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Esmond ducked under an overhanging tree branch, then hopped the familiar stones across a gurgling stream. He gripped the rope hanging over his shoulder tightly as the dead rabbits bounced against his back, he didn’t want to lose his dinner! The rabbits were plump little beasts, being well fed this summer with no other hunters to prey upon them. 

The sun sparkled through the overhead foliage, gently warming the bare skin of his muscular chest. This far from civilization he didn’t bother wearing much, just some leather breeches and sandals to protect against the thorny brambles. His breeches had several patches crudely sewn on to cover past prickly encounters. As he walked confidently through the forest he glanced up through the trees, catching glimpses of a ruined castle tower encased in the tight embrace of ivy. The plant growth was so thick you could almost mistake the man-made tower for a tree.

Esmond’s path through the wild growth didn’t take him towards the ancient castle, whose crumbling walls and collapsed gatehouse were near impassible, he was heading down the rocky cliffside and towards the darker depths. The summer sun dimmed as he plunged deeper through the foliage, and for the first time today he felt a chill on the back of his neck. 

He substituted the fading birdsong by humming a cheery tune, a ditty he only vaguely recalled from his early childhood. The lyrics had long since been forgotten so he could only repeat the chorus notes.

Stepping around a granite outcrop, he approached a half-circle of darkness up ahead, the entrance of a cave thrice his height. The overhanging stalactites looked like the teeth of an enormous beast, and he danced to avoid the cold water dripping from the tips. Once his eyes adjusted to the dark, the interior wasn’t as foreboding as it’d seemed from outside. Thick clumps of blue moss gave off a gentle glow that led him inwards. As he went further, occasional gaps in the cave overhead let in sharp beams of light that pierced the gloom to illuminate glimpses of metal. Scattered across the rocky ground were several sets of knightly weaponry and armour. Snapped spears, melted swords, and blunted maces were common. The armour was in better condition, having only a touch of rust around the edges. They were without tears or holes, as if the wearer had carefully stripped of them. 

He winced each time his foot knocked a breastplate or shin guard and the clang echoed loudly around him. As he went deeper, the earthen moss was replaced by smooth stonework and heavy wooden doors hung half-open on either side. Esmond took each twist and turn without pause until finally heading up a staircase and emerging into a huge ruined entrance hall. The ceiling had long ago collapsed, providing a nesting area for birds who sang their courting to one another. 

Amidst the grey stone and green foliage, a shiny red lump that peeked from behind a rubble pile stood out. Esmond approached and the lump’s origin grew in apparent size as it stretched towards the adjoining chapel. As he continued to get closer, he could hear a deep rumble that rhythmically rose and fell. The red lump subtly slid back and forth in time with the rumbles, scraping across the stone tiles. 

Once he was almost within touching distance, he could see the red lump was a mesh of metallic looking scales, each locking perfectingly into the others. It was precision beyond anything even the most talented armourer could produce, only nature could be so exact. His gaze followed the scaly lump through the gap in the chapel doors, leading to an enormous beast that lay curled up around the chapel’s altar, using it as a headrest as it slept. A fully-grown adult dragon. It’s wings were folded around its plump body, with a belly big enough to stable half a dozen horses. A small fleshy pink frill ran up from midway down the tail, growing in size along the beast’s spine before unfurling around the dragon’s skull like a crown, as befit the queen of the food chain.

Esmond leapt over the tail to reach the dead campfire in the corner of the entrance hall. The ashes were still warm, and with the addition of a few twigs and puffs he roused it back to life. He laid the dead rabbits on his back down, then moved over to the weapons haphazardly stacked nearby. He picked out a stout looking spear, swung it around a couple of times, then laid it against his knee and snapped it in half. The crack of the spear echoed around him, disturbing the overheard birds. The regular rumble from the chapel paused for a moment, then resumed.

As Esmond searched for a second stout spear, the green wood he’d added to the fire began to smoke. The acrid smoke was pulled towards the chapel, drawn by the steady huffs of the beast within. A thin smoky tendril snaked its way across the room and into the dragon’s nostril. The snout twitched, then an eye cracked open, showing a yellow-slitted iris that scanned the room. 

Esmond loudly snapped another spear in half, then combined it with the first to make a crude tripod over the fire. 

The birds sensed the awakening dragon before Esmond did, swiftly taking flight into the summer sky. A few seconds later, an immense howl resounded throughout the castle, loud enough to rustle Esmond’s unruly hair. He poked his head around the doorway, seeing the dragon’s long neck unwrap itself from around the altar as its head tilted up with an enormous roar. Its open mouth was rimmed by a thicket of blunted fangs, each as long as thick as Esmond’s thighs. Unspooling from between those white teeth was a tongue that split at the tip and flicked at the air, seemingly tasting it. 

Once the roar faded, Esmond waved at the dragon. “Sorry Ma’! I didn’t mean to wake you.”

The dragon licked her teeth as she finished her yawn. “That’s alright dear, is it past midday already?” 

Esmond looked up at the clear blue skies visible above him through the wrecked roof, the sun was no longer overhead. “It’s more like late afternoon Ma.”

“Oh!” The dragon shook her wings, causing a cloud of dust to rise up around her. “It took me a while to find what I was after last night.” Her curvy body lifted up, twisting towards Esmond, and flopped down at the doorway. The ground shook and the tripod collapsed into the fire. “Oops! Sorry sweetie.” She lowered her head close enough for the campfire’s flames to reflect in her large slitted irises.

Esmond sighed in mild annoyance as he grabbed the broken spears before they set alight, then rebuilt the tripod. He tried to ignore the enormous head hovering near him, but he couldn’t help but crack a smile at how closely she watched his actions, making sure he didn’t accidentally burn himself. It’d taken him quite awhile to learn how to maintain a fire with Meredith, his adoptive mother, being unable to offer much practical guidance in her dragon form. He couldn’t spit out a ball of flame like she did. Sometimes he thought his burnt hands had hurt her more than he as she’d fretted and mustered up her arcane healing magic.

“I hope you didn’t forget what day it is today,” she teased, nudging his back with her snout.

Esmond thought about it for a moment before reply. “... the tenth day of summer?”

Meredith’s chest rumbled and her nostrils flared in a mimicry of a laugh. “No, sweetie. It’s a very special day, for a very special person…” 

Esmond’s brow furrowed in confusion. Who else was there other than he and Ma’? There was only Garrick the bard, currently locked up in the cage in the basement for the next time Meredith fancied a late night snack, but they barely knew him. He’d only been around for a couple of weeks now, since getting lost in the forest and stumbling upon the castle ruins. If Esmond hadn’t found him first and taken a liking to him, he’d likely already be slowly digesting alive in Meredith’s belly. But Garrick’s culinary fate was only postponed, not cancelled, as Meredith reminded him frequently.

Meredith waited a few more moments, but on seeing her adoptive son was clearly not going to get the right answer she continued “it’s your birthday!”

“Oh!” Esmond scratched his chin as he blushed. He’d never had much of a head for numbers, nor had he much need for them out here. “Um… how old am I now?” 

“Eighteen! You are now, officially, a man.” Her lips pursed together and came closer. 

