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Author's Chapter Notes:

There's a little bit of violence here at the beginning, but it's over pretty quick.

Aaron Smith groaned and rubbed his head as he sat up. The last thing he remembered was crossing the road and… He’d been hit by a truck! He gasped in shock as his hands traced over his body, he was still wearing his t-shirt and jeans, he’d been on his way to the corner store… how had he ended up here?

“Greetings mortal,” a soft female voice said.

A beam of light enveloped him, and the room slowly lit to reveal a river, a forest, and… they were huge! He gulped as he realized the soft surface he was sitting on was a woman’s hand! She had to be at least one hundred feet tall, and he shuffled backwards nervously as her hand cupped around him. She had vibrant blue hair, a darker blue outfit, and kind eyes.

“You were sadly struck down by an errant truck driver,” she explained, “and due to a cosmic alignment error, your soul is to be reincarnated in this fantasy world.” As she said it a pair of beautiful elves appeared behind her, as well as a girl with fox ears and a tail, and a large knightly looking woman who stood over them all. “This will be your adventuring party, I, the goddess of this world, will join you and we’ll defeat the demon king together!”

“Wow,” he breathed, “This is… this is what I’ve always dreamed of!”

The giant woman holding him snorted, then burst out laughing. As though they were simply painted walls, the world became flat and fell away in four directions, revealing a massive cavern with gouts of red flame and flowing lava.

“Just kidding!” The woman said, her skin turning red as she spoke. Her hair went from blue to jet black as a pair of curved horns sprung up from it, and those sparkling emerald eyes went yellow and developed catlike slits. She hissed at him, a forked tongue sliding over fangs as he screamed in horror. The priestly looking robes had turned into a tight shiny black outfit that pressed her massive breasts together, there was a final puff of smoke as a pitchfork appeared in her free hand, her pointed tail curling around it’s base almost reflexively as she grinned down at him.

“Welcome to Hell!” She shouted.

Her hand clenched closed quickly, causing him to shout in pain as his tiny body was easily crushed by her clenched fist. She giggled slightly, watching his remains shimmer for a moment before she opened her now empty palm. There was a popping sound as he appeared again, as he had before he quickly ran his hands over his body, panting and shaking.

“W-What’s going on?” he asked shakily. “This has to be a nightmare or something!”

“Nope,” The demon said with a smirk, “My name’s Cydea, and I will be your personal torturer from now until…” she jokingly checked a nonexistent watch, “FOREVER!”

“P-Please,” he begged, “there’s got to be some mistake!”

“Hah!” she laughed, “you wish tiny! You’re going to spend the next eternity getting stomped, eaten, and shoved up my ass! You’ve got no idea how long I’ve been waiting for my own mortal, and I’ve come up with so many fun ideas!”

There was a puff of smoke and suddenly Aaron was in a vast and endless plain, the only thing in front of him was a giant ramp, hundreds of feet tall. A shadow fell over him and the succubus appeared again, larger this time, like a mountain. She snapped her fingers and a giant piece of round hard candy appeared in her hand. With a grin she sat it down in front of the ramp. With a hum she laid down, the edge of her head on the other side of the ramp she’d constructed.

“This one’s called Sisyphus,” she explained, “I’m feeling hungry, and I’m going to eat either that candy, or you!” she giggled, “you just have to roll it up this ramp and drop it in my mouth!” A giant hourglass appeared behind him, the sand starting to drop into the bottom portion. “You have a time limit though!”

“This is insane!” he shouted.

She just shrugged from her laying position, “Personally, I could go for either the candy or a tiny human, so if I were you, I’d stop asking questions and get pushing.”

Aaron gulped and ran towards it, the candy was almost as tall as he was, and as he began pushing it up the provided ramp his muscles ached. He gritted his teeth and kept going, only sparing a quick glance back at the hourglass. He panicked and his adrenaline surged, luckily the candy was lighter than he expected, if only just, and he was making good progress. He cried out in triumph as he was almost at the top, with time to spare.

“Hmm…” the demon said, glancing from him to the hourglass, “I guess I made you just a little too big for this to be interesting.”

The candy in front of him, and the world around him, seemed to be stretching, growing. He grunted in pain as the heavy orb began to slip from his grasp, then in horror as his arms began to give way. The candy rolled over him, bouncing down the ramp he’d struggled so hard to push it up. He groaned and sat up, then his eyes went wide with horror as he realized the hourglass’s time was up.

“Oh dear,” Cydea giggled, “I guess that was too small, don’t worry we’ll have plenty of time to figure out a good size for that game… but you still lost.”

He watched as the giant demon plucked up the candy that he’d struggled so hard with, and casually popped it into her mouth as she regarded him. She swallowed it with an exaggerated gulp as she sat up, a sadistic grin coming over her face.

“This is for all the people you hurt!” she said.

“I-I don’t think I hurt that many people!” he protested.

She just shook her head, “the lack of remorse is truly despicable.”

He turned to run, but just as easily as she’d gotten the candy, she had him. He was lifted off the ground, and he screamed as he was tossed through the air, landing on the soft wet surface of her tongue. He shouted and begged for mercy as he tried to climb out, but her lips closed, locking him in. A moment later he was plunged into darkness as she swallowed again.

