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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which a deal is struck, demands are made, and payment comes due...

Cassie’s heart felt like it was going a mile a minute. She tried to pedal backwards but found her progress slowed by shaky and unsteady limbs. Wave after wave of orgasm had taken their toll, it seemed. “W-wait…” she whispered.

Annie leaned forward again and swallowed hard, her mouth already watering at the prospect of having the little woman within.

“You’ll fit so nicely in there, Cassie.”

“N-No, I don’t-”

Annie’s arms slipped wide around Cassie, cutting off any chance of escape.

“Shhh… it’s okay, my pet. It’ll feel good, I promise.”

Cassie froze as she backed up into Annie’s arms, eyes wide enough to see the sclera.

“I’ll play with you in my mouth for a little bit…” Annie’s tongue slipped out of her lips again, lapping at Cassie repeatedly, eliciting a whimper from the little woman. “I’ll suck on you like a lollipop or a piece of hard candy. I’ll make sure you cum one last time. And then…” Annie retracted her tongue and tilted her head back to expose the front of her neck. She gave a few hard, exaggerated swallows while tracing a fingertip down her throat. “I’ll swallow you down, and you’ll [i]sliiiiide[/I]…” Her finger slid down between her cleavage before coming to a rest just below her left breast. “Right into here.”

Cassie could feel herself begin to hyperventalate.

“Gods, you’ll fill me up so well. It’ll be nice and snug for you there. And warm. Oh, and it’ll churn all around you, it’ll be like a hot tub and a full body massage all in one.” Annie giggled to herself and bit her lower lip as she gave her hips a little wiggle, no doubt reveling in the feeling of Michael inside her. “Does that sound so bad?”

Cassie felt tears well up in her eyes. “Please… no…”

Annie frowned. “Please, Cassie. We’ve had such a great time tonight, I don’t want to end it on a sad note…”

Something in Cassie suddenly clicked. An idea? No, nothing as well-formed as an idea. Nothing more than a fool’s hope, a last-ditch ploy. She hoped Annie would play along.

“I-I know. You’re right. I just… Today has been great so far.” Cassie looked up sheepishly at Annie. “It’s just… I just met the most beautiful woman in the world, and I don’t want to say goodbye to her just yet.”

A sly smile spread across Annie’s lips, and Cassie briefly feared she had overplayed her hand, but the giantess merely said, “Oh?”

Emboldened, Cassie nodded enthusiastically, rising unsteadily to her feet, “Yes! Oh, goddess, yes. Please, just give me at least one more night with you. Let me worship your body like you deserved to be worshiped.” Cassie laid a hand on Annie’s gargantuan cheek and stared deeply into her eyes. “I know I can make it an unforgettable experience for us both.”

Annie’s eyes twinkled as she pursed her lips and gave Cassie a kiss that engulfed her entire torso. “And then after?”

Cassie let out a shuddering breath. “After… if you so desire…” Cassie trailed off, but Annie kept looking at her intently. “... You can eat me.”

Annie trembled and moaned. “Okay, my pet. You get a [I]temporary[/I] reprieve from being my meal.”

Cassie felt a surge of triumph.

“One one condition,” the giantess continued.

The little woman gulped. “W-what?”

“You fuck Michael before I eat him.”

Cassie felt her eyes go wide again as she blushed from head to toe. “Wh-what?!”

Annie let out a low, sensual chuckle as she squeezed her kegels together, eyes rolling briefly toward the back of her head in pleasure.. “You didn’t think I was going to go to bed on an empty stomach, did you?”

Cassie stammered. She had been so concerned with side-stepping her own fate she had more or less forgotten about the man currently tucked within the giantess’s nethers.

“And I saw how… intently you were watching when I slipped him inside. You want someone inside you too, don’t you? You [I]need[/I] it after tonight. So… have him. And when you’re through with him, I’ll gulp him down and have you aaaaall to myself.”

Cassie still couldn’t find words. This wasn’t how she was expecting things to go.

At the small woman’s continued silence, Annie eventually shrugged. “Well, if you’re not interested.” And she promptly opened her mouth wide, descending upon Cassie in the blink of an eye.

Before Annie’s lips closed around her, though, Cassie shrieked, “I’ll do it!”

Annie hung there for a beat or two more, her open mouth hovering around Cassie’s hips. Then she slowly drew back. Without a word, but still watching her little lover intently, she returned to her sitting position and peeled back the fabric of her thong one more time. She reached into the folds of her labia and, with a shuddering moan, pulled out a sopping wet Michael. She brought him up to her eye level.

“Hello, again, Michael.”

Michael grinned back at her in bliss. “Hello, Annie.”

“Did you have fun in there?”

He nodded languidly. “D’you?”

Annie giggled. “I… enjoyed you very much, yes.” The giantess cleared her throat. “It seems that little Cassie had a special request for tonight. And I think you can help her with that.”

Michael’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Oh… of course, what can I d-”

Annie promptly popped the upper half of Michael’s body into her mouth. A shocked cry down between her legs drew the giantess’s attention.

