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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the first chapter of a little series I had in mind regarding any Pokémon fetish stories I ever get requested or commissioned to do.
It stars Iono, the Supercharged Streamer of Paldea, concocting a lewd scheme in ordeer to sway back her fanbase from her rival streamer, Ortega, and it backfiring hilariously~
That being said, if there's one thing Iono has oodles of, it's ambition and drive~







“And that’ll do it for me, everyone! If any of you found our electrifying battle to be—-bzzzt!-----shocking, go smash that subscribe button!”

A lone voice called out to a crowd of cheering fans, many of them screaming their praises to their favorite gym leader of all of Paldea.

Yet today, their ‘queen’ of sorts wasn’t as pleased behind her typically convincing veneer of a smile and bubbly attitude~

“Your eyeballs are MINE—caught in my Electroweb! Whosawhatsit? Iono, the Supercharged Streamer! Catch y’all later!”

No, no. If anyone truly took the time to get to know her beyond the personality she put on for others, they’d clearly see that she was very upset about something indeed. Though she didn’t dare to voice her frustrations until she made her way back into the back of the Gym and away from the attentive ears of her fans.

And what a rant that was-

“ONLY 9,000 VIEWS?! That’s nearly down like…a bajillion percent!” Iono whined as she checked over the performance of her two latest streams. It had been a hobby she was normally all too pleased to conduct to offer herself a bit of congratulation at a hard day’s work paying off.

That was…until HE came along.

At the very thought of that little twerp, she began to clench her phone a bit tighter as her normally toothy grin was replaced by a genuine grimace.

“How come some school delinquent gets all the fame and glory in one freakin’ MONTH!? So what if he got outed from the academy unfairly! That doesn’t mean he should be leeching off Iono’s viewers because of his sympathy-baiting! ” Iono grunted as she marched over to her bed, collapsing onto it face first.

“At this rate, Iono’s gonna lose out on all that fame and fortune! If Iono can’t even outperform one person, how is she supposed to compete with a big wig like Malva, Brycen, or Sabrina? Heck, Iono might even be beaten out by Nessa!” Iono whined as she finally began to raise her head from the pillow, tears beginning to form in her eyes at the very prospect.

“I-Iono will have to quit her big dream to be the best streamer! Iono’s parents were right, this is just a stupid little faaaazzzeeee!!!!” Iono whined once more, this starting to turn into a full-out bawling session. The electric gym leader wasn't able to hold back her tears with her sleeves as she continued to cry, thus earning the attention of one single man.

It had been Marti the Poke-Maniac, one of her most devoted fans and the man responsible for helping moderate her comment section. The two had made a surprisingly effective pair with one another; one handling the analytics of the channel and how to further promote it and the other using her people skills and personality to lead and host an entertaining stream for the masses.

“Come on Miss Iono…You’re being too hard on yourself here! So what if a few hundred-” Marti began, only for Iono to look up at him with a sour expression.

“A thousand. More like half of my viewer base at this point…” She muttered before her face collapsed back into her pillow, earning a sigh from Marti.

“Well even if that’s the case, there’s gotta be something we can do about this! I mean, listen to some of your fans' comments about you! The people love you, just like they always have! Here, check this one out!” He said as he pulled his laptop up, opening an overlay displaying all of the comments she had received on her last few videos.

“This one says that your latest stream was super fun! Especially when they managed to…screenshot a moment your armpit was…out?” Marti said with a slight blush and confused expression on his face, only for Iono to simply groan in disgust.

Another one of those comments-
”Degenerates that just to see Iono do weird stuff, no doubt. A buncha creeps, that’s for sure. At least they pay pretty well with donations, hehehe~!”

“Uhhh, let’s find a less weird one! Ah! Here! This one says that you’re one of their favorite content creators on the platform! And that you should totally do a…foot reveal stream sometime…” Marti said, the super fan simply slapping a hand to his forehead and groaning.

Yet Iono’s mind couldn’t help but focus in on that last thought she had~
While interacting with those sets of viewers would mean that her typical focus on content would shift a bit, she wouldn’t mind doing a more relaxed stream every now and then. She had plenty of games and ideas in her backlog that she was anxious to try out for fear of losing her core audience-

But since she was already losing it, why not? Why not reach out to a new crowd? Certainly, a tiny bit of indulgence could be worth the risk.

“Another one of these. Hold up, Miss Iono, I’ll go ahead and delete-”

“No, no Marki! Keep ‘em up there for Iono! I wanna see what they say~!” Iono said, her face slowly turning into a crafty, almost mischievous grin with her Magnemite hair pins began to wriggle in excitement.

