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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which characters are introduced, drinks are served, and intentions are revealed.

The first thing that Michael saw once the blindfold was removed set his heart thudding in his chest.

“Holy fucking shit…” he breathed, his voice barely a whisper.

The woman looming above him grinned at his response, a low husky chuckle rolling somewhere deep in her throat. Her hair was midnight black, and fell in thick luscious curls around her face and shoulders. Her eyes were a unique blend of jade and amber and shone with an almost mischievous glee. She had a prominent, aquiline nose, which accentuated, rather than detracted from her otherworldly beauty. 

Of course, the fact that her head was about twice the size of Michael’s entire body probably added to the overall effect and intimidation factor. 

“Well… hello there, gorgeous.” Her voice came out in a playful purr, and as close as she was, Michael could pick up the faintest trace of mint on her breath. “What might your name be?”

“M-Michael,” he responded, trying his best to keep his voice steady… and failing miserably. He began to make out more of his surroundings as the disorientation wore off. He kept his eyes on the giantess, but felt soft, quilted fabric underneath his bare arms, legs, and bottom. The bed, he thought. I’m on the bed.

Her features lit up again, amused. Michael couldn’t help but glance down at her lush, cupid’s bow lips and perfect, brilliantly white teeth as she spoke. “Michael? Well… it’s a pleasure to meet you, Michael. My name is Annie.” Her eyes darted briefly to the side as she asked, “Who’s your friend?”

His mouth dry, he glanced over in the direction the giantess indicated. He felt his cheeks warm as he spotted the woman a few feet off beside him. Like him, she was stripped naked with ankles and wrists tied together by thin, white, waxy bindings, though she was still blindfolded. She had a lithe and athletic build, with petite breasts and particularly muscular thighs and buttocks. Her hair was straight and honey-wheat in color, coming down to about her mid-back. Michael knew who she was, a friend of his wife’s from work.

Swallowing past the lump in his throat, he replied, “Cassie. Her name is Cassie.”

Annie stared at Cassie with unabashed interest. “She’s… quite the specimen, isn’t she?”

Michael’s cheeks positively burned now as his eyes unconsciously flitted once again over his fellow captive. Cassie squirmed against her bindings, and Michael tried futilely to ignore some confusing feelings roiling up in his chest as he watched the musculature of her core, arms, and legs roll under her skin as she struggled. Michael tried to answer Annie’s question, but the response only came out as a wordless murmur of agreement.

“Aw… don’t be nervous. Here… is this better?” said Annie. Michael had to fight back the urge to flinch as Annie reached out toward him, finely manicured nails slicing neatly through the rope around his ankles and wrists. “We won’t be needing these anymore, will we?” said the giantess with another throaty chuckle.

Instinctually, Michael rubbed at his wrists. Though the bindings hadn’t been particularly tight, it was no small amount of comfort to be free of them. Michael glanced over at Cassie, then back at Annie meaningfully.

Annie picked up on Michael’s meaning and nodded enthusiastically. “Oh yes, please.”

Michael immediately went to work undoing Cassie’s bonds. It was easy enough, even more so once he released her hands. Last to come off was the blindfold, and Cassie’s crystal blue eyes locked briefly with Michael’s before they flitted downward over his naked form. There was a sharp intake of breath before she pulled her eyes back up to his with an apologetic look, a tinge of color to her cheeks. Michael put on his best comforting expression before he turned his attention back to the giantess. Cassie’s eyes followed, and she couldn’t quite choke back the gasp when she laid eyes on Annie. She instinctually clung to Michael and positioned herself slightly behind him, trying to hide some of her figure from the giantess's prying eyes. Michael tried his best to steady his breathing as he felt the warmth of Cassie’s skin press against his own.

Rather than be offended, Cassie’s behavior seemed to delight Annie. “Hi, Cassie. It’s nice to meet you.”

Michael felt Cassie shudder against him. “H-Hello, Annie.”

Annie’s eyes flitted to Michael’s. “Oh my god, she’s shy. That’s too adorable.”

Michael responded, “I mean… it’s hard not to be um…” He wanted to say “intimidated,” but reconsidered. “Overwhelmed… in your presence, Annie.”

The giantess tilted her head. “Oh… is this your first time meeting one of the big folk?”

Cassie nodded her head but said nothing. Michael licked his lips. “Not for me, no, but… well, this is a little bit different.”

“Oh? How so?” Annie asked inquisitively.

Michael exchanged a look with Cassie, and after a moment’s hesitation, Annie provided the words that he couldn’t find.

“You mean… because you’re being sacrificed.”

Michael tasted iron on the back of his tongue as adrenaline surged through his veins..

“Y-yeah,” he reluctantly agreed.

Annie gave a big sigh, once again washing the little folk over with the subtle scent of cool mint.

“You don’t have to be nervous, you know,” Annie said, her voice plantitive. “I… try to make the experience as enjoyable for all parties as I can.”

“The experience of eating us alive, you mean?” 

Annie’s eyes flicked over Michael’s shoulder, and Michael could almost feel a shift in air pressure as the giantess’s gaze slipped over to Cassie. The miniature woman held eye contact for an impressive moment or two, until Annie ran her tongue over her upper lip and let out an almost subsonic moan that Micahel felt more than heard.

