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Story Notes:

This is a long-term story I´ve been working on, I really hope you like it! During the story, I´ll be describing the new life of the characters, as well as their interactions in this new place. I really hope you like it :D

He just turned thru the window. It was a long way. He was driven in a truck, to a place far away from the city. Away from crowded places. He was on his way to be long gone, distanced from society alone.

But, not exactly alone. His girlfriend was on the seat next to him. He turned at her, and she comforted him with a smile and her bright blue eyes. The sun´s light behind her gave her some glow. Making her dark-chocolate hair sparkle.

How lucky he was, or maybe not lucky at all. They were not exactly heading to a vacation. They were about to be locked, quarantined. Turns out, she´s infected with a new virus. He can´t blame her, as far as he´s concerned, he´s infected too, maybe.

All there is to know it that this “disease” has some very noticeable consequences in the human body; particularly, height.


He can´t blame her, who would´ve thought it´s spread through sex. That´s right, not through the air, saliva, not even a kiss. It has to be sex. Hard to resist for some and, maybe not too much for others. But he´s fine, at least now.

The way this works, it´s not exactly confirmed yet, but it´s what´s settled are a few things. First thing, the man is the one who loses height, and the woman the one who grows. They´re still searching, looking for how exactly it´s done. Some sort of matter exchange? Mass transfer maybe?

What´s known is that, for every inch the man loses, the woman will gain one. And some other things as weight, mass and so on will be affected too. So far, it seems the man´s body shrinks proportionally. But women don´t necessarily grow in such way. Certain… assets of them tend to… expand.


“Ok, here we are.” Declared the man in the front seat. He was wearing a face mask, not that he needed any, but he preferred to be safe than sorry.

Both turned right ahead, following the path that guided them towards huge cement walls. And they stopped right in front of a huge secured gate. The place´s very well secured. Nothing will get in or out without permission, that´s for sure.


“Wow…” He said, looking right to the tall cement walls, looking at all the people around the perimeter, nothing but those huge walls would be seen for miles and miles.

“Yhup, I´m sure there´s no going back now. But that´s fine, as long as I´ve got you, Cory, I can be anywhere.” She said as she leaned her head over his shoulder and hugged his arm.

“Me too. I love you Euny…” he said with a smile, looking tenderly at his girlfriend, but he still couldn´t get over the fact that she seemed much bigger now.


They were a young couple, both 24 years old, and before any of this happened, he was a 6´ tall man, not too tall, but neither short. Just about a nice height. And she was his 5´3” girlfriend. A bit petite to him, but she sometimes wore heels to make things a little more even.

But now, things had changed, totally changed. For starters, he was no longer a six-footer. He had been reduced to 5´6”, he lost six inches so far. At first, he had no clue what was happening. But after they gave the announcement on TV, he was sure it had to be the virus.

Meanwhile, Eunice, she had grown those six inches he lost. In a way, he had kind of donated that height to her. He couldn´t regret it, he´s the one who felt the urge to have sex. Now, the once petit Euny was 5´9”, towering above him by three inches.

He didn´t mind. The gap was not as exaggerate as it was with some other couples. He´s seen women two-foot taller than the guy. Now that´s quite something. But he can live with it. It´s just three inches in this ever-changing world. Who knows, maybe from now on, it´s used that the woman´s taller.


“Ok.” Said the man as he stopped the car. “You can get off now.”

“Thank you, but… we´re not getting any of our stuff, right?” he asked the driver.

“No. Dr. Drystone will guide you to your dorm.” He said, dryly and clear. He was not there to be friends with them, he was just transporting them over there.

Both were advised that some of their stuff, they didn´t say which, will be stored and used during the research. And the rest will be burned. In fact, the apartment they lived on will be disinfected by a special team afterwards. And probably kept sealed for a season.


Cory hoped off the car, and Euny did too. Apparently, the only things they´ll be able to keep were the clothes they had on. Not even their cell phones.

“Well, he was rude.” Declared Euny, making her way next to him.

Cory wasn´t fully over the fact that she was taller. If he had kept his old height, then he´ll be still three inches taller; but it was the other way around. She was the one three inches taller. His eyes were leveled with her nose, maybe a bit lower.