Esmond got a brief whiff of charcoal and roasted meat as her mouth bumped against the top of his head. Even just the small gap in her lips she’d made for the kiss was nearly enough to envelop his whole head, and his whole body tilted from with the strength of her kiss before she pulled back.

“So does that mean I’m old enough to eat?” he asked with a bemused smile as he found a cooking pot and hung it off the tripod, seemingly unconcerned about the prospect of being lunch. 

Meredith thought about it for a few moments. “Technically… yes. But I’d never devour my sweetest little boy!” She sighed as memories flashed across her mind, of the young muddy child trampling through the woods on a rainy night. Unlike his fellow mammals who knew to flee a predator when they saw one, this one had cried in relief and run forward to hug her snout. He’d been wandering the woods for days, going in circles. 

It was Meredith’s policy not to eat human younglings, better to let them grow into nutritious adults before they descended into her gullet, so she’d let him shelter from the weather under her wing until his family came searching and took him home. But his family never came. Day after day they waited, with Meredith having to hunt deer to roast up for her little foundling.  

Meredith had eventually prodded the young child as to what he was doing in her neck of the woods as most humans kept far away from her domain. He said his mother had sent him out in search of a flower whose leaves glowed as bright as the sun, which she needed if his father was to ever return. Meredith was perplexed. She’d lived in these forests for centuries and never heard of such a flower. 

A couple of weeks passed as she watched over the curious child. She’d cackled in amusement as he ran after butterflies and made her a necklace of daisies which was barely big enough to slip over one of her nostrils. Later, as he slept one night, she used all her guile to slip away unnoticed. She flew over the forest in the direction she’d found the boy, seeking the small hamlet he said he’d grown up in. She identified it from the multiple daisy chains hanging limp across the front gate. 

Flying overhead, she saw a hooded figure exit the cabin and lock the door. The figure was loading up a wagon with valuables, or what counted as valuables for these short-lived mortals. She swooped down, using her enormous wingspan to glide silently through the night air, until she was close enough to scoop up the figure in her claws. The figure screeched in terror all the way to the secluded glade Meredith carried them to.

It took a while for the mammal to quiet down after Meredith explained she wasn’t planning to eat them. The figure pulled back its hood, revealing a young blonde woman with a buxom hourglass figure. She confirmed she was Esmond’s mother, and that she’d sent the young boy out to her woods on an impossible task. With her son out of the way, she planned to move to the town and find a new husband. She told Meredith this gleefully, like she thought Meredith would reward her for delivering a sumptuous little boy to devour. 

Meredith was not pleased. That such a loving and friendly young boy had been born of such a heartless wench struck at her sense of right and wrong. She generally wasn’t one to take sides in human conflicts, what did it matter why foodstock did what they did, but this irked her. Her reaction was simple, she plucked the woman off her feet with her jaws, flicked her deeper into her maw, sloshed her around, and swallowed her whole. It seemed only right, Meredith would become Esmond’s mother now, with his birth mother forming the belly fat on his adoptive mother. 

She never told Esmond what had happened, so when he thought she wasn’t watching, he’d sometimes go into the woods in search of that golden flower. She didn’t try to deter him, and she didn’t know what he planned to do if he ever found it, but she hoped he was happy with his life now. He’d grown into a strapping young man with bronzed skin and wide muscular shoulders, but had kept the same cheerful grin from his youth.

Meredith shook her head, bringing herself back to the present just as Esmond was dropping slices of rabbit into the pot. 

“I got you a present!” she said excitedly. 

She opened her mouth and Esmond looked deep into her fleshy maw. Thick strands of drool trailed down from her teeth, with her tongue looking like a pond that constantly undulated with waves rippling across its surface. He saw the back of her throat contract, and he barely raised his arm in time to protect himself from the spittle as she coughed something shiny up and splattered him with drool. The object rattled around on the stone tiles by his feet. It was coated in a thick layer of goop, but the shape was instantly identifiable as a silver crown in the shape of several crescent moons linked in a row together.

“It took me a while to find a suitable prince last night, but this one was out riding with only a couple of knights for protection.”

Esmond glanced at the bulge of Meredith’s belly and realised on the other side of those scales the prince and his two guards were being digesting right now. He wondered which kingdom they were from, then realised it didn’t matter, they were just dragon-chow now. He picked up the crown and shook it free of some of the digestive acid. “Ma, I’m not a little boy any more. I don’t want crowns to play with.” He sighed and tossed it towards the corner where several other crowns and tiaras lay stacked.

“But…” murmured Meredith softly. 

Esmond heard the enthusiasm drain out of voice. He got to his feet, turned towards her, and gave her snout a big hug. “Thank you Ma’. You’re all I ever want.” Dragons didn’t blush, but Meredith’s tail continued to twitch long after Esmond had finished the hug. He returned his attention to the rabbit stew and the two of them sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes. 

Meredith’s nostrils perked up as the smell of the cooked rabbit started to spread. “Are you sure I can’t pick up a lamb or an ox for you? It is your birthday after all…” asked Meredith as she licked her lips.

Esmond shook his head. “I like catching my own prey, just as you do.” 

Meredith couldn’t argue with that. She hadn’t thought the young boy she’d adopted would want to stay with her indefinitely and had encouraged him to stay as independent as he was able. He had indeed become a capable hunter, fully capable of fending for himself, but still he remained by her side. 

Meredith’s belly grumbled as it oozed the half-digested prince and his retinue into her second stomach. 

“Could you be a dear and rustle me up something from the pantry?” asked Meredith.  

“But we’ve only got Garrick down there!” 

“That’s fine, he can sing for us as I swallow him down.” 

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” whined Esmond. “Can’t we keep him a bit longer?” 

Meredith rolled her eyes. “Well I suppose it IS your birthday… but don’t let his silver tongue beguile you! He’ll say anything to get out of being lunch.”

“I know Ma.’” Esmond had heard this many times before, and while he was sceptical of the bard’s tales, he couldn’t deny a certain curiosity about the outer world the bard spoke of. Talk of pretty maidens with loose morals in particular…

“I best go find myself some lunch then,” said Meredith. “Perhaps the lords sent out some additional knights to look for their prince?” Her tone picked up as she thought of picking up a couple of knights to toy with. 

“Have a safe hunt Ma’” said Esmond as he stirred his stew.

Meredith unfurled her wings to either side, then swept them down, lifting her towards the ruined roof. Esmond lifted his arm to his eyes as dirt billowed around him. Once the gusts died down, he lowered his arm to see the campfire had been extinguished. He sighed.

Esmond finished his lukewarm rabbit stew in peace, then poured a second portion into a wooden bowl to take down to the pantry. Before Meredith’s arrival it had served as the castle’s prison with several caged enclosures. All but one was empty, that with Garrick in it. The bard was skinny despite the regular meals Esmond brought down to him. He seemed to burn off the calories with the manic energy he manifested through his lute playing. The instrument was rarely out of his hands. His frail figure had been a deciding factor in Esmond’s argument for Meredith to hold off eating him, as Esmond teased the prospect of a meatier and more satisfying meal if he fed the bard every day. 

“Esmond my boy!” cried Garrick cheerfully, acting like he was Esmond’s senior when in fact only a couple of years separated them. Still, those two years could mean a lot in terms of maturity. He put down his lute and slipped his arms between the bars to take the stew bowl. “The mistress is away?” he asked, nodding towards the ceiling. 

