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At the onset, this seemed like a typical Sunday afternoon for Orme Estur. He typically liked to enjoy his weekends on his own, and one thing that he enjoyed was a simple promenade around her neighborhood. It was relatively quiet and quaint, which made this walk all the more relaxing. However, this time, as the sun was beginning to set, Orme noticed an unusually bright light coming from a neighboring house. He didn’t think much of it initially, but his eyes did get drawn to it out of curiosity. It looked to him like a strange crystal shining quite brightly through an open window. The longer Orme’s eyes were captivated by that crystal, the brighter and more mesmerizing it seemed to become. Soon, a blinding light seemed to surround him entirely, and he even felt somewhat disoriented from this experience. However, after around a minute, the bright light dimmed down, but he was no longer on that familiar sidewalk. He tried to look around, but he was surrounded by what, at first, looked like a bizarre forest. ‘That was trippy… wait, what? Where am I? What happened?’ he thought to himself in frenzied confusion.

Orme quickly realized something truly shocking after looking at these trees more closely. These ‘trees’ were actually blades of grass. ‘What? This looks like… a blade of grass? This looks HUGE! That or… oh no… This can’t be happening!’ Additionally, what would be a normal breeze blowing now felt like a gale-force hurricane. Completely disoriented and confused, he could only try to understand what was happening, if this was even happening at all. Before he knew it, he was being blown around everywhere as this storm sent his minuscule body flying. Thoughts were flying through his head just as wildly as the winds were sending him flying. He quickly got dizzy, as everything looked like a blur to him at this scale. Before long, this wind would eventually lead him through that very same open window, where he could finally have a chance to settle down and catch a breather. Looking around, he had landed in a different forest of sorts. ‘That… was rough… hopefully I can at least catch a breather here. At least I’m indoors now, I think...’ Orme thought to himself, at least relieved to see that he was in a violet carpet. It didn’t exactly look or smell very clean, however. He was at least somewhat able to make out the environment around him. Amid the various clothes strewn about the floor, he could identify what looked like a colossal bed on one end, a wide-open door leading to an even vaster hallway, and… somebody else in this room standing while working on what looked like a desk. He could barely tell who this woman was or what she was doing, but this was Violet Belfiore, who just recently moved in here in the past month. ‘Well, this is just perfect!’ he thought to himself. ‘What if she notices me? Can she notice me at this size? What would she do to me?

Orme could only look and marvel at the giantess before him as more thoughts continued flying about in his head.. Even just seeing her standing there was enough to both amaze and intimidate him, even at this distance. He kept wondering whether he should or shouldn’t try to approach her, or whether she could even take notice of him if he did. After all, he was little more than a flea compared to her. It seemed like Violet was finishing up, as she would soon turn around and walk towards the bed. Before she did that, though, she took her jacket and socks off to reveal, among other things, a pair of feet that definitely looked like they’d walked miles upon miles that day. They were drenched in an ocean of sweat from Orme’s perspective. Granted, at his new scale, every step from Violet may as well be longer than a mile. While the odor from her sweaty feet was already very noticeable through her socks, that odor grew all the more overpowering as she proceeded to set her bare foot down on the ground in front of Orme. Each toe looked like a building, and the way they wriggled just made them look all the more intimidating… yet also mesmerizing. Orme tried to run around, but he could barely navigate the carpet forest before Violet’s middle toe suddenly slammed into him. ‘That… felt… whoa, what WAS that? It felt… nice?’ Surprised that it didn’t hurt at all, Orme was even more bewildered if somewhat less scared while he was thoroughly stuck to the bottom of her toe, barely able to even wriggle in the surprisingly sticky sweat. His fears of harm coming his way didn’t entirely subside, however. At this stage, since he was already stuck to her toe, he could only hope that he could be noticed at this size by the titanic stranger. ‘Please be a gentle giantess! PLEASE be a gentle giantess!’ Orme thought to himself, quickly fatigued both physically and mentally from everything that he had to endure.

However, Orme seemed to remain completely unnoticed as Violet lifted her left foot yet again while unleashing an ear-splitting yawn and heading straight to her bed. ‘Holy hell, that’s loud! What is she doing? Is she roaring all the way up there?’ While this cacophony was equal parts confusing and overwhelming, he slowly started to enjoy some part of it in a masochistic way. He still had barely any energy to do anything more than squirm, and even that seemed to do nothing to get the giantess to notice that one of these little bits of dirt on her sweaty feet is actually a person. For now, all Orme could do is wait while Violet sat on her bed to change from her normal clothes to her nightwear. At the very least, it seemed that Violet was getting ready to sleep on her own, though with how little Orme could perceive at her new scale, even that was a hopeful stretch. Orme hoped that she was getting ready to end the day, as he was too mentally fatigued for any coherent thoughts as the gentle swaying of Violet’s feet kept him from drifting to sleep. One more beastly yawn later, she settled down in her bed, covering herself with a thick, warm blanket. She placed her glasses on the nightstand and turned the lights off from her bed. Violet fell asleep rather quickly, and Orme followed soon after. At least he was able to get some sleep after his gigantic hostess settled down.