She didn´t mind, being tall has some benefits. For starters, her long legs look amazing in the short denims she´s wearing. He´s certain that her legs seem a tat thicker too.

He was sure on something. Whenever women grow, they grew all the way around. The patients he´s seen in the news seem consistently thicker. Even the before and after photos show that the now 7´ amazons used to be slimmer. And now they were transformed into gigantesque-voluptuous women.

While men seemed… the same, but shorter. No one could say women´s bodies didn´t shank “proportionally” because, as they grew, their breasts, butt, thighs, all of them swelled bigger too. Cory didn´t dare to say it, but he wished that Euny could turn into one of those giant juicy ladies on the news. Her butt was nice back then, but now, he could tell it had rounded a bit.

He wouldn´t mind if Euny was one of those busty amazons, with wide hips and huge asses. But he knows that, if he works on it, he´ll end up reduced. The five-foot mark is halfway through. If he gets below five feet tall, he´ll panic.


“Evening, I´m Dr. Drystone…” greeted a man, maybe on his sixties, he was wearing a lab coat. And he was escorted by what seemed two guards wearing navy-blue uniforms. Those guys seemed tall, around 6´3 at least. But there´s too much he can tell from his current height.

To Cory, the world had grown. He´s afraid his perception of thing´s size has also been affected.

“Hi!” Greeted Euny. He´s glad that the growth gave her some confidence. Before, she allowed him to be the one who talked, not that she was shy, but she just didn´t like to be the center of attention. And now, she will be.

Things were clear, they needed to run some tests on both, but mainly on her. They were still to define if the virus it´s spread by both or only by women.


The tour thru the lab was short. The Doc mainly explained where the room where they´ll test them was. Where his office was and just showed them a few other rooms they´ll use in case they needed to do further tests. One seemed more like a gym, but that may be to check on their new body limits.

It couldn´t be said that they didn´t felt kind of uncomfortable as the whole deal was explained. He knew that a ton of tests will be run as time goes by, and she was sure that not all will be very pleasant. But that´s just how things are, they were heading to their new lives now.

Then, they walked thru another gate. Behind the giant steel curtain, there were houses. They called them units. The five of them were numbered from 7-A to 7-E.

These houses were part of new communities they´ve been developing since the disease started to spread. At first, there was only one location, but during the last few months, they began to work in more and more of them.

“Wow… they´re big.” Declared Euny.

“Yes, they are. These units are meant to host growing women like yourself, young lady.” Said the doctor. “You´ll see that they´re adapted for people up to ten feet tall.” He declared.

“Ten feet?” thought Cory, worried for a second. “Euny won´t get THAT big, would she?” he wondered as he turned at her.

She just smiled at him, a tender smile. She had no idea what he was thinking, but she admired the houses. From now on, one of those will be their new house.

“Inside…” the doctor continued, “You´ll find everything you need. Water, electricity, food, and some non-vital things like cable, some puzzles, everything you may need… And if you need anything else, there´s a tablet located in the living room, if you need any more clothes, some more food, or just anything, one of our guards will be happy to help you with it, isn´t that right, guys?” he said to both men next to him. There was no particular answer, just a grunt from one of them.


As they walked in, the doctor explained there were more things, behind the units, there was a basketball court, a tennis one too, a pool. A grill even. This place was designed to maintain their “guests” happy, and mostly busy. Preventing sex was one of the main things they wanted. Or at least tried to. That´s why there´s a lot of things to set their minds off of their carnal desires.

But they´re aware that, there´ll be times when they fail. And there´s no shame on that. It will still help during their research. That´s why they´re houses designed for couples.

If their intention was to isolate each of them, there would be a personal cell for them. But making them feel like prisoners was not their goal. Answers, they needed answers.


“Well, this is it from us. We´ll send you a message through the tablet whenever we need to run some tests, and any other update. But don´t think of this as a prison, you´re free to do whatever you like, as long as it is inside these four giant walls… just think of this as a looong vacation. No need to work, get up early, anything, just enjoy your company, ok?” That was it, they were told their unit was 7-C.

