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It was a normal lazy Saturday morning for Anita. She had just eaten breakfast and was currently sitting on her couch, playing video games with not a care in the world. She didn't have anything on her to-do list this weekend, so why not be a bit self-indulgent? She deserved a break after her busy week at college. 

Unbeknownst to her, she had a guest, an eccentric researcher named Amy Kobayashi. Most scientists devoted themselves to more common pursuits like astrophysics or string theory, but she was different. She had an extremely strong fascination with altering matter. However, "altering" usually just meant shrinking, and "matter" almost always meant people, whether that was others or, in this case, herself. 

Amy’s usual modus operandi when it came to her data collection involved her friends toying with a shrunken subject, especially with their feet and toes. Recently, she took it upon herself to be that subject, and it has been quite the enlightening venture, in more ways than one. But an area she still lacked sufficient data in was how her friends would act if they didn't know the subject was there.

To be more precise, she had plenty of data with other subjects, but she had not yet gathered such data herself. Sure, her friends would often forget she was there, which led to similar results, but it was possible that in the back of their minds, they were still aware of her presence. So, she decided to be sneaky this time and strove to be completely and utterly inconspicuous. Upon slipping underneath Anita's door at an inch tall, she looked across the vast apartment and spotted her target, who was still resting on the couch. Amy smiled and began her trek across the carpet forest separating the two of them. 

Before Amy knew it, she was already at Anita’s slippers. She expected to at least be winded after walking such a long distance, but she felt completely fine.

"Huh, I guess my research has built up my endurance!" Amy said to herself. She then remembered what that research usually entailed, and with a slightly nervous chuckle, she brought herself back to reality and surveyed the mountainous woman in front of her.

At the moment, Anita's feet were bare and resting on an ottoman, legs crossed as she focused on her game. This was the exact reason Amy chose Anita for this experiment. Her other friends might notice her too quickly to gather adequate data, but Anita's level of focus when it came to video games made that scenario nearly impossible. 

As for her slippers, Amy knew (from experience) that Anita could put them back without warning, so she didn't dare delay her research any longer. With a bit of effort, she climbed into Anita's right slipper, hopping over the lip and landing gracefully on the insole. Before she even entered, Amy could detect the powerful smell of Anita’s feet, but now that she was inside the slipper, it pervaded the very air she breathed. These slippers definitely saw frequent use, and given the discoloration towards the middle of the insole, they had been used for quite a while. A lesser researcher might turn back at this point, but not Amy. She steeled herself and made her way towards the toe section. 

On the way, the smell got more and more potent. Once she was at her destination, it was almost overwhelming. As she got acclimated to the oppressive atmosphere, she remembered two crucial things. One, the smell would only get worse once Anita’s feet entered the picture. And two, that was one of the reasons why she was here in the first place. With her heart pounding out of her chest, she walked towards the dark indent left by Anita’s big toe and sat down in it, images of what was to come swarming inside her head.

On cue, Amy heard Anita's feet slide off the ottoman. The light around her was soon extinguished, accompanied by the awe-inspiring sight of Anita's gigantic foot entering the slipper. Despite also enjoying being the larger person in these situations, that sight never got old. She wanted nothing more than to play with Anita’s foot just as much as it would with her, but she reminded herself of why she came. She was here to gather data. All she needed to do was remain as still as possible, and she would have all the data she could ever want. Trying to contain her somewhat lustful excitement, she laid down with her arms and legs sprawled across the insole and awaited Anita’s oblivious appendage

Within moments, Anita's toes loomed over Amy's shrunken body. Since her foot now occupied the entire slipper, its smell took the place of fresh oxygen. All of Amy’s senses were being assaulted by Anita’s audibly wiggling toes, except for the most important one, and Amy could do nothing but wait. Amy knew Anita wasn’t aware of her, but with how long those toes lingered in the same spot, she could have sworn Anita was teasing her on purpose. She was almost about to drop the whole experiment just so she could lunge at her toes herself, but suddenly, with a powerful thud, her toes crashed down on top of her. She was now being pressed into the insole, and the easy part of her plan was over. Now she had to stay still as Anita’s feet had their way with her. Her urge to squirm in pleasure, as well as the intoxicating smell and weight of Anita's foot, made that impossibly difficult.

