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Author's Chapter Notes:
A Nintendo universe fan fic involving Zelda and Peach.

Zelda knocked on the front door of Peach’s palace. She felt a little apprehensive since this was the first time in months and judging from she could see hardly any thing has changed. Sure there were couple of new structures here and their but for the most part nothing has changed. The door open and their stood Peach before her, she was in her typical pink dress and her hair style was virtually unchanged but there was one major difference that leaped out at her. Peach had some how doubled in size and was kneeling in front of her. Zelda was speechless.
“Hello” she said in her usual friendly voice.

“Peach” she stammered “Wh-, how?”
“Come in and I’ll explain everything”
Zelda walked into the Palace’s great hall and Peach closed the door.
“Well” began Peach “Ever since Mario and Zelda went on that little quest together things have been rather boring so I decided to do a little experiment”
“And that would be?” Zelda asked hesitantly.
“Follow me” said Peach. She led Zelda to a court yard in the middle of the castle it was 25 meters by 34 meters in width and filled with lovely trees filled with emerald trees. In the middle of the courtyard where a pile red spotted mushrooms, Peach plucked on the mushrooms out of the pile and tossed it too Zelda.
Zelda examined it the mush room then looked up at the taller woman.
“So what’s the experiment?”

“First, eat the mushroom” said Peach. Zelda hesitated but then she took a bite out of the mushroom. It tasted surprisingly good and she the consumed the rest. When she finished she felt a strange sensation in her, it wasn’t unpleasant but it was striking. It was like she rising above the ground. When the sensation stopped she could see Peach eye to eye and some of the trees seemed to be smaller.
“This is incredible” said Zelda “I’m as big as you now”
“Want to be even bigger?” Peach asked her. “This is were our experiment begins.” She turned to the mushroom pile to get two more mushrooms.
“But why do this?” Zelda asked.
“Simply put I was bored” said Peach as she handed Zelda the other mushroom. “You must have felt it too. With no Mario or Link around things have gotten painfully dull so I decided to kill the time by seeing how big I could get by eating these mushrooms but I thought it would be more fun if I had a companion to do it with. So, are you game?”
Peach turned towards Zelda and she found herself looking at Zelda’s torso. Peach looked up at the Zelda.

“Does this answer your question?” she smiled. Peach quickly consumed her mushroom and grew to Zelda’s new height.
“It does” she said and dived for the pile.
“Oh, no you don’t” Peach laughed and dove for the pile as well. The two of them greedily gobbled down the mushrooms and grew bigger and bigger to the point where they could no longer fit the court yard. The two massive princesses however managed to get out before they got stuck and carried away the remaining mushrooms which were promptly consumed by them. By the end of there contest the two of them were 90 ft tall and felt unusually light headed.
“I don’t think I can’t eat another one” said Zelda.
“I know what you mean” replied Peach. The two of them sat down on the now seemingly sofa sized palace. The two of them sighed and took in the sight of the mushroom kingdom from their new perspective. Then the two of them heard a familiar voice call out “Peach! Peach”
“Luigi?” she said and the two them turned towards here the voice was coming from. They turned to the front of the palace where the saw Luigi’s running toward the front door.

“Over here” Peach called out. Luigi stopped and look around.
“Up here” said Peach. Luigi tilted his head up.
“Holy crap!” he exclaimed. “What happened?”
“We where just having a little fun” replied Zelda.
“What’s the matter?” Peach asked .
“It’s Mario and Link, they’ve been captured”
“By who?” Peach asked.
“Go see for yourself” said Luigi. “He’s right outside the gate” Peach and Zelda got of the palace and walked towards the gate with Luigi quickly tailing them. The two princes leaped over the gate and confronted the captor and where inevitably surprised by who the captor was. It wasn’t Bowser or Ganondorf instead it was a blue bipedal hedgehog with a mad scowl on his face. He was holding a rope and at the end of the rope Mario and Link were bounded together.
“Sonic?” the two princesses said in surprise.
“You got a problem with that?” Sonic snapped back.
“What do you want?” demanded Zelda.
“Simple” rippled Sonic “I’m tired of playing second fiddle to these two. Ever since my game series made the jump to 3D gamers everywhere have been saying that I’m a shell of my former self, that my games have lost they’re charm while these get all the fame and acclaim, well I’m here to end this once and for all!”
“By killing us?” Mario asked in surprise.
“Of course!” Sonic fired back. Link rolled his eyes.
“That is the dumbest evil plot I’ve ever heard” said Zelda .
“It’s not evil and it’ dumb” Sonic snapped “I’m doing what’s right! Now if you want these two to live then all of you must promise never to make a Mario or Zelda game ever again!”
“Why don’t you take your rage out on SEGA?” asked Mario “They’re the once who keep messing up your games not us”
“Shut up!” yelled Sonic and turned back towards the giant princesses. “So, what will it be?”
“This” replied Peach as she picked up Sonic and threw him into the air. As the screaming blue blur came down Zelda smacked the pathetic hedgehog away and Sonic vanished into the horizon. Peach picked up the two heroes and untied them. She then handed Link to Zelda.
“Thanks” said Mario. Link nodded in agreement.
“But what happened to you two” he asked.
“We had a little contest” smiled Peach. “And I think it’s time to finish it”
“Indeed” said Zelda “Want to watch?” Mario and Link looked at each other and smiled.

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