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Giantess Aliens Love Humans

Full Image by Thor66: https://i.imgur.com/fmE8clG.jpg

Giantess Aliens Love Humans written by AmyBrooke
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Tiny Tony watched helplessly in slow-motion as her massive boots made each of their fatal foot falls seductively in his direction. A scream was heard under her boot as it pressed onto the ground. Mia unawarely stepped on another tiny human like it was just a common insect. “Yuck, more man-bugs? Disgusting!” She said and lifted the bottom of her boot to see the crushed debris. She growled with anger, her alien antenna suddenly lifting up, and back to illustrate her rage. “I am down here! Please help me!” Tony jumped up and down while waving his tiny arms up at the Giantess Alien.

Mia’s antenna suddenly pointed down in his direction as she took in the faint sound of Tony near her massive boots. She clenched her teeth and lifted her boot over the source of the noise intending to stomp on it but her face suddenly softened and she slowly placed her foot gently down beside him as he fell back onto his butt and lifted his arms over his head in a futile attempt to defend himself from her. She bent down, reached out her hand, grabbed him, and brought him closer to her face. “You are cute!” She said with a blush and a giggle. “Wait, what am I doing, why am I feeling this way, why is my heart racing so fast!?” She asked herself while staring at the tiny in her fist looking back at her. She devoured a man-bug earlier, crushed another one, but now; she wanted to take care of and be nice to this tiny that she captured?

It was mating season for Mia’s species on her homeworld, the sight of this attractive male caused her body to fill with sexual hormones, and her skin to send out attractive pheromones causing males to find her irresistible. Tiny Tony looked at her with a loving gaze and did not understand why he was feeling this way towards her. They were both confused by their new feelings but her primal mating instincts caused her firm grip to loosen, talk to him in a soft voice, and build a relationship together. She no longer had a desire to crush or vore him. She wanted to keep him for herself and keep all other females from taking him from her. She needed to hide him. Her nipples hardened and she felt a need to be touched near her chest. Mia unzipped the top of her uniform and placed him between her breasts. Mia walked with Tony back towards her bedroom where she intended to perform the mating ritual.
I was asked to write a short story based on the image and about a giantess alien. The genre does not seem to be as popular but it is sci-fi which gives many options for a story. Would you like to see this or the other requested short stories continued? Let me know what you think ^_^

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