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Author's Chapter Notes:

This story will have a slow start, the "action" is gonna appear in future chapters
This first chapter is mostly a long introduction
Also, I have to make notice that english is not my main language, if you see any error in the writing please let me know <3

It was at night, one week before I had to go back to classes on college, and here I was looking for a place to stay the rest of the month since the landlord from the place I was living on got arrested for tax evasion, and to be honest I wasn’t up to deal with any of the problems that might have come from that, the guy was really good with me and all but I bet the payment from my rent was pretty low because he got some kind of pity on me… so here I was trying to search for a new place to stay, I was gonna use this last week before classes to go to places and pray that someone will take a new tenant in such a quick time (sigh…).

My name is Nathan, 23 years old, student that leaves alone, my parents are pretty much busy taking care of a pretty big company that my dad works at, developing the new shrinking technology and making sure every process goes according to the protocols, allowing to all the shrinking technology to be safe for daily use. Since the creation of the shrinking technology by a really awesome inventor some years ago, it has been searched deep into and it has become a technology that you can see anywhere, transportation, medicine, recreation, art, etc.

Although it is a kind of common technology, it is not a cheap one so not any person can afford some kind of shrining/growing device, and most of it it’s developed on Europe, meaning my old man and my mom are never around, so they at least give me an allowance to afford living all by myself, but even if I say that, I have problems with my money management, which is the same reason why I really wanna find a cheap place, quick, and that might be a decent place.

Sounds a bit impossible right? Well, miracles happen… or should I say…

“Fuck… the impossible is just in front of me…” I said to myself as I was just looking at a place that just had all my standards for what I wanted, and better yet, it was nearby, and even better yet, it was affiliated with my college.


“No, this has to be a scam… although I might just check it just in case…” I said to myself while looking for the landlord’s profile the name ‘Anastasia Cruz’ there.

(Have I seen this name before? It is kind of familiar sounding.)

The person didn’t have any profile pic, which make it even more suspicious, but I was desperate and would probably still be looking for places all night.

“All right, I’ll send a message requesting all the information and where can I check the place” as I said that, I typed my message to the landlord lady.

After that, I kept looking up for different places with no more luck than that, each place being either expensive or too much far away from my college, which only got me around 3 different places to check including that first one.

“Guess I’ll be able to check them all through this week” after saying that, I saw popping out a sudden notification on my screen, I got a reply from one of the places, that first one actually “talking about fast…”.

“Hi Nathan, I can see you’re interested in the apartment in rent, you can check it out tomorrow if you want, it’s okay if we meet up on ‘x’ street near the pizza store with the dog mascot, 2 pm is okay?” read the text.

(I know that place, is really nearby, I even go there sometimes to eat lunch)

“sure, I’ll go there at that time” I typed, and after that I went to sleep.



The next day.

After getting no replies from the other two places and drowning on my own misery, I was hoping this place could be what I was hoping for, otherwise I probably won’t be able to find a place with classes starting so soon…

“Please be a good place, please be a good place” I prayed to myself as I was walking to the according place the landlord lady Anastasia said.

And there I saw a building I come across from time to time, I saw it from outside and thought to myself that it was a nice looking building.

(Should I go in? should I ring a bell? Is there even a bell in this building?!)

And while I was lost in my own thoughts I felt something touching my left shoulder and turned to see.

“Hi! You must be Nathan right?” In front of me was one of the most beautiful faces I’ve seen, a good looking blonde girl with a short haircut, big boobs and a smiling expression was just in front of me asking for my name, she was really cute.

“I… am?” I said confused, she giggled at my reaction.

“Sorry, I’m Anastasia, but you can call me Anna, I’m the landlord of the place you’re interested” Anna was smiling naturally as she was talking, something on her seemed familiar on me for some reason.

“Wait, you’re the landlord lady?”

“Yeah, I know I’m too young, but some stuff happened and I got to be able to rent a whole apartment complex, it’s a long story, you don’t wanna hear it” she said a bit awkwardly, as some kind of speech she already had prepared for the kind of reaction I had in my face.

“I-I see, well the information on the place seemed pretty much complete and formally put, so I don’t mind I guess” (that and the fact that I really am desperate, I just wanna look at the place with my own eyes).

“Well let me show you the place then, come with me” she said.

“Okay then!” as I said that I was about to go right into the building in front of me but Anna just looked at me weirdly.

“It’s not there hahaha, I just got this place since it is a pretty good reference point to meet up with someone” she said giggling, basically making fun of how I got confused thinking this building in front of me was where I thought was gonna be my renting place.

“Oh… sorry I guess that…”

“It’s okay, let’s just go” she said with a smile, I followed her back.

It was just a street away or so, but we got to a small place, it wasn’t even a building, it was really just a small place, it appeared to be some kind of joke, this was more a house than an apartment complex, you could not even take it as some “roommates” kind of house.

“We’re here!” Anna said with a smile.

“I… expected this place to be bigger” I said.