Upon letting her toes relax, Anita noticed that there was something beneath her big toe. She wondered if she had a shrunken friend inside of her slipper, which wouldn't at all be surprising given what some of her companions were into. She then harshly scrunched and pressed her toes into her insole over and over, both to inspect the little speck and to punish her potential visitor for entering her slipper unannounced. But no matter how much she ground it into her insole, she couldn't detect any movement. She sighed, equal parts relieved and disappointed. 

"Guess it's a piece of lint or something," Anita said before returning to her game. It didn't take long before she completely forgot about it, and Amy internally congratulated herself. Not only did she succeed in evading Anita's detection, but she got to enjoy being mercilessly smashed into her insole. Someday, she would need to find a way to have a tiny in her shoe without her knowledge. One in each shoe would be even better. Two bugs being stepped on all day by their oblivious captor; the very thought of it sent shivers up her spine. 

Anita was no longer conscious of the speck in her shoe, but her foot was another story. Once Anita swung her feet back up onto the ottoman, keeping her toes pressed into the insole on the way up and inadvertently keeping Amy in place, she found herself stuck to Anita's big toe, which was all the stimulation her foot needed for what came next. 

For the next few hours, Amy was toyed with relentlessly by Anita's feet. She was tossed unceremoniously from toe space to toe space, being mercilessly squeezed by Anita's playful digits with each transfer. As time went on, Anita's foot got sweatier from the heat inside her slipper, but all that did was make moving Amy around easier. 

Whenever Anita took her slippers off, her feet changed tactics. They took advantage of their newfound freedom by rubbing against each other, with Amy caught in the middle of it every time. Sometimes she would be ground into Anita's sole by its twin, other times she would be held between her toes as they scratched the other foot. Amy unwillingly became intimately familiar with every detail on Anita's feet, as not one inch was left untouched. 

Her only reprieve was when Anita got up to get a snack, and even then, it was not what one could consider a break. Somehow, she always found herself beneath Anita's soles before she started walking, so every trip to the kitchen involved her stomping on Amy's tiny form. Sometimes she would get lucky and Anita would be wearing her slippers, but more often than not, she would make the trip barefoot, slamming Amy's body into the unforgiving floor. Were it not for the wonderful data she was getting and her penchant for being small and helpless at her friend's feet, she would be in utter hell.

Eventually, the sun set below the horizon. Amy currently found herself in the area above the ball of Anita's foot. Putting down her controller after such a long day of gaming, Anita let out a loud sigh and stretched, reflexively scrunching her toes and smothering her friend with her feet. By now Amy was nearly unrecognizable. Her body was covered in debris from Anita's feet, and the clothes she had been wearing were soaked with her foot sweat. Despite that, today was certainly a success. She had fun, but Amy was ready to leave and put the data she had collected to good use. 

Anita had other plans though. With another yawn, she put on her slippers and walked to her bathroom. Her steps were heavy, indicating her level of fatigue and smushing Amy even more than usual. Once she was at the sink, she began brushing her teeth. Amy figured she could take this moment to collect her thoughts, but then Anita started tapping her foot, rattling her brain and burrowing her deeper and deeper into her flesh. As a result, once she was done and went to her bedroom to change into her pajamas, Amy was firmly stuck to her foot. 

Amy groaned. Not only was she stuck here, but she couldn't even see Anita changing. That would at least be a more interesting sight than the inside of her slipper (and also kinda hot). But despite her circumstances, she still had hope. Once Anita was asleep, she could unpeel herself from her toe and make her way out of the apartment.

Then, Anita finished changing by putting on some socks, effectively sealing Amy in for the night. 

"There goes that idea…" Amy growled. Like it or not, Amy was spending the night with Anita, and maybe even longer if Amy was (un)lucky.

With a hop, Anita got into bed. She quickly tucked herself in and fell asleep, leaving her friend inside her sock to spend the night with her feet. The speed with which she passed out was not lost on Amy. 

"Huh," Amy muttered. Amy didn't expect Anita to be that tired considering she was just playing games all day, but she wasn't one to judge. She was just glad that she wasn't directly between her toes; it's hard to sleep when you're being crushed between two fleshy walls every few minutes. All she had to worry about was Anita randomly clenching her toes in her sleep. For both their sakes, she hoped Anita had a restful sleep.

With the events of the day catching up to her, Amy closed her eyes. Maybe with enough rest (and some luck), she would be able to escape tomorrow. 

Before she lost consciousness, one thought echoed through her head:

 "My entry plan was perfect. My exit plan… not so much… " 

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