Shortly after, Orme felt some energy coming back to his still largely fatigued body. In this state was no longer stuck to Violet’s foot. Instead, he found himself drifting about it, and it seemed even more colossal than before. As he looked around, he could see what looked like a night sky speckled with stars of all colors and sizes. Amid his starry surroundings, the golden glow and comforting warmth emanating from Violet’s entire body made her seem like a star herself. As the now bewildered Orme continued to take all of this in, he tried to open his mouth to marvel at the spatial spectacle surrounding him, though he could surprisingly barely move his lips or produce any noise at all. At that time, he saw what looked like Earth materialize seemingly out of nothing. It looked just like the real deal to tiny Orme with its size. However, it was little more than a ball to the goddess, barely greater than the size of her heel. It paled in comparison to her, failing to even catch her attention when a pair of larger planets, both with elaborate rings resembling those of Saturn, were orbiting her head and catching most of her attention. She could barely even notice it before bumping her even larger and more marvelous heel into it. This slight gesture sends the planet flying before bouncing back into her heel, sending a sensation that was barely enough for her to notice anything down there. Oddly, as the Earth-like toy bounced back, the rings on the two planets above seemed to shift direction and point down there as well. “Hm? It looks like we have another of your friends down there, huh?” said Violet as she looked down, grabbing the Earth-like ball with her feet and raising them to take a closer look. She almost looked like she was sitting cross-legged. She still couldn’t see Orme himself, but she could sense something other than the planet between her feet. Orme looked up at her looming face, her colossal eyes almost peering straight into his soul without even seeing him floating above her big toe. This time, however, his mouth could open when he instinctively called out to the goddess above. “HELLO!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME??? DOWN HERE!!!” he screamed from the top of his lungs, though even his own screams were quite soft to him with the surrounding noise. “Hm? Is someone there?” asked Violet while her hands gently drifted towards Earth to grab it with her soft golden hands. Orme was still too tiny for her to see, even in her own dream, but he was happy if not surprised that Violet could hear him. As her calm, gentle voice still overpowered his loud screams, he somehow felt at ease, breathing a sigh of relief as much of his frightened energy subsided. Even when her toes came together, inevitably embracing Orme between them, he felt oddly at ease, even when he was tiny enough to fit between the ridges on her toes. “I thought I heard someone. Who’s there?” asked Violet again, thinking that the voice came from the small Earth in her grasp. “I-I’m down here! I’m on your toes, your highness! I’m over here!” Orme hoped that she could still hear his response, even if he couldn’t give it as loudly as before. Somehow, the words “your highness” seemed to naturally slip out of Orme’s mouth, though when he was a speck of dust compared to her, it only seemed fitting. To his amazement, she separated her toes and brought her face closer to them, looking carefully at all of them before finding Orme between the ridges on her toe. Although he himself was practically invisible, he seemed to glow Violet’s favorite shade of violet, and she was able to see that clearly enough. When she did, she blushed, looking back at her own undressed body. “Wh-whoa… someone’s really there! How… did you get here? Are you… how did this happen?” she asked in a flustered yet still majestic voice, covering her chest with her arms while keeping her eyes locked on Orme. He looked back up, still unsure how to truly feel about this. “I… I have no idea! I don’t know how I got here!” Orme said this while noticing that the pitch black void of space was itself growing gradually brighter and brighter. He had no idea what was happening now. However, this was when Violet could tell that this was yet another dream of hers, and her realization that this was a dream was ironically ending the dream for both of them and waking them both up right then and there.