She patted her stomach, where the tiny human was no doubt fighting for his life among the scraps of her lunch. Something did puzzle her though, sinners were supposed to have a bitter taste, Aaron had tasted… sweet? It must have been the leftover sugar from the candy, she reasoned. Still, it troubled her.

When he appeared again with a pop, he was a giant picnic table. He was shaking at the memory of the demon’s stomach, and he almost felt a sob coming on as he wondered what she’d do next. He was answered by her looming over him, in a straw sunhat and sunglasses and a flannel shirt.

“Well well well,” she mused, “look at this pathetic little ant who’s here to ruin my picnic.” A giant flyswatter appeared in her hand and Aaron winced as she playfully tapped her other hand with it.

“P-Please-“ he begged.

“You treated the people you killed like insects,” she spat, “now you’re going to experience it!” She raised the giant flyswatter over him with a wicked grin.

“Killed?” He shouted, “I never killed anyone!”

She paused, her eyes narrowing. If nothing else, Demons had a very good instinct for ferreting out lies, and this… didn’t feel like one. Gently she sat the flyswatter on the table next to him, sitting down at the giant picnic table where the tiny mortal had now broken out into sobs.

“Okay,” she said hesitantly, “You’re Aaron Smith, right?”

“Y-Yeah?” he asked warily.

The giantess tapped her fingers against the picnic table in a slow rhythm, he could feel the beat on the wood below him as she thought about what to do.

“So…” she said finally, “You’re not a serial killer?”

“What!?” He exclaimed, “No! I worked in the accounting office for a shipping company!”

“Ugh,” she moaned, “boring… okay, did you maybe like, steal from the company or something?”

“No!” He shouted, getting angry now. “I worked so hard I hardly had any friends or anything!”

“Ouch,” she muttered, “Okay, I’m uhh… going to check something real quick.”

The picnic table became a nondescript desk and cubicle, Aaron found himself sitting next to an enormous mouse. The sun overhead was replaced by buzzing fluorescent bulbs as the Cydea began booting up the machine. The demoness herself went from the summer clothes she’d worn before to the same shiny black corset style outfit she’d had when she’d first revealed herself.

“Okay,” she muttered as the windows vista logo appeared on her screen, “just give this a minute to start up.”

“You’re still using Vista?” he asked incredulously.

“Welcome to Hell?” she replied weakly as the login screen appeared.

“Ah,” she said, pulling up a list of mortals who had died that day, “Here we go, Aaron Smith, birthdate of… oh, oh no.” She gulped nervously.

“What?” he asked, standing up and walking in front of the giant demon, “What is it? It couldn’t possibly be worse than anything you’ve already done to me!”

“Soooo…” she said, nervously tapping her fingers together, “You actually have the same name and birthdate as a serial killer who was operating in your city, and he died at the same time you did.”

“What!?” He shouted, “so you just… fucked up and grabbed the wrong guy?”

“Yeah,” she admitted.

“How could this have happened?” He demanded.

“It says here he was chasing one of his victims while dressed like a clown,” the demon read, “and then she pulled a gun and shot him, huh, good for her.”

“Not that!” he said angrily, “the whole thing with you grabbing me instead of him, and where is HE by the way?”

“Says here Heaven didn’t take him, so he’s a zombie serial killer clown now,” she said, “oh, someone should probably get on that.”

“Okay,” Aaron breathed out slowly, “Could you just please send me back to earth or something?”

“No,” she said slowly, “you really died, so you’re kind of stuck in the afterlife, and your soul is already bound to me since I’m your tormenter and all…”

“I’d like to speak with a manager,” he said darkly.

There was a puff of smoke, another demon, this one just slightly chubby and with a bob cut appeared behind Cydea’s chair.

“Did someone say manager?” she asked sweetly.

“Hey Karen,” Cydea said with a sigh, “there’s a mixup, this guy isn’t actually supposed to be here.”

“Hmm…” the other giant regarded him and gave a smile, “Oh that’s too bad, he’s so cute!” She quickly glanced at the computer screen and nodded, “I’ll get the paper work for a release started right away, do you have an afterlife of choice you’d like to apply for?”

“Uh,” he thought a minute, “Heaven I guess?”

“Oooh, good choice,” the manager demon said, “Things move pretty fast these days, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a century or two before your transfer gets approved by the higher ups.”

“A century or two?” He asked, eyes wide, “Come on, that’s ridiculous!”

“You should have seen this place before computers,” Karen laughed, “Well, I’m very busy, Cydea, I’m going to have to write you up for this, you tortured this mortal without verifying his identity first.”

“B-But that’s not fair!” Cydea said, standing up so quickly that the tiny human was knocked over as she bumped the desk, “he was grabbed by the automatic reaping system, and if I’d stopped to question him it would have ruined this big ironic twist thing I had set up!”

“Now Cydea,” the manager said sternly, “We all went to that training meeting for the automated reaping system, and now you know firsthand why it’s so important to confirm the identity of the recently arrived soul. I want you to take care of poor Aaron here until this is sorted out.”