The place was… big. The houses were a good deal separated from each other; a whole other house could fit between the next one. It was like a small town, made up mainly from houses and other amusement places. And the place was nice, there were no cars, yet, the streets were covered with asphalt.

There were a lot of green areas, mostly everything he could see had grass on it, and at the distance he could spot a tennis cord like the Doc said. It could be called a resort, only that they were no vacations. Until they found a cure, this will be their only place to be.


“Ok, I think we should get in, right?” Said Euny, looking at the huge house. The front door eleven ten feet tall. Almost twice her height. And there were some really pretty plants around it. They must´ve invested quite a lot to make this place a bit more homely.

“Yeah, we should see where we…” he was about to say where we´d be sleeping, but someone called him from the distance, a man´s voice.


“Yo, welcome neighbor…” chuckled a man as he walked, with a tall woman next to him.

Cory turned, and was immediately surprised, that woman was huge! Euny was not even six-foot tall yet, and he could tell she was taller than him from the distance, but this woman, he could tell she was as tall as the guards who escorted the Doc.

He was a bit more fixed in people´s height now, however, the man seemed very short. A whole foot shorter than this woman. Cory wondered if he was taller or if the woman was so tall that he seemed shorter.


“Hi!” Said Euny as she waved at both, Cory was too focused on their heights.

Then, he felt a small bump on his arm and Euny whispered: “Say hi…” He waved too.

“It´s so nice to meet the new couple.” Said the woman. Cory was starting to freak out, the closer they got, the taller she appeared to be.


They seemed to be in their thirties, not sure if they were married, however, they must´ve been together for quite a while now. At least had been having some real sex for quite a while.

The guy seemed muscular, with a lumber jack beard and wearing sweatpants, lose fit sweatpants. Meanwhile, the astonishing woman next to him, she was wearing a dress, maybe short, but that could be because she was so tall. He was trying not to stare, but he couldn´t help but to notice that her long legs were fairly thick, and that her hips were wide too.


“I´m Dan, and she´s Daisy, we saw you when you came in, and we came here just to say hi… so hi, hehe.” He shook Cory´s hand. Just as he thought, he was shorter. Yes, his arms were substantially thicker and more muscular than his, still, he was taller.

Dan was 5´4”, two inches shorter than him. But he seemed really friendly. Quite a nice neighbor, possibly his best buddy on the hood, but that was getting to far ahead. However, when Daisy turned at him, with her kind look, quiet too, he felt shy.

She seemed to be the… quiet one in their relationship, perhaps Dan was the funny one, however, when her hand met his, he felt tiny. Her long fingers wrapping around his hand. He felt a bit timid.

“I´m Eunice, but you can call me Euny…” Said Euny as she made the talking, “and he´s Cory, thank you for stopping by.”

“No problem.” Said Dan as he greeter Euny, she was five inches taller, yes, but compared to Daisy´s 6´3” frame, she was rather average.

“Nice to meet you…” Came Daisy´s soft voice as she shook Cory´s hand. He was smiling, but he wanted her to let him go already, not that he disliked it, but he had to crane his head a good deal up to look at her. The top of his head barely came taller than her chin.


“We received a message advising us you´d be coming today, it´s so nice to meet another couple here.” Declared Dan.

“Yeah…” Said Cory as he couldn´t do anything else than shaking the amazoness hand.

“You can let go now, sweetheart, it´s ok.” Came Daisy´s voice, she knew he was in awestruck by her height, but rather than making a fuss, she just tried to settle him up.

“Sorry…” he said, letting go of her, then, he gave a couple steps back to be side by side with Euny. Distancing from the tall woman made things a bit less awkward for him.


Yes, he was aware that he had lost inches. Yes, he´s aware that there´s even taller women out there, naturally taller. And yes, he knows he should be used to this by now. But he can´t. He´s not… appreciating the size disadvantages so much. To Euny, her height will bring her confidence, to him, it will just make him compare himself to more and more things.


“So, are we the only people here?” Asked Euny, trying to make small talk.

“Ugh, unfortunately, no.” said Daisy as she crossed her arms under her chest, that sudden disgust on her expression, who was that annoying person? Or people? Maybe those loud neighbors no one wants?