Esmond nodded. “She’s off for lunch.” 

“Ah, another daring ballad in the making then! Will some daring knight save his princess?” 

Esmond scoffed. “No knight is going to stop Ma’, unless maybe if he was fat enough to lodge in her throat.”

“Maybe so…” replied Garrick with a chuckle before gulping down half the stew. His gaze was drawn to the sparkling hoop of metal hanging off Esmond’s belt. “What’s that you’ve got?”

“Oh this?” Esmond untied the crown from his belt and spun it around a finger. “It was a present!” Feeling guilty over how his sour reaction had hurt Meredith, he’d collected it from the heap he’d thrown it. Maybe he could use it as part of a rabbit trap?

Garrick licked his lips and reached out for it. “May I see?” he asked with a feigned casualness.  

Esmond untied the crown from his belt and tossed it over. Garrick nearly knocked it away in his haste to snatch it and pull it closer. His eyes went wide as he inspected the fine engraved metalwork, with the small studded gems along the rim. “This is… “ he whispered in awe. “Where did you get this, my boy?”

Esmond shrugged. “‘Ma gave it to me, and I’m not a BOY any more. It’s my birthday today!”

Garrick bowed from within the cage. “My mistake my good sir.” He idly tapped his finger on the crown as his thoughts raced as a plan came to mind. “We should celebrate! Do you know how much this is worth?” He held up the crown but kept it out of Esmond’s immediate reach. “There’s a fine brothel in Heidelberg with the finest courtesans you’ll ever see.” Garrick cupped one hand to his chest, mimicking a large bosom. “We could take a trip there and make a real man of you!”

“I’m a real man already!” snapped Esmond in a shriller tone than he’d hoped for. 

A subtle grin crossed Garrick’s lips as he realised his hook had snagged a fish. “You may be of age, but you aren’t a REAL man until you’ve known a woman…” 

Esmond scoffed. “I-I’ve known women!”

Garrick leaned back in his cell and looked sceptically at Esmond. 

“I know all about women and… their bits!” continued Esmond. “How their scales retract around their… fleshy bits, and the way the pink frill emerges when she’s excited!”

Garick raised an eyebrow. “Their scales huh?”

“Err… yeah?”

“You haven’t actually met any HUMAN women have you?” 

Esmond’s cheeks went a ruby red. “W-what difference does it make?!?!” He spun around and ran out the doorway before Garrick could reply. Garrick reached out between the bars to grab his soup bowl and sip the remains. He still had the crown. If only he could get out of here, he’d be rich…

Esmond went to sulk in his secret place. He crawled through a hole in the main hallway to reach a spiral staircase, then headed up to a long-abandoned royal bedroom. He shuffled past mouldy curtains to reach a standing wardrobe. He leaned his shoulder against it, grunted, and pushed it aside to reveal a small doorway hidden behind it. He slipped through the doorway into a smaller room. It was dimly lit through a small window near the ceiling, but felt cosy with a thick rug and several cushions. It had once been the queen’s walk-in closet, with dozens of small drawers and alcoves to store her shoes and fine silks. Now those boxes had been emptied and replaced with Esmond’s keepsakes. There were the melted glass sculptures that Meredith had made him many years ago with her fiery dragon’s breath. She told him they were animals, but the misshapen lumps were hard to tell apart. She’d made many such sculptures when he’d first come to live with her, perhaps thinking it’d ease his loneliness. She’d never quite understood that he wasn’t lonely, he loved her and his life here. Sure, he’d like more friends, but he had someone who loved and protected him no matter what. He only wished he could grow someday to protect her like she had him. With that goal he often practised with the leftover weapons, but he was as much a danger to himself as he was to any opponent when he swung them wildly.

He held his breath, listening for any distant wing flaps, before pulling open one of the drawers. He tossed aside a couple of rags on top, then lifted out a stack of parchments as carefully as he would a cauldron of boiling water. He spread the parchments on the floor around him, with the dim light illuminating a series of crude charcoal drawings. 

The oldest were little more than stick figures, showing human figurines falling towards a large round object. Later drawings showed more detail, with the round object elongating into a shapely chest, a long neck, and a fanged maw. More recent drawings showed a lot more anatomical detail, depicting the individual sinews in an open dragon’s maw, the closely knitted scales of its neck, and the feminine curves of its body. Many sketches included male figures wedged halfway within the dragon’s jaws, either with legs poking out the back of the dragon’s throat, or outstretched arms grasping for freedom from behind interlocking fangs. 

The sketches on the very top of the stack had a slightly different focus, moving down the dragon’s form from its drooling maw, past its snaking neck, its bulbous chest, its pudgy belly, to depict the spread hind legs and crotch area of the dragon. The otherwise uniform scales broke in two and a soft fleshy slit peeked out from the crevice. In one drawing the dragon was cracking the slit open with a claw, in another the dragon rubbed her slit against a treasure chest.

The only firm rule Meredith had for Esmond was that he couldn’t observe her feeding. Originally she’d eaten her meals in private so as not to frighten the poor boy, but he’d never seemed disturbed. He quickly accepted his fellow human beings as potential dragon foodstock, a part of the food chain rather than masters of it. He knew Meredith would never harm him so he had no fear of her sharp teeth or prodigious appetite. However that rule had turned her feedings into a taboo, and the forbidden tended to play heavily on a young man’s mind as he grew up. What started as idle curiosity turned to obsession, then lust.

Esmond untied the cord holding his breeches up and let them fall to his ankles. He grasped his awakening dick in his hand as it jerked upwards. He gripped it tight, almost like he was taming a wild horse as it bucked and reared against his palm. He stroked the shaft as he gazed down at the drawings around him. He stared at the drawings of Meredith’s open mouth and imagined himself looking down the dark depths of her gullet, with her throat quivering in anticipation of its meal and trails of drool hanging off her fangs to coat his erect dick. 

He groaned as he beat himself off faster and faster, thinking of the maw closing around him, squeezing him down her throat… He was about to aim his dick away from the drawings when he heard a distant boom. He froze in place as his ears twitched like a rabbit’s, listening to more booms, each louder than the last. 

Esmond leapt into action, pulling the curtains across the small window and cloaking the room in darkness. Using only his sense of touch, he navigated to the far corner where a dresser sat against the wall. He waited for a boom before nudging it, pushing it a couple of inches across the floor. He waited for another boom before nudging it again, and again, until a beam of light shot through a gap in the wall hidden behind the dresser. It was barely larger than a fist. 

The surroundings suddenly rattled and a gust of wind flowed through the gap. The breeze carried a faint masculine voice “unhand me you foul beast!” 

Esmond dropped to his knees and looked through the gap into what had once been the guard’s dining hall. It was smaller than both the chapel and main entrance hall, but still had a ceiling high enough for Meredith to stretch her neck. The wooden benches and tables had been pushed aside to make a roughly circular clearing in the middle of the room, Meredith’s dining area, the only forbidden part of the castle for Esmond.

Meredith bowed her neck to the floor as she passed through the wide doorway, crawling on three legs with her fourth clutching something shiny close to her chest. Her tail flicked the doors closed behind her, sealing her in with her prey. She strutted confidently around the cleared space, circling it before coming down to lie on her side. She unfurled her claw and an armoured figure clattered noisily down her chest and across the floor. 

