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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter follows a bit of the introduction but also introduces a new and important character for the story

didn’t even know where to start.

“So you drugged me with that coffee… shrunk me without my consent, inserted me inside some anal bead’s ball, wanted to scam me, to make me sign to accept living there… without telling me any of that until the end where I was about to actually accept living there…” I was mad about all of this, I could even sue these guys for all of that, but in the end I kind of had a consent to go there, it was all recorded in some video footage they obviously took just in case I actually did, these guys had done this many times before… of course they did.

“If you put it like that… it sounds a bit bad” said Anna without actually looking at me.

“We think that as long as your accommodations are good enough there won’t be any problem where you live” said Beatrice, not taking any care about my mood.

“That’s not the point here, the point is..!”

“You wanted me to show you the place, so I did exactly that, nothing else, if you don’t want to live in our complex you’re free to go out at any moment!” Beatrice exclaimed.

“Becks?! But…!” Anna wanted to say something but Beatrice interrupted again.

“We don’t have to deal with this guy if he doesn’t want to, and he’s clearly against the idea of living in our complex, so there’s no need for us to force him in” Beatrice said something that hit me.

(Yeah, I guess she’s right, I don’t wanna be living inside some girl’s sex toy even if the whole place had everything you would want to live with, and with such a low price…)

“Now if you want to leave and…” Beatrice was about to say something but I had to interrupt her

“I’d like to talk with a resident” I said.

Anna and Beatrice got surprised by my reaction, they didn’t expect me to give them a small chance.

But then again, I am desperate for a place to live on and this was the only place that really has it all…

“Sure, I can get you in contact with one of our residents right now” said Beatrice.

“Are you thinking about this?” Anna asked nervously.

“I wanna know how hard it is to live there, from an actual resident, if what they tell me it’s good enough, I might accept… living in your complex… but if not”

“You will leave this place never to come back, sure sure” said Beatrice while looking for something on her phone.

Anna finally was looking at me for a moment, with the same expression of wanting to apologize, and while it seemed she wanted to say something, she never got the words on what to say.

“My parents work developing shrinking tech, it’s not new for me that stuff like living places inside small objects could be made…”

“Is that so?” said Anna looking to a side.

“If you guys where honest about all of this, I wouldn’t be as mad as am I right now”

“…” Beatrice and Anna went silent, as if something was crossing their heads.

“What? Why that reaction?”

“It’s uh… well…” Anna was trying to say something but couldn’t finish it, seeing her struggle to express what she wanted, Beatrice intervened.

“When we started running this complex with the help of our patrons, there were some problems with the whole idea of people living inside a giant sex toy… after a while our patrons declared to us that we should just take in people by ‘unethical methods’ to accept living to a place that would look to good to be real, so as time passed we started avoiding mentioning where the complex actually was, but as long as people accept to live in our complex, our patrons are pleased since they are allowed to get their investigation further”.

“Your patrons made you do all that?” I asked, they both nodded.

“I was suddenly hired by shrink tech. staff, they said my body was ideal to perform the tests they wanted to do, the research team that became our patrons wanted to develop a way of living inside someone’s body, to make colonies full of professional people the can solve sicknesses and other stuff by inserting a whole team inside someone’s body… but of course, that is far to get done yet, they want first to research on how people’s lives can change or how they would react by living inside a person’s body, but since it wasn’t something easy to test about, they are using stuff you can insert in a body as some replace for that… including ours, there’s already 5 complex apartment places in our country that has people living inside someone’s uh…”

“Sex toy?” I asked, embarrassing Anna.

“It’s not only that… we have people working with piercings, buttplugs, prosthesis, underwears and… anal beads”

“Whoever think about all of this where a bunch of total idiots” I said.

“I totally agree with you, but so far the whole project has given so many good results… it seems people can easily adapt to a close environment like these with ease and enjoy the time there” Anna said.

“I find that hard to believe” I said.

“I have to disagree with you” a sudden voice proclaimed.

I turned around to see, there it was Beatrice holding her phone in front of me, showing me on the screen the face of third girl, a girl who dyed her hair to some reddish color, with some kind of aura that just told me ‘this person is a problem’ kinda vibe.

“This is Clover Spark, she’s a resident from AA Apartment Complex and she is one of the residents who never leaves the complex, in fact, she’s inside there right in this moment so I’m contacting her through our special online service” Beatrice said.

“Hi, Becky told me that you were unsure about living in the Apartment Complex and wanted to talk with me about it” the girl on the phone, Clover, said.

“Yeah, about that, I want to ask you some questions” I said.

Clover looked at me with a challenging expression.

“All right, shoot” she said.

“What are your opinions on living in the complex?”

“It’s a nice place for sure, you can basically do anything you want here inside”.

“What about going to the store and buying stuff?”

