter things under their breath they don’t mean others to hear?”

“Oh.” Said Gabriel. “Yeah…Well, at least all you people know I accept you now. Zeta, if I could I would. But I can’t. Is this broadcasting across the world?”

“No,” said Zeta, “As far as I’m aware, you’re only on this channel. You probably did it subconsciously.”

“Okay, I guess I can say this then; It’s ironic that I’ve become so powerful and sexy, I wouldn’t be able to feel you people no matter what you do to me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.”

“Zeta,” said Gabriel. “I don’t think you need integral calculus to figure out what’s going on here. My pussy is larger than the Earth, there’s no way I’d feel you, no matter what you did to me.”

“Gabriel,” said Zeta, “I mean this honestly, do you want to have sex?”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Gabriel, crossing her legs, “I can’t.”

“But do you want to?”

“God yes.” Said Gabriel. “I haven’t been active in weeks, I’m starting to feel like a nun. I’m practically itching inside. But if I touched you, I’d destroy you. That would be…a nightmare.”

“Well, the nations of Earth wanted to thank you for managing not to destroy us despite all you’ve been through. We have a…surprise for you. But I’m going to ask you, on behalf of all of us, do you consent?”

“Mystery space sex?” Said Gabriel, blushing. “I mean, give it your best shot, but I doubt you could do anything.”

“Okay then, I’m going to give you some instructions. This won’t work unless you do most of the…heavy lifting. First, get comfortable, like you would before a city.”

Intriguing. Thought Gabriel. What sexy idea have my Lovelies had now? She spread her legs, each of her thighs as massive and unending as the gas giant Jupiter. Her but cheeks were, fittingly, each about the size of Uranus. Gabriel’s crotch was a bright red abyss of devastation, her smooth clitoris the size of Earth’s former moon. Her Labia, which could squeeze the Earth so hard it would ooze magma, opened in anticipation, Gabriel’s hand stroking down over them, feeling the moist darkness of her love canal. How many ocean’s worth of cum is already down there? Three? Four? Zeta seems awfully confident in Earth’s plan to please me. I wonder what they’re planning?

“What next?”

“Put us between your legs. Not too close though, you can get kind of…lively according to the reports.”

“You mean so you don’t get covered in cum?”

“Yes. If you can, use your gravity fields to pull it away from us.”

“Got it,” Gabriel said, guiding the blue orb between her legs, “Now what?” She could see the Earth between her legs, no larger than a small rubber ball to her, using one hand to create a gap in her bosom big enough for her to see through, while the other stroked her thighs, which pulsed with excitement. My sexy, thick space Goddess thighs. They must be over 100 000 km long. My hips are almost as wide as Jupiter. Gabriel’s crotch was trembling with excitement, waves of cum kilometers tall gushing over the red, gleaming flesh of her pussy, oceans worth of it pumping through her love tunnel at any given moment only a mere lubricating layer for Gabriel. The flower of her womanhood was blooming and gushing feminine nectar once more, not just for a city, but before the entire world. She reached into her crotch, fingers stretching her labia open. Her inner folds throbbed hungrily. Her finger stroked over her clit, and she moaned sensually. “MMMMNNN. Fuck I missed this.”

“Okay,” said Zeta. “Now, you wait. Sites around the Globe are launching, but it’ll take a while for the warheads to reach you.”

“Wait…what kind of warheads?”

“The only kind you’ll notice. The nuclear kind.”

Leaning in closer, Gabriel saw sparks breaching Earth’s atmosphere. Nuclear missiles! What about the radiation? Well, I guess I’ve been directly in the path of the sun for a bit now. I’d have to be immune to most radiation, or else something horrible would’ve happened already. “Oh, that’s brilliant. See if you can make me feel you.”