She glanced down at Aaron and gave an apologetic smile, “Sorry about this, have a nice afterlife!” With that there was another puff of smoke, and Karen was gone.

Cydea slunk in her office chair and gave a defeated sigh, “I’m uh… really sorry I squished you, and ate you, and stuff…”

“D-Don’t mention it,” he said, still somewhat dazed over everything that had happened. He thought a moment, “can you make me normal sized, at least?”

“You are normal sized,” she said, her massive arms reaching on either side of him as she began typing on the computer, “or at least that’s how big you are in the afterlife. I can make you smaller if you want-“

“No, that’s okay,” he said hurriedly. He sat quietly while she typed for a few minutes, “So uhh… where exactly do we go from here?”

Cydea stopped typing and regarded him a moment, “I still own your soul,” she explained, “so you’re pretty much stuck with me until this whole thing gets fixed.” She sighed, “I guess you can just live with me. Since apparently I’m not going to be a torturer, I guess I’m back to clerical work.”

“Ah,” he said, in spite of everything he felt a bit bad for her, “I’m sorry.”

“No,” she muttered, “it’s all my fault, I was just so committed to the whole big reveal thing…” she sighed, “you only get to show off that someone’s in Hell once, you know?”

“If it’s any consolation, I was absolutely terrified,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said, brightening up a little. “Hey, I know you started your afterlife on the wrong foot, but what do you say we use some of Hell’s IT to have a little fun?”

“Uh,” he said hesitantly, “sure?”

She giggled and reached for him. This time she was far gentler, lightly squeezing him in her hands as she drew him up towards her chest. She wedged him between her impressive boobs, the soft orbs squeezing him from either side and keeping him firmly held in place. Sitting here, the demon had a scent almost like… cinnamon?

“Okay,” she said, “here’s the entire file on your life!” she clicked it open, “we can find anything about anything that ever happened to you! Got any burning questions about anything from your past?”

He thought a moment, “Did Cindy Burns from High School like me?”

Cydea clicked the keys a moment, “Oh,” she said, biting her lip, “looks like she thought you were kind of a loser, but hey, cheer up! Five other girls in your class had crushes on you that year!” she pulled them up, one was a cheerleader who Aaron was pretty sure he’d only had as a lab partner once.

“Wow,” he breathed, “what else can you show me?”

“Let’s see if anyone remembers you,” she said, typing his information in. She frowned as only two hits came up, “Wow, you weren’t kidding about not having a lot of friends…”

“Only two people miss me?” he moaned, “I mean… come on!”

“Well according to our records your parents are…” she pointed upwards, to the rocky ceiling, “you know, pearly gates.” She smiled, “Oh, your dog is up there too! And one of your goldfish!”

“One of my goldfish?” he asked curiously. “I had two.”

“Yeah,” she explained, “looks your other one, Mr. Scales? He’s in Valhalla. You parents released him into the pond near your house when he got too big, and then he died in battle with a snapping turtle.”

“Valhalla?” Aaron muttered numbly.

“May he feast and fight forever,” Cydea said with a smirk, “Okay, let’s move on to these two mortals who are still thinking of you… the first one is your manager at work.”

“Miss Clark?”

“That’s her,” the demoness said, pulling up the woman’s file. “Here we go, age 35, attended your funeral, and… oh, she’s actually dreaming about you now!”

The monitor filled with a view of Ms. Clark’s office, the middle aged woman always wore her dark brown hair in a perm, and she’d aged gracefully, whatever weight she’d put on in middle age had gone to the right places. Which is what made it so shocking when her dream about Aaron involved him naked with the exception of a small black bowtie, kneeling in front of her desk.

“Oh Aaron,” she said softly, “you were always such a good employee, attending to my every need.” She sat up on the desk and it was clear she wasn’t wearing panties under the skirt.

“Uh,” he gulped, “we can switch this,”

“Aw,” the demon said, clicking the window closed, “It was just getting good!” She grinned, “now you know why she always wanted you to work so late with her!”

“My boss had a crush on me,” he said in awe.

“Age is just a number,” Cydea said, “Okay, your next mourner is... Some girl named Amy?”

“Amy?” he frowned, “She’s just lives in the apartment across the hall, we water each other’s plants and stuff if we go out of town.”

The monitor pulled up a pale woman with jet black hair and black lipstick, in fact she had black clothing all over, and it accentuated her figure. She was alone in her apartment as the rain pattered softly outside, and she sighed softly.

“Oh Aaron,” she said, “why did you have to die my love?”

“My love?” the demon asked, raising an eyebrow.

Amy stood up and walked around her apartment, revealing a corner that was covered in photos of Aaron, one of his shirts was in the middle, and a pair of burning black candles adorned either side of the makeshift shrine.

“I didn’t expect that,” Aaron said, eyes wide.

“You had a stalker!” Cydea laughed, “hey, do you want to manifest up there?”

