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Story Notes:

This is my 13th Entry in the Giantess World Halloween Writing Contest 2021. It needed to be a maximum of 1000 words, have the word "capybara" included, and be Halloween-themed to qualify as an official submission in the contest.

 Blair Brimstone's Haunted House written by AmyBrooke

A grey wolf howled at the full moon in the distance. “Let me in!” Mina Ghoul smashed her fists on a big black door as heavy rain fell on her. “My motorcycle broke down and you are the only place around here!” She screamed out while she hoped that someone would answer the door as her biker outfit continued to get cold and she started to reflexively shake. “Come on! I am soaking wet, and my cell phone is dead! You can’t leave me out here!” She kicked the door in frustration with her big black biker boots but after some time had passed there was still no reply. She got mad and clenched her fists.

“I bet you are laughing at me, aren’t you!? Well, I’m not the one living in this big stupid scary haunted house on a hill in the middle of nowhere alone am I!? I bet you are a crazy rejected outcast freak anyway!” She screamed in anger but only received the continued loud thunder and thick fog as a response while a black cat walked by and hissed at her violently. She was exhausted, breathing heavily, finally gave up on hitting the door, and started to break down crying. “I am alone! You do not care about my pain! No one does! I just wanted a friend that cares about me for once in my life to help me!” She screamed out through her tears and turned to leave with her head down sadly.

Mina stopped suddenly when she heard the big door behind her open with an eerie creaking sound. She turned around with a boost of energy and a smile to greet her savior. Mina’s heart sank, and a cold chill ran down her spine as she looked into the mesmerizing bright green eyes of a mysterious tall woman. She was holding and petting an angry pet Capybara in her arms. The woman’s long red hair flowed past her shoulders, she wore a black witch’s hat, and a dark outfit. She tilted her head slightly at her new visitor in confusion as she continued to pet her moody Capybara while she spoke.

“Hello, my dear. My name is Blair Brimstone. I am sorry that I could not get to my door sooner for you, but I was...indulging myself. Please, come inside quickly before you get sick in the rain. I cannot force you though. The decision to enter must be made of your own free will and I may do with you as I please if you choose to continue. That is my offer. Do you accept my deal?” Blair motioned with her hand and smiled with two fangs displayed on her top row of teeth. Mina’s jaw dropped, she started to shake, and her skin turned paler as she seemed hypnotized and terrified by this strange tall woman’s appearance and presence. “What does she mean?” Mina thought, she was scared, and wanted to run away. But Blair’s mysterious and confident energy made her feel safe and emotionally connected somehow. Blair sounded sincere and with a fearful gulp, Mina found the courage to step forward, continued to move, and walked past Blair into her haunted house.

Mina held her arms close and tight to her body to keep warm while she breathed out cold visible air. She heard a noise near her feet that caused her to stop. She looked down to see five tiny strange looking bugs on the floor near her big black biker boots. Her face shifted to a disgusted expression. “Gross! Damn bugs!” She screamed out and stomped on them one at a time as hard as she could while each of them made a strange sound and produced a satisfying crunch. She smiled with satisfaction and felt a rush of power from being able to vent her frustration. “I hope that you are feeling better now, my dear.” Blair said with a sincere voice as she walked over and looked down curiously at the floor where Mina had stomped.

“I feel great, just cold, thank you so much for letting me in your haunted house! I took care of those bugs for you, maybe you should call an exterminator to take care of your pest problem. Wait, it has been raining all night. How are you not cold?” Mina asked with a puzzled expression as she looked into Blair’s eyes. “I am a vampire witch. I do not “feel”, my dear. Also, those were not “bugs” that you stepped on with your strange footwear. You stomped on five tiny men that I shrunk after they vexed me and tried to rob my haunted house. I was going to punish them more harshly, but they agreed to serve me in exchange for my eventual forgiveness. I suppose they wanted to get your attention for help. But we shall never know now, will we?” Blair asked with a smile.

Mina held her stomach as she burst out laughing. “Vampire witch!? That does not exist! You are hilarious and you said it all with such a straight face! Look, I get it. It's near Halloween, right? Some company must have decorated this house and you are a paid actress playing the role here. I bet those were just tiny props that I stepped on and-“ Mina looked down and realized they were tiny men. Blair pointed at her, and Mina rapidly shrunk down to 2-inches tall.

Blair pulled out a tiny man and fed her hungry pet Capybara as she walked over and bent down. Blair grabbed tiny Mina between her index-finger and thumb. Blair stood up and brought tiny Mina to her own mouth and licked her lips. “I love Halloween. I get so many visitors around this time of year.” Blair said before she tossed Mina Ghoul into her mouth, swished her around, and swallowed her whole. Blair Brimstone let out a satisfying burp and seductive moan as she patted her toned tummy. “Happy Halloween!”


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