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“Fucking bastard!”, Rachel Amber growled, as she fell to the ground, clutching her arm. The wound bled as angrily as the stare she gave Damon Merrick. Chloe Price’s eyes widened. “Rachel! No!” She crouched down, trying to staunch the red pouring down the blonde’s arm. She glared up at Arcadia Bay’s drug kingpin. “I’ll fucking kill you for this, you asshole!”, she screamed, tears of rage in her eyes. Before she could get up, Rachel pulled her down with what little strength she had. “L...love you..”, she whispered, and pressed her lips to the taller girl’s. As Chloe saw the light in Rachel’s eyes begin to dim, one thought over rode all. “This fucking town has taken everything from me. They’re going to pay! All of them!” Her angry tears sliding down her face, she pressed her lips to the beautiful blonde’s. Suddenly, everything was washed away by a bright, white light.


Joyce was just leaving the Two Whales diner, after another long shift of serving asshole truckers, locals, and the usual snobby tourists. David stepped out of his car, walking towards her. “Thanks for picking me up, honey.” He merely smiled and kissed her. A booming rumble echoed. “Not supposed to rain, today.”, she muttered. She heard it again. And realized it wasn’t thunder. It was a human voice, magnified to gigantic proportions. Looking up, she gasped at a sight usually reserved for sci fi movies. Her only child’s face, looming above Arcadia Bay. The air blasting from a giant, shocked gasp pushed the couple down onto the ground. She then saw huge blonde ropes covering the street, as well as the strip mall across the street. ‘Probably that Rachel Amber.’, the small part of Joyce’s brain that wasn’t absolutely gobsmacked at what was occurring, thought.



As Chloe’s vision cleared from the blinding light, she found her head resting on something soft. It made a weird kind of thumping sound. Regaining her full senses, she realized her head was laying on Rachel’s chest. She let out a gasp, and sat up. “Rachel!” Her eyes went to the other girl’s arm right away, and saw only unblemished skin. “W..what the shit?”



Victoria Chase and Nathan Prescott were on their way to Nathan’s estate. They chatted about what rich kids usually do, the other, lesser people. “Did you see Rachel Amber yesterday?”, Victoria sneered. “Bitch acts like she’s better than everyone else.”, the blonde snarled, completely unaware of the irony of her statement. “Eh”, shrugged Nathan. “She’s not like the other losers at Blackwell. Knows how to have a good time, at least.” Victoria just rolled her eyes. “And that dumb trashy Kari Price that tags along after her, like a fucking stupid dog.” Nathan smirked. “Yeah, ‘oh, no. my dad’s fucking dead’”, he laughed. “You know Rachel probably keeps her around just to fuck, right?” The girl made a noise like she was going to vomit. “Don’t be such a perv, Nate.” Grinning, the boy said, “Yeah, she just keeps her around to tap that ass.” A huge shadow loomed above them, and the slightly pimply left cheek of said ass obliterated them, before they could say or do anything.


“Rachel!”, Chloe yelled, “Wake up!” The other blonde slowly opened her eyes. “Chlo? Wha… Whazzhappen?” “I don’t know! That bastard Merrick stabbed you, and now the wound is gone!” She looked around. “Oh, and we’re….kinda naked.” Rachel let out a gasp and sat up. “What?”, she shrieked. Looking around, all she was was herself, Chloe, and some kind of smoke. “What the fuck? Where’s the junkyard?”, she said, a dazed look on her face. A faint noise reached the two girls ears. “Do you hear that?”, Rachel said. “Yeah, where’s it coming from?” Looking down, they saw what appeared to be a miniature diorama of Arcadia Bay. Only diorama’s usually don’t have moving people in them. Leaning down, Chloe’s eyes widened. There, waving her arms, was an extremely tiny Joyce Price.



The older woman waved her arms and shouted, hoping to get her colossal daughter’s attention. It was a hard thing to do, as the town had turned into a screaming madhouse. Having two teenagers big enough to crush the town appear out of nowhere makes people kind of antsy. Her efforts were rewarded, however, as a huge, blue eye filled her vision. A loud voice bellowed, “Joyce?.” The blue eye turned colder. “And Step Asshole.” Joyce shuddered at the sound. She realized that compared to the thunder she had heard before, this probably meant that Chloe was whispering. “Chloe Elizabeth Price! Don’t you dare call David that!”, she shouted, then groaned in frustration as the gigantic teen showed no sign of hearing her. “Joyce? I’m going to pick you up, okay” Very very slowly, a hand big enough to crush a city block or two descended. The waitress climbed on, gripped the huge index finger. “Joyce!”, David shouted, and grabbed onto the same finger. The hand moved upward, once again, very very slowly. The couple’s eyes widened as the town receded in the distance. The hand moved past what seemed to be a giant mountain, but soon revealed itself to be Rachel Amber’s head. The pale landscape below her flushed red, and a voice equal in volume to Chloe’s said, “H...Hi, Joyce, David.” “This ride’s for one person only, you tiny fuck!”, Chloe thundered. She slightly wiggled her finger. The tiny man fell off, landing on a soft, warm, plain. His eyes rolled up, and he fainted. As Rachel’s giant body moved away, Joyce turned around, and gasped. Chloe’s face loomed closer and closer. A mouth that seemed big enough to eat two actual whales, smiled and said, “Hey, Joyce.” It was then that Joyce did something that was only natural, considering the situation. She fainted, as well.


