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It was early in the morning at the Rabanastre ship dock when the party was ready to set off on a quest. Having spent the night there at its local hotel, everyone was rested and making their way to the Strahl. Everyone besides Fran was boarded as she is running behind. Vaan, Penelo, Balthier, Ashe, Basch, and Larsa all took their spots aboard the ship as they waited. 

Taking advantage of the moment, Vaan opens a small enclosure where he stored a relic he swiped while exploring a tomb. As he holds onto the spherical treasure made of bronze, he examines it closely, taking notice of the symbols. It shows the outline of a man, and as Vaan turns the relic in his hand, that man becomes smaller.

"So what's that?" Penelo asks as she peered her head from behind Vaan's shoulder. Vaan nearly dropped the relic as he jumped out of his skin.

"Hey, don't scare me like that," he sighed. 

"Heehee, sorry. But what is that?"

"I'm not really sure. I swiped it a couple days ago but haven't had too much time to look at it."

"It doesn't look like anything special," she said as she looked at it closely. "Hmm... What is that?"


"There seems to be a button of some sort right there," she said, pointing at it. Turning it around to see if for himself, he noticed a small recess that was as big as his thumb.

"Huh, I wonder what this does," he breathed as he pressed his thumb onto it. There was an audible click, then a flash of light.

"What the-?!" Balthier's voice rang out from the cockpit. The sounds of his footsteps echoed as he exited the cockpit with a look of shock on his face.

"What is it?" Ashe asked as she stood up from her seat. 

Without saying a word, Balthier opened the door to exit the ship with everyone following behind. They soon realized what made him terrified. The hanger that housed the Strahl was astronomically massive. From beyond the boulder sized chunks of dirt that litter the ground, the walls were many miles away, so much so that a thick white haze threatened to hide it. The normal sounds of the airport, from engines and conversations amongst the crowd, rumbled through the atmosphere.

"T-This cannot be," Larsa exhaled.

"What kind of sorcery is this?" Basch muttered. 

"Is this... still Rabanastre?" Penelo asked.

"Yes. A very large Rabanastre." Balthier groaned. 

A cold sweat began to roll down Vaan's neck as he could only assume he caused this. He looked at the relic in his hand, and as he did, Larsa took notice. "What is that?" he asked.

"Uhm.. I took it from that tomb we went through a couple days ago."

As Larsa took a closer look, he let out an audible gasp. "You idiot! Do you not realize what that is?" The outburst caused the rest of the group to gather around. 

"No, but I thought it would sell for a lot of gil."

"Vaan," Larsa groaned as he rubbed his eyes with his hand, "That is an elaborate trap fabricated from cursed magic."

"Trap?" Ashe asked. "Is there a way to revert the effect?"

"That, I don't know."

"What if I press the relic again?" Vaan says as he goes to press the button again.

Basch lunged at Vaan and grabbed his arm. "You fool! You could endanger us even further!"


A rumble that shook the ground brought the conversation to a halt. It was followed with another, and then more in a rhythmic manner, with each consecutive one becoming more intense. The source quickly made itself known as it came through the entry way of the hangar. 


The towering Viera came into view as the insane size difference has made her seem like she's walking in slow motion. The closer she drew near, the more panicked the tiny party became as each foot fall shook the ground beneath them. Her form grew larger with each passing moment. Before anyone could react, she was already upon them as her left foot slammed down just ahead of them; the ensuing earthquake and air displacement throwing everyone to the ground. The stiletto clad foot with sharp claws towered up hundreds of feet alone. Every scuff that would be negligible to the naked eye could be seen plain as day. Fran herself was already tall compared to everyone, but now she easily measured nearly two miles high, not including her ears. Her light brown skin covered in her armor stretched up for thousands of feet with everyone getting a good view of the beautiful Viera's midsection, tightly clothed in black fabric as it wedges into her womanhood and ass cheeks. Her face was entirely hidden behind her breasts. Everyone at her feet with equal parts in awe and terror, until she raised her foot and slammed it back down, filling everyone with terror. 

Her voice rumbled out slowly in anger. 


Everyone covered their ears as her voice exploded through the atmosphere. Once the rumblings faded, they all got up and began jumping and shouting at the oblivious giantess before them. Their squeaks never made it past her toes, even with her heightened senses, she could not hear them.

"Ugh, this is not good," Balthier groaned. 

"How can we get her attention?" Ashe asked.

Vaan felt the guilt as this was all his fault. If hadn't swiped what he thought was a treasure, they would not be in this mess. Holding his head up high, he decided he must be the one to fix this. He began to sprint at Fran's massive foot. The party all freaked out as they watched Vaan run off.

"Vaan!" Penelo screamed as she began to run after him, only to be grabbed by Basch. 

"Don't! It's too dangerous," he said. "Vaan! Stop!"

Vaan ignored everyone's pleas as he continued forward; Fran's foot becoming seemingly bigger the closer he got. He knew it was going to be difficult, but he would have to climb up her body in hopes to grab her attention. 

"That fool is going to get himself killed!" Larsa exclaimed. 

"Everyone," Balthier yelled, "Into the Strahl, NOW!"

The remaining five shuttled into the ship, with Basch having to carry a crying Penelo on board. In just a mere moment, the ship took off into the air, hovering above where Vaan is running. The roaring engine of the ship flying over made Vaan rethink his strategy as flying the Strahl would be more easier and safer, but he was stubborn. And he's about to wish he wasn't. 

The giant foot slowly rose up high into the air again, pulling back as Fran repositions herself to turn around. The ensuing move displaced the air and pulled the Strahl forcefully into a vortex.

"Damn!" Balthier yells, as he is forced to pull away from Fran once he regains control, leaving Vaan behind. 

Vaan found himself on his face as he was also pulled into the vortex. As he looks back up, Fran's right foot is hovering over him as loose boulders of dirt fall from the sole. Quickly getting back up onto his feet, he narrowly dodges several large chunks that would have easily killed him. As her foot passes him, her foot pounds back onto the ground, directly in front of him. 

He screams as the wall of metal footwear takes up his entire vision, the impact throwing him into the air. As he lands back down harshly, Fran finishes repositioning her left foot as she is now nearly turned around. Groggily, he sits back up and watches as the massive foot rotates. He looks up at Fran's mega sized body, getting a good look at her ass before it is obstructed by the heel of Fran's stiletto. Vaan's eyes go wide as the large column as wide as a city block begins to descend upon him, with various bits of dirt embedded deeply into it. He hurriedly got back to feet, only to trip as fear welled in his body. The darkness that shadowed over him consumed all light as the stiletto was now on top of him. It felt like an eternity as the mass slowly pressed down on his body as he felt his insides begin to burst. Everyone aboard the Strahl could only watch in horror as the stiletto plowed onto Vaan, digging into the ground. Everyone was aghast except Penelo who was screaming at the top of her lungs. As Fran moved forward, the stiletto raised into the air to reveal a bloody mess where it just rested. 

The mood aboard the ship darkened as they witnessed Vaan's death at Fran's unaware foot. The only sound on the Strahl were the cries coming from Penelo as the ship flew after Fran. No one knew what to say, or what to do. They could only just press on and get Fran's attention. The Strahl could barely keep up with Fran's walking speed, even if the size difference has made the world around them slower. 

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