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Armed criminals boarded the bus. “Get down on the ground now!” The gang leader screamed as they pointed their guns at the passengers. Everyone obeyed except Steve Trevor. He was on his cell phone in the back of the bus talking to his girlfriend Diana Prince.

Steve: I am sorry! I can’t be there for our date tonight!
Diana: A deal is a promise, and a promise is unbreakable.
Steve: Our bus is being hijacked!
Diana: No excuses.
Steve: They have guns. What do you expect me to do?
Diana: Defeat them like a true warrior. Be a real man.
Steve: I don’t have the powers of a god and bracelets to deflect bullets like you do!
Diana: You don’t need powers to have courage.
Steve: You had to grow yourself into a giantess to defeat your last opponents!
Diana: That was different. You know I am still over-sensitive about my new size. It takes time for it to wear off so I can return to my normal height. Is that why you are avoiding me? You don’t like me as a big woman?
Steve: I am not avoiding you! I love you at any size and-

The phone is ripped away from Steve’s hand by the gang leader as he screamed into the cell phone. “This is Frank. We are hijacking this bus. Who the hell is this!?”

Diana: I am Diana. You will give that phone back to my love or else.
He laughs and sets the phone on speaker. 
Frank: Bitch, I could shoot him and send you a selfie.
Diana: Is that a threat?
Frank: Oh yeah. Shoot them all for fun too.
Diana: You will do what is right. I will not allow you to harm the innocent. This is your final warning.
Frank: You sound like a fucking superhero. It would be your fault for pissing me off. You will take his place instead. Be here in under 30 minutes or he dies. I will strip you naked and force you to beg on your knees too. You are a stupid worthless slut. I bet your voice would sound better when I am fucking you and-

“That bitch just hung up on me!” Frank screamed and threw the phone on the floor. Steve seemed concerned for the gang’s safety as he spoke to Frank.

Steve: You made her angry. She is coming. You and your crew have to get out of here now!
Frank: Your scared of a girl? You really are pussy whipped. Do you wear a pink apron around the house, do chores, rub her feet, and obey her too?
Steve: She could have easily conquered the Earth if she wanted too at normal height. Now, she is a giantess with amplified powers and aggression. You insulted Wonder Woman!

A force suddenly pushed down on the roof. The bus slowed down and stopped. They looked out of the windows to see Giantess Wonder Woman’s massive big red boot in the street. They realized she was gently stepping down on the top of the bus with her other foot to hold it down. “Get out!” Her god-like and commanding voice scared them into immediately obeying. They rushed towards the exit. They all got out of the bus and looked up at her in awe. She stood confidently with her arms folded over her chest while she looked down at them defiantly. They knew her outfit did not fit properly with her new Giantess size but they did not want to risk offending her by talking about it. “Which one of you is Frank? Get over here!” Diana said with an aggressive tone while she pointed down near her boot where she wanted him to come. The crowd pointed at one man. He slowly and nervously walked up to her. She lifted her boot from on top of the bus and gently placed it down on the ground so that both of her massive boots were on either side of him as she looked down at him.

Diana: We need to talk.
Frank: I am sorry.
Diana: For what?
Frank: Hijacking the bus, taking your boyfriend’s phone, and saying hateful things to you.
Diana: And?
Frank: Being a criminal, hurting others…
She lifted her foot over him.
Diana: And?
Frank: I promise that I will change and follow the laws. I am sorry.
She gently pinned him down under her foot.
Diana: If apologies solved everything; there would be no wars. If only you could see yourself as I see you; a hateful and disgusting insect. I should crush-

She was cut off as police sirens were heard approaching and they took over the scene. She lifted her foot off of Frank. He ran to the nearest police car to be safe from her. A reporter lady with a camera crew suddenly appeared. Diana knew what to do. Being a superhero also means giving the public and the press what they want. The camera crew would need a front-page photo for the newspapers. Diana posed for her picture while holding the bus.

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