Metal clanged against stone as the knight struggled to climb upright. The plume on his helmet hung forward like a unicorn’s horn as he swung around with his arms outstretched, seemingly blind with his helmet’s eye slit having been crushed shut. 

“Where are you!” bellowed the knight. His deep voice reverberated within both his helmet and the dining hall.

Meredith watched him with amusement. She swung her long neck around to hover behind him, then whispered “Over here!” 

The knight twisted towards her voice and his mailed fist swung through empty air. 

Meredith stifled a cackle as she swung her neck around to hover above the knight from the other side. “Over here!” 

Again the knight twisted towards her voice and attacked empty air. He wobbled on his feet and stumbled forward onto his knees. 

“That’s more like it,” said Meredith in a huskier tone. “You should worship me!”

The knight grabbed his helmet, struggled with it, and eventually ripped it off then threw it to one side. He was a young man with short blonde hair and sharp cheeks, giving him a regal look. His clean-shaven face suggested he valued his appearance, and with good reason, but it seemed he’d attracted the eye of more than the fair maidens of the court. He glared up at Meredith. 

“Oh my, you’re quite the pretty morsel!” Meredith’s eyes glittered with glee as she looked down at the handsome knight. There was always an element of luck in picking her meals. Sometimes she’d bring them back, strip off their armour, and be confronted with a sour-tasting unwashed brute. She’d been luckier this time. She’d found those knights with the finest horses and the fanciest plumes tended to care most about their looks, and hence were the most appetising.

A crack formed in the knight’s confidence as his fierce glare was completely ignored. This wasn’t like the fairytale encounters he’d read. Shouldn’t the dragon be roaring like a wild beast as he prepared to hack it to pieces? A sword! He needed a sword, that’s why she wasn’t treating him seriously! He patted his hip, confirming the lack of a weapon there. He must have lost it when the beast had plucked him from his horse. While keeping his attention on the dragon, he shot furtive looks to the surroundings, looking for a weapon.

“I’ve always been partial to that golden hair on you humans.” continued Meredith. “Maybe it’s all in my head, but I always thought you tasted sweeter than darker haired humans.” Her voice maintained such a relaxed tone the knight was unprepared for the flick of her tail which ripped off his rear chestplate. He jumped up and swung around to face the threatening tail just in time for Meredith’s front paw to rip the armour off his chest, exposing the sweaty skin underneath.

From out of the nearby wreckage beside the dragon, the knight’s frantic gaze caught sight of a sword handle sticking out. It was risky, but he had no other choice. He leapt into a sprint for it.

Meredith let the knight run for a few seconds before swatting him down with her front paw. She flattened him to the ground, with her forefinger claw positioned over the knight’s lower-spine, so as he squirmed forward he’d pull his own breeches down. She let him crawl out from under her claw, leaving him almost nude, having armour left only on his left arm. He didn’t seem to care as long as he could reach the sword, which she let him do. 

Meredith idly watched the knight’s rear as he struggled to pull the sword out from among the other wreckage, enjoying the sight of his sweaty posterior tiring itself out. She preferred to wear out her meals a little before swallowing them, it caused less indigestion.

The knight grunted as he pulled with all his strength on the sword handle, before finally freeing the weapon. He immediately swung it upwards and towards the dragon. 

Meredith’s pupils went cross-eyed as she tried to focus on the sword’s point hovering in front of her snout. “Are you going to clean my teeth with that little toothpick?” She opened her maw wide, showing the enormous wet entranceway down to her gullet. Any of her teeth would have been an equal to the sword, and the knight shivered in fear as he felt her hot and humid breath roll over him, leaving beads of moisture on his skin.

Esmond let out a small groan from his hidden vantage point as he jerked himself off at the sight. 

Meredith paused, then swung her head away from the knight. She scanned the room. She’d had to extract Esmond a few times when he was younger from her feeding room, but he hadn’t tried to sneak in for years.

“Y-you’ll never best me!” cried the knight, seemingly perturbed by her sudden lack of interest in him. 

Meredith swung back to look down at him. “Best you? Why would I want to do that? No… I don’t plan to fight you, I plan to EAT you!” She again opened her maw wide above him, letting the drool drip from her fangs and onto the near-nude knight. In a panic, he swung the sword and it clattered loudly against her front fang and bounced off. Before he could go for a second swing, Meredith lurched her head down and enveloped the upper torso between her scaled lips. She gripped him tightly as she swung back up, leaving his legs poking out the front of her maw like a boar’s tusks. The hand holding the sword was stuck outside her lips, but a subsequent swallow pulled the knight inwards but left the sword trapped between her teeth before dropping to the floor. 

Meredith slurped up the knight’s legs and sloshed him around her maw. Her lips occasionally opened just enough for Esmond to hear a muffled scream of terror. Her prey’s cries didn’t seem to bother Meredith, she only cared about his flavour. She slathered her tongue all over the knight, slipping the last remnants of his armour off his left arm and then spitting it out.

A bulge formed in her left cheek, then her right as the knight was toyed with. He’d occasionally get a hand or foot out between her lips, but it was soon slurped back inside. 

Esmond gritted his teeth as he tried not to climax, not yet… 

Meredith tilted her head up, then swallowed. A large lump moved down her throat, pushing out the lighter shaded scales covering her oesophagus. The lump shifted and twisted each time she swallowed, dropping an arm’s length each ripple up her neck as the knight fought against his fate to the bitter end.

Meredith closed her eyes for the final swallow, focusing her attention on the sensations inside as her belly accepted her latest meal. She felt the wriggling morsel fill her from the inside. She rolled onto her back and looked down at her belly. Bumps briefly formed each time he punched or kicked the stomach wall.

Esmond shot his seed onto the carpet he lay upon. He closed his eyes as he tried to commit those recent sights to memory. He’d want to draw them later.

Meredith smirked as she enjoyed the knight’s continuing struggles. Some prey gave up so quickly and were so boring. She idly reached over to pluck the sword from the ground. She pinched it around the blade and ran the rounded pommel down her bosom, then over her belly and towards her crotch. The closely knitted scales between her hind legs split as she brought the pommel closer, revealing a pink and fleshy interior. Two thin pink frills peeked out each side as the pommel nestled between them. She groaned as she thrust the sword hilt inside.

Esmond watched his adopted mother moan and play with the sword. He didn’t really understand what she was doing, but he knew she was clearly enjoying it. She only seemed to do it after a meal when he wasn’t around. It made him intensely curious. He’d only known the hard scaly exterior of his mother. How must that soft interior feel? He wished he could touch it, he wished his dick could touch it… He grabbed his flaccid dick and began pumping again, determined to get a second climax out of this. 

Esmond was the first to return to the campfire in the entrance hall. He was thirsty after a couple of hours sweatily masturbating and committing his memories to paper. He dunked his whole head in a bucket of cold water. He shook his head as he reemerged, whipping his hair from side to side and splattering the surroundings with droplets. 

The double doors leading to the guard’s dining hall creaked open and Meredith poked her head out. “Oh, there you are!” she said as she emerged fully, looking satisfied with herself. “I didn’t see you when I got back, were you napping?”