“Joyce?”, Chloe muttered. Lifting her hand closer, she saw that the woman had fainted. She knew that putting Joyce back on the ground would be dangerous, so, she gently laid her down on the roof of the nearby record store. A new, slightly louder, voice rose up from the tiny town below. “Rachel? It’s your dad. What… what happened? Are you okay, honey?” The giant girl’s face curled into an angry sneer. “I’m sure as fuck not okay, James.”, she said, using his first name to show the emotional distance between them.



James Amber stood in front of the Two Whales, having just arrived in his car. He called to his only daughter, through a megaphone. had sent hardened criminals to prison many times in his life. Getting death threats was a monthly occurrence to him, before moving to Arcadia Bay, that is. He had never felt such fear as he did now, staring up at his daughter. What would have been an annoyed look, was transformed into the anger of an omnipotent goddess. She glared down at him, looking as if she was judging all humanity for its sins, and had found the human race wanting. “I’m sure as fuck not okay, James.”, rattled in his ears. “And it’s your fault.”



As rage gripped her heart, Rachel had to hold herself back from yelling, so as not to damage anything, or hurt anyone else. “You lied to me. You kept me away from my own mother. You’re a bastard!” She curled her hand and crushed him without a second thought. The movement caused David to wake up, thinking ‘something feels weird’. As his eyes opened, he looked up to see the jutting cliff of Rachel’s chin. David saw the giantess’s hand fly above him, landing on the plain of her stomach. Once more, he fainted.



A limo stopped in the diner's parking lot. The man who, for all intents and purposes ruled Arcadia Bay, Sean Prescott stepped out. His eyes widened as he beheld the two titanic teenagers. The gears began spinning in his mind. Having the business acumen to create the empire he did, his thoughts immediately turned to how he could bring two such gigantic beings to heel. His mind filled with images of the two crushing cities, obliterating countries, all under his direction, of course. A man in a black suit, and sunglasses handed Prescott a megaphone of his own. “Miss Price? Miss Amber? This is quite the situation, but, I believe it can be resolved amicably. I have no doubt that you, Miss Amber, are in no way like your father.”



Chloe looked down at the small man. “Y’know, Prescott”, she sneered, “I’ve always thought you were a petty, arrogant, little man.” She gave him an imperious look. “And now, you’re even more so. All of that power and money, and a poor teenager with a dead dad is more powerful than you could ever be.” She laughed. “There’s nothing you, or this whole fucking town can do to us.” Rachel felt a tickle in between her boobs, and looked down to see Chloe’s step dad wake up. The other giant saw this, and her hand swooped down. “You get the hell off of my girlfriend, pedostache.”, she growled. She dropped him onto the ground by her left foot and stepped on him. Rachel looked down, at Prescott. “You are nothing. No, less than nothing.”



There were many thing that Sean Prescott could abide, but, being thought of as insignificant was at the top of the things he could not. “How dare you!”, he roared, pointing up at the giant girl with the blue streak in her hair. His face turned red. “I knew I should have had my people kill your mother, as well!” The only sounds that followed were the birds, and the ocean breeze. Chloe gasped. “YOU BASTARD!”, she screamed, uncaring of the fact that the volume of her voice shook the surrounding buildings. Tears poured from her eyes, raining on the populace. “YOU KILLED MY DAD! YOU DESTROYED MY CHILDHOOD!” “Blame your mother, Miss Price! If she had accepted my offer to work in housekeeping at Pan Estates, he’d still be alive!” Chloe’s face turned glacial. “Don’t you dare talk about her like that! My dad’s dead because of you!” And before Rachel could stop her, the giant brought her fist down, crushing him. “Fuck this town!”, Chloe shouted, bringing another fist down on top of another building.


Rachel grabbed her hand. “Chloe.”, she said sternly, “stop.” She stood up, and marveled at how everything seemed even smaller. As she was about to bend over, she felt a small bit of heat on her right butt cheek. Looking behind, her eyes widened, as she saw the remnants of a jet plane fall to the ground. Shaking her head slightly, she pushed what had just happened to the background of her mind. Crouching down, she picked up Joyce as gently as she could. Walking until she was a good ways away from the town, she set the tiny woman on the ground, a small distance from the road. After she walked back, Rachel bit her bottom lip, smiling at Chloe. “You looked so hot, talking to that asshole Prescott. You said ‘fuck this town.’? Why don't we?” With a devastatingly sexy smolder, she got down on her knees, creating a small earthquake. That was just the beginning, though. She pushed Chloe down, and three blocks of houses were smashed. She loomed over Chloe’s body, and captured her lips. As their tongues dueled in each other’s mouths, their moans rumbled around town. Rachel’s lips left the other girl’s with a loud pop, and she began to kiss her way down Chloe’s stomach. “Hey, Rachel?” “Yes, baby?” Chloe blushed at the name. “So cute.”, Rachel smiled. “Thanks for getting my mom out of here. She’s the only thing that I care about, besides you.” With a bright smile, and a “You’re welcome, beautiful.”, the long haired blonde continued her journey down her beloved’s body.