Cassie looked up at her in horror. “Wait, you said I could-!”

Annie, with Michael’s legs still failing uselessly outside her mouth, cut her off by holding up a single finger. Then she used that finger to press against Michael’s bottom and push him the rest of the way between her lips. Relative to her mouth, Michael’s frame was pretty large, but the giantess seemed well-practiced in handling such a large meal. After just a moment or two of working her jaws back and forth, she was able to fully fit the small man within, sealing her lips shut behind him.

Cassie watched in lurid fascination as Annie rolled Michael around in her mouth, moaning in satisfaction and exquisite delight. She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt at the man’s predicament. She didn’t really feel bad that she had more or less consigned Michael to his fate as food for the giantess. She had fully believed that Annie had intended to eat them both eventually anyway, and there was not much Cassie could do to prevent that.

She did feel bad that the spectacle was turning her on immensely.

Annie shivered as she swallowed some of the saliva build up in her mouth. Gods, he tasted so good. She briefly considered swallowing him down then and there. Okay… maybe not too briefly. Her stomach was so empty, so ready to accept the diminutive form of one or both of the sacrifices given to her. But Annie had long ago learned that the anticipation was half the fun. She knew that eventually things must reach their conclusion, but when she opened her eyes to see Cassie’s hand rubbing furiously at her pussy, she knew it wasn’t time quite yet for the game to end.

Cassie jumped a little as Annie suddenly lowered her head down near her and opened her mouth, spilling Michael down beside her in a jumble of saliva-soaked limbs. He was panting heavily and looked up at Annie with longing as she pulled away, wiping away a trail of saliva from the corner of her mouth.

“Sorry about that, Michael. Just… needed to clean you up a bit.”

Michael swallowed hard. “Y-yeah… s-sure, no problem.” He could not stop trembling, and it had nothing to do with the temperature of the room. His erection was damn near painful now, and the sexual frustration had set his teeth chattering. If he didn’t get release soon, he was.. he was… well, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but he was going to have to do [i]something[/i].

HIs heart skipped a beat as Cassie wordlessly straddled his lap, the heat of her sex palpable against his member. He looked at her questioningly as she brought a hand up to his cheek. “C… Cassie?”

She smiled in response. “It’s okay.” And then she kissed him.

Every muscle in Michael’s body tensed up simultaneously, and he spared a glance up at the giantess towering over them. The look on her face was one of abject approval. She bit down on her bottom lip and gave him an encouraging nod. Michael blinked back in surprise but soon melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Cassie tightly.

Cassie luxurated in the kiss, in the feel of Michael’s strong arms completely enveloping her until she had to pull up for air. Her eyes trailed up above her as she felt the ground under them shift. Annie was repositioning herself, her head now directly above the tiny couple, hair and breasts hanging suspended above them. She supported herself with one arm, but her free hand was already between her legs, stroking at her wet slit. She was done teasing herself, it seemed, and she wanted to climax while watching Cassie and Michael. Steeling herself with a deep sigh, she gently guided Michael onto his back and slid her hips up his body. His penis, still slick with the giantess’s saliva, slid between the lips of Cassie’s vulva, eliciting shivering gasps from them both. 

A wicked thought crossed Cassie’s mind and she looked back up at Annie as she glided back and forth across Michael’s lap, grinding herself against him without actually letting him penetrate.

Annie picked up on what Cassie was doing and let out a frustrated little growl. Her voice came out gravelly, almost feral. “No more teasing, gods, just fuck him already. Please.”

Satisfied with her little act of defiance, Cassie complied, reaching down to slip Michael’s member inside her. 

She almost came then and there. After all the teasing, all the domination, Cassie finally had something inside her other than her own fingers, and it was almost too much to bear. She knew she was already testing Annie’s patience, but Cassie had to take a moment just to sit stock still on Michael’s cock to give her time to compose herself. She then began rocking back and forth slowly and rhythmically.

Michael was grateful for Cassie’s conservative approach. He had nearly exploded on entry and needed a breath or two himself before they started in earnest. He felt his hips gyrate against hers, almost moving of their own accord. His eyes trailed up from the woman riding his cock, up to the giantess looming over them and watching. He felt an electric thrill surge up his spine as he locked eyes briefly with her. He could tell from the intensity of her gaze, the tension in her body, that they were nearing the end of the game. He knew that when Cassie and he finished, they were going to be consumed. He was going to be shoved back into that warm, hot mouth, pushed past those luscious dark lips, lashed at mercilessly by the wet, agile tongue and then…

Michael quickly diverted his attention back down to Cassie, as he felt that train of thought bring him to the edge. Of course, diverting his attention to the fit, athletic brunette grinding against cock did little to distract him. Her abdominal muscles clenched and unclenched hypnotically as she rode him and an alluring blush tinged her chest and cheeks. Her head lolled almost drunkenly to the side, her eyes closed in bliss. Michael found the sight of her like this almost poetic but tore his gaze away, squeezing his eyes shut so he could last just a few seconds longer.

And so he never saw Annie coming.

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