“Uhhh…Are you sure about that, Miss Iono? You know interacting with these types will only make them bolder in the comment section. It could-” Marki said with a hesitant expression, looking up from the computer to see the glint in Iono’s eyes.

“I’m super-duper positive! Just think of the ratings we could get if we manage to pull this off! It’ll be a whole new crowd of people that will cheer Iono on~! If all Iono has to do is show off her feet or something, then that’ll be easy~!” Iono said as she finally shot up to her feet and stood next to Marti, thus causing the tech man to blush profusely and bashfully rub the back of his head.

“R-Right, that might be easy! But the thing is-!” He began to stutter out only for Iono’s grin to turn into a rather endearing pout, the electric-type gym leader placing her sleeves on both of her hips.

“But what? You don’t think Iono can pull it off? You think Iono isn’t cute enough, HMMMM?!” Iono grumbled as she leaned in a little closer to stare Marti down, effectively causing the tech man to lean back more and more.

“N-no! Not at all Miss Iono! You’re the cutest thing in all of Paldea!” Marti quickly answered as he waved his hands in front of him in a defensive position. This managed to get Iono to stop grimacing at him, with the gym leader flashing a smug smile.

“Awww, you always know just what to say, friendo! Thanks a mil, Marti!” Iono said as she briefly hugged the man, causing him to blush once more and stutter out what he was trying to say before he got interrupted.

“N-No problem…It’s just that well, that type of content might be a bit much for Poketube. And the last thing we need to help the channel grow is another strike. One more and we’re through. You know how strict Ms. Geeta is about these sorts of things!”

Iono hadn’t shown a lick of concern though, as she casually waved her sleeve in the air and let out a small giggle.
“Her? Aw, come on Marki-poo~! Me and Ms. Geeta go wayyyy back, trust me! Iono’s sure if Iono gives her a little wink and nudge, she’ll be totally happy to-”


“YOU WHAT!? But this channel is Iono’s dream! You can’t just terminate ittttt! It was just one streaammmmmm!”
Iono whined as she clung onto the champion of the region’s leg, tears once again falling down from her face as she begged and begged for a chance to reinstate her now-banned channel.

“Then you should have been more careful with what you showed. I mean honestly Iono, a foot stream where you encouraged your viewers to, and I quote, ‘unleashed all their charged up electrical energy’ after seeing your sweaty foot? What in Arceus’s name did you think was going to happen? I had no choice.” Geeta stated, looking away from Iono. In all honesty, she was glad that no one else was around the area they were at in Levincia, lest it be an entire spectacle for the world to see.

The supercharged streamer, now making a fool of herself in broad daylight.

“But it was just a few little jokes! Iono’s sorrryyyy! Just please, please, PLEASE don’t do it!” Iono begged once again before devolving into another fit of crying, only for Geeta to simply lift her leg out of Iono’s grasp and brush it off.

“No means no, Iono. I expect you to take this month off from streaming thinking about how to moderate your content and viewers in the future! You should consider it a blessing I haven’t officially taken your channel down permanently.” Geeta said as she folded her hands behind her back, starting to walk away from the begging Iono.

Said ‘supercharged streamer’ had a myriad of thoughts running through her mind. Some were pleasant, many more of them hurling insult after insult towards the Top Champion in response to her supposed betrayal. Yet at the forefront of her mind had been desperation.
Like any human being who is faced with a life or death situation, said thoughts of desperation took hold of any rational she had left within her as she quickly reached for her Pokeball.

“W-Wattrel! Use Thunder Wave on the President!” She yelled out as the electric and flying type Pokemon unleashed the attack, a small circle of sparks suddenly surrounding Geeta before she could even interpret that she was in any real danger.

The sparks quickly flew into Geeta’s body, rendering any and all movements by her completely sluggish and painful to muster. All she could afford to do was move her face and mouth, something she very readily did to voice her grievances.

“I-Iono! What is the meaning of this!? You had better fetch me a Cheri Berry this instant or I’ll have this reported to the League! This is a blatant abuse of your Pokemon and of the Top Champion! Iono, do you hear me? IONO!” Geeta yelled toward Iono, but the electric-type gym leader was practically lost in her own thoughts.

[CI]” AAAAHHHH! What should Iono do now!? Iono never meant to completely hurt or paralyze her like that! Iono thought s-she’d dodge or something! Uhh…Uhh…Marki will know what to do!” Iono panicked to herself before turning back towards Geeta, who was continuing to scream her head off at the turn of events.

