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Author's Chapter Notes:

Stanley romances Colleen, while doing all he can to help with her quest.

Stanley arrived at around five minutes to six, looking immaculately dressed, and presented her with a bouquet of flowers with a foil wrapped candy man tied to one of the stems with a ribbon.

“It was the best I could do,” he said.

“It’s as thoughtful a gift as I’ve ever had,” she said, “Would you like to watch me eating it, before we set out?”

“Sure,” said Stanley.

She unwrapped the tiny sugary man and opened her mouth wide and put out her tongue, and licked some icing sugar from it.”

“It’s very sweetly coated,” she said, and then extended her tongue again, tilted her head back and popped the candy man into her mouth.

When she had finished eating it, she licked her lips from side to side a few times, to be sure that all of the icing was removed, and then stepped out the door with him and offered him her hand.

He held the lantern in his free hand and walked her down the hill and into the village, where they came to a restaurant and had dinner together. After dessert he took a sheet of paper from his pocket and handed it to her.

“I wrote this in the afternoon,” he said.

“You have been busy,” she said, and unfolded the page and looked at it.


Atop the green and pleasant hill,

There lived a maid, who sought to fill

Her mouth and tummy, one fine morn,

By capturing a leprechaun.


She crouched upon her hands and knees,

And crawled about the flowers and trees,

Until she spied a tiny mite,

So small she wouldn’t need to bite.


She introduced herself and told

Him of her plans, and said, “Be bold.

You’ll go down whole. Don’t be distraught;

But rest assured you will be caught.”


He tried to run, but she could crawl,

With greater speed, while towering tall.

She brought her dainty opening hand

Towards him, just as she had planned.


Her palm soon cut off his escape.

The leprechaun could only gape

In awe, as he was lifted high,

Towards her lovely staring eye.


While he could think of no good tricks,

She gave him several sparkling licks.

Her tongue was just as long and wide

As his whole self. He looked inside.


When many licks had been dispensed,

She smiled, and then the small one sensed,

That he was out of time and hope.

He’d simply have to somehow cope.


She opened wide, and let him see

Her inner mouth, where he would be,

And slowly slid him on her lip.

He had no choice, but make the trip.


She let him lie on sparkling path,

And contemplate the aftermath.

Her tongue was like a soft pink moat,

And then she drew him to her throat.


He struggled there, and tried to stick,

And wondered if he’d make her sick.

But then she gulped with so much strength,

He slid right down her neck’s full length.


He reached her tummy, now quite sure,

That he could not undo her vore.

The meadow had been lost to him,

To satisfy her fondest whim.


“This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me,” said Colleen.

“I’d do anything for you. I love you,” he said.

“I feel the same way,” said Colleen.

Chapter End Notes:

Coming up next.... Colleen and Stanley make preparations to go hunting for a leprechaun.

Warning: Some scenes may offend leprechauns themselves. Everyone else read on.

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