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Summary: UPDATE: The site decided not to take the whole thing, so I split it up into 3 chapters. If there are any other issues, feel free to let me know. "Isaiah just needed an escape from the pressures of university when he finds himself in the park enjoying the (un)fortunate company of a hot stranger named Kat."

This was commissioned by someone who wanted to see a follow-up to my old story, "GYM RATS". Revisiting the fit, aloof Kat as a pred was something I'd imagined several scenarios for, and I'm very grateful for the final incentive to pull the trigger and write something with those ideas.
For those who haven't read the first entry in this story, you should definitely check out the original linked below. They have a distinct vibe between them, since the first was a brushed up RP log between a friend and I turned story while this one is wholly penned by me. Enjoy!
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Published: September 23 2022 Updated: September 28 2022

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