“What do you mean by manifest?” he asked, but the demon was already standing up, causing his fleshy prison to jiggle and push him further into her cleavage. She reached for her pitchfork, leaning against one side of the cubicle wall, and hefted it with a grin. Tapping it once on the floor the two of them disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Amy had always loved dark and depressing things, but having her true love die before he could ever know how she truly felt had hurt more than she’d expected. She gazed longingly at his black and white photo, adorned atop a collection of his things she’d managed to nab. A shirt, a pair of his socks, even a comb with some of his hair on it.

There was a sound like a firecracker and a puff of smoke, Amy turned around in shock to see a red skinned demon pop into being in her living room, yellow eyes gleaming in the low light.

“Tremble mortal!” she said with a grin, “For hell has your beloved’s soul!” She reached into her cleavage and drew out a tiny figure. Amy gasped with shock as she saw it was Aaron!

“What have you done to him!” she shrieked, reaching for his tiny form.

The demon laughed, pulling the dangling figure away, “Aaron belongs to me now, and he shall spend his eternity slaving away as my tiny toy,” the demon cackled evilly.

“Cydea isn’t that a bit much,” Aaron protested, still dangling from where she held him by his leg.

The demon froze, “You used my name,” she whispered, “in front of a MORTAL!”

“So demon,” Amy spat, “your name is Cydea? Give me Aaron right now!”

“Never!” Cydea said, recovering some of her composure, “He shall spend the next hundred years trapped in my tits girl!”

Aaron was again lowered into Cydea’s cleavage, the demon sighing happily as he entered entrapment once more. He felt her finger press him down, and as Amy watched, horrified, contact with the demon’s finger seemed to shrink him even more, causing the red globes to become mountains as they swallowed him up. He tried one last time to climb out, but as the demon’s finger pressed him deep within that valley the size of her breasts and the tightness of her black outfit meant that he truly was trapped this time.

Cydea laughed triumphantly, and tapped her pitchfork against the floor, causing smoke to rise around her as she and Aaron returned to hell before Amy’s shocked face.

“Oh man,” Cydea laughed, her breasts jiggling, “that was hilarious!” Jokingly she squeezed her breasts together, “what did you think?”

There was a sudden crunch, and Cydea’s eyes went wide, “oh… oops, I didn’t make you invulnerable…”

Aaron popped back into being on her desk, “No,” he said, crossing his arms, “you didn’t.”

The demon bit her lip, “Sorry.”

He rolled his eyes, “It’s not the worst way I’ve died today.”

“That’s the spirit,” she said brightly.

“So, why did you want to go mess with Amy?” he asked, walking across the surface of her giant desk and looking up at the monitor again.

Cydea shrugged, “It seemed funny, she’s into all that goth stuff so I figured a demon and a ghost showing up would drive her wild. We’re totally going to have to mess with her again sometime.”

“I don’t know,” Aaron replied, “seems a little mean.” He thought a moment, “why did you freak out when I used your name?”

“It’s just not a good idea to use it in front of the living,” Cydea explained, “don’t worry though, I think we’re in the clear. She probably doesn’t have any idea what to do with it.

Amy’s black painted nails traced along her bookshelf until she found the volume she was looking for, “Summoning and Incantations, volume V, hell’s lesser beasts,” she muttered quietly. She pulled it from the shelf and walked to her kitchen. Pulling a series of candles out of a drawer, she hummed the tune of Crazy Train to herself as she arrayed them on the floor of her living room.

Amy could barely contain her excitement, she was going to rescue her beloved from Hell! Then they’d be together for eternity!

“So, this here is my place!” Cydea said, they’d teleported out of her office when her workday was over, arriving in a sparsely decorated one bedroom apartment. The view outside was a lake of burning magma, stalactites hanging overhead from a cavern ceiling that had to be at least a mile away. She sighed as she took in the view, “Lakefront property is expensive, but the view sure is worth it!”

She set Aaron down on the carpeted floor, her hips swaying as she walked towards her refrigerator. She brought out an RC Cola and cracked it open, taking a long sip as she regarded him.

“So,” she said finally, walking back to her human and planting those enormous black boots on either side of him. “I’m not sure exactly what they expect me to do with you… we don’t really see a lot of humans down here who aren’t being punished.” She shrugged, and snapped her fingers, an RC cola in his size appeared in his hand, and not sure what else to do, he opened it and sipped it while she continued. “I guess we’re going to be roommates?”

“Can I get some stuff in my size at least?” he said, looking around at the giant furniture.

“You could,” the demoness said with a sultry grin, “but would you rather have a little couch, or maybe sit up on the big one with me?” She gestured to her waiting breasts, “Your own little bed or…” she giggled, tracing her hand down to her lower garments, a thong made of that same shiny black material as her corset, “I could put you somewhere warm to sleep…”

He gulped nervously, “I uh, should probably have at least a few of my own things.”

That giant heeled boot gently nudged him, “Oh of course,” she said, that forked tongue dancing over her lips briefly, “Whatever my adorable little human wants.” The boot lifted off the carpeted floor, and this time it knocked him all the way over, pinning him against the carpet lightly enough not to hurt him, but not hard enough to hurt him.

He gripped the edge of the boot, wide eyed, “I-I thought we were done with the whole torture thing?”

