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Story Notes:

This story is set in a similar world to Magna Gratia. It is part of a group of short stories I am writing that involve Lillis and Brobs. I was looking to write something darker to contrast MG's wholesomeness. The entire four chapter story is complete and I am releasing chapters early on my Patreon. I will be uploading a chapter a week on here until all chapters are out. Enjoy!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 1/4

POV: Leon


The wine in my glass would ripple with each distant boom. Over and over, to the rhythm of each footfall. As I hold the glass in my hand, I find myself transfixed. I do my best to hold it still, using it to compare each step from the last. It is not particularly interesting, but it serves as a welcome distraction. These are dark times, I am afraid. There is much to worry about and little that can be done. Though, I suppose that is precisely why I am here now.

I place my glass down in its holder by my armrest. This is no time for distractions. I must keep my wits about me.

Looking out from the jet's window, I cannot see much. The skin of the giantess' palm stretches out far and wide. The world beyond it is blurred as she walks down the hallway. After having flown for hours, and into enemy territory no less, I had hoped to be greeted by their leader. Instead, my transport is in the hand of some nameless servant.

"I suppose this is the best I will get, seeing as I am the 'face of evil', on this side of the world."

This war has been raging for years. It began before I was born and continues to this day. Like many others, I've never known peace. Such concepts exists only in history books. No one is quite sure who dealt the first blow. It simply does not matter anymore. What began with a small territory conflict, has escalated into a full blown war of attrition. Where once we each sought land, now we thirst for blood.

When I came into power, the situation was dire. Though we outnumber our enemies many thousand to one, it matters not when they are so much more powerful. Without the advantages of technology, we would have been wiped out in a matter of weeks. Our warplanes would take to the skies, focusing their attacks on their weak spots. The eyes, mouth, and neck are difficult to defend. Enough focus on a single spot would often be enough to fell even a titan. But for every one that we took down, we would lose hundreds of our own. It soon became clear that we were losing. They continued to advance, trampling more of our cities. 

I would lay awake at night, desperate for a solution. It was clear that we could never win by force. There had to be another way. And then it dawned on me. In all of the time we have been fighting, we had never attempted discourse. I had never spoken to their leader. I did not know who they were. If only I could meet with them, perhaps we could end the bloodshed once and for all? But that was easier said than done. I would need to give them a reason. 

And so an idea was born. We produced an artifical virus, a contagion unlike any found in nature. It was designed specifically to target their DNA, while being harmless to us. It would be perfect, or so we thought. Within a month, thirty-five percent of their population had been infected. The disease was indiscriminate and it spread like wildfire. Whether they were young or old, man or woman, soldier or civilian, it rapidly destroyed their health.

I am not proud of what I have done. 

I do not believe in harming those who are not on the battlefield. As for those who are slaughtering my people, I have no sympathy. This had to be done. If not for the virus, they would not have called for a ceasefire, nor would I have been invited here, to the Royal Palace in their capitol.

"We are entering my Lady's office now." I hear our courier's voice announce. "Once I enter, I will set the plane down. Please exit it alone. Anything else will be considered a breach of the agreement."

It sounds to me like she is speaking through grit teeth. The resentment in her voice is unmistakable. I cannot say I am surprised. She is currently holding her worst enemy in the palm of her hand. My army had surely hurt or killed one of her family members at some point. The urge to end me right here and now must be overwhelming. Oh, how torturous. I wonder what sort of expression she is wearing right now.

A moment later I feel the aircraft lurch. We descend, only to feel a disorienting thud as we are placed down. We appear to be on a desk. It is a wooden one, elegant and befitting of a fellow leader, and vast enough to fit a city. My attendants rush to check on me, but I brush them off. I can handle a little roughness. It will take more than that to affect me. I brush myself off and move down the walkway to the door. I notice that the stairway has already been laid out for me. Before I step out, I turn to them and give a serious look.

"You have my deepest gratitude for accompanying me here. I hope to return with good news. In the case that I do not, move forward without me. I trust you know what to do."

I see two of the female attendants tearing up as I descend the steps. I understand their concerns. By agreeing to meet here, alone and defenseless, I voluntarily entered the lion's den. There is a very real possibility that I will not survive this. Regardless, I am willing to put my life on the line for the cause. Should the worst come to pass, the arrangements I have made will protect my people in my absence. 

Upon stepping onto the desk, the stairway begins to retract into the plane. My gaze follows the servant as she then places it back into her palm and promptly takes it away as she exits the room. She closes the door behind her, leaving me alone with the most dangerous woman in the world. I can feel her eyes on my back, piercing me. I take a moment to compose myself. Though I am nervous, I must act in a way befitting of a leader. I cannot show weakness, even before her.

And so I turn around to face her. 

Before me is a colossus. This towering being is a woman; one larger than all of our women combined, clad in the traditional dress of her culture. It is an outfit akin to a toga, adorned with gemstones around the shoulders, and a golden belt around her waist. Her size is incredible, not unlike the rest of her wretched kind. Where our people are measured in meters, she would be measured in kilometers. She stands over me expectantly, with her arms crossed over her chest. I meet her gaze, unafraid, despite our stark difference in size. Despite my hatred, I cannot deny her beauty. Even for one of her stature, she is quite well endowed. Her figure would make any woman jealous, be they Lilli or Brob. It is a shame she was born so big. The only feeling I have for her is contempt.

"I was wondering when we would finally meet. I assume this device is working? I am told you should be hearing my voice."

Silence. The titaness remains silent and unmoving as she continues to gaze at me. There is no clear expression on her face. I have a feeling she can hear me, though. Rather than wait for her to respond, I decide to introduce myself.

"I am the Sovereign Leader of Lilliputia, Leonardo Fredrick. My people call me Chancellor, President, or simply, Leader. In the interest of diplomacy, please call me Leon."

Another silence follows. Now I begin to question whether my earpiece is working at all.

"You are in the presence of Alyssania Rhiannon II, Queen of Brobdingnag. My people call me Lady, the Exalted, or simply, Her Majesty. To a speck like you, I will accept nothing other than Her Majesty."

Chapter End Notes:

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