An electric feeling surged through both of them, and they grew bigger. Arcadia Bay’s residents ran or drove as fast as they could, trying to escape the teenagers that were crushing their town. Frank Bowers was sitting in front of his RV on the beach, sipping a beer. Pompidou barked several times. The drunk dealer looked towards him, and saw a gargantuan wall moved towards him. His mind barely registered it as a huge foot, when it ran over him and his RV. The dog looked over at the carnage, then ran after a squawking seagull.



“Oh, god! Rachel!”, Chloe moaned, her voice booming for miles around. She looked down with a smile, at the sight of her girlfriend’s head buried between her thighs. She gently patted the other blonde’s head, to get her attention. Rachel looked up. “Not fair that you’re doing all the work.”, Chloe smiled. They changed positions into a 69, further wrecking the town. As they worshiped each other’s bodies, their passions built higher and higher. “Oh, god! CHLOE!”, Rachel screamed. “RACHEL!”, the other girl bellowed.


Jim Smithson felt the shaking stop. “I.. think it’s over.”, he said, quietly. He led his family out of the bomb shelter that his neighbors had called him a fool for building, and out into the day. They stared at the destruction around them. Looking around, 5 year old Kaitlyn said, “That’s a giant ass!” As her mother, Laura, turned around to admonish her for swearing, she saw that the only reason for their survival was the gargantuan flesh colored walls around them. Their neighborhood lay in what was the crack of one of the giant girls’ enormous butts. They had been too soon in their abandoning of their shelter, as another deafening moan roared. The youngest, 2 year old Tommy, pointed and said, “Mommy, what’s that?” Their mother yelled, and covered her children’s eyes. “You shouldn’t see that!”, she shouted, attempting to protect their innocence, as a loud rushing sound thundered in their ears. The rumbling echoes of Chloe and Rachel’s love obliterated what remained of Arcadia Bay, and white rivers gushed from their cunts.


Edith Haraldson had been fishing for about 50 of her 70 years on this Earth. She stepped out onto the deck of her boat, several miles out at sea. “What the fuck?”, she grumbled. “Sounded like thunder, but, there’s no storm coming.” Another rumbling roar, and a gigantic tidal wave rushed towards her boat. She may have not had sex in the last decade, but, she sure as hell recognized that smell. “Just when I figured the fishing would get better around here.”, she grumped. “Better batten down the hatches.” So saying, she secured the boat, and went down to ride out the storm.



Rachel and Chloe’s bodies twined together, in their afterglow. “Holy shit!”, Chloe giggled. “That was… that was the best fucking thing ever!” Rachel smirked. “Accent on fucking.” Both girls laughed. As they looked down, they noticed they were glowing, and not in the traditional afterglow way. As they felt more ground shrink under them, Rachel grinned wickedly. “Time to make the world bow, my goddess.” “I am so fucking down with that, my goddess. Just one problem.” Rachel looked at her. “What’s wrong?” “Well, there...there’s no one to do this.”, the strawberry blonde mumbled, “and I don’t have the.. thing.”


“Chloe, what the hell are you talking about?”, Rachel said, annoyed. “You’re so amazing and kick ass and sexy, and.. I wanna marry you, But…” Rachel laughed, and kissed Chloe’s neck. “You realized we just referred to ourselves as goddesses, right?” She looked Chloe in the eye. “Chloe Elizabeth Price, will you marry me? Will you care for me, for all the days of my life? When it’s awesome, and when it’s shitty? When I’m being a bitchy drama queen?” The other girl smiled. “Fuckin’ right, I do. Rachel Dawn Amber, will you marry me? Will you care for me when life’s shitty, and when I’m being a stubborn dumb ass? Will you celebrate with me, when life is just like now, so awesome?” “Damn right I will, my Junkyard Queen. I now pronounce us, wife and wife. See? Goddesses don’t need any human institutions to get married.” With that, she pressed her lips against her mate’s, passionately.



Several hours away, a television was turned to the nightly news broadcast. “The Pacific Northwest’s, indeed the entire country’s attention, is turned towards a sleepy Oregon fishing town, called Arcadia Bay. All we know at current, is that two giant young women appeared out of nowhere. This, is what happened next. We caution you, this material is of an adult nature. Viewer discretion is advised.” The picture turned to video footage, obviously taken by a person with a smartphone camera. The camera was pointed up, showing a vast skin colored span in the sky. Thunderous, booming noises shook the area, causing the amateur cameraperson to fall. As they regained their feet, a voice, god-like in it’s intensity, bellowed “CCHHLLOOEEEEE!!!”



Max ‘Never Maxine’ Caulfield’s beloved Polaroid camera fell from her hands, as she gasped. “….Chloe?”, she said, eyes wide.


Chapter End Notes:

I gave Chloe and Max their big story, so I thought I'd give Chloe and Rachel one.

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