She giggled, her pointed tail swishing back and forth behind her, “Oh sure, say the word and I’ll let you up, have Hell’s kitchen make you the best dinner you’ve ever had, and we’ll watch a little TV, play some video games, pretty much do what you used to do during the evening when you were alive.” She shrugged, “doesn’t sound that bad honestly, but you have another option.”

“Which is?” he asked, peering up at the giant demon.

“We do all that other stuff,” she said with a grin, “But you let me play with you first!” Seeing his worried look she rolled her eyes, “don’t worry, it won’t hurt… not more than you want it to anyway. I’m technically not a succubus, but I feel like I could pull off some of their tricks.” She grinned, “You know, a lot of mortals trade their souls for a chance to be with a demon, and since I’ve technically already got your soul, you’re getting something very valuable for free!”

He blinked, looking up at the giant demoness, and licking his dry lips, he realized he was going to say yes. She was beautiful, diabolically so, and the casual way she pushed him around and controlled his very being was arousing him in a way he didn’t think was possible. His erection was straining against his pants, against the sole of the demon’s shiny black boot even as she pinned him in place.

She moaned, and ran her hands over her body, pressing him into the floor again, still making sure not to hurt him. She opened those yellow eyes and glared down at him, the wide grin on her face told him she already knew his answer, but he spoke anyway.

“Y-yeah, you can play with me,” he breathed.

“Good choice mortal,” she said with a grin. The boot lifted up, freeing him. The Demon snapped her fingers, and his clothes seemed to dissolve into sand and blow away. He stood before the giant, naked, and trying in vain to cover his erection.

“Move those hands tiny,” she warned. Hesitantly he did so, letting her see his entire body. “Very good,” she said, licking her lips. She snapped her fingers and her own clothing disappeared in the same way.

Aaron gaped up at the naked demoness in awe, her massive breasts hung free, and she placed her hands on her hips with a smirk as her beauty stunned him. A small patch of black hair was neatly trimmed above her glistening opening, seeing where he was looking she bit her lower lip and traced a single finger around it in a slow circle.

“I want you to run,” she said eagerly.

“What?” he asked, blinking and trying to bring his mind back into focus.

“Flee, scram, try to get away!” she explained, “come on, I know you’re more turned on than scared, but just pretend it’s the other way around!”

“Right,” he muttered. He glanced around the small apartment as the giantess advanced on him. Suddenly he sprinted straight at her, she laughed and lifted her bare foot, trying to pin him again. He leapt to the side, causing the red foot to make contact with the carpet just to his left. He grinned as he heard her swear, he was enjoying this!

Her hand reached for him next, and he dove under it just as it snapped shut above him. Cydea was growling with frustration. Apparently, he was just a little harder to catch than she’d thought. He was running through her legs now, and he laughed as he ran towards the bedroom. He’d be able to find a hiding spot in there he figured.

What he didn’t expect was for her tail to come down, knocking the wind out of him as it slammed into his chest, lifting his feet off the ground. He gasped as the tail wrapped around him like a snake, squeezing his arms tightly against his body. The tail carried him around to the front of the demon again, and she regarded him playfully.

“It was a good effort,” she said, reaching out to touch the top of his head, “but you really should have planned for the tail.”

“I thought it was like a cat or a dog’s tail,” he protested. “Like maybe it just wagged or something.”

“Nope,” She said with a grin, “it’s very dexterous, and pretty strong too.”

He wheezed as she squeezed him with it, seeming to accentuate the point. He grew dizzy as the tail, still wrapped tightly around him, swung from side to side lazily as she walked towards the bedroom. It did give him a good chance to see her naked ass, it was as round, perfect, and stunning as the rest of her.

She flopped onto her bed, a red and black patterned comforter softening her landing. She put her hands behind her head as she rested against the headboard, her tiny captive still bound by her tail. She smiled up at him as her tail loosened slightly, letting him fall just slightly before the appendage wrapped around his leg, letting him dangle in the air. His thrashing form was slowly brought closer to her face, and he could feel her warm breath as that snakelike tongue flickered over her fangs, the giant yellow orbs of her eyes taking in every inch of him.

The thin forked tongue darted out, dancing over him and tickling him as she tasted his body, “Delicious,” she breathed, “that’s one of the ways I knew you were innocent… evils souls just don’t have that cotton candy flavor.”

“Cotton candy?” he laughed, “You’re one to talk, miss smells like cinnamon.”

Her mouth quirked, “you think I smell like cinnamon?”

He frowned, “well yeah, you do.”

“To evil souls we smell like fire and brimstone,” she mused, “One of my tortures was going to be you spending some time in my dirty shoes, the horrible smell of my demonic feet driving you to madness…” She tapped her chin with her finger, thinking, “I don’t know if anyone’s ever asked an innocent soul what we smell like, I guess now I know.”

“Cinnamon,” he repeated, “a few other baking spices, anise maybe?”

“Flatterer,” she said with a grin. “Now would you like to test your virtue one last time?”