Iono quickly ran up to Geeta before offering her a sheepish expression while taking one hand to rub the back of her head.

“Sorry, Ms. Prez! Iono’s gotta protect her brand and all! So that means Iono’s gonna need you to be quiet for a wee bit, okay friendo?”

And with that, Iono proceeded to give one brutal stomp to Geeta’s temple, causing the president’s eyes to go blank as Geeta’s head limped to the side. Iono’s eyes then shifted and looked around the place, seeing that the only person watching was a…young child.

He currently had his mouth agape, and his eyes widened in a look of complete fear, surprise, and confusion.
The two simply looked at one another, both too afraid or unsure of what would happen if they suddenly made a move. A quick breeze blew past the pair, with a small empty can of soda pop rolling on by.

“Ionohopesyou’llcomeandvisitherstream! Okaybyeeee!” Iono quickly sputtered out as she quickly picked up the president and began dragging her away towards the gym, with her thin frame luckily making her not too much of a chore for her to drag and carry.


* . a122; h6; d22; ¸ . a122; ° ¸. ° h6; a381; ·p9; a377; a34; a439; a290; ¸ . d22;h6; ° : a122; h6; . • . a122;h6;d22; * . a122; h6; d22; ¸ . a122;



“T–e -o g– up!”

“R— and shi—!”

“Com- on Pr–! You being asleep is totally tan— my ratings!”

Upon hearing that eerily familiar voice rattling around in her head, Geeta slowly began to stir from her sleep. Or well, she had guessed it was some sort of slumber, considering she couldn’t quite recall how she had passed out.

As her eyes finally fluttered open, she was met not with the dark and comforting recesses of her bedroom. No, she was met with numerous flashes from phones and cameras a few meters away. That in combination with the large stage light above her was enough to get her to squint her eyes, said eyes closing just as fast as she had opened them. A small grimace appeared on her face as she tried to get up from where she was seated, hoping to get some alleviation from her splitting headache.

Yet…she couldn’t budge-

“What the…?” She muttered in a slight haze as she tried to get up and move her body again, but she was completely paralyzed from the neck down.
Now she was starting to get a bit concerned as she attempted to crane her neck around to see what was restraining her, with the Top Champion finally getting a true scope of what she was locked in.

It was a sort of reclining chair, thankfully not some examination desk so she could at least have something comfortable to sit in. That being said, her wrists, ankles, and midsection had all been confined with restraints, making any and all movement to get out of the chair a waste of energy.

Her eyes then looked to the right, wondering if the voice she heard before waking up was her assailant or captor.

What she wasn't expecting was to find Iono standing there, her sharp-toothed grin and the mischievous glint in her eyes certainly not doing any favors in instilling confidence in Geeta.

“I-IONO!? What do you think you’re doing-” Geeta began to say before she felt something get shoved into her mouth mid-sentence. It felt like a fabric of some kind, yet it didn’t seem to taste like any sort of shirt or regular gag.

No, she could pick up the zesty taste of…sweat. It was then that she finally took a better look at her surroundings, only to see that her shoes were nowhere to be found. And the same could be said for her socks-

It was then that Geeta looked back up to Iono with a glare that could melt anyone on the spot, but the restraints holding Geeta in place were enough reassurance for Iono to continue smirking.

“Isn’t it obvious, Prez? You’re gonna help Iono make a video that’ll make sure Ortega doesn’t steal any more of Iono’s viewers with his little commentary and fashion vids~!” Iono said before she paced around a bit, each one of her footfalls reverberating around the room.

“So sit tight and relax, while you can! Nyhehehe~! You’re gonna net me sooo many subscribers once my fans think you’re into this sorta thing!” Iono said as she took out her Rotom Phone, setting it so that the device would start recording in 20 seconds.

“You’re all good in there with the special effects, right Martikins~?” Iono called out, earning a muffled yes in response from her most loyal fan and tech guy.

“Perfect~! Then let’s get this show started! In 5…4…3…2…1!” She said, counting down before quickly making a cute pose. A signature opening she had done for each one of her streams and videos~!

“Hey, hey, heyyyy~! Your eyeballs are MINE—caught in my Electroweb! Whosawhatsit? Iono, the Supercharged Streamer!” Iono said with the same enthusiasm and charm she always held when on camera, waving both of her sleeves to greet the viewers already tuning in to the stream.

