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Author's Chapter Notes:

Gabriel's power grows, and so too does her hunger. Can the stars themselves satistfy her?


Gabriel woke in the darkness of space, her air glowing in the light of strange stars. Two of them were ahead of her, one a large red sphere about three times as wide as she was tall. The other could fit in the palm of her hands, but she could feel herself fighting the grip of its gravity with her powers. She checked herself, looking down over her body. Sitting above the darkness of her cleavage was a planet, only about the size of a bead, burnt on one side and frozen on the other. Where am I? This isn’t earth’s system. Gabriel’s stomach growled, and she looked down at the planet. It should be lifeless. Oh my god, I’m going to eat a whole planet.

Gabriel reached down, grabbing the planet between her fingers. It was soft for the goddess, squishing in the middle a bit. On its surface, a wave a hundred kilometers tall heaved up the crust, launching mountains on its surface into space, which glimmered as they plunged through Gabriel’s atmosphere. Gabriel’s plump lips parted, her gleaming white teeth shimmering in the sunlight. She let the planet drift into her mouth, catching it between her teeth, feeling it flatten as she closed her mouth, her lips casting the planet into darkness. Steaming chunks of magma the size of nations were carried down her throat by roiling oceans of saliva that carried it down the back of her throat. It was only rocks, but for Gabriel, it was sweet like candy.

“Mmmnnn.” She cooed. Her posture relaxed, a wave of relief cresting across her bosom. She looked around, seeing the lights of other planets in orbit around the stars. She felt something warm in her core.

“Oh.” Moaned Gabriel, feeling her body swell in size. Tingles flowed up her legs, and she massaged her thighs, her nipples hardening and her cheeks blushing. Her hungry gaze fell on an unfortunately delicious looking planet, which was about the size of an orange to her. She floated toward it, its moon floating between her breasts, the tiny ball no wider than the firm tips of her nipples. As Gabriel reached for the planet, her bicep pressed against her breast, her line of cleavage bulging forward to swallow the moon, which was instantly flattened between the weight of her hefty breasts. Grabbing the planet, her fingers pressed into its crust, red cracks spreading across its surface as she brought it before her mouth. She took a bite, magma dripping from the planet. The crust cracked around her bite. The magma flowed around her mouth, and down her tongue as it rolled back, a massive lump siding down her throat.

Gabriel pressed her lips against the planet, her cheeks pulsing as she sucked on the inside of the planet. Mountains of ice on the planet’s surface ripped off their bases as she sucked, the planet’s surface turning from white to grey as the might of her suction cleaned the planet. Magma flowed down her throat, like a warm goddess milkshake. The crust of the planet caved in on itself, sliding between her lips. Gabriel chewed the crust and swallowed it. She placed a hand on her stomach. “Ahh, magnificent. I feel so good…”

She grew again, the tingles rattling up the insides of her thighs. Blushing, she placed both hands between her thighs, squeezing her breasts together as she fingered her clit, pressing her thighs together, feeling herself growing all over, but especially in the depths of her love tunnel. She could feel the sticky wetness, moaning as she grew. She looked at another planet, a gas giant with thick rings and large moons orbiting around it. Large to some. For Gabriel, the moons were no larger than ball bearings. She drew it toward her, placing it between her thighs, spreading her dripping pussy lips open with her right hand. With her left index and middle finger, she pushed the planet into her vagina, its atmosphere compressing as it was squeezed into her insatiable abyss of lust. She cooed, loving the way it slipped deeper, grinding against her insides with its atmosphere as it continued to rotate.

“UNGH! I’m so big.” She moaned. “This planet’s too soft. MNNNN, maybe if I squeeze a little harder…”

Gabriel placed one of the planet’s moon on her finger, pressing the planet into her clit. The mass of sensitive flesh was bigger than the entire moon. As she rolled her finger, she could feel the icy cold moon shattering and crumbling as she rubbed, moaning as she did. She pushed the planet deeper, her eyes widening and her mouth open. She could feel her inner muscles squeezing it inside her as the moon on her clit dissolved into her love nectar. Another moon was drifting in between her thighs and with a smile on her face and a heave of her bosom, she pressed her plump, powerful thighs together. The moon was swallowed between the towering ranges of milky flesh, which clapped together with a thunderous quake. As she spread her legs again, the moon was only a small dark smear on the insides of her thighs.

“Oh my God…” Moaned Gabriel as her insides quaked, vaginal walls pressing the planet inside her, its atmosphere popping open. The contents of the planet shot out of her, glittering into space. Gabriel bit her lip. “Fuck… I need more.”