She reached a hand down and spread the lips of her womanhood open, “for an evil soul, a demon’s pussy will burn, like an acid.” She fingered herself slightly, dipping one finger in and drawing it out, holding it in front of him so he could see the glistening wetness. “I have a theory,” she explained, “given how you’ve reacted to everything else about me, that this is probably not going to hurt you.”

“A theory?” he asked hesitantly.

She shrugged, “better to test it before shoving you in though, don’t you think?”

He gulped, looking down at the wet and waiting womanhood, “I-I mean if you want me to go in there-“

“Oh, I do,” she said with a grin, “and I think want it too. Now hold still.”

She traced the finger, still wet with her juices, up his bare chest. He hissed and drew in breath sharply, and she stopped, pulling back with a worried expression on her face.

“Oh Lucifer,” she muttered, “I’m sorry, did it burn?”

“No!” he said with a grin, “it felt great! It’s cool and tingly, I think…” He groaned, “Cydea, I think that stuff is turning me on even more! Like it’s Viagra or something!”

She raised an eyebrow, “Well,” she said, a smile slowly coming over her features, “I think that confirms my little theory, all of the horrible things about demons that are meant to torture evildoers… they’re opposites for you!” She thought a moment, “I really need to ask an angel about some of this stuff next time I get up there.”

She began lowering her human toy towards her waiting opening, and Aaron gasped as the wet lips consumed him, each inch further into her coating him with more of that wonderful tingling fluid. His eyes went wide as she began moving him in and out, the movement and the sensations rocking his body felt like his entire body had somehow become an erogenous zone.

He screamed as he came, and the orgasm just didn’t stop. Cydea wasn’t there yet, and her wet walls clenched him tightly, fighting her hand each time she drew him out and in. Finally he felt her hand withdraw, leaving him trapped within her as she began using her hand to play with her clit, letting him struggle inside her.

“YES!” she shouted, “keep going!”

He almost had no choice; the sensations were overwhelming him even as she constricted him tighter and tighter. He fought for breath and felt his joints start to pop as her powerful orgasm rocked the entire world around him, shaking his prison and pressing against him from all sides. He gritted his teeth and wondered how long this would go on, it was great for him but-

Cydea sighed as her orgasm finished, the tiny human inside her had stopped moving. Lazily her hand wandered towards her dripping pussy to fish him out, but she was startled as there was a pop and he appeared next to her on the nightstand. Her eyes went wide and she bit her lip in embarrassment.

“Oh, did you ummm…”

“Yeah,” he laughed, “don’t worry, it was great, by far the best way you’ve killed me all day.”

She sighed and tapped him, a brief light shone over him as she sat back up, causing her normal clothing to reappear from the air.

“That should toughen you up a bit,” she said, “I’m SO sorry, it was just really intense!”

“It was pretty great honestly,” he said reassuringly, “I’m not sure I even need to get transferred to heaven if this is what the next two hundred years are going to be like.”

She blushed, somehow visible even with her crimson red skin.

“This cake is great,” he said, helping himself to another bite.

“Devil’s food!” she said with a smirk as she snapped her fingers, materializing him another slice.

As she’d promised she’d prepared a magnificent meal for him. The two of them were now flipping through Hell’s streaming offerings which, to be blunt, weren’t as good as the food.

“Lot of sequels in here,” he muttered, looking at the various 1 star user ratings.

“The TV selection is mostly meant for torturing mortals,” she said with embarrassment, “So we don’t have a lot of good stuff… try the premium section, sometimes we pick a really good movie and make them watch it over and over until they hate it.”

Suddenly a bright light surrounded them, a circle appeared on the floor, and several pieces of furniture started levitating off the ground. Cydea quickly snatched Aaron, holding him close to her chest as she looked around in a panic.

“What’s going on?” he shouted over the rising sound of wind.

“We’re being summoned!” Cydea said in a panicked voice. There was a final flash of light and they were gone.

Amy’s black hair blew around her face as she held the book in front of her, “I summon you Cydea of Hell!” she said in a booming voice, gesturing towards the salt circle she’d drawn in the middle of her living room. “I bind thee! Keeper of my beloved’s soul!”

Lightning flashed outside and the demon appeared in the center of the circle, the cocky self-assurance from earlier gone. Amy’s heart skipped a beat as she realized that Aaron’s tiny form was in her clenched hand.

“Demon!” she barked, “release my beloved right now!”

“Never!” Cydea snarled, a bit too aggressively. She looked at her tiny human, then at the goth who had summoned her, and then cleared her throat, “That is, I mean to say, that Aaron is staying with me until we get his afterlife figured out!”

“Figured out?” Amy asked, her brow furrowing, “he died, and then you took him to hell!”

“Well, no,” Cydea said nervously, “The auto-reaping system did, see we replaced those skeletons in the robes a few years back and the system still has some bugs.”

“That makes sense,” Amy said, rubbing her chin, “I spied on Aaron all the time, there’s no way he’d have time to commit a mortal sin without me knowing…” She snapped her fingers, “Did you take him because he masturbated?”

“What!?” Aaron asked, incredulous.

Amy shrugged, “Well, you used to do that a lot when you were alive, maybe it all added up?”