“‘Ello, ‘ello, hola! Ciao and bonjour chat! How are my favorite peeps holding up today~? I hope y’all are ready because today’s gonna be a really fun day because of my guest~!” Iono said as she slightly shifted the camera so that both she and the restrained and gagged Geeta would be in view.

“Thaaaaat’s right! The Top Champion herself decided to drop by and join the stream for a bit to be Iono’s willing test dummy for what Iono’s now calling….”

“FEET FRIDAY~! That’s right! It means Iono will show off her lovely feet to all of her favorite little fans out there! And maybe get up to some shenanigans with her other guests too, who knows? Ufufufu~!” Iono announced before letting out a sinister and lecherous grin, knowing that the mere announcement of that was probably having the chat erupt into a myriad of comments begging to get a whiff of her ankle boots, let alone her actual feet.

Geeta, on the other hand, was less than pleased with this new development as she attempted to once again, worm her way out of her restraints or spit out the gag. But given how stuck it and the tape were over her mouth, Geeta had no chance to even try and spit it out.

Simply put, the Top Champion was at Iono’s mercy~

“Now chat, you get to vote! What should happen first~? Remember that Iono will only take off her shoes if you help her reach my donation goal of 10,000 Poke dollars! And you don’t wanna disappoint Iono, do you?” Iono asked, giving her best and most pathetic-looking set of puppy dog eyes she could muster towards the camera-

Iono could hardly hold back an evil laugh as she heard the numerous alerts on her donation notifications sound off-

“Woooahhh! In just three minutes, you all completely blew that donation goal out of the water! Well then, Iono guesses that means she’ll go ahead and skip these off for our guest Geeta~!”

With that, the electric-type gym leader began to reach down for her ankle boots. With a few small tugs given, it slipped off and clattered to the ground in front of her.
Her bare foot had been revealed to the world, with a noticeable plume of steam rising from both her discarded shoes and her feet.

“Ahhh~! Much better! Why don’t you go ahead and get a whiff of that chat~? Phew! It definitely smells like feet up in here, hehe~!” Iono said as she playfully pinched her nose shut as if she were trying to block out the scent of her feet.

“You may not be here to experience it, but one lucky viewer today will be going home with this pair of boots Iono’s been wearing all week~! So make sure to stick around, ‘cause Iono’s only doing the drawing for those who are watching the stream! You won’t wanna miss out on sniffing these beauties~!” Iono announced with a smirk as she held up her boots to the camera, showing the apparent footprint that had been left behind on the muggy insole.

“Anywho, that’s enough of that! On to the main course~!” Iono said before snapping her fingers, with the logo of her stream appearing in front of the camera as it changed positions. Now the screen was focusing back on Geeta, the Top Champion attempting to free herself from her confines once more. After all, even from a distance, she could pick up the virulent scent of Iono’s feet and boots.

The mischievous streamer then leaned in close to Geeta’s ear, Iono’s hot breath brushing against her earlobes and causing them to wince. There was a devious glint in Iono’s eyes, a clear sign that she had no intention of showing Geeta any mercy~

“So, so, so~! Thought you’d play the big boss gal and try to shut down Iono’s stream, did cha? Really trying to teach her a lesson, eh? Well, let’s see how La Primera likes it when she’s in the backseat. I’ll give you one, teensy tiny chance.” Iono whispered into Geeta’s ear, gently laying a hand on the captured champion’s foot.

“Agree to take off the ban, or else,” Iono stated, all the mirth and smarm in her voice fading. In fact, it sounded as if she were finally showing off a bit of how frustrated and angry she truly was beneath her veneer of cute pouting and antics.

Geeta, not cowing to the likes of Iono, furiously nodded her head no.

This…was just the answer Iono was looking for~

Her devious grin returned, seemingly emboldened by her defiance as she pressed a small button on her Rotom Phone.

“Have it your way, Boss~!” Iono chuckled as the chair seemed to whir to life, the previous black lines on the side of the recliner turning a bright yellow and purple respectively.
In an instant, a pair of mechanical arms began to sprout out from the machine, one carrying a toy replica of the Rainbow Feather, the other carrying a small brush.

“Just know that I warned you~!”


The next few minutes were tough to describe for the poor Champion of Paldea, her mind simply too exhausted and frayed to even form the words together.

If she could call it anything, it was hell. Torture.