“Err no, I was just sketching some stuff...” replied Esmond with a blush. He’d never lie to his adoptive mother, but he also wasn’t going to volunteer the whole truth either. She didn’t need to know what else he’d been doing. 

“Oh! I’d love to see them,” cooed Meredith. Her head drifted upwards as she became lost in memory. “You used to do the cutest drawings of me.”

Esmond turned away, unable to face his mother while talking about his secret shame. “These, um, they aren’t very good sketches.”

“I’d love them all the same!” Meredith dipped her snout to hover over Esmond’s shoulder. She nudged her lips forward to give him a kiss with enough force to tilt him to one side.

Esmond batted away the kiss. He didn’t deserve her affection after what he’d been up to.

Meredith giggled. “Is my little cub feeling grumpy this evening?” She came in closer, bringing her shapely bulk to settle down around the campfire. The flames made her scales glitter like a thousand rubies. “I’m sorry, are you upset I went hunting on your birthday? I promise I’ll stay in tonight.”

Esmond’s shame kept him silent. 

Meredith curled her tail around behind Esmond and poked his ribs. Esmond’s stoicism didn’t last long before he burst into laughter. Meredith’s pleased grin mirrored her adopted son’s. “Come on, you can sleep with me tonight.” Her tail nudged Esmond backwards until his ankles bumped into her scales. He lay back against her, snuggling into her bosom. Her scales were interlinked so tightly it was like lying on a soft bed of puffy mushrooms.

Meredith raised her leathery wing, wrapping them around her bulk and covering Esmond from his chest down in a warm embrace. She laid her head down alongside him, close enough that he could feel her breath tickle his skin. 

“Isn’t this nice?” murmured Meredith as she closed her eyes. She always got sleepy after a full meal.

Esmond heard the gurgling on the other side of her stomach wall, and if he strained he could just make out the muffled yells of the knight within. He ran his hand down her belly and felt it shake as the knight continued to fight his digestive fate. He wondered what it must be like in there. It must be even warmer than it was resting atop her bosom, being wrapped in a fleshy cocoon and sloshed around in a pool of digestive acid. 

Esmond felt his dick harden and rub across the bulging scales through his breeches. He anxiously awaited any reaction from Meredith… Her nostrils snorted as she let out the first snore of the night. She was already asleep and Esmond sighed in relief. He wasn’t so bold as to grind his crotch on her belly, he was just content to lay his dick against her and feel the tremors within. He fell asleep imagining he was on the other side of that stomach wall. 

The next morning Esmond woke up with a wet patch on his breeches. He squirmed his way out from under Meredith’s cocooning wing and cleaned himself up before Meredith was ready to face the day. She tended to be a late riser given her nightly hunts. It was rather hard to hide her large silhouette in the middle of day, and rustling through undergrowth or haystacks for hiding peasants took more effort than she liked to spend. Ideally her meals came to her in the form of adventurers seeking treasure or fame and ending up as a steaming pile of dragon poop, but she hadn’t had any in months. Maybe her roost was too remote? Maybe she needed more of a lure? 

She spent the afternoon brooding on it while watching the rain splash down in the castle courtyard. She didn’t like being wet, and the knight she’d eaten the night before hadn’t entirely digested yet so she didn’t feel any urge to leave her cover. 

As the afternoon wore on and the rain showed no sign of stopping, Meredith got bored. She went looking for Esmond, and to make it more fun she tried to do it stealthily. Despite her considerable bulk, she was able to move covertly as long as she repositioned her weight slowly. Her long neck snaked ahead of her, weaving from side to side as she peered down the doorways connected to the main hall, but she couldn’t find him.

She took a few moments to clean herself, scraping her tongue across her hind scales, while thinking on where he could be. Surely he wouldn’t have gone into the forest in this rain? It was then that she realised exactly where she was. Humans were weird, they didn’t lick themselves clean, they used water. She laughed to herself at the strangeness of humans as she crept around the side of the castle, staying under the cover of the overhanging buttresses.

She came across a small grove nestled up against the rear castle wall, with several oak trees spaced around a small pond. The rain funnelled through the overhead battlements to come pouring out here in a heavy torrent. Through the wall of water Meredith caught a glimpse of tanned skin. She brought her snout up close, mere inches from the waterfall. She tilted her head to the side, opened her jaw… and in a flash she thrust forward to snatch Esmond between her teeth then pull him back through the wall of water. Her tongue looped around his waist and snaked between his legs, holding him in her maw as he hung between either side of her jaws, his arms flailing at one side and his legs at the other. 

“Cau’ht ‘ou!” said Meredith, struggling to speak around Esmond. 

“Hey! I was in the middle of showering!” yelled Esmond. 

“Oh ‘ou’re so cold,” said Meredith as she tasted him, feeling how chill his skin was after it’d endured the icy cold rainwater. “I should warm ‘ou up!” Her tongue pulled Esmond deeper into her maw so only his feet and feet remained visible outside. She felt him squirm within her mouth, but not the usual squirming of her prey, he was just getting comfortable.

Inside her maw, Esmond’s cheeks went a rosy red as he felt Meredith’s tongue pulsate between his legs and wrap tightly over his hard dick. He gasped each time she tightened her tongue’s grip as it squeezed his dick a little tighter. 

Mereith held Esmond in her mouth for a whole minute, ensuring his skin was toasty warm before tilting her head and spitting him onto the grassy mound. He lay nude with his skin shining with a mix of drool and rainwater. 

“Both warm AND clean now!” said Meredith smugly as she looked down at her beloved ward. Esmond kept his hands over his crotch and seemed reluctant to get to his feet. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Surely you can’t be shy?”

“But ‘Ma, I’m a MAN now!” yelled Esmond.

“Do you think I haven’t seen a naked man before?” asked Meredith with a coy laugh.

“B-but, it’s not the same! I can’t be naked around you.”

Meredith rolled her eyes. “You humans…” She twisted her bulk around to face the walls. “Come on back inside before you catch cold,” she said as she strutted back towards the castle, weaving her rear from side to side as she often did when in a good mood.

Esmond slumped back against the grass once she was gone, waiting for his erect dick to calm down before getting dressed. 

The rest of the afternoon was fairly docile, with Esmond helping Meredith to organise the gold-plated trinkets in her treasure hoard. The foul weather never let up and so she spent the night curled up with Esmond again. 

The following day was even worse. Meredith was awoken by thunder shaking the castle walls and Esmond cowering against her bosom. She cursed the sky and held him close until the worst of it passed. The rain never stopped and she again postponed hunting. She went to sleep with a belly that gurgled its protest at not being full. 

She dreamed of prying open a castle tower to find an orgy of princes and princesses, all so focused on their rutting with one another they let her have her pick of meals. She cradled each humping pair gently in her jaws, tilted her head back, and swallowed them together. She groaned in delight at how full her stomach felt with a dozen occupants all squirming around, pushing against one another and giving her an internal massage. 

She dreamt there was only a solitary prince left, a portly young man with a round belly and a friendly demeanour. He made no effort to flee from her and she nuzzled his thick frame between her lips, licking at his nude form to draw out the pleasure of her last meal. His skin was as salty as a slow-roasted pig, having worked up a sweat during the orgy, and she made sure she slathered every inch of him with drool. Using her tongue looped around his torso, she gradually tilted his upper body towards her waiting gullet and pulled him in. He tasted so good! He tasted good enough to be… real? 