“Let’s just say this is some kind of reception” she giggled at my reaction while walking to the front door, it was not that funny for me though.

I got inside with her to what seemed to be an actual small reception, there it was a woman with long black hair and glasses, she was reading some book behind a desk, and was clearly deep in her lecture to notice us two getting in, Anna just got closer to the desk and started talking to the woman.

“Hi Becks, I brought the would-be tenant, would you mind to show him all the info and stuff? I have some stuff to do, you know.”

The woman behind the desk glared at me, glared at Anna and then took her book away.

“Sure, I handle this then” Beatrice said with a monotone simple voice.

“Thanks! I owe you one” Anna said to her “Nathan, I’ll leave you with her, she’s Beatrice, she will give you all the info about the place” as she said the she left the place through a corridor on the left, leaving me with this woman.

Beatrice glared at me for some seconds.


She kept glaring at me.

“Uh… I kinda…” I got a bit awkward with this.

“Yeah yeah, come over here to this room” Beatrice said standing up and opening a door that was besides her desk.

“Uh… sure” I said while going in.

Inside this new small room it was just some chairs, a small table, some papers and some other stuff you might find in any normal office, even some kind of coffee machine.

“Take a sit” she said pointing at a chair in front of the table.

“Thanks” I said while sitting.

“Want some coffee?” Beatrice asked.

I wasn’t the coffee-drinker kind of guy but I didn’t want to be impolite so I accepted the offer, Beatrice turned on the machine immediately and after that took a seat in front of me.

“Okay, so, welcome to AA apartment complex, we are working for a company who became our patrons recently so we have some really nice accommodations for living, we also checked in your profile you are student from one of the colleges we work with so you might even get a better treatment than some others of our tenants.”

“Well that sounds nice”.

“But if you wanna live here, you have to agree to one of our policies, I’m sorry it’s a bit strict but the building entrance is only open on weekends so you might as well live here on week days”

“B-but…” I was about to complain on something but Beatrice interrupted me

”Of course our patrons knows about the inconvenience this could make, so they also offer a full outside world view screen, as to say, you can attend classes from the commodity of your home.”

“That sounds suspicious, why do I have to go…”



Suddenly the sound of the coffee machine made a sound

“Oh, the coffee is ready~” she interrupted me again while saying this with a smile and getting to the coffee machine and pouring some in two cups.

“I do wanna know why this is a request… can’t I just leave the complex any time I want?” I asked.

She put my coffee cup in front of me while sitting again in the same chair as before.

“Our patrons are pretty much generous with the accommodations they give to us” she said while taking some papers out and showing me some pics that seemed to be similar to the ones from the page where I found this place.

Massage sofa, some videogame consoles in a big room with a lot of stuff to entertain yourself, a small bar, a big kitchen, and the commodities that where on those photos looked so nice it made me feel kinda envious of those rooms.

“Our Apartment complex also contains a social living room for our different residents to interact”.

I took a sip from my coffee, invested in the images while Beatrice was talking.

“Okay I get it, the place is nice and all, your patrons don’t want us to leave but will allow us with interaction with the outside…. It’s hard to believe it though, I kinda wanna see the place” I was just insecure from the whole possibility this could be a major scam for me.

“Sure, today is weekend after all, we can show you the place and…” while Beatrice was talking my head was feeling kinda dizzy, it was so sudden that I just couldn’t… stay… conscious that much…

Everything went dark for a moment…







I woke up again by the voice of Beatrice who was holding my head, making me realize I did fall there for a moment.

“Ugh… my head hurts…” I said.

“We arrived to the complex Nathan” she said.

“We what?” I asked confused.

“You asked that you wanted to see the apartment complex and we got here, you fallen asleep deeply on the way here though” Beatrice said with a concerned expression, she seemed worried about me.

“Ugh… I guess I was too stressed about college and didn’t notice…”

“Well, good thing we got here, look around” Beatrice said.

I looked around, adapting my eyes to the surroundings, here it was a big living room, big enough to fill a whole party of people, with a big TV screen in the center of the room, a small oasis in the corner, with a small table to fill up to 8 people, and a big fridge behind.

“This is the social living room, where our tenants interact from time to time, right now there’s just one person in the building, everyone usually takes their chances when weekend hits, some go for groceries or some other stuff, you save a lot of money by renting this place after all.”

The room was nice, probably one of the most comfortable living rooms I have seen in all my life, perfect to enjoy some time talking with people, getting to know the others, I was already imagining it.

“You can take something from the fridge if you want, you can check whatever you want and then we can proceed to the next pl…”

“I kind of want to see the rest” (this already looked good enough, I just wanted to keep seeing the rest of the complex already)

“Okay then, you can follow me here…” Beatrice stood up from the big couch we were both on, and went to a door that seemed like the entrance from an elevator.

(An elevator? The building from before wasn’t that big… so are we really in the complex already? Talk about fast…)

We both went inside the elevator, and there was some 7 buttons there.