Looking down into her pussy, Gabriel saw the first warheads light up. Hot winds rushed over her pussy lips, thousands of little sparks lighting up, like specks of glitter on her wet, pulsating clit. The clearish liquid gushing out over her labia began to boil on the surface, warming the soft red flesh of Gabriel’s pussy lips thousands of meters below. “OOHHHH! MMMNNNNNN! That’s good, please tell me you have more. Do you have bigger bombs? Can you make me feel you even more? UUUUNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHH!”

The nukes began stroking her pussy, waves of towering mushroom clouds thundering down between the colossal walls of her labia, shear cliffs of flesh towering over 4000 km above her vaginal opening. Her love tunnel was clenching, and as the wave of nukes crested over the chasm, it opened, squirting out gobs of boiling cum hundreds of kilometers wide. Gabriel’s hand blocked the squirt, destroying a swarm of nukes in the process. Flicking her hand, Gabriel hurled the cum into the vacuum of space, bringing the hand back to stroke her thigh, which gleamed with wetness as more nukes detonated inside of her, warm pecks tickling her vaginal walls.

“AAAAHHHH! UUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHH! OHHHH! MMMMMNNNNNN! YES!” Exclaimed Gabriel, squeezing her planet-sized breast, nipples larger than the moon bulging as her fingers sunk into her soft boob. “YES! YES! YEEESSSSS! Please don’t stop, I’m just starting to feel you. UNGH! UNGH! UNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH! Keep it up! I can feel you! I can feel you! My thighs could flatten worlds, but I can still feel you, my clever little worshippers. UUUNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH!”

Gripping her thighs, Gabriel tried to spread her crotch more, thrusting her pussy through a massive cloud of missiles, a cluster of thermonuclear explosions pelting her vaginal canal. “MMMNNNNNN!” Gabriel drew back, thrusting again, each mighty throb of her clit pushing thousands of kilometers further into the void, pulling back as she breathed in, winds stronger than those on Jupiter blowing over her face as she breathed in her own cool atmosphere. “AAAHHHH! AAAHHH! AAAHHH!”

Gabriel screamed her orgasm into the void with each thrust, waves of smooth skin hundreds of kilometers tall roaring down from her hips, her thighs pulsing. Feeling a huge oncoming wave of cum gushing down her love tunnel, she pulled the Earth away with her powers, clenching her thighs together, feeling the warm press in the darkness of the 100 000 km long fold in her flesh, the last wave of warheads descending on her pussy from the gap between her thighs.

“OOOHHH!” Said Gabriel. “Try to time the detonation as I clench my labia. As soon as they clench, blow them up, I wanna end on a high note.” Fingering her gigantic pussy, her 2000 km wide fingers parted her labia, the warheads slipping between. Gabriel inhaled, releasing her pussy lips, which pressed together, cum oozing out from between the crevasse that ran across them. The warheads detonated, heat blasting down the tunnel formed by Gabriel’s closing labia, boiling the oceans of cum on her clit and in between her pussy lips. Gabriel’s sealed Labia turned into a planet sized steam boiler, hot gas jets shooting out of the gaps between her pussy lips. Love canal clenching, Gabriel felt a storm of pussy juice crashing against her muscular vaginal opening, which bulged, leaking a torrent of cum that could swamp Europe. “OH! UUUNNNNGGGGGH!” screamed Gabriel, “I fucked the planet, now I’m gonna cum a whole world! UNNNNNNGGGGHHHH! UUNGH! AAAAHHHHH!”

It turns out Gabriel did not ejaculate a planet’s mass worth of fluids, she sprayed almost twice that. Shimmering white liquid shot from her pussy, flying into space in a sticky cone that could engulf a planet. The nukes that had yet to explode were sucked away, instantly crushing in on themselves under the pressure as oceans of cum poured over them. A formation of asteroids passing by Gabriel’s pussy dissolved instantly, eaten up by the gushing waves of womanly nectar. A white storm surge 500 km tall raced down Gabriel’s thighs, sticky seas of cum glistening on Gabriel’s crotch in the sun. The torrent floating into space cast a shadow over the Earth, turning the bright blue skies black, as if someone had flipped a light switch. Gabriel was in ecstasy. Moaning and breathing, she groped her breasts, feeling the smoothness of her shimmering skin, the softness of her flesh, and beneath that the pressure of oceans of Goddess milk held back by her towering nipples, each with nubs larger than the moon. She squeezed, forming a line of cleavage 40 000 km long, the people of Earth watching her bosom rise, light like the kind that reflected off the moon filling the entire sky, nipples twisting, casting shadows over her chest as she groped, each delightful press of her clever fingers creating canyons greater than any on Earth on the expanses of her bosom, which disappeared instantly as the fingers slid further on, the pressure of the milk contained inside tightening her boob flesh and hardening her red, conical nipples.