“You uh, don’t’ go to hell for that,” Cydea said, fighting down a chuckle.

“Whatever,” Amy snapped, “the point is he’s not going back! He’s going to stay right here, with me!”

“Amy,” Aaron began, “I know you uh, have feelings for me, and it’s really flattering and you’re a great girl, but we don’t really know each other… I’m not comfortable with this beloved this and beloved that stuff.”

She crossed her arms, “Aaron, you’re under the influence of this demon’s silver tongue. The real Aaron would have nothing but love and adoration for a girl who literally rescues him from hell!”

“It’s okay though,” he said, holding his arms up, “Cydea was just kind of messing with you earlier, it wasn’t really my idea, but she’s actually treating me pretty good down there! Honest!”

“Her foul tendrils have corrupted and broken your spirit,” Amy said sadly. She glared at the demon, “I’m keeping you once I rescue him, you’re going to be my familiar and my maid!” She grinned madly, “I’ll be a powerful sorceress with you at my beck and call!”

“Oh boy,” Cydea chuckled, “look here little girl, you bought some Spellbooks off the internet, you’re not a powerful anything.”

“Oh really?” Amy said, walking cockily around the circle, “I’ve prepared several countermeasures for you, demon!” Amy reached for an old rotary style phone that was sitting on a nearby table. “Are you prepared?” she said, that insane smile returning, “to gaze into the mouth of madness? Tremble demon, as I perform the Call of Cthulhu!” She reached down and began dialing a number, the soft spinning of the dial filling the tense air. Finally there was a ring, and Amy triumphantly picked up the phone.

“Great Cthulhu,” Amy began eagerly, “I beseech ye to-“

“Thank you for calling Cthulhu,” an automated voice replied, “all of our star spawn are currently assisting other petitioners! Your demonic bargain is important to us, please stay on the line!”

She scowled and tapped her foot, Aaron tried not to laugh and Cydea just rolled her eyes, “really? The great old ones?”

“Your current estimated wait is,” the automated voice toned, pausing a moment, “three vigintillion years, if you would like to leave a message-“

Amy slammed the phone down angrily.

“Oh,” Cydea mocked, “are the stars wrong?”

“Plan B!” Amy snarled reaching for a bottle next to the phone, “Holy water!”

She unscrewed the cap and began splashing some on Cydea, who screeched in pain as steam rose from her skin.

Aaron winced, watching her writhe in pain, “Amy, stop it!” he shouted, but the angry goth girl didn’t let up until the bottle was empty.

“That’ll teach you,” Amy panted angrily, watching the white clouds hiss up from the injured demon. “I’ll go get some more of this tomorrow, and we’ll keep going until you agree to do what I want.”

“You’re going to regret this,” Cydea growled.

“You’re going to regret stealing Aaron from me!” Amy replied, “now you two stay put, I’m going to go order a pizza.”

“How are we going to get out of this?” Aaron asked quietly as Amy left.

“I don’t know,” Cydea muttered, “I can’t cross that circle…”

“What about me?” he asked.

“You’re technically a spirit,” she explained, “so even though you’re just flesh and blood right now you can’t cross it either. We’ve got to convince her to break it somehow.”

Amy came back a few minutes later, “I hope you two like supreme,” she said with a smile, “don’t worry, I won’t let my guests go hungry.” She sighed, “I guess all we can do is wait until the seminary opens tomorrow.” She walked over to her grimy couch and flopped onto it, reaching for an ancient video game controller, she began playing an old fighting game.

Cydea watched her a moment, then grinned, “Aaron, I’ve got an idea, she whispered.”

“What?” he said, checking to see that Amy hadn’t heard them.

She seemed engrossed in what she was playing, fighting several Ais at once. Aaron recognized the game, it was one he, and probably most people in their age group, had played at one point or another years ago.

“I’m going to challenge her,” Cydea explained quietly, “and I want you to help me cheat.”

“Is cheating allowed in a demonic challenge?” he asked hesitantly.

“Duh,” Cydea said with a grin, “practically expected.”

Cydea stood up and cleared her throat, “That’s a good one, best fighting game ever made in my opinion.”

Amy paused the game, looking around to the trapped demon.

Her eyes narrowed, “They have video games in Hell?”

“Oh yeah,” Cydea said, “that’s one of my favorites.”

Amy smirked, “well, when you’re my familiar maybe we’ll play a few matches.” She started to turn back to the TV.

“Wouldn’t be much of a competition,” Cydea mused.

Amy paused, “Excuse me?”

“Now you play a pretty good Mario girl, but give the devil her due,” A puff of smoke went up from Cydea’s hand, and a gleaming controller appeared in it, “I’ll bet this controller of gold against your soul, because I think I’m better than you.”

“Not enough,” Amy said, “Up it, you, Aaron’s soul, and the gold N64 controller.”

“Sounds like we have a bet,” Cydea said wickedly.

“One you’re going to regret,” Amy said, walking over and smearing the binding circle away with her foot, “I’m the best there’s ever been!” She pointed up to a nearby shelf where gleaming gold trophy read “E-Sports Conference First Place – Retro Fighting Games”

Cydea gulped nervously, this had just gotten more interesting than she’d intended. As she walked over to the couch she wedged Aaron tightly into her cleavage.