Meredith cracked opened her eyes to the morning light with a pair of legs dangling from the front of her snout. Her tongue and jaws were wrapped around the large soft mass of an adult male, her Esmond. She immediately tilted her head down and spat him out onto the tiled floor. His saliva-slick body slid smoothly between her fangs to land on a curled up heap in front of her. 

“Oh my little Esmond! I’m so sorry! Are you ok?” asked Meredith in a breathless panic.

Esmond coughed out some of Meredith’s drool, then looked up at her and gave her a timid smile. “Mornin’ Ma’!”

“You aren’t hurt are you? I didn’t bite?” Meredith extended her neck and peered down at him from different sides, inspecting his skin for any puncture marks.

“I’m fine Ma’. I really thought you were going to do it this time…” said Esmond with an awkward laugh. He kept his legs folded to his chest, hiding his crotch.

“I told you to yell and wake me up if it ever happened again!” scolded Meredith. Her breathing slowed as she calmed down and saw her precious boy was unharmed.

Esmond shrugged then looked away, seemingly embarrassed. “You seemed hungry…”  

“I can survive going hungry; I can’t survive without my little Esmond!” Meredith dipped her head to nuzzle the top of Esmond’s head.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind…”  Esmond hesitated, then took a deep breath to steel his courage. “...if you really wanted to eat me.” The last words were spoken so quietly Meredith wondered if she’d misheard and it took her a few moments to respond.

“No, Esmond! I’d never…” She swung her head away from him without being able to finish the sentence. She didn’t want to ever put “Esmond” in the same sentence as “eat.” It made her slightly uncomfortable even to think of Esmond as the same species as those she preyed upon.

Her belly gurgled it’s complaint at being denied a meal. 

“Oh, er, where are your breeches?” asked Meredith, trying to change the topic. She scanned the surroundings. 

“You, err… swallowed them.” answered Esmond as he struggled to resist jerking his erect dick.

“Oh! Well… let’s see if we can find you some fresh ones. That last pair was getting a bit worn anyway.” Meredith rose up and headed back towards the guard’s dining room, also known as her dining room. She was eager to have something practical to focus on rather than Esmond’s offer. She was pretty sure the knight she’d stripped and eaten the other day had been about Esmond’s size. She checked the top of the pile of cast off armour and carefully tugged the breeches out from the armour with a claw tip. She tried not to damage it and was quite pleased she’d managed to extract it without tearing… until she saw the large bite mark in the thigh. It wasn’t perfect, but it’d do for now.

She returned to Esmond, holding the breeches in her jaws so as not to drag them across the floor and get them dirty, but also delicately enough that she didn’t further puncture them. She found him much as she’d left him, but with an additional damp splotch on the stone nearby. She loomed above him, then dropped the breeches to land on his head. 

“Get dressed sweetie,” she said before turning around and girding her rear haunches. She looked up through the ruined roof at the clear skies overhead. “I’m going out hunting, I’ll be back in a bit.” she said over her shoulder before leaping up and taking flight. Hopefully she’d find some careless traveller… 

Hours later…

Meredith extended her wings as she descended slowly towards the ruined castle, circling the gaping hole in the roof that she used as her entrance. She was in a sour mood. Hours of prowling up and down muddy roads had turned up nothing. It seemed she hadn’t been the only one reluctant to travel during temperamental weather and her favourite kind of prey had stayed home. 

She’d at least come across a young stag whose horns were stuck in a thick hedgerow. She’d pried him free with her teeth and gulped him down in a couple of swallows. She’d been spoilt on human meat though, and its mangy fur left a bitter aftertaste on her tongue. She wished she could defur stags as easily as she could unclothe human males. Human females were a little more effort, with the annoying elastic straps across their chest and hips, plus they made such a shrill racket while being stripped. 

She saw a thin tendril of smoke weaving its way out the castle roof and flapped her wings, slowing her descent further. She didn’t want to accidentally extinguish Esmond’s campfire again, he tended to get annoyed at that. She saw his tiny head look up through the ruined roof at her as she came in to land. He smiled and waved in her direction, nearly making her hit the side of the roof as she got distracted by a sudden surge of affection. No matter how pitiless the world could be, she could always rely on her little Esmond to greet her with a smile, and for a moment it was enough to ease the hunger in her belly.

She came down in the main hallway, causing the nearby campfire to flare at the sudden gust. Esmond was tending to a cauldron of stew, into which he was dropping chopped vegetables. Meredith winced as she realised she should have kept some of the stag for Esmond, maybe she could regurgitate it? Esmond tended to be oddly picky over eating her leftovers though. 

“Did your hunt go well?” asked Esmond. 

Meredith shrugged her large frame as she curled her wings close to her body. “I found a young stag, but he wasn’t terribly filling,” replied Meredith with a sigh. 

Esmond seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying “so you’d be looking for a dessert?”

“Oh yes! A nice plump prince perhaps, who’s never known a day of work in his life.” Meredith licked her lips at the thought of such a fatty meal filling her maw.

“I’ve been, um, wondering… what that’d be like.” said Esmond softly. He swiftly looked away as soon as Meredith looked down at him.

“Eating a prince? Well, they to talk a lot beforehand but-”

“No, I mean… what it’d be like… to be eaten?”

“Oh! Well, I’ve never really thought about it.” This time it was Meredith’s turn to look away from Esmond. “I don’t imagine it’d be very pleasant, being trapped in my mouth and forced down my throat?”

The sound of Esmond stirring the pot hung heavy in the air as neither spoke. 

Meredith sighed as she thought she knew where this was heading. “Look, I know you don’t want me to eat your bard friend, but you need to understand that he’s foodstock.”

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about-”

Esmond was interrupted by the deep growl of Meredith’s belly. Her minimal meal and talk of eating princes had her stomach eager for more sustenance.

“Time for dessert?” asked Esmond tentatively.

Meredith nodded. “I’m sorry to deprive you of your friend, but maybe another bard will come along soon?”

“It’s ok…” said Esmond. His shoulders remained slumped as he got to his feet and headed towards the dungeons. 

Meredith felt a sharp pang of guilt as she watched him leave. Perhaps this would be a useful lesson for him in not growing emotionally attached to food? But that didn’t negate the hurt he was feeling now, and by extension the hurt Meredith felt for him. She’d need to make it up to him somehow. What would a growing human boy, or rather a man now, want? She didn’t really know humans that well. Even if they weren’t screaming, yelling, or sobbing, they didn’t stay out of her belly long enough for anything other than some idle chit chat. But maybe she didn’t need to decide… 

“Esmond!” she cried before he disappeared into the shadowed doorway. He paused. “As a late birthday present, how about I give you one wish? Anything you desire that I can provide?” Meredith was quite pleased with her offer, she wouldn’t need to work out what he wanted. Whether it was a knightly sword, some animal skins for bedding, a new cauldron for cooking, she was sure she could threaten some passing merchant for it.