“That was heavenly.” Said Gabriel, “Thank you, my Lovelies. You made your Goddess happy. I feel like I should do something, how about I make you a new moon? I just have to find something to use, let’s see here…”

Looking around, Gabriel saw only the stream of white slime she had produced, drifting away into the darkness. Maybe that will work. Using her gravity powers, Gabriel formed a small ball of her cum, only about the size of a bean to her. “Zeta,” she asked, “will this work?”

“To…replace the moon? I mean, maybe, but you’d have to refine its size, and get the orbit just right. I can help, I just need to make a few calculations.”

Following Zeta’s instructions, Gabriel slowly refined her orb, oceans of white liquid flying into space as she used her gravity powers to shape of the ball. “That’s good,” said Zeta, “Now you’ll have to be very careful about getting it into orbit.” Following Zeta’s instructions, Gabriel nudged the ball into place, smiling as it began to gently circle the Earth. “I give you the new moon,” said Gabriel. “Born of my womb, crafted by my hands for you, my Lovelies. May it serve you well, as you have served me.”

Gabriel floated beneath the Planet, admiring the little swirls of white moving across the blue-green orb. On the night side of the Earth, glowing lights peppered the surface like glitter, shining like stars on Gabriel’s dark pupils. Her irises were like blue, glistening seas twice as wide as the Gulf of Mexico. “You are very pretty from up here my Lovelies,” said Gabriel. “I could look at you for hours. I want to protect you, to keep you safe, watch as you take your own steps to join your Goddess in space. As your Goddess, I will use my power to keep you safe. Look at how powerful I am, how beautiful I am…” Gabriel turned, revealing the side of her thigh and her ass to the world. Flexing her thighs, she stroked her legs, waves of flesh thousands of kilometer tall rippling across her ass.

“I wish you could feel my body, I’m so warm and soft.” Twerking, the muscles on the insides of her thighs rocked back and fourth, planet sized masses of flesh that jiggled with softness radiating warmth. “I’m just imagining all the things we’ll do together. It makes me get all tingly in my loins.”

Suddenly, Gabriel’s insides shrieked with pain, “AAAHHHH!” She screamed, “What they hell is- AAAHHH!” folding over in pain, Gabriel clutched her abdomen, gritting her teeth. This isn’t like growth, it feels like someone’s pulling on my insides. The rift! What is happening to me!? Her stomach rumbled, groaning and quaking, sending aches up her spine. Her vision was blackening around the edges. I feel…hungry. Horribly hungry, like I’m being starved or vacuumed out from the inside. Gabriel’s thighs pressed together. Gabriel opened her mouth to scream, but her jaws locked open, streams of light pouring into her, like a black hole. She turned away from the earth, distant asteroids flying into her mouth, little crumbs to Gabriel that did nothing to stop the pain. Her eyes darted to the earth, which glistened in the sun…like an apple. NO! I’d sooner die than do that! I’d never hurt my Lovelies! I will protect them! Gabriel’s entire body ached, quaking and shivering. Her fingers felt cold, her eyes felt ready to burst from her skull, and her heart felt like it was exploding. A huge rift appeared behind her, glowing with blue light, and pulled her in head first, widening to fit her breasts and hips, narrowing with her thighs before snapping shut behind her feet. Gabriel passed out from the pain, vanishing from the solar system.


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