Amy scowled, “do you have to keep him there while we do this?”

“Think of it as a reminder of what’s at stake,” the demon said, plugging the golden controller in. She grinned, “and where you’re going once YOUR soul is mine too!”

Now it was Amy’s turn to gulp nervously.

Aaron thought on what Cydea had asked him as the loading screen for the game came up. When he’d played this game in his youth, there was always one surefire way to cheat if you were losing,  one he was sure he could help Cydea with even at this size… but he’d only be able to do it once, timing would be key.

The two giantesses selected characters, and decided on a random stage. He watched in awe as the two of them began their virtual duel, things moving so fast he knew he would never have been able to keep up with either of them. The two characters on screen were moving so fast he could barely keep up with it, and the clicks and clacks as the two women hit buttons and performed combos rang out through the apartment.

Amy took a breather as she knocked Cydea’s character clean off the stage, looking over at Aaron she grinned, “Looks like you’ll be in MY boobs by the end of the night, maybe in something else?” She licked her lips, “I’m kind of coming around to the idea of you being small…”

“You should come around to the idea of YOU being small,” Cydea snapped, executing a perfect combo and leaving the game tied again.

They continued, neither one gaining a clear advantage. A bead of sweat traced down Amy’s forehead as she bit her lip, and Cydea’s fingers were moving so fast they couldn’t be seen, her tail traced up and was hitting a few buttons on the edge of the controller she couldn’t easily reach, but the added appendage didn’t seem to be helping her any.

Finally, when the two girls were down to their final lives, Aaron struck. Leaping from Cydea’s cleavage he sprinted across the floor towards the game console.

“H-Hey!” Amy shouted, “Stop that!” she tried to reach for him, but Cydea’s attack meant she had to keep both hands on the controller, her eyes darting between the screen and the tiny man who had now reached her controller jack. “That’s cheating!” She protested.

Aaron gripped the edge of the controller plug, and with all his might he pulled. He screamed as he gave it his all, and was rewarded with Amy’s cord coming loose from the game console.

“No!” She shouted, diving forward. Aaron only had time to see her massive breasts coming down on him as she landed on the rug in front of the console. He grunted, but at least this time he was more durable, and he didn’t disappear with a poof like he expected to. Amy’s hands shook as she tried to plug her controller back in, but just as she popped it back she heard the victory music.

Slowly her head traced up to the screen, where her character was applauding Cydea’s, “Oh no,” she whispered in fear.

“Oh yes,” Cydea said with a wicked grin, her pitchfork appearing in her hand in a puff of smoke.

Amy screamed and held out her hands in front of her as Cydea aimed the tip of the pitchfork at the defeated goth. Amy begged and pleaded for mercy as she began to get smaller, her clothes beginning to pool around her as she shrank. Finally, Cydea stood over the crumpled black clothes, a smug smirk on her face as she watched the two small human forms struggle in the now tarp sized garments.

Amy’s face peeked out first, and she looked up at the giant demoness in horror, “P-Please,” she begged, tears in her eyes, “I didn’t mean it-“

“You said I’d be your familiar and…” Cydea mockingly tapped her chin, “Maid, correct?”

There was a flash and suddenly the tiny goth was wearing a frilly French maid outfit. She screamed again as Cydea bent down to pick up her prize. Gripping the tiny woman, Cydea licked her lips, then she let her tongue dart out and taste Amy’s face.

“It’s going to take you a long time to clean all my things at that size,” Cydea mused, “Don’t worry, it won’t be all bad, like I said we have video games down there, even ones in your size.” She smiled, “We’ll play every night, should be a fun reminder of how you got like this!”

With that she sat back on the couch, prying her shiny black boot off. With one final wave, she unceremoniously dropped the panicking Amy into the waiting opening, before she slid her own red skinned foot back in, silencing the would-be sorceresses screams and protests.

With a sigh she got back up, being sure to put her weight on her new tiny toy. She walked over to Amy’s clothes and nudged them away with her feet, revealing Aaron.

“You did great,” she said with a smile. She bent down to pick him up, and tucked him into his usual place in her cleavage.

“What are you going to do with Amy?” he asked quietly.

Cydea shrugged, “She’s in my boot now,” she tapped it on the floor for emphasis.

“I mean, you’re not really going to keep her, are you?”

Cydea laughed, “It would serve her right for taking a demon’s challenge, but no, as annoying as she was her intentions were mostly noble. I don’t think she’s nearly wicked enough to deserve coming with me.” She grinned, “that said, I’m going to fuck with her for a few hours before letting her go.”

“Fair enough I guess,” Aaron said with a chuckle.

The demon stretched, causing the massive red boobs on either side of him to close in, “Whew, what a day. You ready to head back home?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile, “let’s go to hell!”

Chapter End Notes:

This one is probably a one-shot too, at least I don't have any other ideas for these characters at this time. Hope you enjoyed it!

A/N: It ended up not being a one-shot.

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