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Author's Chapter Notes:

These were the first two chapters I ever wrote, and were added to one of my favorite interactives on writing.com, "Unaware giantess TF" by ulti.  Everything that takes place before these chapters can be found at the link below, and I recommend checking out the entire plot line since it has a lot of really great TF writing.


For context for these specific chapters, Tim has been slowly transforming more and more into the asshole of Cindy, who is friends with his three roommates.  They're aware that he is fused with her anus, but due to a miscommunication they believe that Tim is okay with what is happening, and aren't very concerned with restoring his body (the remainder of which is stuck in a pair of Cindy's panties).  Right before this chapter, Cindy was hanging out with all of Tim's roommates, and they were in the middle of a twerking contest.

The beautiful titanic goddess finished her twerk, leaving Jen, Faye and Kim in an uproarious amazement. Cindy's heart was racing and her massive glutes now had a thin layer of sweat forming over them, which trickled slowly into her crack where you lay disoriented. The combination of the loud music, your roommate's laughter and your mistress' ass clapping left you partially deafened, and the new stream of sweat that rolled over your eyes left your vision foggy. You no longer had eyelids to clean your vision, and your pupils were now nothing more than tan colored moles that blended in with the other freckles sparsely scattered on Cindy's body. All you could see was a blurred silhouette of your mistress' cheeks against a soft red fabric that further trapped you. That is, until Cindy stood straight back up and smushed you further between her sweaty flesh.

"That was so much fun!" yelled Cindy, completely caught up in the moment.

"We've got to try that again the next time we go out," said Jen, as she spanked Cindy's butt playfully.

Your mistress and friend's words were nothing more than a muffled bassy sound to you, as your sense of hearing readjusted to the sounds of hers and your body. It was easier for you to hear the blood pump from Cindy into you, as well as her accelerated heartbeat gradually slow back down to rest. Somewhere there was a smack that reverberated to you, but your couldn't determine where it came from. Otherwise, Cindy's body was becoming more and more homely to you, and without realizing it, you began to feel welcomed as a permanent fixture on her ass.

Up above in the world of your mistress and her giantess friends, Cindy continued to watch her other friends twerk when she suddenly felt a big shift in pressure deep inside of her. She held her stomach as a deep gurgle reverberated throughout her body, a familiar feeling to her that signaled nature would soon be calling. She could tell it was going to be a big one, and not wanting to embarrass herself by stinking up her friends' flat, she knew she'd have to find an excuse to get out of there.

Your new atmospheric sounds were interrupted by a long deep gurgle that you felt even on your lips. Some of Cindy's gas escaped and bathed your compressed form as it stayed snug between her meaty cheeks, but you could feel something else coming. All the quick movement that Cindy had made with her lower body seemed to have accelerated all the food that had been being processed by her intestines. It looked like that borrowed time you were holding onto had finally run out, as Cindy's bowels were due for excavation. Only now, your unique cell structure was finally accepting your new body, and it was now at the last steps of complete transformation: altering your mind.

"Hey Jen, I think I'm gonna get out of here soon."

"What, already?" Jen asked.

"Yeah, the party was just starting!" Kim cut in.

"Yeah, I just feel super worn out after all that," Cindy laughed nonchalantly, not wanting to let anyone know about her bathroom problems. She quickly gathered her purse and belongings when Faye cut in.

"Wait, what about Tim?" She asked.

Cindy had completely forgotten about her butt-buddy but was too focused on the pressure in her gut to come up with a smooth answer, "Oh, I don't know, we'll figure it all out tomorrow. Got to go! Thanks for such a fun time everyone!" Deep inside she knew that it'd be easier to ignore what she was about to do to Tim, despite the fact that he seemed on board with everything. "I hope one day I can be as okay with this as Tim is," she thought to herself as she let out a silent fart on her walk to her car, "What a weird little guy."

The panic you had been feeling for the last two days was starting to subside, as you began to feel purpose in serving your mistress. Your memories and personality began to diminish; what had your life been before your mistress? You remember seeing four women, but can't remember names or faces, only their butts and scents. Had you really ever lived before Mistress found you? You can't remember how it happened, only that you had been dispelling her farts for so long. Surely, that's what your purpose has always been, right? For some reason, a specific pair of panties enters your mind, and inside of them was something important... Something you needed? No, I've always had everything I needed right here under Mistress. You let that idea exit your mind as more and more pressure built inside Cindy's gut and another bout of gas came out your mouth.