“HAHAHAHA~! NO MORE! NO MORE!” Geeta yelled out in between another round of giggling, the cacophony of laughter nearly drowning out the crowd that had formed around where Iono was streaming. The robotic hands from before had been mercilessly double-teaming either of her bare feet; the bristles of the brush rubbing against her sensitive skin on the left foot, and the tip of the replica rainbow feather gently caressing her supple toes on the right foot. It had gotten so bad that Geeta had even found the strength to spit out her socks from her mouth.

Suffice it to say, no amount of training could have ever prepared the champion for the torment of this kind, her willpower and confidence already starting to wane a bit as the seconds ticked on by.

It was only after an increment of this tickle torture that she was given a mere ten seconds to catch her breath and gather her bearings, only for the tickle torment to begin anew.

And Iono was loving it~
Not only could she break down her lovely employer into giving her what she wants, but she’d also be enticing the more depraved but loyal fans of hers into tuning in more often~!

“So…You feelin’ like throwing in the towel yet, friendo? Iono could take all these machines away and promise not to try this again if you reinstate Iono’s channel! Just sayin’!” Iono said, leaning close to Geeta’s face, gently cupping the panting and wheezing champion's cheek.

Geeta, still having a shred of her dignity left, stared defiantly up at her captor and gave out a muffled answer.

“Over…my dead body…”

Iono’s smirk only widened, a dark glint twinkling in her eyes. She then stepped away from the champion before letting out a small, almost sinister laugh.

“Iono was REALLY hoping you would say that. This makes it sooooo much more fun~!” Iono said before she picked up the pair of boots she shed off at the beginning of the stream, the powerful scent of a hard day’s work still rising out of the opening of the footwear in a plume of steam.

Before Geeta could even react or voice her discontent, the opening of Iono’s boot was thrust right over her nose and swiftly taped to it so that no amount of squirming would see that it fell off.

And then, the tickling began all over again~

No chances to rest this time…
No chances to beg for mercy or escape~

All Geeta was left with was the extremely ticklish sensations of the brush’s bristles rubbing against her feet and the rainbow feather dancing across her long toes. That, and the absolutely stuffy and overpowering scent of Iono’s boots filtered directly into her nose, forcing every breath the champion takes to be tainted with the smelly scent of Iono’s feet.

Her mind struggled to even make heads or tails of the overstimulation, unable to process how to properly react or respond. And so to cushion the blow and prevent Geeta from breaking down entirely, her brain did one thing to make the experience tolerable.

It made her grow accustomed to the tickling and scent of Iono’s feet, eventually to the point where she even began to enjoy it all~!

And so when Iono finally powered down the machine and came strutting over to the champion, the poor Top Champion could only grow a bit distressed that it had all ended so quickly. Though she couldn’t exactly mutter anything of actual importance given what she had experienced, her mind was so thoroughly broken that it would leave a permanent imprint within Geeta’s mind~

“Iono told you to quit while you were ahead, ya know~! Oh well though! Maybe I might be willing to do this again if you manage to do what I asked befo-” Iono said as she began undoing the restraints on the chair Geeta was restrained to, only for the champion to shoot up from the seat once she was freed.

Yet rather than making any attempt to flee the scene or seek retribution against Iono, the Top Champion had whimpered a bit before taking Iono’s hand into her own.

It was now that the electric gym leader could see how much sweat had covered Geeta’s body, her face completely flushed red due to how much she had been laughing. Yet despite that exhaustion, Geeta’s next question was something that only made Iono laugh.

“W-what…was that? It was…spectacular.” She muttered in an amazed tone, her eyes as wide as saucers while gripping Iono’s hand a bit tighter.

“We must do it again sometime, please! Please, Iono!” Geeta begged in a tone that Iono had never heard out of la Primera’s mouth before. A tone of complete and utter desperation, almost an obsession with repeating the events of tonight.

Iono’s mind began to ponder the implications of Geeta’s new attitude, the mischievous glint in her eyes shimmering to life once more. After all, the champion was practically on her hands and knees to get another dose of her ticklish and vinegar-scented torture! Who was she to deny such a simple pleasure to her loyal employer?

Surely, it could be arranged with the promise of never getting banned again? Or maybe even a promotion from a forgettable gym leader to that of an Elite Four? Perhaps even a Champion-ranked trainer? Or dare she say it, the TOP RANKED CHAMPION?

“Time to milk this for all it’s worth~! Something tells me that the channel’s about to hit number one on trending pretty soon! Nyehehehe~!”

Chapter End Notes:
Hopefully you all enjoyed this~! It was quite a lot of fun to write Iono, even if I took a few small liberties with her character!
I definitely might return to this with other characters from Paldea, and perhaps even beyond~!
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