Esmond smiled. “I’ll think on it…”

Esmond did indeed think on it. It was all he could think about as he passed through the maze of corridors that lead down to the dungeons, stepping over broken masonry and avoiding thick cobwebs. He could ask for anything? Unlike Meredith, his thoughts didn’t turn to material goods, instead it turned to what his heart truly desired. Images of his dragoness mother rubbing herself on a sword hilt flashed across his mind, followed by Meredith’s open maw. Wet, warm, soft, and welcoming. His legs carried him onwards automatically while he continued to think. 

“Is that a key to release me in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” came Garrick’s lilting voice, piercing Esmond’s daydream. Esmond glanced down to see the bulge in his crotch. 

“Err, no.” Esmond replied as his cheeks turned beet-red and he spun away from the caged bard, tucked his hands under his pants and folded his dick flat. 

“Oh, err, actually kind of yes?” said Esmond as he walked over to the stone wall and plucked a heavy iron key from its hook. 

“Oh, which is it?” Garrick gave Esmond a coy smirk as his gaze jumped between key and crotch. 

Esmond couldn’t look him in the eye as he approached the cage and inserted the key. A metallic thunk shook the bars and echoed around them as the latch flipped open. “I’m here to take you to Ma’,” he murmured quietly. “Please don’t make this any more difficult than it already is.”

Garrick leaned on his side of the bars, reached out, and ran his finger down Esmond’s bare chest. “Are you sure we couldn’t work out another option?” he asked in a whisper. 

Esmond coughed awkwardly and stepped back from the cafe, out of reach of Garrick. “Sorry, I’m, um, not into that.” With Esmond no longer there to hold it closed, the cage door swung open. Garrick stepped out, yawned, and stretched his arms out to either side. 

“That’s a shame. I guess I should enjoy this freedom while I still have it. I don’t imagine Meredith’s belly is much larger than that cage.”

Esmond gestured towards the doorway and Garrick walked out with Esmond following close behind. 

“I-it’s not so bad,” said Esmond. “She’s very gentle with her meals, she doesn’t bite…”

Garrick laughed. “It’s not the swallowing I’m worried about, it’s what comes after.” 

Esmond’s dick juddered in his pants as he imagined cradling Meredith’s full belly tonight.

Garrick glanced behind him, picking up something in Esmond’s tone, and noticed the bulge had returned in Esmond’s breeches. He didn’t say anything, he just kept walking, but his mind raced. He’d thought Esmond was the dragoness’ pet, a mix of manservant and fuck-toy, but the boy was clearly not getting the sexual release he’d expect of such a pet. Did that mean the dragoness was also as sexually deprived as the boy? A smile crept onto his lips as a plan formed in his mind.

“I’m really sorry about this…” said Esmond. 


“You know… being eaten by a dragon.” 

“Oh that’s alright, a dragon’s got to eat hasn’t it?” Garrick turned around and flashed Esmond a smile. “Besides, who knows how things might turn out…”

“I really enjoyed our chats, and hearing about the outside world.”

Garrick paused and laid a reassuring hand on Esmond’s shoulder. “The outside world is grand… if you have the gold to enjoy it. There ain’t a thing in this world you can’t buy with enough of it.”

Esmond was still confused by the concept of money, that those with surplus didn’t provide for others like Meredith did for him, but he nodded anyway, not wanting to seem like an ignorant oaf to this worldly bard. After a few moments of silence, Esmond tilted his head towards a side passage. “She’s just through there…”

A look of nervousness briefly flashed across Garrick’s eyes before his confident smile returned. He brushed down his silk shirt and strutted onwards, giving a backhanded wave to Esmond and yelling “See you soon!” over his shoulder.

Esmond watched him go with conflicted feelings. He was going to miss his friend and his tall tales, but the reformed bulge in his pants also told of his enthusiasm for what was coming. After a moment’s hesitation, he scurried away, heading towards his secret vantage point.

Garrick poked his head around the side of the door and into what had once been the guard’s dining hall. Nestled within a circle of upended tables lay the majestic curled up figure of the red dragon Meredith. Garrick gazed in awe at nature’s splendour in having created such a divine beast. The finely interlinked scales meshing together as elegantly as the finest works of arts a human hand could sculpt. The depth of colour in her scarlet scales seemed to shift the closer you looked, like peering beneath an ocean. And finally the rippling curves of her muscular figure, strong enough to defeat a whole cadre of knights, yet still agile enough to take flight.

Meredith continued to lick her upper hind legs for a few moments more before speaking. “Are you going to come in or am I going to need to chase you down? I can assure you both will result in the same outcome, but one will result in a more ravenous appetite.” 

Garrick boldly stepped through the door. “I am here mistress! I was merely so taken aback by your beauty that I required a moment to comport myself.” He performed a courtly bow, bending at the waist and tilting his torso horizontally.

“Oh yes, you’re a bard aren’t you. That silver tongue of yours must have served you well in the past…” 

Meredith’s tone sounded unimpressed, but under the impassive facade Garrick thought he detected a hint of amusement. He took another few steps closer, moving past the empty armour, and being especially careful to step over and not on Meredith’s long tail. “You are truly the pinnacle of nature’s design. The gods perfected their craft with you.”

Meredith laughed at the brazen flattery, but the scales around her cheeks also plumped up as blood under them. “Let me guess…” she murmured while extending her long neck to loom over him, close enough for him to feel the rush of warm air as her nostrils flared. “You want to talk your way out of this? Let me save us both some time and promise that you’ll be spending this night locked away in my belly no matter what.” She opened her maws just enough for a few dollops of drool to drip down onto Garrick. 

Rather than move back, Garrick took a half step forward, allowing the drool to splatter his shirt. “I would never seek to deprive you of sustenance, and if you’ll forgive the humble brag, but I do believe I’ll make for a highly stimulating meal.”

Meredith chuckled. “I’ll be the judge of that, I normally like my meals a little plumper, making you hardly worth the effort, but still…” Her open maw inched closer to Garrick.

Garrick maintained his charming smile even as Meredith’s shadow eclipsed his body, with her maw stretching wide enough to swallow him whole. But just as her jaws descented to envelop his head, he reached up and laid a forefinger on the tip of her front fangs. “But before that…”

Meredith paused. She wasn’t going to retract her jaws from around this tasty morsel, but she’d allow him a few moments more to amuse her. 

Garrick gulped as he gazed down the gullet of the dragoness only an arm’s reach away. The fleshy pink tube, slick with saliva and twitching from the thick muscular rings awaiting their chance to squeeze him down into the dark pit of her belly. His nose twitched as he picked up the faint acrid stench of her stomach, which was already preparing to digest its imminent meal. He took a deep breath and prepared himself for the speech of his life.

“I’ve gotten to know Esmond quite well these past couple of weeks,” said Garrick. “I had thought him your lover at first, but I now see he’s… inexperienced in that regard.” A couple of small stones rattled down from a small hole in the wall. “So I offer you my services before you devour me!”

Meredith pulled back her jaws to look down at the tiny morsel. “Oh my, you are a clever one aren’t you?”

“I have several noble ladies who will attest to my talents in this-” continued Garrick before being interrupted by Meredith’s split tongue slapping against his face, looping around his neck, then probing at his shirt collar until it burst open.

“I kn’w what you’re after,” said Meredith with a slight slur. “You kn’w my… excretions serve as an antiacid.” 

