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Giantess Giga Amy is teleported to Earth written by AmyBrooke
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[Giantess Giga Amy is teleported to Earth]
"This planet only has one sun?" She asks out-loud while looking at the blue sky and clouds above. She walks around and feels something tiny crunching under her feet. She is unaware of the massive city that she has teleported into the middle of. Her giant foot-prints are pressed into the land with each of her massive steps. She is wearing her blue metroid-type-jumpsuit and does not need a helmet to breathe in this atmosphere. She takes a deep breath and exhales with relief. Her long red-hair is able to flow freely past her shoulders and she smiles. "This is a beautiful planet, but it is uninhabited?" She asks curiously while looking around with her bright green-eyes and seeing no sign of lifeforms that are as large as she is. Amy decides to lay down on her back and look up at the peaceful blue sky. She feels tired, rests her body, and eventually falls asleep with her head tilted to one side. Her giant cheek presses down on a small portion of the city as she snores loudly. It has been a long trip to this planet and Amy has plenty of time to explore before returning to her mother-ship.

[Tiny Human Reporter’s Point of View:]

"This is Rachel reporting for GTS News. Traffic today will be- hold on, this just in, a giant massive alien woman has suddenly appeared in the city and is crushing it?" (looks to her side) "John, is this a joke?" She asks in disbelief but a long-distance helicopter camera-view suddenly appears on-screen beside her. Her jaw drops but she remembers that she is on camera broadcasting to the world so she composes herself for the audience. “Yes, a giant woman seeming to be of alien origin and culture has suddenly appeared on Earth in our city a few minutes ago. Reports are coming in and were initially disregarded as a prank but our helicopters have confirmed these facts. What we believed were earthquakes were actually the result of her giant foot steps! She has laid down on her back and appears to be resting on our city. What is that sound? It seems that the giant alien lady is asleep and is snoring...she is beautiful!” (Rachel blushes but is jealous of the giant woman’s beauty) “A government agent has appeared near her face and is trying to talk with her.”

[Agent Alex’s Point of View:]
“Welcome to Earth! I am Agent Alex!” He screamed into a special megaphone at maximum volume in a desperate attempt to awaken the sleeping giantess and talk with her. Suddenly, her eyes opened slowly and he realized that she did hear him. “Alex? Where are you?” She whispered curiously in his direction. “I am near your face. I am 6 feet tall but you seem to be at least 100 times my size. We are tiny compared to you. We are called Humans and there are billions of us on this planet. You are currently laying on a city which is populated by millions of us! What is your name?” He said and asked empathically. Her eyes widened from the news and she pulled out a special type of magnifying glass and placed it over where the sound was coming from. After some scanning, she found him jumping up and down while waving his tiny arms. She blushed. “Alex? You are cute and my name is Amy. I did not know any lifeforms were on this planet. I am pleased to meet you and I apologize if I have caused you “humans” any discomfort. I was simply exploring this new planet and I decided to rest. I do not want to eliminate your species; currently. Your DNA is similar to ours but there are major differences. I assume that you are a male?” She asked and placed her giant index finger tip down near him gently to invite him to climb on to her.

 “Fire!” Commander Carl screamed and his large army, tanks, and jets all fired at the giantess. But just before impact, a blue aura appeared around her body and deflected all damage. Their jaws dropped in disbelief after witnessing her advanced defensive technology. Amy’s expression turned angry and she growled loudly. She used her index-finger tip and thumb to pinch Alex between her fingers and bring him up to her face. “I thought we were having a moment together! I trusted you! You want to hurt me!” She said to him with clenched teeth but she was still willing to hear his explanation.

“I am sorry. They do not know! You are a good person and I will tell them to stand down!” He said in fear while he grabbed a radio and explained everything. The jets flying around her were tempting to swat and she had to restrain herself from crushing the army but they soon backed off and ceased firing at her. “Alex, I like you but this is unacceptable. An act of war. I can not promise that we will not retaliate and decide to eliminate all of you after my people learn of this!” She said while trying to calm down. He felt his heart sank and became desperate to win back her trust in him. “Please give me another chance. I love you!” Alex said sincerely to Amy which caused her expression to soften and her heart to beat faster.

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