Violet suddenly sat up after this odd dream. As if this sudden realization didn’t end the shared dream for Orme as well, the sudden movements would be sure to do just that. She could barely see anything in the dark, especially without her glasses. However, she instinctively looked around, still feeling the presence of somebody else nearby. She reached over to grab her glasses while worriedly turning her head all around. Orme somehow realized that he was dreaming just a few seconds ago, though he was still trying to understand how his current situation wasn’t part of the same dream. He tried to get up and move around, though it was still to no avail. “Well then, I wonder what that was all about. Weird…” said the still somewhat tired Violet, releasing a huge yawn at the end of her sentence. “After all that, ‘weird’ doesn’t begin to describe it!” replied Orme to himself, “She probably still has no idea how weird things are for me.” He sounded both confused and disgruntled with this statement, though he barely had enough energy to seem more than just frustrated. Though he was starting to get used to being stuck on Violet’s foot, he was still caught off guard when that giant foot suddenly jerked back again. “Huh? Are you… still… I… That voice from my dream!” she exclaimed, wondering how the voice followed her from the dream. “Wait, wait! You c-can hear me, my voice, your majesty?” screamed the even more shocked Orme in retort. He was flooded with emotions when he heard his goddess seemingly respond to his voice when he was still little more than a flustered mote of dust on her sole. “I can indeed hear you! Now, who might you be, and why are you referring to me as ‘your majesty’? Are you really still here?” she asked worriedly while still looking around. Orme was now filled with both hope and worry. He hesitated before answering her burning questions, mainly because his excitement and hope were also met with some level of lingering fear. He had no idea how his goddess would treat someone as tiny and powerless in comparison. However, he still managed to stammer a response. “I… I still have no idea what happened… My name is Orme Estur, and… I have no idea what, why, what happened to me… but I think I shrunk and… somehow ended up here! I just know that suddenly, this world seemed a lot huger to me, and I… just found myself…” At this point, he was simultaneously filled with words to say and struggling to say them all as quickly as they were racing around in his head. Suddenly, his attention went to the moonlight flooding in as the blanket covering him was suddenly thrust away, though that was just a brief glimmer before Violet turned her lights on and tried to look for her tiny guest in the same place she saw in her dream. Though he wasn’t glowing this time, Orme was at least visible, even if still just a moving speck needing her glasses to be visible to her. “C-can you see me now? Do you know where I am? Do you know what happened to me? You’re not going to h-hurt me are you?” he continued to ask, notably panicking even with the reassurance that this giantess knew about him. His eyes were stuck staring at her eclipsing left eye, which looked both marvelous and terrifying even through a relatively thick lens. “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t hurt you! You’re safe with me!” she said reassuringly, letting out a confused smile. “Though that is quite bizarre. How did… oh…” She made a startling connection that interrupted her sentence, prompting her to quickly glance at a familiar-looking crystal and back at Orme. She tried to keep her confused and worried smile while putting various pieces together in her mind, shooting another quick glance at that crystal before locking her gaze back at her tiny guest. “I… I think I know what happened, and… I could figure this out, but it would take a good while.” Violet tried to make that sound reassuring and endearing as well, though some of her worry was immediately noticeable in the way she said that. Her facial expressions also showed worry, especially to a tiny guest who could see each drop of sweat rolling down like a tidal wave down her face and each movement in her face like a sudden tremor. “I… I understand, but what happens now, your majesty?” Orme said, largely relieved that she seemed like a gentle giantess. She gently slid her finger towards him, unsticking him and letting him get on her finger. She raised her finger closer to her right eye to get a closer view of her guest, hoping to see any of his features in any level of detail. “For now… it looks like I’ll have to keep you with me to make sure that you’re safe at this size. I’m glad that our dreams let us actually communicate with each other, even in these weird circumstances.” She meekly giggled at the end of that sentence. “Also, I know that I must look huge and imposing to you. I’m honestly flattered that you’re calling me ‘your majesty’. It’s… honestly endearing. I’m not used to that kind of attention from anyone.” Though she still seemed somewhat worried, she seemed to gradually calm down and let her worries rest. After all, she was able to notice him eventually through their shared dream, and he made it this far seemingly unharmed. “Look at you! It’s only right that I address you like this… even if, admittedly, that just slipped out of me initially and just feels natural at this phase.” Orme said while still marveling at just how her face looks at this scale. Though she was calming down, the oceans of red on her blushing cheeks seemed to only grow more noticeable. “Well, I feel honored to hear that, honestly…” she replied, noticing that her worries were subsiding with this unexpected form of attention, “As your ‘queen’ of sorts, I order you to stay safe and where I can constantly see you and take care of you... I’m really not used to this at all, honestly, but… it really feels nice, I have to say.” Violet gently laid back down in her bed, keeping her lights on and her glasses on her face. Her heart was notably beating far more intensely than before this interaction, and it seemed like Orme’s heartbeat was perfectly in sync with Violet’s heartbeat. Neither one was entirely sure where to go from here, but they definitely seemed to feel much more comfortable around each other after that initial shock shaking both of them up. Violet kept looking in fascination at Orme, while he kept peering into her right eye with a similar fascination. Of course, now that they were both aware of each other’s presence, things were only going to get more interesting. Orme could only wonder what Violet had in store for him, since it seemed like she was too excited to go back to sleep and had plans for her unexpected guest.

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