Gabriel’s eyes landed on the tiny white neutron star. She floated closer to it, curling her fingers around it. She could feel its warmth, the larger star beneath her still about twice as wide as she was tall. She moaned as she felt the vibration of her fingers. The star was spinning. Her other hand slipped down into her crotch, her thighs pressing around it. Gabriel attempted to take the star in her fingers, but when she pulled on it, it was so dense its inertia made the lean, toned muscles on her arms ripple.

“Ohhh.” She moaned. “It’s heavy.”

Gabriel slipped up, bringing her crotch in line with the star. With her hand already soaked in her own Goddess nectar, she pried open her pussy lips. With the other hand, she pushed the star into herself, thrusting her crotch forward. Her clit slipped across its surface, and she moaned as she felt its vibrations travel up her spine. Clouds of fog floated ahead of her crotch, evaporated by the warmth of the star. Her breaths grew rough as her hand navigated down, hovering the star just above the depths of her goddess vagina. She thrusted again, moaning as she felt herself opening up around the star.

“Oh, so heavy.” She cooed. “So good…MMMNNNN!”

Thrusting deeper, she could feel her pussy clenching around it, her labia swallowing the neutron star whole. She pulled back, feeling it slide forward a bit, only to thrust forward again, the vibrations going even deeper, causing her to gush a thousand oceans worth of hot love nectar into space. Her hands lowered onto her clit, fingers pressing and swirling madly. Her cheeks flushed red, her lips open, her voice a symphony of ecstasy. Gabriel moaned, wrapping the warm, supple insides of her thighs around her hands. The vibrations shook her, and steam rose from the lusty red depths of her vagina. She shifted back and forth, ploughing the unfathomable depths of her insatiable pussy with a mighty neutron star. Her eyes closed as her breathing quickened, her hand motions getting faster, tingling quakes pulsing down her spine and through her legs.

“Mmm. Mmm.” Her eyes opened suddenly. “UUUMMMNNNN!”

A column of light exploded out of her vagina, her crotch muscles crushing the star past its limit. The light felt hot on the insides of her thighs, which she spread, her fingers tickling down the insides of her thighs, dripping wet with her fluids. Pieces of neutron star flew out of her, exploding between her colossal thighs in a firework show of swirling light. Planet sized drops of her love nectar were instantly converted to steam, a swirling haze drifting in between her thighs. She thought of her lovelies. If only they could have seen it. She continued to rub her clit, imagining the nations of earth unleashing their mightiest weapons against it, her smooth, shivering mountain of pleasure dwarfing their planet, each obscene drop of fuck nectar dripping from her pussy lips rolling with more fluid than their ocean. She wanted to give them the pleasure of seeing her. She stopped touching herself as a thought struck her. How do I find them? Maybe if I get bigger, I’ll be able to hear their radios from further away.

She looked down at the star below her, noticing the fiery arcs of hot gas swirling off it. She leaned in, parting her lips, and sucked in a mouthful of star stuff. To her, it was warm like honey tea. She took long sips, feeling a warmth spread through her body. She shivered, and moaned with delight as she grew, the pulses of power shaking through her. She blushed with the rush, taking gluttonous sips of the star. Eventually, she grew large enough to hold it in her hand. She took large, hot licks of its surface. The sensations of her growth made her planet-dwarfing clit swell, beckoning her free hand down over her belly and hips to be held in between her thighs, fingers drumming at her little (for her) smooth planetoid of the most exquisite sensual pleasures, complete with oceans of love nectar that made her touch as smooth as silk.

Gabriel stopped licking the star, pressing it against her lips. She moaned from deep in her throat as she sucked. Slowly, as she grew, she drew it further into her mouth, squeezing harder with her lips. Below, her the swirling motion of her hand picked up, her upper arm pressing against her enormous breasts together, star-sized nipples bouncing on her chest. She drank more of the star, swelling larger still. Oceans of fluid glazed her goddess pussy while glorious shudders worked their way though her body. The star as completely inside her mouth now, her plump lips closing behind it. An entire star in my mouth, I’m so big… so sexy… so powerful… a real goddess. I need more.

With her next suck, the warmth was gone. She had devoured an entire star. She tried to swirl her hand over her crotch faster, but without the tingles from deep within, she could feel her hand starting to get sore. She looked out, seeing other stars. She focused on them, imagining them coming to her. A portal opened ahead of Gabriel, an entire solar system appearing in front of her. She let her gravity lose, bringing the star to her gaping maw, the star no larger than her tooth. A small tingle was all it yielded. She scowled with hunger and sexual frustration. She summoned more of them, sucking dozens in at a time, the planets orbiting them no more than dust to her. Each little tingle was weaker than the last. I need something bigger. Isn’t there something about black holes at the center of some galaxies?

Gabriel looked around with her portals. For something so massive they were elusive. Through one, she saw a halo of light surrounding the darkness. That’s it! She thought, flying though her portal. It hovered just a bit in front of her. I’m surprised I haven’t turned into one of these things. It must be my gravity powers keeping me from collapsing in on myself. Maybe it I use them on this, I can free some of its mass.