The tongue snaked under Garrick’s armpits then tightened their grip. Garrick’s toes strained for the ground as his feet were slowly lifted off the floor. He scrunched up his eyes as he felt himself carried through the air, he didn’t want to see Meredith’s teeth close around him. He felt his face and chest laid against something warm and wet that seemed to split down the middle vertically. He anxiously awaited the tilt as Meredith prepared to swallow him, but it didn’t come. The tongue loosened its grip around his armpits and moved to press against his lower back, pushing him harder against the crevice. 

Garrick cracked open one eye to see the slippery pink flesh he expected, but not in an arrangement he expected. Rather than a funnel down down to a waiting throat, this was a vertical split bordered on both sides by scales. While it wasn’t entirely the same, this was a sight he was much more familiar with, the blushing petal lips of an aroused woman. Meredith’s pussy stretched from his knees to his head, with his face mere inches away from the round nub of her clit. He leaned forward and gave it a kiss, causing his whole world to shake as Meredith shivered in pleasure.

With a surge of confidence, Garrick slipped off his unbuttoned shirt and yanked down his breeches, leaving him nude as he stood facing the soft labia lips. Meredith gave him a few moments to undress before her tongue again prodded him in his lower back, thrusting his hips forward to be enveloped by her outer pussy lips.

Garrick felt Mereidth’s warmth envelop his whole lower body, supporting his weight and caressing both his legs and erect dick. He began swaying his whole lower body in and out in a steady rhythm while still keeping his hands and mouth free to caress her clit. 

Meredith’s breathing got steadily heavier, turning to moans that ended in a minor squeal each time he reached a new depth inside her and nuzzled his tongue across her clit. His proportionally tiny body was able to provoke convulsions that shook Meredith’s whole body as her arousal grew to new heights. 

Garrick suffered a moment of vertigo as Meredith rolled onto her back, making it easier for him to bounce his whole body up and down and letting him sink all the way to his lower ribs. She nuzzled at his shoulders with her tongue, encouraging him to go deeper. If it was a choice between Meredith’s sharp toothed maw and her soft labia lips, Garrick chose the latter and pushed himself deeper.

Garrick prided himself on always having his partner climax first, but this was proving more of a struggle than he’d expected. It was like he was getting a full body massage as he was wrapped up inside her tender inner folds. His skin was slick with the oils of her pussy, and his ears heard only squelching as he thrust in and out. He wasn’t sure how actively involved he was anymore, with the pussy lips clenching and relaxing around him rhythmically and pushing him deeper all on their own, he felt more like a sex toy than a partner. Still, Garrick didn’t forget why he was here and took the opportunity to delve his whole body within her, ensuring an even coating of Meredith’s fluids over his skin. 

Eventually only Garrick’s arms were left dangling from outside her pussy lips. He gasped for breath each time his head briefly reappeared before being sucked back inside. His whole body felt the tightening depth of her inner canal, sliding him back and forth like he was caught in an intense whirlpool. It was all too much, he was overwhelmed by the physical sensations. His coherent thoughts were lost under an ocean of bliss… and he shot his seed. 

But while Garrick may have been done, Meredith wasn’t. She continued humping his limp body. His softening dick flapped up and down, flattened either against his thighs or lower belly depending upon whether he was being sucked deeper or pushed out by the muscular walls of her pussy. 

Meredith continued to use him as her fucktoy for another couple of minutes until she tilted her head up and screeched with ecstasy. The castle’s roosting birds set off in flight at a cry that shook the walls, squawking their displeasure at being disturbed. The cry echoed around the hallways, then gradually faded to leave the sound of Meredith’s heavy breathing. A wet squelch followed as Garrick’s limp form glided out her pussy lips and he slithered down the scales of her crotch to form a tangled heap on the floor. His artfully styled hair stuck to his damp body as his chest heaved and he too took deep breaths. He’d never experienced an orgasm like that.

He lay in a euphoric daze as something wrapped around his ankles, then began lifting his legs up. He squirmed as he was gradually inverted to hang from his feet. He looked up his shiny body to see Meredith’s tail wrapped tight around his ankles.

“And now for dessert…” murmured Meredith as she lifted Garrick above her head, then opened her maw wide.

Garrick let himself be fed into her maw while as limp as a wet noodle. His arms and chest brushed against her tongue as his shoulders slid down the ridges of her hard palate. Her mouth was a funnel that scooped up his loose arms and directed them to her gullet. The muscular ring at the back of her throat contracted around him, squeezing his shoulders, waist, and hips through. His flaccid dick slid over the soft rear of Meredith’s tongue, wiping him free of cum, and then onto the stiff muscle rings of her throat. His dick flopped between rings, and was then sandwiched against his upper thighs as he passed through each ring, each one marking his slow descent into Meredith’s belly. 

Garrick’s legs twitched as Meredith delicately closed her jaws around them. Her tongue lapped at the soles of his feet as she slurped them up,  encouraging them to join the rest of him. The outline of his thin frame bulged out Meredith’s long neck as she repeatedly swallowed, moving him down a forearm’s length each time, until finally he passed her collarbone and into the bulk of her chest.

The scales of her belly trembled as Garrick slid into her stomach and curled up. He wrinkled up his nose in disgust at the foul stench. He didn’t fear digestion, he knew he’d pass through her system unharmed given the protective nature of her carnal juices, but that didn’t make it any more pleasant to be amidst the half-digested remains of a stag. He tried to look at the upside, he’d have a fine ballad on his hands if he ever got back to civilization. Not many could boast of being eaten or fucking a dragon. Although after how he’d been manhandled by Meredith at every step of the way, he felt he’d more been fucked than been doing the fucking. Not that he was complaining, it made a welcome change to his boringly passive noble ladies who seemed to think expressing any hint of arousal was unladylike, even while their dresses were upended and they were being rammed from behind. Maybe he could get used to this…

From his hidden viewpoint, Esmond shook with exhaustion. His half-finished drawings of Garrick disappearing into Meredith’s pussy were splattered with cum. He’d barely caught sight of Garrick getting eaten, he’d been too exhausted. He felt like a week’s worth of cum had ejected his dick, and still it remained partially erect as if calling for another round. He’d never imagined such a thing were possible, both that a human man might make love to a dragoness, and that it’d serve as protection from digestion. 

His heart jumped a beat as he realised he could ask Garrick what it was like in Meredith’s belly in a couple of days, once he’d been expelled from the other end. No second guessing or wondering, he could finally hear about it for real, and Garrick was always so descriptive with his recollections. 

A second thought nearly caused his heart to explode. Maybe he didn’t need to rely on others to tell him what it was like? What if he could experience it himself… firsthand? He still had his birthday wish, and he finally knew what he wanted with it…

Chapter End Notes:

To be continued…

It's not often I get to write a slow-burn romance story arc. It was a delight to flesh out Esmond and Meredith's developing relationship from protective ward to a more intimate relationship. That emotional bond makes the smut all the naughtier. There's much more planned for this story (expect part 2 in April), and I've already posted one brief spin off story that's set a few years later (Meredith's New Toy). I hope you'll all enjoy this journey we take together <3 

This was a commission for anonymous. My queue remains open, but involves a lengthy wait. If any readers think they might be interested then please get in touch via PM/comments or on Discord (BunnyWrites#4146). 

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