“Other people get what I want, usually Beatrice goes on weekends to get us groceries and to fill up the place with stuff”

“What if you wanna go on a date or appointment with someone?”

“You’d be surprised how much stuff you can do from the commodity of your home, that includes going out with the help of the online tech, have you seen those moving screens with people’s faces on it? The ones they use for hospital patients to see the outside? It’s the same concept though I bet you won’t be needing to see the outside world that much, there’s plenty room enough here for a while”

“Plenty of room you say…”

“Well it is, this place is really big after all”

“You are just really small” I said.

Clover laughed at that statement, while Anna looked away with some kind of embarrassed expression.

“Take it however you want, this place just have anything you need for a great while… and you know it” Clover said with a smirk that was a bit annoying.

“Well then let me ask you one more thing”.

“Sure, shoot again”

“How do you feel about the fact that you get inside this girl’s ass constantly?” I asked while pointing out to Anna who suddenly broke into pure embarrassment and covered her face.

Clover started laughing at my question, Beatrice even let out a soft giggle.

“Well that was a fun question, let me answer you that…” Clover looked directly at me and said with a straight face “I think it’s lewd as fuck”.

Anna covered her face even more while complaining “I knew she’d say that” in a soft voice.

“Come again…?” I asked a bit confused by that answer.

“Well just think about it, look at that girl’s ass… so big and thicc” While Clover said this, Anna was covering her face even more, embarrassed to death. “Now what would it be to be inside that ass, just imagine, at this size, everything is just ginormous, what people would give to be in the pants of this girl”

“S-stop, that’s embarrassing to say…” Anna said.

(That was an unexpected statement, but then again she kinda has a weird good point) I took a small glance at Anna’s hips, a roundy big butt sitting there in place, Anna noticed I was looking at her in between her fingers covering her face.


I took my sight away, looking back at clover who just had a smug smile on her face.

“See what I’m talking about? If it wasn’t because this place is so closed, I’d do anything to get outside of one of these beads one day and just explore the immensity of her ass as its fullest size” Clover set that statement there and let it go inside our heads, I could see Beatrice nodding a bit as if she agreed with her.

(So this is basically some twisted perfect place for a pervert like Clover, and it’s heavily implied that the place is really nice, so nice itself that even the rule about only being able to live on weekends doesn’t sound so bad, is there really a reason for me to reject an offer like this? Am I really about to agree to live inside some giant sex toy as a part of one social experiment? To live in an environment like that for such a cheap price? I can’t believe what I’m about to say.)

“That’s enough I guess” I said.

“Well, I hope that helped you to make a decision,” said Clover with a smile “If we ever see each other again, I hope I’ll be as ‘roommates’ pretty soon” And with that, the phone went black, the call did end at that point.

“I hope you can give us an answer then?” asked Beatrice with her usual monotone voice.

“Yeah, I guess I can accept living in the complex, I am desperate to look up for any place and I guess your complex has really nice accommodations” I said.

Beatrice nodded at my answer.

“That and the fact that I can get to live inside this girl, it sounds like an opportunity not to waste” I said while pointing out at Anna who was just suffering of embarrassment this whole time.

“Well I guess that settles it then, I’ll go back for the official contract” with that said, Beatrice left the room, leaving only us two, Anna and me inside.

“…” Anna was a bit quiet.

“Weren’t your intentions to get me to sing up for this?” I asked.

“Hey, it’s not like I don’t want you to live in the complex, I’m also a victim here as well… remember?” Anna let out a sigh and look back at me.

“A victim?” I asked.

“Yeah, what if they suddenly tell you ‘hey, we need you to put up this anal bead inside of you, where there would be people living their daily lives as if nothing’ and suddenly gave you the said anal beads… I mean sure, they pay me really nice for doing this and the people inside seems to be having a really nice life…” Anna seemed trouble, I guess that’s why she means that she’s also a victim on this.

(Why couldn’t it been some normal apartment complex though…?) I let out a sigh, Anna giggled at it.

“It might be a whole weird situation but I still would be your landlord lady, after all, I hope we can get along” Anna said with a big smile.

Beatrice came back with a bunch of papers, probably the contract and stuff related to their patrons, she started showing me all the places where I was supposed to sign and I did as I was told, Anna watching the whole process a bit interested in this whole exchange that we were having.

After finishing all related to the contract, Beatrice nodded pleased.

“That should be all, if you wanna move in you can do that today or tomorrow, if you can get all your stuff or whatever you need from the place you’re living right now, just tell us”.

With that said, and knowing I lived nearby, I went back to my home and took the short amount of stuff I had, and packed it all into some boxes.

“I guess I’m actually going to do this huh? Well, it can’t be helped… I just hope there won’t be any problems with other residents or stuff…”

With that idea in my head, I got mentally prepared for what my future might depare.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading! Expect a new chapter every week for a while!

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