“Yes,” Annie responded simply.

Michael felt another shudder run through Cassie as she shrunk further behind him.

“I think I have something that can help though,” Annie added. Suddenly, the ground underneath Michael and Cassie gave way, dropping the little folk’s stomach somewhere down to their knees. Annie had apparently been kneeling or squatting to greet them at eye level and now, she was pressing her hands into the pliant ground Michael and Cassie were resting on to lift herself up to her full, impressive height. Michael felt a wave of hormones hit his bloodstream, flooding his awareness with a not unpleasant fuzziness as he laid eyes on the full splendor of the giantess’s body. 

For some reason, Michael had expected her to be nude, but instead, she appeared to be wearing some sort of corset. It was a black, lacy affair that complimented her pale skin exquisitely and accentuated the curves of her hips and breast that biology could simply not ignore. Michael could just barely make out the hem of her knee-high stockings, attached to the corset by a series of suspenders, pulled taught against her ample thighs. Annie turned to walk away, and Michael’s eyes couldn’t help but be pulled to the giantess’s ass, clad only in a black thong that left both large pale cheeks fully exposed.

Michael felt warmth on the back of his neck as yet another shiver ran through Cassie.

“Holy shit, that’s so fucking hot,” she breathed in Michael’s ear.

He pressed her ribcage gently against her ribs and gave her an admonishing look.

Cassie gave him a somewhat bashful, sidelong look. “Sorry, it’s just… damn. You’re a lucky man, Michael.”

Michael gave Cassie a flat look for another instant or two before he broke too, tiling his head and nodding in an expression of mock begrudging agreement.

Presently, the giantess turned to face them once again, and both Cassie’s and Michael’s eyes snapped back up to Annie’s, their demeanor immediately switching back to that of timid prey. Annie held a pair of thimbles, one in each hand and knelt back down at the edge of the bed, once again at eye level. She offered the thimbles to them, pinching them carefully between her thumb and forefinger.

“A little something for the nerves.”

Michael and Cassie took the thimbles, almost instinctively. It was filled with a dark red fluid, wine most likely, based on the fruity, heady bouquet. Michael went to drink but stopped himself when he felt Cassie’s hand on his arm.

“How do we know you didn’t lace these with something?” she asked.

Annie let out an amused little giggle. “Oh… who said I didn’t?” She reached behind herself, towards an end table on the edge of the bed and grabbed a large green bottle. Michael couldn’t make out the label but it might have been written in French. Annie wrapped her lips around the top of the bottle and tilted it up. Her throat bobbed once, twice, thrice as she took a long, prolonged pull. She sighed as she pulled the bottle away, a rivulet of dark red wine trailing from the corner of her mouth. She looked down at her captives with half-lidded eyes, then licked the wine away with exaggerated, sensual deliberateness. “You’re not the only one who needs something for her nerves, darling.”

Cassie’s face twisted into a skeptical expression. “What do you have to be nervous about?”

Annie grinned languidly. “Have you two looked in a mirror lately? I haven’t had sacrifices as beautiful as you in a long… long time.”

Michael felt the point of Cassie’s breasts stiffen against his back, and felt his own body react in similar fashion. He thought he may have seen Cassie’s eyes flick down between his legs, but it may have just been his imagination.

Annie, in contrast, made no attempt to hide where her gaze was drawn.

Michael tore his gaze away from the giantess to offer Cassie a comforting look. He mouthed a single word to her silently.

“Red card?”

Cassie looked at him with an uncertain expression. Annie seemed to pick up on the hesitance and her brow furrowed in concern.

“Cassie, you don’t-” Annie started, but she cut herself off as the miniature woman suddenly through the thimble back, draining it in a single pull.

After she finished, Cassie coughed into her hand, her eyes watering at the corner. She offered the others a timid smile. “Shit… that’s good.”

Annie grinned ear-to-ear and looked expectantly toward Michael, who briefly raised his thimble to her before draining it in one go as well. This elicited another giggle from the giantess, who wiggled excitedly in place.

The effect was almost immediate. The wine was strong, and whatever Annie had put in it seemed only to accelerate things, as Michael felt a familiar, tingling warmth spread out from his core, to his arms, his legs, all the way to his fingertips and toes, and finally to his scalp, adding a pleasant fuzz to his perception. He suddenly became very aware of the feeling of Cassie’s body pressed against his, the warmth of her breath in his ear, the way her hands now seemed to wander over his chest idly. He glanced over at her again and saw that her pupils were dilated. She gave him a half-lidded gaze, almost a twin of that to Annie’s.

Annie’s eyes flitted from Michael to Cassie, her voice coming out in barely a whisper. “Michael… do you think Cassie is pretty?”

Michael felt his cheeks flush, and he wasn’t sure if it was the spiked wine, his hormones, or some combination of the two.


“Do you think she’s… attractive?” Annie pressed.

Michael hesitated. “... Yes.”

Annie’s voice dropped to a sultry purr. “Do you want to fuck her?”

A shuddering gasp escaped through Cassie's parted lips, and Michael could swear he could feel her heart pounding against his back. He waited a moment or two, sorting through his muddled thoughts.

“I… think I’d rather watch you fuck her.”

This time, it was Annie's turn to shiver. “Deal.”

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