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Story Notes:

A little thing I threw together inspired by a couple works by gnomo1111

Such as this: www.deviantart.com/gnomo1111/a…
And this: www.deviantart.com/gnomo1111/a…
And even this: www.deviantart.com/gnomo1111/a…

Hope you enjoy!

PDF version here: https://www.deviantart.com/macsquizzygts/art/Getting-Comfy-932818882

It was a peaceful sunny day in the countryside. A gentle breeze whipped through the long grass. Birds chirping sweetly as couples picnicked on the hillside. It was a similar story in most of the towns and cities in the region, not to much had been happening beyond the normal routine of work and rest. Overall things felt tranquill on the warm summer day.

A soft rumble gently vibrated throughout the region, barely noticed by most people, it hardly had the strength to rattle a painting let alone knock it to the ground. It would’ve gone completely unnoticed if it wasn’t for the fact that earthquakes were unheard of in their part of the world. What could not go unnoticed for hundreds of millions however, was the marked change in the sky. The clear blue replaced, in large part, by a deep sandy tanned colour. As many stared, confused and somewhat terrified, they saw that it had texture, and was curved. Two enourmous, bulbous objects split in the middle by a neon pink strip that was wider in some places and thinner elsewhere. It was then that the image finally snapped together for many, they were all staring up at a girls gargantuan bikini clad ass. It was impossible to believe though, nothing could be that big. Certainly not a girl or any other living thing for that matter. Yet that’s what it looked like was dominating their sky high above the clouds. Then the mass shifted, revealing to those who would crane their necks higher a faint image of a deep brown uncaring eye looking down at them, long chestnut brown hair flowing over her shoulders. Before people had the chance to process this though, her ass descended towards them. A great rumbling sound followed it as the haze around it began to clear, its sheer magnitude starting to make itself known as it only seemed to grow larger in their vision. Blotting out the whole sky, the lights of dozens of cities flickering on momentarily before her butt finally touched down. Breaking through the fragile crust of the planet, she couldn’t even be bothered to notice the cities that perished beneath her. After all she was just sitting down, why would she worry about that? The land split trying to accomodate her rear, tearing the surface apart into massive chasms who’s walls glowed hot with the lava at their bottom. Cities tumbled into these canyons long after the girl had stopped thinking about the land that supported her. She was focused on far more important things, like the soft, pleasant warmth on her butt.

She’d heard places like this were a good place to get a tan and so far she wasn’t disappointed. The ground was certainly as soft as she’d been told and indeed there was no life here worth mentioning. She shifted a little, getting comfortable, feeling more of the surface break apart under her. The land stretched out around her, wrapping in on itself into a big ball. The patch of dirt she chose to sit on had looked kinda pretty, filled with greens, yellows and lots and lots of tiny little grey spots too, like teeny tiny patches of lichen that had barely started to sprout. It looked like teh perfect place to sit. But a lot of that had largely been replaced by browns and glowing orange cracks that stretched all the way to the blue film of moisture surround the dirt in some places. It was sort of unfortunate that it was so fragile, she wouldn’t mind exploring the ball, she could probably crawl around the whole thing in less than ten minutes anyways.

The girl sighed, this place sure was nice and the sun was so warm too, but she couldn’t help it, she just felt cramped and pent up, how was a girl supposed to relax and work on her tan when she’s stuck at such a small size? She knows what she was told but surely it would be fine if she grew just a little.

She closed her eyes and let the feeling of growth take hold. The tingling sensations of expansing were always so enjoyable, even better when she’s also feeling the little things shift and breeak beneath her butt. She moaned, giving into the feeling for a few seconds, and then a few more, before thinking that maybe that was enough. Just a tiny little bit of growth to take the edge off.

When her eyes finally opened and the feeling of growth ebbed away she was a little confused. Floating in space, and the planet nowhere to be seen or felt. But it was just there, where did it go? She knew she’d felt it massaging her butt just a moment ago! She bent over to look beneath her, but it was nowhere to be found. What’s going on? She barely grew at all!

If one could be behind her at that moment, and if they were particularly observant and eagle eyed, they may have sptted a clue. A single, solitary and very fine grain of sand stuck to the young girls bikini bottoms. It would be very hard to notice, stuck there in her crack, the fabric shifting with each little movement. But nonetheless it was there and largely intact at that. The great swells of her cheeks could be seen by everyone. Dominating the sky or horizon depending where they still lived on the partially shattered world. But the young girl was oblivious to all this as she continued searching around her a while longer before giving up. It was a little annoying, but the sun was still nice and warm, and as she floated in front of it, soaking up the rays, she thought it felt pretty good, and maybe it was for the best that whatever happened, happened.

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