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Giantess Aliens Love Humans 2

Full Image by Thor66: https://i.imgur.com/7dGuBs4.jpg

Giantess Aliens Love Humans 2 written by AmyBrooke
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“I heard humans have 4 legs! Gross!” She gossips to her friends. “No, four limbs! Their DNA and appearance are like ours; but their history is violent, and they are tiny!” She extends her index-finger and thumb to visually show how small they are. “Really? What if we step on them by accident!? Will that break our peace treaty!?” “Calm down. We teleported a human male, Captain Mirk, onto our ship. You will see him for yourself soon.” “A male!? But this is a female-only vessel! I heard that Mirk guy is a womanizer with complaints against him from females of different species!”

Captain Mirk continues to look up and hear the giantess aliens gossip about him as he stands near their big white boots on the floor. He waits for the right moment to use his voice-amplifier device to get their attention, but he does not want to interrupt them. They keep talking, like human women, so he decides to man up, and make his presence known. “Sorry, I have been down here this whole time. I do not mean to disturb you. My name is Captain Mirk. I am pleased to meet you beautiful and lovely ladies!” He thinks about what he just said and regrets his last line. He has always been confident, popular, but too flirty with women; according to the female complaints against him in the past after his many sexual conquests.

Captain Zora, the larger, green-haired giantess; points down at him on the floor. “This is how human males communicate with their women? Interrupting their conversations and using fake compliments with the sole intent of eventual sexual intercourse? He did not ask for our names or try to understand our feelings!” The women nod in agreement and look down at him. He turns on the charm and decides to make a quick save. “I am sorry for the misunderstanding, but I know all three of you, Zora, Yei, and Mila. I also know your ship, species history, your missions, and your great noble causes that each of you personally promote and live for. I am a big fan of yours on social media, your charitable acts, and I truly am pleased to meet all three of you in person! Please forgive me! You may crush me if I have offended you too greatly!” He says emotionally, falling to his hands and knees at their feet. This is known as the sorry and surrender position in their species history. It also grants legal permission to her to kill him if she wants to do it.

They are surprised at his outburst and feel his words are true. They want to form an emotional bond with him. “You are forgiven, and you may rise. It seems we were mistaken and the negative rumors about you are false. Sorry.” Captain Zora says and bends down; grabbing him and lifting him up to their faces as they gather around and look at him in the palm of her hand; taking in his tiny features. His confidence is attractive and they are also well-known for their numerous sexual conquests. “You will be staying with us for a while; we will show you around, and bring you to our bedroom.”

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