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Another day at college passed. It was true what people said, time did go quicker once you synchronized your body with the timetable. The forecast said that it was going to rain today. For the time being, the sky simply retained its depressing shade of gray, but there was no reason to risk it. He opted to use the (sometimes) reliable bus system. 

As he was ready to leave, already reaching for his ticket, Michael was stopped by a certain woman. Her name might have been Lara and she might have been going to the same class as him. Having a second look at her confirmed that yeah, that was her. She stood out with her dark green hair and those large rose tattoos barely visible through the exposed shoulders of her black crop top. Her belly button was pierced, as were her ears, although both were hidden underneath a black hoodie which she threw over herself. 

Looking up at him with her tired eyes, dark bags hanging underneath them, she slid something to Michael. It was a crude little pamphlet with the words “sewing club” and a cute icon of a pink sewing machine imprinted on it. “Hey, wanna join the sewing club?” Her face was filled with as much energy as her perpetually tired-looking eyes could muster, but her voice remained monotone.

“We have a sewing club?” He squinted. “We have one now. I am setting it up myself. You know how much emphasis they put on clubs.” 

“I was already planning to sign up for something else…” He lied. The idea of being in a sewing club did not really sound interesting to him. But the gears in his head began turning, slowly, with it taking a while for them to pick up speed. “Wait, do you make clothes?” 

“It’s a sewing club. What do you think?” She gave him a playful wink while pointing at the pamphlet. “Clothes, bags, plushies. You can make a lot of stuff with a sewing machine. And even if you aren’t making anything, it’s a good skill to have, like knowing how to fix a car.” 

Michael wasn’t sure about that comparison, but it did give him an idea. If he couldn’t buy clothes for Tanji, he could always just make them. “Awesome. Sign me up.” He carefully pocketed the pamphlet.

“Our first meeting is this Wednesday, so in just 2 days. I hope to see you there.” Lara gave him a tooth-filled smile, slightly unnerving the man, before she walked away. 

After a few minutes of waiting, the bus arrived. It was mostly empty onboard, allowing Michael to put his backpack on the other seat. After scanning his ticket, the man popped headphones into his ears and turned up the music. 

In hindsight, it was probably stupid to join the club. Making clothes for Tanji? She was going to be gone in a few days - hopefully before Wednesday. In the worst-case scenario, he would just put her in a shoe box with a granola bar while waiting for the mysterious owner to come back. 

But for all his hopes of them returning to pick up the rude shortstack and hauling her off across the pacific, Michael hadn’t actually done anything to contact them. How would he? What was he even going to write? “Cat girl found. Inquire within”?

The bus finally stopped, and a short walk after that he had made it back home. There was a mess everywhere. Dried pieces of instant noodles mixed with spices covered his small counte, while the carpet was covered in milk. His drenched socks were stuck in the sink - likely used by someone to try cleaning up this mess. 

In the middle of the room there lay the culprit. She had empty boxes of ramen covering her body, with one placed on her head like a helmet. Michael wasn’t exactly sure how such a small creature was able to make so much disorder in such a tiny apartment. He was pretty sure it disobeyed some laws of thermodynamics. 

It didn’t matter who was looking, Michael was set on giving her a proper whooping. Raising his sleeve, he walked up to her. Reaching down, he stopped. 

Tanji looked up at him with quivering bloodshot eyes, her face even more red than before. She was sweating like crazy - her entire body shaking. Overall, she looked more miserable than the day he had found her near the dumpster.

Gently lifting her up, he made contact with her skin. He didn’t have a thermometer, but Michael recognized it as fever. She moaned up something incomprehensible as he placed her down onto the bed, cleaning the boxes from her body. Taking out a thick blanket, he placed it over her naked form.

Sitting down at the edge of the bed, he exhaled. She didn’t seem to be sick this morning. What gives? Maybe it took a time for the disease to set in. Maybe she was putting on a brave face. Either way, she was currently suffering for it. 

“What did I do to deserve all this?” This was just another mess he would now have to fix. Michael knew that he did not have any painkillers with him, and all the pharmacies were likely closed. 

Tanji was convulsing from side to side, saying something incomprehensible as she did so. He was pretty sure that he heard her swear once. It was like she was fighting with an invisible opponent who had a hold of her head. 

“What did she do to deserve all this?” He thought, putting on a rain jacket. 

The autumn streets of Newport harassed him as he moved through them at night, throwing frost and wind at his exposed face. Finally, they delt their final blow with a barrage of cold rain. Nonetheless, he continued moving. As expected the local convenience store was closed, with the fluorescent light dimmed out. But there was a light in the distance - one which was bright and green.

He knocked on the glass door, catching the attention of the pharmacist who looked like they were ready to leave. 

The man just shook his head in disagreement. 

Michael put his hands together in a praying gesture as a response. 

The pharmacist just sighted and gestured for him to enter. 

After a successful round of non-verbal communications, Michael was on his way back home, a small white box of pills in a pocket of his rain jacket. 

Getting ready to enter his apartment, he could hear a sound on the other side of the thin door. It was a different type of noise, and the man could not be certain if it came from Tanji. He has never heard her sound like that, with her exhausted murmuring sounding almost joyful and excited. 

“Well, I am glad that she is getting better.” He let out a relieved sigh, opening the door before once again shutting it behind. Walking up to his bed, the box of pills in hand, Michael shook the container while throwing her bedsheets off. “Look what I got, Tanji-” 

He could see the woman lying down, placing her left hand across her face while the second one ventured south. Apparently having a fever was a perfect opportunity to rub one out. She was doing a very sloppy job at it, with her fingers barely caressing the lips of her cleanly shaven pussy. Her hot and sweaty body shook - a sensation caused by a mixture of lust and fever. 

Tanji’s huge breasts jumped from side to side like two volleyballs, making the small mini-bra obsolete (more so than it already was). Eventually, one of her nipples slipped out, standing fully erect. They had a gentle pink color to them. Her chest, just like her plump little body, looked almost too perfect to exist in the real world, as if she were sculpted by an artist with some very peculiar interests. 

She didn’t seem to acknowledge him despite being mere inches away, continuing the dirty deed while murmuring something with a wide open mouth. At one point he could see her beginning to cry tears of joy as she went faster and faster, closing her eyes and placing her hand across her mouth. 

With one final moan, a streak of liquid flew across his bed, leaving a thin dark line across its blue covering. Tanji stopped, instantly falling asleep as if she were knocked out. 

And just as quickly as it disappeared, his desire to whoop the neko returned. 

But this was something he could do in the morning. He just placed the box of paracetamol next to her (his) bed before getting out his sleeping bag on the ground and readying for slumber. 

No use. Michael could not get the image out of his head. 

This woman had a way of turning his lust into curiosity, and this was no different. Just above her clit, there was a small black tattoo of 3 numbers - 859.

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