Gabriel hovered over the black hole. Even she could feel its pull. Its gravity waves sent pulses though her entire body, and she blushed. You naughty girl. Thought Gabriel. I’d keep you to use as a toy if you weren’t so yummy looking. Gabriel put her lips up the black hole, feeling its pull, and sucking back as hard as she could. Gabriel felt its matter pouring down into her, fueling her growth. The black hole was getting smaller, and with an overzealous slurp, she sucked it all up. She felt its weight in her stomach, and began to shudder. She cupped both hands over her crotch as she ballooned in size, her thighs quaking with each tingle of her spine.

Distant stars became closer, forming into fluffy clouds of light all around her. Her nipples carved sharp lines though them, stars swirling around her bosom. For a few seconds, the stars formed a glowing skirt around her waist, glimmering around her. She felt the tickle of stars smashing into her body, and she absent-mindedly crushed a cluster of them with a single press of her enormous thighs. She thought of her lovelies getting close by the second, only to realise she was going to hit them. She felt a familiar pressure in her crotch. Closing her eyes, she imagined teleporting away.

When she opened her eyes again, the whole galaxy was floating in front of her, no larger than a jar lid in size. It was floating right over her bosom. The areoles surrounding her massive nipples were wider than the milky way. Galaxies floated all around her, all dwarfed by the gargantuan curves of her alluringly radiant, smooth body. Colour flushed to her face. I never imagined being this huge. She ran her hands up her thighs and into her crotch. The muscles of her colossal ass tightened. My lovelies, I know you’re somewhere down there… She thought while her fingers stroked her pussy. She spread her legs wide, hands swirling over her clit as she looked down at the miniscule galaxy. I could put a whole galaxy in my pussy if I really wanted to. I can just imagine it tingling around in there, stars exploding inside me. Lovelies, I wish I could make you all invincible so you could see me do it.

She moaned as she groped herself. “My pussy feels so good! MMMNNN, my galaxy size pussy. Oh, it so big! So wet! UUMMMM! It needs to be touched; it needs to be worshipped! MMMNNN HAH! UNNNMMMM! More! YES! UUUMMMMNNN! UUMMMNNNN! UUMMMMMNNNNNNHHH!”

Gabriel exploded with pleasure, a galaxy of pussy nectar drifting out from between her legs. She looked down, and unknown to her, there was another, small red galaxy in between her enormous thighs. It ceased to exist as the sticky blob consumed it, the unstoppable flood jiggling toward the other galaxies. Before it could do any more damage, she leaned over, slurping it down, the sweet nectar sprinkled with sparkling stars. A galaxy size lump descended her throat. Her entire body relaxed as she sighed. She licked the last drop of sex honey off her bright red lips.

“Well… Better hope there wasn’t any aliens in that one.”

 She looked around at the universe surrounding her, a seemingly endless sea of star soup. There were so many different shades, all of them reflecting off the curves of her radiant body. She looked at the milky way, using her gravity powers to hold it all together, taking the reigns from the black hole she consumed. She listened to it, speaking softy. “Lovelies, can you hear me?”

Silence. A worried look swept across her face. “Lovelies? Lovelies can you hear me!? Please, answer me! I can’t lose you like this, not when everything was going so well! I’ll tell you all about my orgasm! I’ll rub myself any which way you please, just answer me. Lovelies, are you there?”

There was a faint crackle. Zeta was on the radio. “Gabriel, is that you? We only caught that last sentence.”

Gabriel looked down. Despite the sea of specks, she could sense where they were. Her finger hovered over a group of them. She spoke. “Can you hear me now?”

“Yes.” Said Zeta. “Loud and clear. We only caught the very end of your last call. Did you have anything you wanted to say?”

Gabriel blushed. “Nope. Nothing but me worrying I’d lost you. I’m glad I haven’t.”

“Wait… what did you eat to get that big?”

“Well…” She trailed off in a ‘not wanting to admit your orgasm drowned a galaxy in cum’ fashion.

“Gabriel, what did you eat?”

“The black hole, the one at the center of the milky way. But don’t worry, I can keep the galaxy together, I’m doing it right now.”

Zeta sighed. “It’s good to see that in some ways you haven’t changed. We’ll make sure that won’t cause any problems. For now, it’s good to have you back.”

“Good to be back.” She said. She felt a growl in her stomach. Why do I still feel hungry?

Gabriel reached for another galaxy. Slowly, it drifted toward her and she brought it to her mouth, her plump lips consuming the entire cluster of stars and planets in one piece. As its warmth slid down her throat, she felt some relief of her hunger, but the tingles of growing were gone. Maybe it’s just too small now. After all, I have gotten quite large.


Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed it!

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