“Yeah,” said Dan, hugging Daisy from the side, the top of his head was at neck level. “There´s this… lady, who lives alone in unit 7-A…”

“What? A single woman?” said Cory, wasn´t these places designed for couples?

“Well, look who´s finally talking.” Said Euny, putting her hands on her hips. “So, she lives alone?”

“Yes, apparently, someone reported her and, well, she´s now living here on her own.” Spoke Daisy, then, she came closer and whispered to Euny, “But take good care of your man here, cause that woman´s… ugh, she´s a nasty bitch.” Strong words from someone who first appeared as a gentle giant.

“Come on, she ain´t that bad.” Came Dan´s voice.

“Listen, she tried to seduce you when we first came in, and that was after I told her we were married. She´s a bitch, and that´s the end of it.” It seems that woman´s not exactly a good neighbor.

“Come on, she wasn´t seducing me, she was just…”

“Shut it. She tried ti seduce you just as she seduced a guard the other day.” Daisy declared.

“A guard?” Euny was a bit confused.


Long story short, that woman´s name was Blythe. Let´s just say she´s on the… horny side. She has some urges and, well, doesn´t care who´ll donate some inches to give her the pleasure she wants. Besides, she´s even taller than Daisy. Not a seven-footer, yet, but taller.


“My advice, keep Cory away from her just as I keep my Dan.”

“Women, right?” chuckled Dan, looking at Cory, who simply nodded and laughed too.


After they left, Euny and Cory finally stepped inside. They explained them that these houses were fancy. They had everything they needed, and they were really spacious. Daisy still feels short inside the place, and they´ve been there for two months now.


The door was large, yet, surprisingly light. Cory had no problem opening it. When they came in, the first thing they both saw was a giant gift-basket on a small, yet tall, table in the entry way.

“Cool, gifts…” Said Cory as he walked towards the table. The thing was tall, the top was at chin level, and the basked was huge. “Uhm… a little help here?”

“Well, they did say this place was meant for larger women… I wonder why didn´t they just got us a place big enough and then move us to a bigger one once we… well I outgrew the place.” Said Euny.

“Maybe it´s cheaper…” he suggested. Looking around at their new place.


This is the very beginning of their new lives. Kind of… stuck there until they find a cure to this. But what is this exactly? A virus? A bacterium? A disease? For sure, it´s something that will go on for a while.

But, why would someone want to live locked inside a huge quarter where they may run some sort of experiments on them? Well, so far, them. It´s not always a choice, but both couples decided to get in. As in, sign a contract, live for free during a while, no worries, no job, but… do they still have privacy?

They were advised there´s cameras, but not inside the houses. Still, they can see their front door´s and their back yard. As well as a whole other set of places. Is it because of protection? To study their routines? See if growing women or shrinking man develop any type of habits? Maybe they´re in case they want to escape.

However, let´s drop some other facts here. As soon as Cory found out they got the virus, he called in. They needed a cure. Meanwhile, Daisy was concerned about Dan´s shrinking, her growth was not the main deal, but were there any effects on men? Being there means 24/7 surveillance and assistance in any case. Medics, specialists, doctors, s whole lot of attention.

The place was huge, and even if they couldn´t see the fullness of it, inside, at least fifty people were employed, at the same time. Mostly guards. And there´s people employed for the maintenance of the place. But they worked at late night hours, when none of the “residents” is out there.

But, there´s also something else, a particular matter that´s… maybe obvious. These people are catalogued as “dangerous”, they could spread the virus that was already in them. However, that was still to be found. It´s been stablished that only women can infect man, and that man cannot quite infect women. Now, why is there another amazon living there alone? Simple, one of the men she, well, shrank, reported her.

Now, she´s there, mostly, against her will, but she´s learned to like it. At least, learned to make the place kind of… hers. Not as if she was the leader or something. She´s simply “enjoying” herself. Which means, the “flirting” Daisy mentioned was not fake. She was flirting. She´ll take to bed any man she wants, why? Because she´s locked there. Not like payback, but, according to her, if she´s already in, why not having a good time?


Chapter End Notes:

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