"Don't worry Tim, we'll be home soon. I want to apologize ahead of time, but since you're so on board with this I guess I don't have to!" Cindy laughed to herself, amused still with the idea that you had chosen for this to be your life. "But oh boy I gotta drive fast, if you know what I'm saying, haha!"

You couldn't understand what Mistress was saying, but you were content with the way she said it. Her voice was soothing, and the pressure that you felt push up against you made you feel excited. Your sole purpose in life was to serve Mistress and you were happy whenever you could, at least that's what your mind said. This was going to be the first time you'd be used for expelling Cindy's massive dump since completely giving yourself over to her body. You didn't want to let her down. As you felt Mistress' turd push against the inside of your lips, Cindy took full control of your mouth and sealed it shut as hard as she could. Your mouth was compressed tightly around the edge of the poop that would soon be exiting through you. It tasted earthy, but began to intoxicate you. What had originally been your worst nightmare was now the thing you were most excited for: making Mistress feel better. This was more than exhaling her frequent farts; it was the main course. You may have only been an asshole with barely any eyes, but you felt a sexual build up more than anything your memory could conjure up. You were ready for whatever Cindy had to shit out.

"Finally!" Cindy pulled up to her place and hurried inside, not wanting to run to fast on account of her filled bowels. As she held your lips shut you rocked back and forth, barely containing your excitement. As her body began to push her turd more against your mouth, you excitedly started to open it. Her body was subconsciously taking complete control of you, priming you for Cindy's dump. Cindy had to stop in the hall and hold her gut to gather herself. "Oof, come on Tim, you mind doing your job back there? We're almost home." You felt nourished being called out to by Mistress, although you weren't sure what this 'Tim' was that she spoke of.

Once inside, Cindy immediately began taking off her clothes and panties. She was used to having big shits already, but tonights was extra large with how much she had been holding in, out of consideration for Tim. With her pants and undies off, you were exposed once again to the bright lights of the world outside of Mistress' crack, and you couldn't stand it. The low-energy LEDs Cindy had used to save on her electricity bill were like staring at the sun for you, as your pupils had grown so accustomed to the dark depths of Mistress' butt. Her cheeks split apart enough for some fresh air to come in which you had originally cherished, but now couldn't stand to be exposed to. The humid rankness of Cindy's farts were now your oxygen, and you felt vulnerable without it. You were completely giving yourself over to this thick curvaceous blonde, without her you weren't sure how long you'd survive. She was no longer your Mistress, but a sole Goddess who you would, from now on, literally live off of. Thankfully, the Goddess Cindy soon stood back up, her soft fleshy walls surrounding you yet again. She even let another fart slip out of your mouth, and you were ever grateful as she hurried to the toilet.

Cindy finally came to the toilet and sat down, her voluptuous buttcheeks spilling over the edges of the toilet. At the very center of her was you, finally ready to relieve the Goddess of her pressure. "I sure hope you're ready, Tim, haha!" Cindy said before starting to relieve herself.

Your mouth, which had been held tightly shut around the end of a turd for some 15 minutes, was finally let free to open up as wide as it could. The beginning of Cindy's massive dump was a long fart that created ripples in the toilet water below. Her cheeks still slapped together from it, and you listened to it with the same devotion as a symphony. Next, the turd you had bitten down on started to slowly come out your mouth. The taste and smell were extra pungent, all the more good news for you as you were finally fulfilling your purpose! You choked on the log as it slid out slowly, and it gained in width the more it came out. By the time the log had an end in the water, you were in pure ecstacy with no sign of slowing down. "Whew, what'd I tell you Tim, it's a big one."

Cindy's poop showed no signs of stopping, even once the log broke off. When it happened, a splash of dirty toilet water came straight back up and hit you, and the splash of water gave you a momentary lapse in consciousness. Your sanity came back for just a moment, as you reacted in horror to the situation you found yourself in. You wanted to scream, but the next piece of poop was already at your mouth. As it stretched out again into the bowl below you, the scent inside the bowl magnified to a new level since it couldn't fall below the water line. Cindy's dump was just that big. When the log you were choking on finally reached the end, you tried to scream as loud as you could knowing it may be your last chance for Cindy to hear you and save you from a lifetime as her asshole. "CINDY!"

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