“We have some kind of unique architecture here, so you might think as we have 7 different floors but that’s not it, we have 7 different building so to say, the apartments are all on the floor 1 and 2, the rest are all just places to look up to, we are on the floor 6, floor 7 is just the entrance”.

I was taken by surprise by this sudden explanation of the complex, it took my interest as how actually complicated the whole place was.

“On ‘floor’ 3 and 4 are the bathrooms, gym, training room and the jogging track”.


“Yeah, we don’t share all of these so openly because some people might find themselves too pressured to sign in to be a resident or they might think it’s a scam, but people is usually well surprised when getting here” I was amazed by Beatrice’s explanation, everything sounded really great to be true.

“On floor 5 it’s just a medical area, in case any person gets injured or something, we help them with part of our patrons staff who work here as to make sure all our residents live healthy”.

(Oh god is this really true? It sounds all good to be true!)

“Floor 6, where we are, it’s all for interaction and recreative enjoyment, downstairs there’s even a pool table and a small bar”

(What the actual f..?!)

“Where do you wanna check first?” Beatrice asked with a nice smile.

I knew it was too good to be true, I just couldn’t think of this as for something that could be true… the price, the place, the rules, the commodities.

“What’s the trick?” I asked.

Beatrice giggle a bit, first time I saw her actually a bit happy since the start.

“The trick is, you cannot leave until weekends, I already told you…” she said.

“No but, that is just…!” I was about to shut a bit when Beatrice just pressed a random button on the elevator.

“Just check” she said.

The elevator started moving slowly and steady, moving in some direction… and while it was happening I saw it.

“Wha-?” I saw suddenly we were in a clear transparent space, I could clearly see the outside and our surroundings while the elevator moved through what it seemed some open views from this elevator.

Our surroundings… we were moving through a giant cable, going out from what could be tell it was a gigantic sphere, and it was a bit hard to tell but I could see the giant cable was directing us to another gigantic sphere.

“Are the ‘floors’ actually separate buildings…?” I asked confused, Beatrice giggled at my question.

“Quite the opposite actually…” she said “this is just a whole structure build thanks to the development of shrinking technology and the help of our patrons, going on with an investigation with the help of your college science department, would be hard to believe for you but this is a really top center of technology.”

I suddenly realized what she meant by all of what she was saying… as suddenly something massive was moving outside of the ‘complex’.

Shrinking technology, something humanity already developed in so many ways it was hard to believe how advanced it was, it was safe for everyone but it wasn’t something any person could afford that easily….

Outside in the distance up in the sky I could see something I never imagined I could ever have seen in my life.

A gigantic, no, gigantic was not even close to the world I was looking for… she was just hard to describe as size… she was massive, gargantuan… could bet not even Mt. Everest was as big as her…. No, Mt. Everest would be envious of the size of the giant cute girl who was there, full nude with a small towel covering her massive breasts…

“Ah, she finished talking her bath, I must inform her where we are” Beatrice said as if this was totally normal.

“I… uh…. I….” I was totally speechless while Beatrice was making something with her phone.

A sudden ringing started, what could have been what you could say was a ringtone from a catchy song coming from the distance.

“Oh~” said the gigantic figure.

“Hi Anna, we are in the complex with Nathan, we can see you from here” Beatrice said with a smirk at the emphasis on that end.

Suddenly I saw the gigantic figure of what I could tell was Anna, turning around to us, her breast fully exposed, showing nipples that could be the size of mountains for us… moving at such a normal speed that you couldn’t believe something so big could move so fast…

“HYA!!! I’M SO SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Anna covered her big breast with the towel she was holding, completely blushing and embarrassed by the fact that we saw her naked.

“He’s speechless” Beatrice added.

“Oh my god! Nathan I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…” Anna’s apologies where getting lost in my head as I was fully trying to understand the situation I was in.

As if suddenly something told me I had to ask an important question…

“Don’t act as you weren’t trying to show off you big pervert” said Beatrice, making fun of Anna in the process while I was thinking.

“Hey Beatrice…” I said.

“Hmm? What is it?” Beatrice asked.

“Where the fuck are we…?” I asked back, Beatrice smirked softly.

“Welcome to ‘AA’ Apartment Complex… also known as… Anna’s Anal Apartment Complex”

“I told you to stop calling it like that!” pleaded Anna on the phone while her gigantic form outside was making some nervous moves of embarrassment.

I got more confused as the elevator just kept moving… I turned to see directly to Beatrice.

“No… I mean ‘Where’ are we?” I asked more directly.

Beatrice showed up a more confident face and said.

“This whole apartment complex with more than 27 residents, is inside some small anal beads that Anna has to take care of…”

My mind went blank from the sudden realization of everything…

The whole building, the rooms, the medicine department, the jogging track, the giant living room, the kitchen, the bar, everything… all of it was inside some anal beads that Anna, the cute girl that is the landlord lady uses…

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